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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.136, No.11 Entire volume, number list
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4093 - 4096 Impact of Bilayer Lipid Composition on the Structure and Topology of the Transmembrane Amyloid Precursor C99 Protein
Song YL, Mittendorf KF, Lu ZW, Sanders CR
4097 - 4100 Competition between sp(3)-C-N vs sp(3)-C-F Reductive Elimination from Pd-IV Complexes
Perez-Temprano MH, Racowski JM, Kampf JW, Sanford MS
4101 - 4104 Asymmetric Palladium-Catalyzed Directed Intermolecular Fluoroarylation of Styrenes
Talbot EPA, Fernandes TD, McKenna JM, Toste FD
4105 - 4108 Bioorthogonally Cross-Linked Hydrogel Network with Precisely Controlled Disintegration Time over a Broad Range
Xu JW, Feng E, Song J
4109 - 4112 Overriding Ortho-Para Selectivity via a Traceless Directing Group Relay Strategy: The Meta-Selective Arylation of Phenols
Luo JF, Preciado S, Larrosa I
4113 - 4116 Unique Lead Adsorption Behavior of Activated Hydroxyl Group in Two-Dimensional Titanium Carbide
Peng QM, Guo JX, Zhang QR, Xiang JY, Liu BZ, Zhou AG, Liu RP, Tian YJ
4117 - 4120 Forced To Align: Flow-Induced Long-Range Alignment of Hierarchical Molecular Assemblies from 2D to 3D
Lee SL, Yuan ZY, Chen L, Mali KS, Mullen K, De Feyter S
4121 - 4124 Uniform, High Aspect Ratio Fiber-like Micelles and Block Co-micelles with a Crystalline pi-Conjugated Polythiophene Core by Self-Seeding
Qian JS, Li XY, Lunn DJ, Gwyther J, Hudson ZM, Kynaston E, Rupar PA, Winnik MA, Manners I
4125 - 4128 Fluorescent Discrimination between Traces of Chemical Warfare Agents and Their Mimics
de Grenu BD, Moreno D, Torroba T, Berg A, Gunnars J, Nilsson T, Nyman R, Persson M, Pettersson J, Eklind I, Wasterby P
4129 - 4132 Chiral Phase Transfer and Enantioenrichment of Thiolate-Protected Au-102 Clusters
Knoppe S, Wong OA, Malola S, Hakkinen H, Burgi T, Verbiest T, Ackerson CJ
4133 - 4136 Cobalt-Catalyzed C-H Borylation
Obligacion JV, Semproni SP, Chirik PJ
4137 - 4140 Bond Energies of Molecular Fragments to Metal Surfaces Track Their Bond Energies to H Atoms
Karp EM, Silbaugh TL, Campbell CT
4141 - 4144 Iridium-Catalyzed Intermolecular Amidation of sp(3) C-H Bonds: Late-Stage Functionalization of an Unactivated Methyl Group
Kang T, Kim Y, Lee D, Wang Z, Chang S
4145 - 4148 Enzyme Architecture: Remarkably Similar Transition States for Triosephosphate Isomerase-Catalyzed Reactions of the Whole Substrate and the Substrate in Pieces
Zhai X, Amyes TL, Richard JP
4149 - 4152 Pd-Catalyzed alpha-Arylation of alpha,alpha-Difluoroketones with Aryl Bromides and Chlorides. A Route to Difluoromethylarenes
Ge SZ, Chaladaj W, Hartwig JF
4153 - 4156 Design of Spiro[2.3]hex-1-ene, a Genetically Encodable Double-Strained Alkene for Superfast Photoclick Chemistry
Yu ZP, Lin Q
4157 - 4160 Total Synthesis of Nucleoside Antibiotic A201A
Nie SY, Li W, Yu B
4161 - 4171 The Dynamic Character of the BCL2 Promoter i-Motif Provides a Mechanism for Modulation of Gene Expression by Compounds That Bind Selectively to the Alternative DNA Hairpin Structure
Kendrick S, Kang HJ, Alam MP, Madathil MM, Agrawal P, Gokhale V, Yang DZ, Hecht SM, Hurley LH
4172 - 4185 The Transcriptional Complex Between the BCL2 i-Motif and hnRNP LL Is a Molecular Switch for Control of Gene Expression That Can Be Modulated by Small Molecules
Kang HJ, Kendrick S, Hecht SM, Hurley LH
4186 - 4191 Direct Observation of 4f Intrashell Excitation in Luminescent Eu Complexes by Time-Resolved X-ray Absorption Near Edge Spectroscopy
Pacold JI, Tatum DS, Seidler GT, Raymond KN, Zhang XY, Stickrath AB, Mortensen DR
4192 - 4200 Decomposition of Condensed Phase Energetic Materials: Interplay between Uni- and Bimolecular Mechanisms
Furman D, Kosloff R, Dubnikova F, Zybin SV, Goddard WA, Rom N, Hirshberg B, Zeiri Y
4201 - 4211 A New Water Oxidation Catalyst: Lithium Manganese Pyrophosphate with Tunable Mn Valency
Park J, Kim H, Jin K, Lee BJ, Park YS, Kim H, Park I, Yang KD, Jeong HY, Kim J, Hong KT, Jang HW, Kang K, Nam KT
4212 - 4222 The Unusual Self-Organization of Dialkyldithiophosphinic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayers on Ultrasmooth Gold
Miller MS, San Juan RR, Ferrato MA, Carmichael TB
4223 - 4235 Mapping Structurally Defined Guanine Oxidation Products along DNA Duplexes: Influence of Local Sequence Context and Endogenous Cytosine Methylation
Ming X, Matter B, Song M, Veliath E, Shanley R, Jones R, Tretyakova N
4236 - 4244 Bioinspired Insights into Silicic Acid Stabilization Mechanisms: The Dominant Role of Polyethylene Glycol-Induced Hydrogen Bonding
Preari M, Spinde K, Lazic J, Brunner E, Demadis KD
4245 - 4256 The Role of Regioregularity, Crystallinity, and Chain Orientation on Electron Transport in a High-Mobility n-Type Copolymer
Steyrleuthner R, Di Pietro R, Collins BA, Polzer F, Himmelberger S, Schubert M, Chen ZH, Zhang SM, Salleo A, Ade H, Facchetti A, Neher D
4257 - 4264 Clusters Encapsulated in Endohedral Metallofullerenes: How Strained Are They?
