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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.139, No.40 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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13960 - 13968 Supramolecular Chemistry Targeting Proteins
van Dun S, Ottmann C, Milroy LG, Brunsveld L
13969 - 13972 Direct beta-Selective Hydrocarboxylation of Styrenes with CO2 Enabled by Continuous Flow Photoredox Catalysis
Seo H, Liu AF, Jamison TF
13973 - 13976 Pore Breathing of Metal-Organic Frameworks by Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy
Parent LR, Pham CH, Patterson JP, Denny MS, Cohen SM, Gianneschi NC, Paesani F
13977 - 13980 In Vitro Selection of Diversely Functionalized Aptamers
Kong DH, Yeung W, Hili R
13981 - 13984 Transfer Reagent for Bonding Isomers of Iron Complexes
Schmidt M, Seitz AE, Eckhardt M, Balazs G, Peresypkina EV, Virovets AV, Riedlberger F, Bodensteiner M, Zolnhofer EM, Meyer K, Scheer M
13985 - 13988 Prevalent Sequences in the Human Genome Can Form Mini i-Motif Structures at Physiological pH
Mir B, Serrano I, Buitrago D, Orozco M, Escaja N, Gonzalez C
13989 - 13992 Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (-)-Pavidolide B
Zhang PP, Yan ZM, Li YH, Gong JX, Yang Z
13993 - 13996 Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction by Imidazolium-Functionalized Molecular Catalysts
Sung SY, Kumar D, Gil-Sepulcre M, Nippe M
13997 - 14000 Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Graphene Core-Shell Arrays Formed by Self-Symmetrical Etching Growth
Wang CX, Zuo JL, Tan LF, Zeng MQ, Zhang QQ, Xia HN, Zhang WH, Fu YS, Fu L
14001 - 14004 Hydrogen Gas-Mediated Deoxydehydration/Hydrogenation of Sugar Acids: Catalytic Conversion of Glucarates to Adipates
Larson RT, Samant A, Chen JB, Lee W, Bohn MA, Ohlmann DM, Zuend SJ, Toste FD
14005 - 14008 Transition Metal Free C-N Bond Forming Dearomatizations and Aryl C-H Aminations by in Situ Release of a Hydroxylamine-Based Aminating Agent
Farndon JJ, Ma XF, Bower JF
14009 - 14012 CsPb0.9Sn0.1IBr2 Based All-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells with Exceptional Efficiency and Stability
Liang J, Zhao PY, Wang CX, Wang YR, Hu Y, Zhu GY, Ma LB, Liu J, Jin Z
14013 - 14016 Synthesis of Benzosiloles by Intramolecular anti-Hydroarylation via ortho-C-H Activation of Aryloxyethynyl Silanes
Minami Y, Noguchi Y, Hiyama T
14017 - 14020 Two-Photon Absorption in Pentacene Dimers: The Importance of the Spacer Using Upconversion as an Indirect Route to Singlet Fission
Garoni E, Zirzlmeier J, Basel BS, Hetzer C, Kamada K, Guldi DM, Tykwinski RR
14021 - 14024 A Molecular Recognition Approach To Synthesize Nucleoside Analogue Based Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Therapy
Wang DL, Liu B, Ma Y, Wu CW, Mou QB, Deng HP, Wang RB, Yan DY, Zhang C, Zhu XY
14025 - 14028 Structurally Ordered Nanowire Formation from Co-Assembly of DNA Origami and Collagen-Mimetic Peptides
Jiang T, Meyer TA, Modlin C, Zuo XB, Conticello VP, Ke YG
14029 - 14032 Multiphoton Activation of Photo-Strain-Promoted Azide Alkyne Cycloaddition "Click" Reagents Enables in Situ Labeling with Submicrometer Resolution
McNitt CD, Cheng H, Ullrich S, Popik VV, Bjerknes M
14033 - 14036 Core-Shell {Mn-7 subset of(Mn,Cd)(12)} Assembled from Core {Mn-7} Disc
Guo LY, Su HF, Kurmoo M, Tung CH, Sun D, Zheng LS
14037 - 14040 Cyanide Ligand Assembly by Carbon Atom Transfer to an Iron Nitride
Martinez JL, Lin HJ, Lee WT, Pink M, Chen CH, Gao XF, Dickie DA, Smith JM
