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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.135, No.27 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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9952 - 9967 Crystal Engineering: From Molecule to Crystal
Desiraju GR
9968 - 9971 N,C-Capped Dipeptides with Selectivity for Mycobacterial Proteasome over Human Proteasomes: Role of S3 and S1 Binding Pockets
Lin G, Chidawanyika T, Tsu C, Warrier T, Vaubourgeix J, Blackburn C, Gigstad K, Sintchak M, Dick L, Nathan C
9972 - 9975 Liquid Crystal-Based Emulsions for Synthesis of Spherical and Non-Spherical Particles with Chemical Patches
Mondiot F, Wang XG, de Pablo JJ, Abbott NL
9976 - 9979 Electrostatic Modulation of Aromatic Rings via Explicit Solvation of Substituents
Muchowska KB, Adam C, Mati IK, Cockroft SL
9980 - 9983 Mutational Analysis of 48G7 Reveals that Somatic Hypermutation Affects Both Antibody Stability and Binding Affinity
Sun SB, Sen S, Kim NJ, Magliery TJ, Schultz PG, Wang F
9984 - 9987 Design and Preparation of a Core-Shell Metal-Organic Framework for Selective CO2 Capture
Li T, Sullivan JE, Rosi NL
9988 - 9990 Aluminum-Ligand Cooperative N-H Bond Activation and an Example of Dehydrogenative Coupling
Myers TW, Berben LA
9991 - 9994 Importance of Acid-Base Equilibrium in Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Formic Acid on Platinum
Joo J, Uchida T, Cuesta A, Koper MTM, Osawa M
9995 - 9998 Large-Scale Synthesis of Transition-Metal-Doped TiO2 Nanowires with Controllable Overpotential
Liu B, Chen HM, Liu C, Andrews SC, Hahn C, Yang PD
9999 - 10002 Stereodirection of an alpha-Ketoester at Sub-molecular Sites on Chirally Modified Pt(111): Heterogeneous Asymmetric Catalysis
Demers-Carpentier V, Rasmussen AMH, Goubert G, Ferrighi L, Dong Y, Lemay JC, Masini F, Zeng Y, Hammer B, McBreen PH
10003 - 10006 Revisiting the Chemistry of the Actinocenes [(eta(8)-C8H8)(2)An] (An = U, Th) with Neutral Lewis Bases. Access to the Bent Sandwich Complexes [(eta(8)-C8H8)(2)An(L)] with Thorium (L = py, 4,4'-bipy, tBuNC, R(4)phen)
Berthet JC, Thuery P, Garin N, Dognon JP, Cantat T, Ephritikhine M
10007 - 10010 Dodecaamide Cages: Organic 12-Arm Building Blocks for Supramolecular Chemistry
Culshaw JL, Cheng G, Schmidtmann M, Hasell T, Liu M, Adams DJ, Cooper AI
10011 - 10013 Chiral Structure of Thiolate-Protected 28-Gold-Atom Nanocluster Determined by X-ray Crystallography
Zeng CJ, Li T, Das A, Rosi NL, Jin RC
10014 - 10017 Development of a High-Throughput Screen and Its Use in the Discovery of Streptococcus pneumoniae Immunoglobulin A1 Protease Inhibitors
Garner AL, Fullagar JL, Day JA, Cohen SM, Janda KD
10018 - 10021 Self-Assembled Containers Based on Extended Tetrathiafulvalene
Bivaud S, Goeb S, Croue V, Dron PI, Allain M, Salle M
10022 - 10025 Catalytic Ketyl-Olefin Cyclizations Enabled by Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer
Tarantino KT, Liu P, Knowles RR
10026 - 10029 Organocatalytic Oxyamination of Azlactones: Kinetic Resolution of Oxaziridines and Asymmetric Synthesis of Oxazolin-4-ones
Dong SX, Liu XH, Zhu Y, He P, Lin LL, Peng XM
10030 - 10031 Self-Sufficient and Exclusive Oxygenation of Methane and Its Source Materials with Oxygen to Methanol via Metgas Using Oxidative Bi-reforming
Olah GA, Prakash GKS, Goeppert A, Czaun M, Mathew T
10032 - 10035 Synthesis of Highly Cis, Syndiotactic Polymers via Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization Using Ruthenium Metathesis Catalysts
Rosebrugh LE, Marx VM, Keitz BK, Grubbs RH
10036 - 10039 Catalytic Epoxidation Activity of Keplerate Polyoxomolybdate Nanoball toward Aqueous Suspension of Olefins under Mild Aerobic Conditions
Rezaeifard A, Haddad R, Jafarpour M, Hakimi M
