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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.139, No.39 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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13588 - 13591 Stress Propagation through Biological Lipid Bilayers in Silico
Aponte-Santamaria C, Brunken J, Grater F
13592 - 13595 Self-Assembled 2D Free-Standing Janus Nanosheets with Single-Layer Thickness
Ling YY, Thomas MR, Gelmi A, Leonardo V, Pashuck ET, Maynard SA, Wang Y, Stevens MM
13596 - 13599 Postsynthetic Modification of Bacterial Peptidoglycan Using Bioorthogonal N-Acetylcysteamine Analogs and Peptidoglycan O-Acetyltransferase B
Wang YB, Lazor KM, DeMeester KE, Liang H, Heiss TK, Grimes CL
13600 - 13603 Command Surface of Self-Organizing Structures by Radical Polymers with Cooperative Redox Reactivity
Sato K, Mizuma T, Nishide H, Oyaizu K
13604 - 13607 Mesoporous Iron Sulfide for Highly Efficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Miao R, Dutta B, Sahoo S, He JK, Zhong W, Cetegen SA, Jiang T, Alpay SP, Suib SL
13608 - 13611 Signature of Metallic Behavior in the Metal-Organic Frameworks M-3(hexaiminobenzene)(2) (M = Ni, Cu)
Dou JH, Sun L, Ge YC, Li W, Hendon CH, Li J, Gul S, Yano JK, Stach EA, Dinca M
13612 - 13615 Emergence of a New Self-Replicator from a Dynamic Combinatorial Library Requires a Specific Pre-Existing, Replicator
Altay Y, Tezcan M, Otto S
13616 - 13619 Visible-Light-Promoted C-S Cross-Coupling via Intermolecular Charge Transfer
Liu B, Lim CH, Miyake GM
13620 - 13623 Accurately Modeling the Conformational Preferences of Nucleosides
Patrascu MB, Malek-Adamian E, Damha MJ, Moitessier N
13624 - 13627 Catalytic C(sp(3))-H Alkylation via an Iron Carbene Intermediate
Griffin JR, Wendell CI, Garwin JA, White MC
13628 - 13631 Enantioselective Synthesis of Cyclobutenes by Intermolecular [2+2] Cycloaddition with Non-C-2 Symmetric Digold Catalysts
Garcia-Morales C, Ranieri B, Escofet I, Lopez-Suarez L, Obradors C, Konovalov AI, Echayarren AM
13632 - 13635 Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy Reveals Local Diffusion Coefficients in the Pore Network of an Individual Catalyst Particle
Hendriks FC, Meirer F, Kubarev AV, Ristanovic Z, Roeffaers MBJ, Vogt ETC, Bruijnincx PCA, Weckhuysen BM
13636 - 13639 Small Molecule Near-Infrared Boron Dipyrromethene Donors for Organic Tandem Solar Cells
Li TY, Meyer T, Ma ZF, Benduhn J, Korner C, Zeika O, Vandewal K, Leo K
13640 - 13643 Direct Observation of Oxygen Rebound with an Iron-Hydroxide Complex
Zaragoza JPT, Yosca TH, Siegler MA, Moenne-Loccoz P, Green MT, Goldberg DP
13644 - 13647 Kinetic Study of Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization with Third-Generation Grubbs Catalysts
Walsh DJ, Lau SH, Hyatt MG, Guironnet D
13648 - 13651 Exploiting a "Beast" in Carbenoid Chemistry: Development of a Straightforward Direct Nucleophilic Fluoromethylation Strategy
Parisi G, Colella M, Monticelli S, Romanazzi G, Holzer W, Langer T, Degennaro L, Pace V, Luisi R
13652 - 13655 Intermolecular Radical Addition to Carbonyls Enabled by Visible Light Photoredox Initiated Hole Catalysis
Pitzer L, Sandfort F, Strieth-Kalthoff F, Glorius F
13656 - 13659 Catalytic Asymmetric [4+2]-Cycloaddition of Dienes with Aldehydes
Liu LP, Kim H, Xie YW, Fares C, Kaib PSJ, Goddard R, List B
13660 - 13663 Copper-Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydroboration of Unactivated 1,1-Disubstituted Alkenes
Jang WJ, Song SM, Moon JH, Lee JY, Yun J
13664 - 13667 Branched-Selective Intermolecular Ketone alpha-Alkylation with Unactivated Alkenes via an Enamide Directing Strategy
Xing D, Dong GB