14041 - 14044 Gold(I)-Catalyzed Direct Stereoselective Synthesis of Deoxyglycosides from Glycals
Palo-Nieto C, Sau A, Galan MC
14045 - 14048 A N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Stabilized Coinage Metal-Chalcogenide Framework with Tunable Optical Properties
Polgar AM, Weigend F, Zhang A, Stillman MJ, Corrigan JF
14049 - 14052 Intermolecular Hydroamination of 1,3-Dienes To Generate Homoallylic Amines
Yang XH, Lu A, Dong VM
14053 - 14056 Biomimetic Total Synthesis of (+/-)-Griffipavixanthone via a Cationic Cycloaddition-Cyclization Cascade
Reichl KD, Smith MJ, Song MK, Johnson RP, Porco JA
14057 - 14060 Octa-Kagome Lattice Compounds Showing Quantum Critical Behaviors: Spin Gap Ground State versus Antiferromagnetic Ordering
Tang YY, Peng C, Guo WB, Wang JF, Su G, He ZZ
14061 - 14064 Stereoselective Tandem Bis-Electrophile Couplings of Diborylmethane
Murray SA, Liang MZ, Meek SJ
14065 - 14076 How to Control Inversion vs Retention Transmetalation between Pd-II-Phenyl and Cu-I-Alkyl Complexes: Theoretical Insight
Zheng H, Semba K, Nakao Y, Sakaki S
14077 - 14089 Synthesis and Deployment of an Elusive Fluorovinyl Cation Equivalent: Access to Quaternary alpha-(1 '-Fluoro)vinyl Amino Acids as Potential PLP Enzyme Inactivators
McCune CD, Beio ML, Sturdivant JM, de la Salud-Bea R, Darnell BM, Berkowitz DB
14090 - 14097 PdSe2: Pentagonal Two-Dimensional Layers with High Air Stability for Electronics
Oyedele AD, Yang SZ, Liang LB, Puretzky AA, Wang K, Zheng JJ, Yu P, Pudasaini PR, Ghosh AW, Liu Z, Rouleau CM, Sumpter BG, Chisholm MF, Zhou W, Rack PD, Geohegan DB, Xiao K
14098 - 14108 Incorporation of Phosphorylated Tyrosine into Proteins: In Vitro Translation and Study of Phosphorylated I kappa B-alpha and Its Interaction with NF-kappa B
Chen SX, Maini R, Bai XG, Nangreave RC, Dedkova LM, Hecht SM
14109 - 14119 "Roller-Wheel"-Type Pt-Containing Small Molecules and the Impact of "Rollers" on Material Crystallinity, Electronic Properties, and Solar Cell Performance
He WH, Livshits MY, Dickie DA, Zhang Z, Mejiaortega LE, Rack JJ, Wu Q, Qin Y
14120 - 14128 Mechanisms of Furfural Reduction on Metal Electrodes: Distinguishing Pathways for Selective Hydrogenation of Bioderived Oxygenates
Chadderdon XH, Chadderdon DJ, Matthiesen JE, Qiu Y, Carraher JM, Tessonnier JP, Li WZ
14129 - 14136 Long-Range Orientational Self-Assembly, Spatially Controlled Deprotonation, and Off-Centered Metalation of an Expanded Porphyrin
Cirera B, Trukhina O, Bjork J, Bottari G, Rodriguez-Fernandez J, Martin-Jimenez A, Islyaikin MK, Otero R, Gallego JM, Miranda R, Torres T, Ecija D
14137 - 14142 Substantial Expansion of Detectable Size Range in Ionic Current Sensing through Pores by Using a Microfluidic Bridge Circuit
Yasaki H, Yasui T, Yanagida T, Kaji N, Kanai M, Nagashima K, Kawai T, Baba Y
14143 - 14149 Single Atomic Iron Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction in Acidic Media: Particle Size Control and Thermal Activation
Zhang HG, Hwang S, Wang MY, Feng ZX, Karakalos S, Luo LL, Qiao Z, Xie XH, Wang CM, Su D, Shao YY, Wu G
14150 - 14165 Catalyst Architecture for Stable Single Atom Dispersion Enables Site-Specific Spectroscopic and Reactivity Measurements of CO Adsorbed to Pt Atoms, Oxidized Pt Clusters, and Metallic Pt Clusters on TiO2
DeRita L, Dai S, Lopez-Zepeda K, Pham N, Graham GW, Pan XQ, Christopher P
14166 - 14172 Rationalization of Anomalous Pseudocontact Shifts and Their Solvent Dependence in a Series of C-3-Symmetric Lanthanide Complexes
Vonci M, Mason K, Suturina EA, Frawley AT, Worswick SG, Kuprov I, Parker D, McInnes EJL, Chilton NF
