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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.141, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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4156 - 4166 Resonance Theory Reboot
Glendening ED, Landis CR, Weinhold F
4167 - 4181 Macrocyclic Peptides as Drug Candidates: Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges
Vinogradov AA, Yin YZ, Suga H
4182 - 4185 Substrate-Driven Transient Self-Assembly and Spontaneous Disassembly Directed by Chemical Reaction with Product Release
Wang HX, Wang YY, Shen BW, Liu X, Lee M
4186 - 4190 Triplet Energy Transfer from CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals Enabled by Quantum Confinement
Luo X, Lai RC, Li YL, Han YY, Liang GJ, Liu X, Ding T, Wang JH, Wu KF
4191 - 4193 Explaining the Incorporation of Oxygen Derived from Solvent Water into the Oxygenated Products of CO Reduction over Cu
Clark EL, Wong J, Garza AJ, Lin Z, Head-Gordon M, Bell AT
4194 - 4198 Bis(imido)vanadium(V)-Catalyzed [2+2+1] Coupling of Alkynes and Azobenzenes Giving Multisubstituted Pyrroles
Kawakita K, Beaumier EP, Kakiuchi Y, Tsurugi H, Tonks IA, Mashima K
4199 - 4203 Enantioselective Conia-Ene-Type Cyclizations of Alkynyl Ketones through Cooperative Action of B(C6F5)(3), N-Alkylamine and a Zn-Based Catalyst
Cao M, Yesilcimen A, Wasa M
4204 - 4208 Titanium-Based Nanoscale Metal-Organic Framework for Type I Photodynamic Therapy
Lan GX, Ni KY, Veroneau SS, Feng XY, Nash GT, Luo TK, Xu ZW, Lin WB
4209 - 4213 Convincing Synthesis of Atomically Thin, Single-Crystalline InVO4 Sheets toward Promoting Highly Selective and Efficient Solar Conversion of CO2 into CO
Han QT, Bai XW, Man ZQ, He HC, Li L, Hu JQ, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Yu ZT, Zhang WH, Wang JL, Zhou Y, Zou ZG
4214 - 4218 Functionalized Cyclophellitols Are Selective Glucocerebrosidase Inhibitors and Induce a Bona Fide Neuropathic Gaucher Model in Zebrafish
Artola M, Kuo CL, Lelieveld LT, Rowland RJ, van der Marel GA, Codee JDC, Boot RG, Davies GJ, Aerts JMFG, Overkleeft HS
4219 - 4224 Catalytic Regioselective Cage B(8)-H Arylation of o-Carboranes via "Cage-Walking" Strategy
Lyu HR, Zhang J, Yang JT, Quan YJ, Xie ZW
4225 - 4229 Peniphenone and Penilactone Formation in Penicillium crustosum via 1,4-Michael Additions of ortho-Quinone Methide from Hydroxyclavatol to gamma-Butyrolactones from Crustosic Acid
Fan J, Liao G, Kindinger F, Ludwig-Radtke L, Yin WB, Li SM
4230 - 4234 Regioselective Hydrogenation of a 60-Carbon Nanographene Molecule toward a Circumbiphenyl Core
Yao XL, Wang XY, Simpson C, Paterno GM, Guizzard M, Wagner M, Cerullo G, Scotognella F, Watson MD, Narita A, Mullen K
4235 - 4240 Bi(I)-Catalyzed Transfer-Hydrogenation with Ammonia-Borane
Wang F, Planas O, Cornella J
4241 - 4247 Dinitrogen Functionalization Affording Chromium Hydrazido Complex
Yin JH, Li JP, Wang GX, Yin ZB, Zhang WX, Xi ZF
4248 - 4251 Rational Design and Self-Assembly of Two-Dimensional, Dodecagonal DNA Quasicrystals
Liu LF, Li Z, Li YL, Mao CD