13668 - 13671 Total Synthesis of (-)-Nahuoic Acid C-i (B-ii)
Liu Q, Deng YF, Smith AB
13672 - 13675 Catalytic Carbonylative Rearrangement of Norbornadiene via Dinuclear Carbon-Carbon Oxidative Addition
Hartline DR, Zeller M, Uyeda C
13676 - 13679 Finite Size Effects in Submonolayer Catalysts Investigated by CO Electrosorption on Pt-sML/Pd(100)
Yuan QY, Doan HA, Grabow LC, Brankovic SR
13680 - 13683 Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of a Borylene Cation RNHSi)(2)B(CO)](+) Stabilized by Three Neutral Ligands
Wang H, Wu LL, Lin ZY, Xie ZW
13684 - 13687 Balancing Excellent Performance and High Thermal Stability in a Dinitropyrazole Fused 1,2,3,4-Tetrazine
Tang YX, Kumar D, Shreeve JM
13688 - 13691 Organocopper(III) Spiro Complexes: Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Redox Transformation
Liu L, Zhu MM, Yu HT, Zhang WX, Xi ZF
13692 - 13700 A Small Molecule Causes a Population Shift in the Conformational Landscape of an Intrinsically Disordered Protein
Ban D, Iconaru LI, Ramanathan A, Zuo J, Kriwacki RW
13701 - 13712 Chiral Ceramic Nanoparticles and Peptide Catalysis
Jiang S, Chekini M, Qu ZB, Wang YC, Yeltik A, Liu YG, Kotlyar A, Zhang TY, Li B, Demir HV, Kotov NA
13713 - 13719 Development of an Azo-Based Photosensitizer Activated under Mild Hypoxia for Photodynamic Therapy
Piao W, Hanaoka K, Fujisawa T, Takeuchi S, Komatsu T, Ueno T, Terai T, Tahara T, Nagano T, Urano Y
13720 - 13734 Molecular Mechanism for the (-)-Epigallocatechin Gallate-Induced Toxic to Nontoxic Remodeling of A beta Oligomers
Ahmed R, VanSchouwen B, Jafari N, Ni XD, Ortega J, Melacini G
13735 - 13739 A Versatile and Efficient Strategy to Discrete Conjugated Oligomers
Lawrence J, Goto E, Ren JM, McDearmon B, Kim DS, Ochiai Y, Clark PG, Laitar D, Higashihara T, Hawker CJ
13740 - 13748 Catalytic Activity Control via Crossover between Two Different Microstructures
Zhou YH, Zhu YH, Wang ZQ, Zou SH, Ma GC, Xia M, Kong XQ, Xiao LP, Gong XQ, Fan J
13749 - 13753 Construction of Sierpinski Triangles up to the Fifth Order
Li C, Zhang X, Li N, Wang YW, Yang JJ, Gu GC, Zhang YJ, Hou SM, Peng LM, Wu K, Nieckarz D, Szabelski P, Tang H, Wang YF
13754 - 13760 The Transition-State Structure for Human MAT2A from Isotope Effects
Firestone RS, Schramm VL
13761 - 13769 Formation and Characterization of Hydrogen Boride Sheets Derived from MgB2 by Cation Exchange
Nishino H, Fujita T, Cuong NT, Tominaka S, Miyauchi M, Iimura S, Hirata A, Umezawa N, Okada S, Nishibori E, Fujino A, Fujimori T, Ito S, Nakamura J, Hosono H, Kondo T
13770 - 13778 Doubly Excited Character or Static Correlation of the Reference State in the Controversial 2(1)A(g) State of trans-Butadiene?
Shu YN, Truhlar DG
13779 - 13785 Synergistic Coupling between Li6.75La3Zr1.75Ta0.25O12 and Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Induces High Ionic Conductivity, Mechanical Strength, and Thermal Stability of Solid Composite Electrolytes
Zhang X, Liu T, Zhang SF, Huang X, Xu BQ, Lin YH, Xu B, Li LL, Nan CW, Shen Y
13786 - 13790 Pentafluorosulfanyl Substituents in Polymerization Catalysis
Kenyon P, Mecking S
13791 - 13797 The Role of Electrode Catalyst Interactions in Enabling Efficient CO2 Reduction with Mo(bpy)(CO)(4) As Revealed by Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
Neri G, Donaldson PM, Cowan AJ
13798 - 13803 Pressure-Stabilized Semiconducting Electrides in Alkaline-Earth Metal Subnitrides
Zhang YW, Wu WK, Wang YC, Yang SYA, Ma YM
13804 - 13810 Heterodimers Made of Upconversion Nanoparticles and Metal-Organic Frameworks
Li YF, Di ZH, Gao JH, Cheng P, Di CZ, Zhang G, Liu B, Shi XH, Sun LD, Li LL, Yan CH
