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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.138, No.31 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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9730 - 9742 Finding Our Way in the Dark Proteome
Bhowmick A, Brookes DH, Yost SR, Dyson HJ, Forman-Kay JD, Gunter D, Head-Gordon M, Hura GL, Pande VS, Wemmer DE, Wright PE, Head-Gordon T
9743 - 9746 Circularly Polarized Phosphorescent Electroluminescence with a High Dissymmetry Factor from PHOLEDs Based on a Platinahelicene
Brandt JR, Wang XH, Yang Y, Campbell AJ, Fuchter MJ
9747 - 9750 Xe-129 NMR Relaxation-Based Macromolecular Sensing
Gomes MD, Dao P, Jeong K, Slack CC, Vassiliou CC, Finbloom JA, Francis MB, Wemmer DE, Pines A
9751 - 9754 General Solution for Stabilizing Triple Helical Collagen
Zhang YT, Herling M, Chenoweth DM
9755 - 9758 Organometallic Complex Formed by an Unconventional Radical S-Adenosylmethionine Enzyme
Dong M, Horitani M, Dzikovski B, Pandelia ME, Krebs C, Freed JH, Hoffman BM, Lin HN
9759 - 9762 Selective Recognition of D-Aldohexoses in Water by Boronic Acid-Functionalized, Molecularly Imprinted Cross-Linked Micelles
Awino JK, Gunasekara RW, Zhao Y
9763 - 9766 Cascade Copper-Catalyzed 1,2,3-Trifunctionalization of Terminal Allenes
Zhao WX, Montgomery J
9767 - 9770 Mechanically Shaped Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks Reveal Crystallographic Alignment and Fast Li-Ion Conductivity
Vazquez-Molina DA, Mohammad-Pour GS, Lee C, Logan MW, Duan XF, Harper JK, Uribe-Romo FJ
9771 - 9774 Colloidal CdSe Quantum Rings
Fedin I, Talapin DV
9775 - 9778 Biomimetic Approach to the Catalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of Flavonoids
Yang ZY, He Y, Toste FD
9779 - 9782 Hemispherand-Strapped Calix[4]pyrrole: An Ion-pair Receptor for the Recognition and Extraction of Lithium Nitrite
He Q, Zhang Z, Brewster JT, Lynch VM, Kim SK, Sessler JL
9783 - 9786 Metal-Organic Frameworks Stabilize Mono(phosphine)-Metal Complexes for Broad-Scope Catalytic Reactions
Sawano T, Lin ZK, Boures D, An B, Wang C, Lin WB
9787 - 9790 Copper-Catalyzed Enantioselective Addition of Styrene-Derived Nucleophiles to Imines Enabled by Ligand-Controlled Chemoselective Hydrocupration
Yang Y, Perry IB, Buchwald SL
9791 - 9794 Kr/Xe Separation over a Chabazite Zeolite Membrane
Feng XH, Zong ZW, Elsaidi SK, Jasinski JB, Krishna R, Thallapally PK, Carreon MA
9795 - 9798 A Stannyl-Decorated Zintl Ion [Ge18Pd3(Sn' Pr-3)(6)](2-): Twinned Icosahedron with a Common Pd-3-Face or 18-Vertex Hypho-Deltahedron with a Pd-3-Triangle Inside
Perla LG, Sevov SC
9799 - 9802 Push-Pull Stabilization of Parent Monochlorosilylenes
Hickox HP, Wang YZ, Xie YM, Wei PR, Schaefer HF, Robinson GH
9803 - 9806 Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Psiguadial B
Chapman LM, Beck JC, Wu LL, Reisman SE
9807 - 9825 Design, Synthesis, and Dynamics of a Green Fluorescent Protein Fluorophore Mimic with an Ultrafast Switching Function
Paolino M, Gueye M, Pieri E, Manathunga M, Fusi S, Cappelli A, Latterini L, Pannacci D, Filatov M, Leonard J, Olivucci M
9826 - 9839 Capturing a Dynamic Chaperone-Substrate Interaction Using NMR-Informed Molecular Modeling
Salmon L, Ahlstrom LS, Horowitz S, Dickson A, Brooks CL, Bardwell JCA
9840 - 9852 Structural Polymorphism of Alzheimer's beta-Amyloid Fibrils as Controlled by an E22 Switch: A Solid-State NMR Study
Elkins MR, Wang T, Nick M, Jo H, Lemmin T, Prusiner SB, DeGrado WF, Stohr J, Hong M
9853 - 9863 Substituent Effects on the [N-I-N](+) Halogen Bond
Carlsson ACC, Mehmeti K, Uhrbom M, Karim A, Bedin M, Puttreddy R, Kleinmaier R, Neverov AA, Nekoueishahraki B, Grafenstein J, Rissanen K, Erdelyi M
9864 - 9873 Remote-Stereocontrol in Dienamine Catalysis: Z-Dienamine Preferences and Electrophile-Catalyst Interaction Revealed by NMR and Computational Studies
Seegerer A, Hioe J, Hammer MM, Morana F, Fuchs PJW, Gschwind RM