14173 - 14180 Phase Segregation in Cs-, Rb- and K-Doped Mixed-Cation (MA)(x)(FA)(1-x)Pbl(3) Hybrid Perovskites from Solid-State NMR
Kubicki DJ, Prochowicz D, Hofstetter A, Zakeeruddin SM, Gratzel M, Emsley L
14181 - 14191 Affinity-Guided Oxime Chemistry for Selective Protein Acylation in Live Tissue Systems
Tamura T, Song ZN, Amaike K, Lee S, Yin SF, Kiyonaka S, Hamachi I
14192 - 14197 A Fluorescence Polarization Activity-Based Protein Profiling Assay in the Discovery of Potent, Selective Inhibitors for Human Nonlysosomal Glucosylceramidase
Lahav D, Liu B, van den Berg RJBHN, van den Nieuwendijk AMCH, Wennekes T, Ghisaidoobe AT, Breen I, Ferraz MJ, Kuo CL, Wu L, Geurink PP, Ovaa H, van der Marel GA, van der Stelt M, Boot RG, Davies GJ, Aerts JMFG, Overkleeft HS
14198 - 14208 {Co4O4} and {Co,Ni-4,O-4} Cubane Water Oxidation Catalysts as Surface Cut-Outs of Cobalt Oxides
Song FY, More R, Schilling M, Smolentsev G, Azzaroli N, Fox T, Luber S, Patzke GR
14209 - 14216 Multivariate Metal-Organic Frameworks for Dialing-in the Binding and Programming the Release of Drug Molecules
Dong ZY, Sun YZS, Chu J, Zhang XZ, Deng HX
14217 - 14223 Synthesis of Altrose Poly-amido-saccharides with beta-N-(1 -> 2) -D-amide Linkages: A Right-Handed Helical Conformation Engineered in at the Monomer Level
Xiao RQ, Dane EL, Zeng JL, McKnight CJ, Grinstaff MW
14224 - 14231 Lewis Acid Enabled Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral beta-Substituted Amides
Rodriguez-Fernandez M, Yan XC, Collados JF, White PB, Harutyunyan SR
14232 - 14236 Frustrated Lewis Pair Polymers as Responsive Self-Healing Gels
Wang M, Nudelman F, Matthes RR, Shaver MP
14237 - 14243 Visible-Light-Mediated Aerobic Oxidation of N-Alkylpyridinium Salts under Organic Photocatalysis
Jin YH, Ou LY, Yang HJ, Fu H
14244 - 14250 A Bimetallic Nickel-Gallium Complex Catalyzes CO2 Hydrogenation via the Intermediacy of an Anionic d(10) Nickel Hydride
Cammarota RC, Vollmer MV, Xie J, Ye JY, Linehan JC, Burgess SK, Appel AM, Gagliardi L, Lu CC
14251 - 14256 Protein-Mediated Colloidal Assembly
Obana M, Silverman BR, Tirrell DA
14257 - 14264 In Situ Neutron Depth Profiling of Lithium Metal-Garnet Interfaces for Solid State Batteries
Wang CW, Gong YH, Dai JQ, Zhang L, Xie H, Pastel G, Liu BY, Wachsman E, Wang H, Hu LB
14265 - 14276 Probing Distance Dependent Charge-Transfer Character in Excimers of Extended Viologen Cyclophanes Using Femtosecond Vibrational Spectroscopy
Wu YL, Zhou JW, Phelan BT, Mauck CM, Stoddart JF, Young RM, Wasielewski MR
14277 - 14284 Nanobubbles: An Effective Way to Study Gas-Generating Catalysis on a Single Nanoparticle
Li SP, Du Y, He T, Shen YB, Bai C, Ning FD, Hu X, Wang WH, Xi SB, Zhou XC
14285 - 14291 Synergic "Click" Boronate/Thiosemicarbazone System for Fast and Irreversible Bioorthogonal Conjugation in Live Cells
Akgun B, Li CS, Hao YB, Lambkin G, Derda R, Hall DG
14292 - 14301 Heterobimetallic Silver-Iron Complexes Involving Fe(CO)(5) Ligands
Wang GC, Ceylan YS, Cundari TR, Dias HVR
14302 - 14314 In Vitro Anticancer Activity and in Vivo Biodistribution of Rhenium(I) Tricarbonyl Aqua Complexes
Knopf KM, Murphy BL, MacMillan SN, Baskin JM, Barr MP, Boros E, Wilson JJ
14315 - 14321 Catalyst-Free and Redox-Neutral Innate Trifluoromethylation and Alkylation of Aromatics Enabled by Light
Liu P, Liu WB, Li CJ
14322 - 14330 Stereospecific Formation of E- and Z-Disubstituted Double Bonds by Dehydratase Domains from Modules 1 and 2 of the Fostriecin Polyketide Synthase
Shah DD, You YO, Cane DE