10040 - 10047 Molecular Crowding Enhanced ATPase Activity of the RNA Helicase eIF4A Correlates with Compaction of Its Quaternary Structure and Association with eIF4G
Akabayov SR, Akabayov B, Richardson CC, Wagner G
10048 - 10054 Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Realization of New Stable Inorganic Materials Using the Inverse Design Approach
Zakutayev A, Zhang XW, Nagaraja A, Yu LP, Lany S, Mason TO, Ginley DS, Zunger A
10055 - 10063 Crowders Perturb the Entropy of RNA Energy Landscapes to Favor Folding
Kilburn D, Roh JH, Behrouzi R, Briber RM, Woodson SA
10064 - 10072 Energy-Level Matching of Fe(III) Ions Grafted at Surface and Doped in Bulk for Efficient Visible-Light Photocatalysts
Liu M, Qiu XQ, Miyauchi M, Hashimoto K
10073 - 10080 Graphene Nanoelectrodes: Fabrication and Size-Dependent Electrochemistry
Zhang B, Fan LX, Zhong HW, Liu YW, Chen SL
10081 - 10090 Heck Coupling of Olefins to Mixed Methyl/Thienyl Monolayers on Si(111) Surfaces
O'Leary LE, Rose MJ, Ding TX, Johansson E, Brunschwig BS, Lewis NS
10091 - 10098 Insight into Magnetite's Redox Catalysis from Observing Surface Morphology during Oxidation
Nie S, Starodub E, Monti M, Siegel DA, Vergara L, El Gabaly F, Bartelt NC, de la Figuera J, McCarty KF
10099 - 10103 Screening for Enhanced Triacetic Acid Lactone Production by Recombinant Escherichia coli Expressing a Designed Triacetic Acid Lactone Reporter
Tang SY, Qian S, Aldnterinwa O, Frei CS, Gredell JA, Cirino PC
10104 - 10113 Solvent-Dependent Switch of Helical Main-Chain Chirality in Sergeants-and-Soldiers-Type Poly(quinoxaline-2,3-diyl)s: Effect of the Position and Structures of the "Sergeant" Chiral Units on the Screw-Sense Induction
Nagata Y, Yamada T, Adachi T, Akai Y, Yamamoto T, Suginome M
10114 - 10123 Single Sublattice Endotaxial Phase Separation Driven by Charge Frustration in a Complex Oxide
Demont A, Sayers R, Tsiamtsouri MA, Romani S, Chater PA, Niu HJ, Marti-Gastaldo C, Xu ZL, Deng ZQ, Breard Y, Thomas MF, Claridge JB, Rosseinsky MJ
10124 - 10133 Highly Stable, Anion Conductive, Comb-Shaped Copolymers for Alkaline Fuel Cells
Li NW, Leng YJ, Hickner MA, Wang CY
10134 - 10148 Dispersion Forces and Counterintuitive Steric Effects in Main Group Molecules: Heavier Group 14 (Si-Pb) Dichalcogenolate Carbene Analogues with Sub-90 degrees Interligand Bond Angles
Rekken BD, Brown TM, Fettinger JC, Lips F, Tuononen HM, Herber RH, Power PP
10149 - 10154 Monoclinic Sr1-xNaxSiO3-0.5x: New Superior Oxide Ion Electrolytes
Singh P, Goodenough JB
10155 - 10163 Modulation of the Intrinsic Helix Propensity of an Intrinsically Disordered Protein Reveals Long-Range Helix-Helix Interactions
Iesmantavicius V, Jensen MR, Ozenne V, Blackledge M, Poulsen FM, Kjaergaard M
10164 - 10171 Isolation and First Total Synthesis of PM050489 and PM060184, Two New Marine Anticancer Compounds
Martin MJ, Coello L, Fernandez R, Reyes F, Rodriguez A, Murcia C, Garranzo M, Mateo C, Sanchez-Sancho F, Bueno S, de Eguilior C, Francesch A, Munt S, Cuevas C
10172 - 10177 Modulation of In-Membrane Receptor Clustering upon Binding of Multivalent Ligands
Grochmal A, Ferrero E, Milanesi L, Tomas S
10178 - 10178 Design and Characterization of 1D Nanotubes and 2D Periodic Arrays Self-Assembled from DNA Multi-Helix Bundles (vol 134, pg 1606, 2012)
Wang T, Schiffels D, Cuesta SM, Fygenson DK, Seeman NC
10179 - 10179 Better Cycling Performances of Bulk Sb in Na-Ion Batteries Compared to Li-Ion Systems: An Unexpected Electrochemical Mechanism (vol 134, pg 20805, 2012)
Darwiche A, Marino C, Sougrati MT, Fraisse B, Stievano L, Monconduit L
10180 - 10180 Enhanced Electron-Transfer Reactivity of Nonheme Manganese(IV)-Oxo Complexes by Binding Scandium Ions (vol 135, pg 9186, 2013)
Yoon H, Lee YM, Wu XJ, Cho KB, Sarangi R, Nam W, Fukuzumi S