4252 - 4256 Synthetic Polymers To Promote Cooperative Cu Activity for O-2 Activation: Poly vs Mono
Thanneeru S, Milazzo N, Lopes A, Wei ZC, Angeles-Boza AM, He J
4257 - 4263 Molecular Characteristics of DNA-Alkylating PI Polyamides Targeting RUNX Transcription Factors
Maeda R, Sato S, Obata S, Ohno T, Hashiya K, Bando T, Sugiyama H
4264 - 4272 Drastically Reduced Ion Mobility in a Nanopore Due to Enhanced Pairing and Collisions between Dehydrated Ions
Ma J, Li K, Li ZW, Qiu YH, Si W, Ge YY, Sha JJ, Liu L, Xie X, Yi H, Ni ZH, Li DY, Chen YF
4273 - 4281 Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction in a Single Live Cell by Using a FRET System Based on Genetic Code Expansion Technology
Park SH, Ko W, Lee HS, Shin I
4282 - 4290 Engineering of Bioinspired, Size-Controllable, Self-Degradable Cancer-Targeting DNA Nanoflowers via the Incorporation of an Artificial Sandwich Base
Zhang LL, Abdullah R, Hu XX, Bai HR, Fan HH, He L, Liang H, Zou JM, Liu YL, Sun Y, Zhang XB, Tan WH
4291 - 4299 Self-Assembling Micelles Based on an Intrinsically Disordered Protein Domain
Klass SH, Smith MJ, Fiala TA, Lee JP, Omole AO, Han BG, Downing KH, Kumar S, Francis MB
4300 - 4307 Facile Secondary Deposition for Improving Quantum Dot Loading in Fabricating Quantum Dot Solar Cells
Wang W, Zhao LJ, Wang Y, Xue WN, He FF, Xie YL, Li Y
4308 - 4315 Mechanism of Photoredox-Initiated C-C and C-N Bond Formation by Arylation of IPrAu(I)-CF3 and IPrAu(I)-Succinimide
Kim S, Toste FD
4316 - 4327 Solution NMR Analysis of Ligand Environment in Quaternary Ammonium-Terminated Self -Assembled Monolayers on Gold Nanoparticles: The Effect of Surface Curvature and Ligand Structure
Wu M, Vartanian AM, Chong GN, Pandiakumar AK, Hamers RJ, Hernandez R, Murphy CJ
4328 - 4337 Anisotropic Growth of Silver Nanoparticles Is Kinetically Controlled by Polyvinylpyrrolidone Binding
Chen ZF, Chang JW, Balasanthiran C, Milner ST, Rioux RM
4338 - 4344 Computationally Assisted Discovery and Assignment of a Highly Strained and PANC-1 Selective Alkaloid from Alaska's Deep Ocean
Zou YK, Wang XJ, Sims J, Wang B, Pandey P, Welsh CL, Stone RP, Avery MA, Doerksen RJ, Ferreira D, Anklin C, Valeriote FA, Kelly M, Hamann MT
4345 - 4354 Polymer Crystallinity Controls Water Uptake in Glycol Side-Chain Polymer Organic Electrochemical Transistors
Flagg LQ, Bischak CG, Onorato JW, Rashid RB, Luscombe CK, Ginger DS
4355 - 4364 Rational Reprogramming of O-Methylation Regioselectivity for Combinatorial Biosynthetic Tailoring of Benzenediol Lactone Scaffolds
Wang XJ, Wang C, Duan LX, Zhang LW, Liu H, Xu YM, Liu QP, Mao TL, Zhang W, Chen M, Lin M, Gunatilaka AAL, Xu YQ, Molnar I
4365 - 4371 Porosity Dependence of Compression and Lattice Rigidity in Metal-Organic Framework Series
Redfern LR, Robison L, Wasson MC, Goswami S, Lyu JF, Islamoglu T, Chapman KW, Farha OK
4372 - 4378 Fluoridation Achieved Antiperovskite Molecular Ferroelectric in [(CH3)(2)(F-CH2CH2)NH](3)(CdCl3)(CdCl4)
Wang ZX, Zhang Y, Tang YY, Li PF, Xiong RG
4379 - 4387 Dioxygen Reduction to Hydrogen Peroxide by a Molecular Mn Complex: Mechanistic Divergence between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reductants
