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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.141, No.33 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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12948 - 12956 Molecular Scale Solvation in Complex Solutions
Bruce EE, van der Vegt NFA
12957 - 12961 Homoleptic Platinum/Silver Superatoms Protected by Dithiolates: Linear Assemblies of Two and Three Centered Icosahedra Isolobal to Ne-2 and I-3(-)
Chiu TH, Liao JH, Gam F, Chantrenne I, Kahlal S, Saillard JY, Liu CW
12962 - 12966 Manganese Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Carbamates and Urea Derivatives
Das UK, Kumar A, Ben-David Y, Iron MA, Milstein D
12967 - 12973 Synthesis and Magnetism of Neutral, Linear Metallocene Complexes of Terbium(II) and Dysprosium(II)
Gould CA, McClain KR, Yu JM, Groshens TJ, Furche F, Harvey BG, Long JR
12974 - 12978 Aspartate Residues Far from the Active Site Drive O-GlcNAc Transferase Substrate Selection
Joiner CM, Levine ZG, Aonbangichen C, Woo CM, Walker S
12979 - 12983 Biosynthesis of an Anti-Addiction Agent from the Iboga Plant
Farrow SC, Kamileen MO, Caputi L, Bussey K, Mundy JEA, McAtee RC, Stephenson CRJ, O'Connor SE
12984 - 12988 Solution Phase Mass Synthesis of 2D Atomic Layer with Hexagonal Boron Network
Kambe T, Hosono R, Imaoka S, Kuzume A, Yamamoto K
12989 - 12993 Dynamic Electric Field Alignment of Metal-Organic Framework Microrods
Cheng F, Young AJ, Bouillard JSG, Kemp NT, Guillet-Nicolas R, Hall CH, Roberts D, Jaafar AH, Adawi AM, Kleitz F, Imhof A, Reithofer MR, Chin JM
12994 - 12997 Direction of Chain Growth and Substrate Preferences of Shape, Elongation, Division, and Sporulation-Family Peptidoglycan Glycosyltransferases
Welsh MA, Schaefer K, Taguchi A, Kahne D, Walker S
12998 - 13002 Assembly of a Porous Supramolecular Polyknot from Rigid Trigonal Prismatic Building Blocks
Li PH, Chen ZJ, Ryder MR, Stern CL, Guo QH, Wang XJ, Farha OK, Stoddart JF
13003 - 13007 Designing Open Metal Sites in Metal Organic Frameworks for Paraffin/Olefin Separations
Mohamed MH, Yang YH, Li L, Zhang S, Ruffley JP, Jarvi AG, Saxena S, Veser G, Johnson JK, Rosi NL
13008 - 13012 Synthesis of a Carbon Nanocone by Cascade Annulation
Shoyama K, Wurthner F
13013 - 13016 Photoinduced Electrochemiluminescence at Silicon Electrodes in Water
Zhao YR, Yu J, Xu GB, Sojic NO, Loget GRE
13017 - 13021 Directing Boron-Phosphorus Bonds in Crystalline Solid: Oxidative Polymerization of P=B=P Monomers into 1D Chains
Woo KE, Wang J, Mark J, Kovnir K
13022 - 13027 Modular Sulfondiimine Synthesis Using a Stable Sulfinylamine Reagent
Zhang ZX, Davies TQ, Willis MC
13028 - 13032 Self-Assembly of Two-Dimensional Perovskite Nanosheet Building Blocks into Ordered Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskite Phase
Liu Y, Siron M, Lu DL, Yang JJ, dos Reis R, Cui F, Gao MY, Lai ML, Lin J, Kong Q, Lei T, Kang J, Jin JB, Ciston J, Yang PD
13033 - 13037 Triplet Sensitization by "Self-Trapped" Excitons of Nontoxic CuInS2 Nanocrystals for Efficient Photon Upconversion
Han YY, He S, Luo X, Li YL, Chen ZW, Kang WC, Wang XL, Wu KF
13038 - 13042 Two-Carbon Ring Expansion of 1-Indanones via Insertion of Ethylene into Carbon-Carbon Bonds
Xia Y, Ochi S, Dong GB
13043 - 13048 Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (-)-Caldaphnidine O via a Radical Cyclization Cascade
Guo LD, Hu JP, Zhang Y, Tu WT, Zhang Y, Pu F, Xu J
13049 - 13056 Deciphering the Allosterically Driven Conformational Ensemble in Tryptophan Synthase Evolution
Maria-Solano MA, Iglesias-Fernandez J, Osuna S
13057 - 13065 Heterogenization of Photochemical Molecular Devices: Embedding a Metal-Organic Cage into a ZIF-8-Derived Matrix To Promote Proton and Electron Transfer
Luo YC, Chu KL, Shi JY, Wu DJ, Wang XD, Mayor M, Su CY
13066 - 13073 Stereodivergent Construction of Tertiary Fluorides in Vicinal Stereogenic Pairs by Allylic Substitution with Iridium and Copper Catalysts
He ZT, Jiang XY, Hartwig JF
13074 - 13080 Asynchronous Photoexcited Electronic and Structural Relaxation in Lead-Free Perovskites
Liu CM, Wang YQ, Geng HF, Zhu TS, Ertekin E, Gosztola D, Yang SZ, Huang JE, Yang B, Han KL, Canton SE, Kong QY, Zheng KB, Zhang XY
13081 - 13088 Quantum Interference Engineering of Nanoporous Graphene for Carbon Nanocircuitry