9874 - 9880 Proteasome Subunit Selective Activity-Based Probes Report on Proteasome Core Particle Composition in a Native Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Fluorescence-Resonance Energy Transfer Assay
de Bruin G, Xin BT, Florea BI, Overkleeft HS
9881 - 9894 "Manganese Extraction" Strategy Enables Tumor-Sensitive Biodegradability and Theranostics of Nanoparticles
Yu LD, Chen Y, Wu MY, Cai XJ, Yao HL, Zhang LL, Chen HR, Shi JL
9895 - 9901 DNA Scaffolds for the Dictated Assembly of Left-/Right-Handed Plasmonic Au NP Helices with Programmed Chiro-Optical Properties
Cecconello A, Kahn JS, Lu CH, Khorashad LK, Govorov AO, Willner I
9902 - 9909 Evaluation of the Catalytic Contribution from a Positioned General Base in Ketosteroid Isomerase
Lamba V, Yabukarski F, Pinney M, Herschlag D
9910 - 9918 Isolation of Human Genomic DNA Sequences with Expanded Nucleobase Selectivity
Rathi P, Maurer S, Kubik G, Summerer D
9919 - 9926 Identifying the Molecular Structures of Intermediates for Optimizing the Fabrication of High-Quality Perovskite Films
Cao J, Jing XJ, Yan JZ, Hu CY, Chen RH, Yin J, Li J, Zheng NF
9927 - 9934 Discovery of the Pt-Based Superconductor LaPt5As
Fujioka M, Ishimaru M, Shibuya T, Kamihara Y, Tabata C, Arnitsuka H, Miura A, Tanaka M, Takano Y, Kaiju H, Nishii J
9935 - 9940 Pentanidium- and Bisguanidinium-Catalyzed Enantioselective Alkylations Using Silylamide as Bronsted Probase
Teng B, Chen WC, Dong S, Kee CW, Gandamana DA, Zong LL, Tan CH
9941 - 9950 Bottom-Up Construction of a CO2-Based Cycle for the Photocarbonylation of Benzene, Promoted by a Rhodium(I) Pincer Complex
Anaby A, Feller M, Ben-David Y, Leitus G, Diskin-Posner Y, Shimon LJW, Milstein D
9951 - 9958 Anisotropy of B-DNA Groove Bending
Ma N, van der Vaart A
9959 - 9967 Direct Observation by Rapid-Scan FT-IR Spectroscopy of Two-Electron-Reduced Intermediate of Tetraaza Catalyst [(CoN4H)-N-II(MeCN)](2+) Converting CO2 to CO
Sheng H, Frei H
9968 - 9977 Triphosphine-Ligated Copper Hydrides for CO2 Hydrogenation: Structure, Reactivity, and Thermodynamic Studies
Zall CM, Linehan JC, Appel AM
9978 - 9985 Identification of Surface Reactivity Descriptor for Transition Metal Oxides in Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Tao HB, Fang LW, Chen JZ, Yang HB, Gao JJ, Miao JW, Chen SL, Liu B
9986 - 9995 Direct Copper(III) Formation from O-2 and Copper(I) with Histamine Ligation
Gary JB, Citek C, Brown TA, Zare RN, Wasinger EC, Stack TDP
9996 - 10001 Dynamic Reorganization and Correlation among Lipid Raft Components
Lozano MM, Hovis JS, Moss FR, Boxer SG
10002 - 10010 Thiophene-Based Double Helices: Syntheses, X-ray Structures, and Chiroptical Properties
Zhang S, Liu XM, Li CL, Li L, Song JS, Shi JW, Morton M, Rajca S, Rajca A, Wang H
10011 - 10018 Genome-Based Discovery of an Unprecedented Cyclization Mode in Fungal Sesterterpenoid Biosynthesis
Okada M, Matsuda Y, Mitsuhashi T, Hoshino S, Mori T, Nakagawa K, Quan ZY, Qin B, Zhang HP, Hayashi F, Kawaide H, Abe I
10019 - 10025 Carbon Nitride-Aromatic Diimide-Graphene Nanohybrids: Metal-Free Photocatalysts for Solar-to-Hydrogen Peroxide Energy Conversion with 0.2% Efficiency
Kofuji Y, Isobe Y, Shiraishi Y, Sakamoto H, Tanaka S, Ichikawa S, Hirai T
10026 - 10031 Dichotomous Role of Exciting the Donor or the Acceptor on Charge Generation in Organic Solar Cells
Hendriks KH, Wijpkema ASG, van Franeker JJ, Wienk MM, Janssen RAJ
10032 - 10040 A Synthetic Oxygen Atom Transfer Photocycle from a Diruthenium Oxyanion Complex
Corcos AR, Pap JS, Yang T, Berry JF
10041 - 10046 Giant, Hollow 2D Metalloarchitecture: Stepwise Self-Assembly of a Hexagonal Supramolecular Nut
Li YM, Jiang ZL, Wang M, Yuan J, Liu D, Yang XY, Chen MZ, Yan J, Li XP, Wang PS
10047 - 10054 Construction and Structure Determination of a Three-Dimensional DNA Crystal
Simmons CR, Zhang F, Birktoft JJ, Qi XD, Han DR, Liu Y, Sha RJ, Abdallah HO, Hernandez C, Ohayon YP, Seeman NC, Yan H