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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.141, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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6110 - 6121 Future of Supramolecular Copolymers Unveiled by Reflecting on Covalent Copolymerization
Adelizzi B, Van Zee NJ, de Windt LNJ, Palmans ARA, Meijer EW
6122 - 6126 Mechanism of Iron Oxide-Induced Macrophage Activation: The Impact of Composition and the Underlying Signaling Pathway
Gu ZY, Liu TQ, Tang J, Yang YN, Song H, Tuong ZK, Fu JY, Yu CZ
6127 - 6131 Identification of the Formycin A Biosynthetic Gene Cluster from Streptomyces kaniharaensis Illustrates the Interplay between Biological Pyrazolopyrimidine Formation and de Novo Purine Biosynthesis
Wang SA, Ko Y, Zeng J, Geng YJ, Ren DA, Ogasawara Y, Irani S, Zhang Y, Liu HW
6132 - 6135 Spectroscopic Determination of an Anion-pi Bond Strength
Anstoter CS, Rogers JP, Verlet JRR
6136 - 6140 Use of Cryo-EM To Uncover Structural Bases of pH Effect and Cofactor Bispecificity of Ketol-Acid Reductoisomerase
Chen CY, Chang YC, Lin BL, Lin KF, Huang CH, Hsieh DL, Ko TP, Tsai MD
6141 - 6145 Realization of High Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in Solution Synthesized 2D SnSe Nanoplates via Ge Alloying
Chandra S, Biswas K
6146 - 6151 Interrogating Kinetic versus Thermodynamic Topologies of Metal-Organic Frameworks via Combined Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-ray Diffraction Analysis
Gong XY, Noh H, Gianneschi NC, Farha OK
6152 - 6156 Triazine Functionalized Porous Covalent Organic Framework for Photo-organocatalytic E-Z Isomerization of Olefins
Bhadra M, Kandambeth S, Sahoo MK, Addicoat M, Balaraman E, Banerjee R
6157 - 6161 Photoluminescent Anisotropy Amplification in Polymorphic Organic Nanocrystals by Light-Harvesting Energy Transfer
Sun MJ, Liu YY, Zeng W, Zhao YS, Zhong YW, Yao JN
6162 - 6166 Supramolecular Spheres Self-Assembled from Conical Dendrons Are Chiral
Wilson DA, Andreopoulou KA, Peterca M, Leowanawat P, Sahoo D, Partridge BE, Xiao Q, Huang N, Heiney PA, Percec V
6167 - 6172 Asymmetric Propargylic Radical Cyanation Enabled by Dual Organophotoredox and Copper Catalysis
Lu FD, Liu D, Zhu L, Lu LQ, Yang Q, Zhou QQ, Wei Y, Lan Y, Xiao WJ
6173 - 6179 Differential Dihydrofunctionalization of Terminal Alkynes: Synthesis of Benzylic Alkyl Boronates through Reductive Three-Component Coupling
Armstrong MK, Lalic G
6180 - 6184 Activation of H-2 and Et3SiH by the Borinium Cation [Mes(2)B](+): Avenues to Cations [MesB(mu-H)(2)(mu-Mes)BMes](+) and [H2B(mu-H)(mu-Mes)B(mu-Mes)(mu-H)BH2](+)
Bamford KL, Qu ZW, Stephan DW
6185 - 6190 Evolving Fluorophores into Circularly Polarized Luminophores with a Chiral Naphthalene Tetramer: Proposal of Excimer Chirality Rule for Circularly Polarized Luminescence
Takaishi K, Iwachido K, Takehana R, Uchiyama M, Ema T
6191 - 6203 Varying the Interpentacene Electronic Coupling to Tune Singlet Fission
Papadopoulos I, Zirzlmeier J, Hetzer C, Bae YJ, Krzyaniak MD, Wasielewski MR, Clark T, Tykwinski RR, Guldi DM
6204 - 6212 Mutually Orthogonal Nonsense-Suppression Systems and Conjugation Chemistries for Precise Protein Labeling at up to Three Distinct Sites
Italia JS, Addy PS, Erickson SB, Peeler JC, Weerapana E, Chatterjee A
6213 - 6223 Mapping a Systematic Ribozyme Fitness Landscape Reveals a Frustrated Evolutionary Network for Self-Aminoacylating RNA
Pressman AD, Liu ZW, Janzen E, Blanco C, Muller UF, Joyce GF, Pascal R, Chen IA
6224 - 6233 Bimodal Fluorescence-Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agent for Apoptosis Imaging
Li H, Parigi G, Luchinat C, Meade TJ
6234 - 6246 Discovering Monoterpene Catalysis Inside Nanocapsules with Multiscale Modeling and Experiments