Hooe SL, Machan CW
4388 - 4397 Excited-State Dynamics of a CsPbBr3 Nanocrystal Terminated with Binary Ligands: Sparse Density of States with Giant Spin-Orbit Coupling Suppresses Carrier Cooling
Forde R, Inerbaev T, Hobbie EK, Kilin DS
4398 - 4405 Discovery of Hydroxylase Activity for PqqB Provides a Missing Link in the Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Biosynthetic Pathway
Koehn EM, Latham JA, Armand T, Evans RL, Tu XY, Wilmot CM, Iavarone AT, Klinman JP
4406 - 4411 Autocatalytic Morphology Transformation Platform for Targeted Drug Accumulation
Cheng DB, Wang D, Gao YJ, Wang L, Qiao ZY, Wang H
4412 - 4421 A Strategy for Increasing the Efficiency of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Mn-Doped Cobalt Ferrites
Xiong Y, Yang Y, Feng XR, DiSalvo FJ, Abruna HD
4422 - 4427 High Li+ and Mg2+ Conductivity in a Cu-Azolate Metal-Organic Framework
Miner EM, Park SS, Dinca M
4428 - 4437 Gold Nanocrystal Etching as a Means of Probing the Dynamic Chemical Environment in Graphene Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy
Hauwiller MR, Ondry JC, Chan CM, Khandekar P, Yu J, Aliyisatos AP
4438 - 4444 K Atom Promotion of O-2 Chemisorption on Au(111) Surface
Ren JD, Wang YN, Zhao J, Tan SJ, Petek H
4445 - 4452 Enhanced Dispersion and Polarization Interactions Achieved through Dithiophosphate Group Incorporation Yield a Dramatic Binding Affinity Increase for an RNA Aptamer-Thrombin Complex
Egli M, Lybrand TP
4453 - 4459 Kinetics and Mechanism of the Hydrolysis and Rearrangement Processes within the Assembly-Disassembly-Organization-Reassembly Synthesis of Zeolites
Henkelis SE, Mazur M, Rice CM, Wheatley PS, Ashbrook SE, Morris RE
4460 - 4467 [Ag-48(C (CBu)-Bu-t)(20)(CrO4)(7)]: An Atomically Precise Silver Nanocluster Co-protected by Inorganic and Organic Ligands
Zhang SS, Alkan F, Su HF, Aikens CM, Tung CH, Sun D
4468 - 4473 Naphthocage: A Flexible yet Extremely Strong Binder for Singly Charged Organic Cations
Jia F, Hupatz H, Yang LP, Schroder HV, Li DH, Xing S, Lentz D, Witte F, Xie XJ, Paulus B, Schalley CA, Jiang W
4474 - 4479 Fluorine Substitution Induced High T-c of Enantiomeric Perovskite Ferroelectrics: (R)- and (S)-3-(Fluoropyrrolidinium)MnCl3
Ai Y, Chen XG, Shi PP, Tang YY, Li PF, Liao WQ, Xiong RG
4480 - 4486 All-Scale Hierarchically Structured p-Type PbSe Alloys with High Thermoelectric Performance Enabled by Improved Band Degeneracy
Tan GJ, Hao SQ, Cai ST, Bailey TP, Luo ZZ, Hadar I, Uher C, Dravid VP, Wolverton C, Kanatzidis MG
4487 - 4487 Intrinsic Reactivity of Diatomic 3d Transition-Metal Carbides in the Thermal Activation of Methane: Striking Electronic Structure Effects (vol 141, pg 599, 2019)
Geng CY, Weiske T, Li JL, Shaik S, Schwarz H
4488 - 4488 Graphene Nanoribbons Derived from Zigzag Edge-Encased Poly(para-2,9-dibenzo[bc,kl]coronenylene) Polymer Chains (vol 141, pg 2843, 2019)
Beyer D, Wang SY, Pignedoli CA, Melidonie J, Yuan BK, Li C, Wilhelm J, Ruffieux P, Berger R, Mullen K, Fasel R, Feng XL