Deng QM, Popov AA
4265 - 4272 Observation of Complete Pressure-Jump Protein Refolding in Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Experiment
Liu YX, Prigozhin MB, Schulten K, Gruebele M
4273 - 4280 Covalent Attachment of Mechanoresponsive Luminescent Micelles to Glasses and Polymers in Aqueous Conditions
Sagara Y, Komatsu T, Ueno T, Hanaoka K, Kato T, Nagano T
4281 - 4286 A Hybrid Macrocycle with a Pyridine Subunit Displays Aromatic Character upon Uranyl Cation Complexation
Ho IT, Zhang Z, Ishida M, Lynch VM, Cha WY, Sung YM, Kim D, Sessler JL
4287 - 4299 Iridium-Catalyzed C-H Borylation of Heteroarenes: Scope, Regioselectivity, Application to Late-Stage Functionalization, and Mechanism
Larsen MA, Hartwig JF
4300 - 4308 Structurally Defined Nanoscale Sheets from Self-Assembly of Collagen-Mimetic Peptides
Jiang T, Xu CF, Liu Y, Liu Z, Wall JS, Zuo XB, Lian TQ, Salaita K, Ni CY, Pochan D, Conticello VP
4309 - 4315 Cyclopropene Cycloadditions with Annulated Furans: Total Synthesis of (+)- and (-)-Frondosin B and (+)-Frondosin A
Oblak EZ, VanHeyst MD, Li J, Wiemer AJ, Wright DL
4316 - 4324 Electron Transfer Kinetics in CdS Nanorod-[FeFe]-Hydrogenase Complexes and Implications for Photochemical H-2 Generation
Wilker MB, Shinopoulos KE, Brown KA, Mulder DW, King PW, Dukovic G
4325 - 4332 Dendritic Cell Lectin-Targeting Sentinel-like Unimolecular Glycoconjugates To Release an Anti-HIV Drug
Zhang Q, Su L, Collins J, Chen GS, Wallis R, Mitchell DA, Haddleton DM, Becer CR
4333 - 4342 Structure-Activity Relationships among Antifungal Nylon-3 Polymers: Identification of Materials Active against Drug-Resistant Strains of Candida albicans
Liu RH, Chen XY, Falk SP, Mowery BP, Karlsson AJ, Weisblum B, Palecek SP, Masters KS, Gellman SH
4343 - 4354 Instantaneous Generation of Charge-Separated State on TiO2 Surface Sensitized with Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Long R, Prezhdo OV
4355 - 4362 Variable-Temperature Study of Hydrogen-Bond Symmetry in Cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboxylate Monoanion in Chloroform-d
Perrin CL, Burke KD
4363 - 4368 Hydroarylation of Arynes Catalyzed by Silver for Biaryl Synthesis
Lee NK, Yun SY, Mamidipalli P, Salzman RM, Lee D, Zhou T, Xia YZ
4369 - 4381 Water Adsorption in Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks and Related Materials
Furukawa H, Gandara F, Zhang YB, Jiang JC, Queen WL, Hudson MR, Yaghi OM
4382 - 4393 Hairpin DNA Sequences Bound Strongly by Bleomycin Exhibit Enhanced Double-Strand Cleavage
Roy B, Hecht SM
4394 - 4403 Origin of the Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction Activity of Graphene-Based Catalysts: A Roadnnap to Achieve the Best Performance
Jiao Y, Zheng Y, Jaroniec M, Qiao SZ
4404 - 4409 Preferential Positioning of Dopants and Co-Dopants in Embedded and Freestanding Si Nanocrystals
Guerra R, Ossicini S
4410 - 4418 Tuning the Biological Activity Profile of Antibacterial Polymers via Subunit Substitution Pattern
Liu RH, Chen XY, Chakraborty S, Lemke JJ, Hayouka Z, Chow C, Welch RA, Weisblum B, Masters KS, Gellman SH
4419 - 4425 Ruthenium-Catalyzed Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Formaldehyde
Bontemps S, Vendier L, Sabo-Etienne S
4426 - 4436 Generation of Complexity in Fungal Terpene Biosynthesis: Discovery of a Multifunctional Cytochrome P450 in the Fumagillin Pathway
Lin HC, Tsunematsu Y, Dhingra S, Xu W, Fukutomi M, Chooi YH, Cane DE, Calvo AM, Watanabe K, Tang Y
4437 - 4445 3,3'-Dinitroamino-4,4'-azoxyfurazan and Its Derivatives: An Assembly of Diverse N-O Building Blocks for High-Performance Energetic Materials
Zhang JH, Shreeve JM
4446 - 4446 Structures of Oligomers of a Peptide from beta-Amyloid (vol 135, pg 12460, 2013)
Pham JD, Chim N, Goulding CW, Nowick JS