Pahima E, Zhang Q, Tiefenbacher K, Major DT
6247 - 6253 Accessing Multiple Classes of 2H-Indazoles: Mechanistic Implications for the Cadogan and Davis-Beirut Reactions
Zhu JS, Li CJ, Tsui KY, Kraemer N, Son JH, Haddadin MJ, Tantillo DJ, Kurth MJ
6254 - 6262 Versatile Strategy for Tuning ORR Activity of a Single Fe-N-4 Site by Controlling Electron-Withdrawing/Donating Properties of a Carbon Plane
Mun Y, Lee S, Kim K, Kim S, Lee S, Han JW, Lee J
6263 - 6270 Promoting Surface-Mediated Oxygen Reduction Reaction of Solid Catalysts in Metal-O-2 Batteries by Capturing Superoxide Species
Zhang P, Liu LL, He XF, Liu X, Wang H, He JL, Zhao Y
6271 - 6278 Metal Substitution as the Method of Modifying Electronic Structure of Metal-Organic Frameworks
Syzgantseva MA, Ireland CP, Ebrahim FM, Smit B, Syzgantseva OA
6279 - 6291 Rational Design of Efficient Amine Reductant Initiators for Amine-Peroxide Redox Polymerization
Kim K, Singstock NR, Childress KK, Sinha J, Salazar AM, Whitfield SN, Holder AM, Stansbury JW, Musgrave CB
6292 - 6301 Dual Photocatalytic Roles of Light: Charge Separation at the Band Gap and Heat via Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance To Convert CO2 into CO over Silver-Zirconium Oxide
Zhang HW, Itoi T, Konishi T, Izumi Y
6302 - 6309 Directing the Solid-State Organization of Racemates via Structural Mutation and Solution-State Assembly Processes
Kulkarni C, Berrocal JA, Lutz M, Palmans ARA, Meijer EW
6310 - 6317 Mechanistic Insights into the Superexchange-Interaction-Driven Negative Thermal Expansion in CuO
Zhang YP, McDonnell M, Calder SA, Tucker MG
6318 - 6324 Iron-Catalyzed Aerobic Dehydrogenative Kinetic Resolution of Cyclic Secondary Amines
Lu R, Cao LY, Guan HH, Liu L
6325 - 6337 Electrophilic Organoiridiunn(III) Pincer Complexes on Sulfated Zirconia for Hydrocarbon Activation and Functionalization
Syed ZH, Kaphan DM, Perras FA, Pruski M, Ferrandon MS, Wegener EC, Celik G, Wen JG, Liu C, Dogan F, Goldberg KI, Delferro M
6338 - 6344 Reverse Dual-Ion Battery via a ZnCl2 Water-in-Salt Electrolyte
Wu XY, Xu YK, Zhang C, Leonard DP, Markir A, Lu J, Ji XL
6345 - 6351 Monoammonium Porphyrin for Blade-Coating Stable Large-Area Perovskite Solar Cells with > 18% Efficiency
Li CP, Yin J, Chen RH, Lv XD, Feng XX, Wu YY, Cao J
6352 - 6361 De Novo Design of Chemical Stability Near-Infrared. Molecular Probes for High-Fidelity Hepatotoxicity Evaluation In Vivo
Cheng D, Peng JJ, Lv Y, Su DD, Liu DJ, Chen M, Yuan L, Zhang XB
6362 - 6374 Hybridization of Local Exciton and Charge-Transfer States Reduces Nonradiative Voltage Losses in Organic Solar Cells
Eisner FD, Azzouzi M, Fei ZP, Hou XY, Anthopoulos TD, Dennis TJS, Heeney M, Nelson J
6375 - 6384 Orthophosphate and Sulfate Utilization for C-E (E = P, S) Bond Formation via Trichlorosilyl Phosphide and Sulfide Anions
Geeson MB, Rios P, Transue WJ, Cummins CC
6385 - 6391 Discovery and Elucidation of Counteranion Dependence in Photoredox Catalysis
Farney EP, Chapman SJ, Swords WB, Torelli MD, Hamers RJ, Yoon TP
6392 - 6402 Electrochemically Driven, Ni-Catalyzed Aryl Amination: Scope, Mechanism, and Applications
Kawamata Y, Vantourout JC, Hickey DP, Bai P, Chen LR, Hou QL, Qiao WH, Barman K, Edwards MA, Garrido-Castro AF, Degruyter JN, Nakamura H, Knouse K, Qin CG, Clay KJ, Bao DH, Li C, Starr JT, Garcia-Irizarry C, Sach N, White HS, Neurock M, Minteer SD, Baran PS
6403 - 6412 Enhancement of Thermoelectric Performance for n-Type PbS through Synergy of Gap State and Fermi Level Pinning
Luo ZZ, Hao SQ, Cai ST, Bailey TP, Tan GJ, Luo YB, Spanopoulos I, Uher C, Wolverton C, Dravid VP, Yan QY, Kanatzidis MG
6413 - 6418 Epoxidation of Cyclooctene Using Water as the Oxygen Atom Source at Manganese Oxide Electrocatalysts
Jin K, Maalouf JH, Lazouski N, Corbin N, Yang DT, Manthiram K