Calogero G, Alcon I, Papior N, Jauho AP, Brandbyge M
13089 - 13100 When Do Anisotropic Magnetic Susceptibilities Lead to Large NMR Shifts? Exploring Particle Shape Effects in the Battery Electrode Material LiFePO4
Pigliapochi R, O'Brien L, Pell AJ, Gaultois MW, Janssen Y, Khalifah PG, Grey CP
13101 - 13113 Effect of Conformation on Electron Localization and Delocalization in Infinite Helical Chains [X(CH3)(2)](infinity) (X = Si, Ge, Sn, and Pb)
Jovanovic M, Michl J
13114 - 13123 Microsolvation and Encapsulation Effects on Supramolecular Catalysis: C-C Reductive Elimination inside [Ga4L6](12-) Metallocage
Norjmaa G, Marechal JD, Ujaque G
13124 - 13133 Hydroxamate Titanium-Organic Frameworks and the Effect of Siderophore-Type Linkers over Their Photocatalytic Activity
Padial NM, Castells-Gil J, Almora-Barrios N, Romero-Angel M, da Silva I, Barawi M, Garcia-Sanchez A, O'Shea VAD, Marti-Gastaldo C
13134 - 13142 Two-dimensional Acetate-based Light Lanthanide Fluoride Nanomaterials (F-Ln, Ln = La, Ce, Pr, and Nd): Morphology, Structure, Growth Mechanism, and Stability
Zhang LT, Kang WM, Ma Q, Xie YF, Jia YL, Deng NP, Zhang YZ, Ju J, Cheng BW
13143 - 13147 Controlling Singlet Fission by Molecular Contortion
Conrad-Burton FS, Liu TF, Geyer F, Costantini R, Schlaus AP, Spencer MS, Wang J, Sanchez RH, Zhang BY, Xu QZ, Steigerwald ML, Xiao SX, Li HX, Nuckolls CP, Zhu XY
13148 - 13157 Nitrogenase-Relevant Reactivity of a Synthetic Iron-Sulfur-Carbon Site
Speelman AL, Coric I, Van Stappen C, DeBeer S, Mercado BQ, Holland PL
13158 - 13164 Negatively Curved Warped Nanographene Self-Assembled on Metal Surfaces
Urgel JI, Di Giovannantonio M, Segawa Y, Ruffieux P, Scott LT, Pignedoli CA, Itami K, Fasel R
13165 - 13170 Control of Forward/Reverse Orientation Preference of Cyclic Pyrrole-Imidazole Polyamides
Hirose Y, Asamitsu S, Bando T, Sugiyama H
13171 - 13186 Water Enables Efficient CO2 Capture from Natural Gas Flue Emissions in an Oxidation-Resistant Diamine-Appended Metal-Organic Framework
Siegelman RL, Milner PJ, Forse AC, Lee JH, Colwell KA, Neaton JB, Reimer JA, Weston SC, Long JR
13187 - 13195 Combining Synthesis and Self-Assembly in One Pot To Construct Complex 2D Metallo-Supramolecules Using Terpyridine and Pyrylium Salts
Wang H, Li YM, Yu H, Song B, Lu S, Hao XQ, Zhang Y, Wang M, Hla SW, Li XP
13196 - 13202 Topological Impact on the Kinetic Stability of Supramolecular Polymers
Suzuki A, Aratsu K, Datta S, Shimizu N, Takagi H, Haruki R, Adachi S, Hollamby M, Silly F, Yagai S
13203 - 13211 Selective C-F Functionalization of Unactivated Trifluoromethylarenes
Vogt DB, Seath CP, Wang HB, Jui NT
13212 - 13221 Mechanistic Study of Oxygen Reduction at Liquid/Liquid Interfaces by Hybrid Ultramicroelectrodes and Mass Spectrometry
Gu CY, Nie X, Jian JZ, Chen ZF, Dong YF, Zhang X, Liu JJ, Yu ZY, Zhu ZW, Liu J, Liu XY, Shao YH
13222 - 13233 Design, Isolation, and Spectroscopic Analysis of a Tetravalent Terbium Complex
Rice NT, Popov IA, Russo DR, Bacsa J, Batista ER, Yang P, Telser J, La Pierre HS
13234 - 13243 Multistimuli Responsive Nanocomposite Tectons for Pathway Dependent Self-Assembly and Acceleration of Covalent Bond Formation
Wang YP, Santos PJ, Kubiak JM, Guo XH, Lee MS, Macfarlane RJ
13244 - 13252 Chiral Molecular Ruby [Cr(dqp)(2)](3+) with Long-Lived Circularly Polarized Luminescence
Jimenez JR, Doistau B, Cruz CM, Besnard C, Cuerva JM, Campana AG, Piguet C
13253 - 13260 C-H Alkylation via Multisite-Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer of an Aliphatic C-H Bond
Morton CM, Zhu QL, Ripberger H, Troian-Gautier L, Toa ZSD, Knowles RR, Alexanian EJ
13261 - 13267 Aryl-Fluoride Bond-Forming Reductive Elimination from Nickel(IV) Centers
Meucci EA, Ariafard A, Canty AJ, Kampf JW, Sanford MS
13268 - 13277 Controlling Polymer Composition in Organocatalyzed Photoredox Radical Ring-Opening Polymerization of Vinylcyclopropanes
Chen DF, Boyle BM, McCarthy BG, Lim CH, Miyake GM
13278 - 13278 Molecular Design Strategy to Construct the Near-Infrared Fluorescent Probe for Selectively Sensing Human Cytochrome P450 2J2 (vol 141, pg 1126, 2019)
Ning J, Liu T, Dong PP, Wang W, Ge GB, Wang B, Yu ZL, Shi L, Tian XG, Huo XK, Feng L, Wang C, Sun CP, Cui JN, James TD, Ma XC