13811 - 13820 CO2 Stimuli-Responsive, Injectable Block Copolymer Hydrogels Cross-Linked by Discrete Organoplatinum(II) Metallacycles via Stepwise Post-Assembly Polymerization
Zheng W, Yang G, Shao NN, Chen LJ, Ou B, Jiang ST, Chen GS, Yang HB
13821 - 13829 Selective Synthesis of Primary Anilines from Cyclohexanone Oximes by the Concerted Catalysis of a Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxide Supported Pd Catalyst
Jin XJ, Koizumi Y, Yamaguchi K, Nozaki K, Mizuno N
13830 - 13836 Visualizing the Reaction Cycle in an Iron(II)- and 2-(Oxo)-glutarate-Dependent Hydroxylase
Mitchell AJ, Dipham NP, Martinie RJ, Bergman JA, Pollock CJ, Hu K, Allen BD, Chang WC, Silakov A, Bollinger JM, Krebs C, Boal AK
13837 - 13846 Realization of Red Plasmon Shifts up to similar to 900 nm by AgPd-Tipping Elongated Au Nanocrystals
Zhu XZ, Yip HK, Zhuo XL, Jiang RB, Chen JL, Zhu XM, Yang Z, Wang JF
13847 - 13857 Tren-Capped Hexaphyrin Zinc Complexes: Interplaying Molecular Recognition, Mobius Aromaticity, and Chirality
Ruffin H, Boussambe GNM, Roisnel T, Dorcet V, Boitrel B, Le Gac S
13858 - 13866 Supramolecular Self-Assembly and Dual-Switch Vapochromic, Vapoluminescent, and Resistive Memory Behaviors of Amphiphilic Platinum(II) Complexes
Li YG, Chen L, Ai YY, Hong EYH, Chan AKW, Yam VWW
13867 - 13875 Solvent Clathrate Driven Dynamic Stereomutation of a Supramolecular Polymer with Molecular Pockets
Kulkarni C, Korevaar PA, Bejagam KK, Palmans ARA, Meijer EW, George SJ
13876 - 13881 Synthesis of Oligodiacetylene Derivatives from Flexible Porous Coordination Frameworks
Fujiwara Y, Kadota K, Nagarkar SS, Tobori N, Kitagawa S, Horike S
13882 - 13896 A Unifying Synthesis Approach to the C-18-, C-19-, and C-20-Diterpenoid Alkaloids
Kou KGM, Kulyk S, Marth CJ, Lee JC, Doering NA, Li BX, Gallego GM, Lebold TP, Sarpong R
13897 - 13902 Bis(stibahousene)
Lee VY, Ota K, Ito Y, Gapurenko OA, Sekiguchi A, Minyaev RM, Minkin VI, Gornitzka H
13903 - 13908 A Multiaxial Molecular Ferroelectric with Highest Curie Temperature and Fastest Polarization Switching
Tang YY, Li PF, Zhang WY, Ye HY, You YM, Xiong RG
13909 - 13915 Small Molecule Release and Activation through DNA Computing
Morihiro K, Ankenbruck N, Lukasak B, Deiters A
13916 - 13921 Host-Guest Tethered DNA Transducer: ATP Fueled Release of a Protein Inhibitor from Cucurbit[7]uril
Zhou X, Su XY, Pathak P, Vik R, Vinciguerra B, Isaacs L, Jayawickramarajah J
13922 - 13928 Catalysis and Inhibition in the Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 on Platinum in the Presence of Protonated Pyridine. New Insights into Mechanisms and Products
Dridi H, Comminges C, Morais C, Meledje JC, Kokoh KB, Costentin C, Saveant JM
13929 - 13935 Remote Migratory Cross-Electrophile Coupling and Olefin Hydroarylation Reactions Enabled by in Situ Generation of NiH
Chen FL, Chen K, Zhang Y, He YL, Wang YM, Zhu SL
13936 - 13943 Modulating the Performance of an Asymmetric Organocatalyst by Tuning Its Spatial Environment in a Metal-Organic Framework
Liu LJ, Zhou TY, Telfer SG
13944 - 13949 Sequential Ruthenium Catalysis for Olefin Isomerization and Oxidation: Application to the Synthesis of Unusual Amino Acids
Liniger M, Liu YY, Stoltz BM
13950 - 13956 Flattened Calixarene-like Cyclic BODIPY Array: A New Photosynthetic Antenna Model
Ke XS, Kim T, Lynch VM, Kim D, Sessler JL
13957 - 13957 Segregated Donor-Acceptor Columns in Liquid Crystals That Exhibit Highly Efficient Ambipolar Charge Transport (vol 133, pg 10736, 2011)
Hayashi H, Nihashi W, Umeyama T, Matano Y, Seki S, Shimizu Y, Imahori H
13958 - 13958 Correction to Reversible Protonated Resting State of the Nitrogenase Active Site (vol 139, pg 10856, 2017)
Morrison CN, Spatzal T, Rees DC