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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.134, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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6058 - 6060 Disconnection Enhances the Second Harmonic Generation Response: Synthesis and Characterization of Ba23Ga8Sb2S38
Chen MC, Wu LM, Lin H, Zhou LJ, Chen L
6061 - 6063 The Crowded Environment of a Reverse Micelle Induces the Formation of beta-Strand Seed Structures for Nucleating Amyloid Fibril Formation
Yeung PSW, Axelsen PH
6064 - 6067 Isolation of (CO)(1-) and (CO2)(1-) Radical Complexes of Rare Earths via Ln(NR2)(3)/K Reduction and [K-2(18-crown-6)(2)](2+) Oligomerization
Fang M, Farnaby JH, Ziller JW, Bates JE, Furche F, Evans WJ
6068 - 6071 Achiral Counterion Control of Enantioselectivity in a Bronsted Acid-Catalyzed Iodolactonization
Dobish MC, Johnston JN
6072 - 6075 Highly Adaptable Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Coordination Networks on Metal Surfaces
Kley CS, Cechal J, Kumagai T, Schramm F, Ruben M, Stepanow S, Kern K
6076 - 6079 Membraneless, Room-Temperature, Direct Borohydride/Cerium Fuel Cell with Power Density of Over 0.25 W/cm(2)
Da Mota N, Finkelstein DA, Kirtland JD, Rodriguez CA, Stroock AD, Abruna HD
6080 - 6083 Mild-Temperature Mn-2(CO)(10)-Photomediated Controlled Radical Polymerization of Vinylidene Fluoride and Synthesis of Well-Defined Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Block Copolymers
Asandei AD, Adebolu OI, Simpson CP
6084 - 6087 Microporous Polycarbazole with High Specific Surface Area for Gas Storage and Separation
Chen Q, Luo M, Hammershoj P, Zhou D, Han Y, Laursen BW, Yan CG, Han BH
6088 - 6091 Minimalist Probes for Studying Protein Dynamics: Thioamide Quenching of Selectively Excitable Fluorescent Amino Acids
Goldberg JM, Speight LC, Fegley MW, Petersson EJ
6092 - 6095 Utilization of Photoinduced Charge-Separated State of Donor-Acceptor-Linked Molecules for Regulation of Cell Membrane Potential and Ion Transport
Numata T, Murakami T, Kawashima F, Morone N, Heuser JE, Takano Y, Ohkubo K, Fukuzumi S, Mori Y, Imahori H
6096 - 6099 Electronic Spin Transition in Nanosize Stoichiometric Lithium Cobalt Oxide
Qian DN, Hinuma Y, Chen HL, Du LS, Carroll KJ, Ceder G, Grey CP, Meng YS
6100 - 6103 Self-Assembly of Charged Bodipy Dyes To Form Cassettes That Display Intracomplex Electronic Energy Transfer and Accrete into Liquid Crystals
Olivier JH, Barbera J, Bahaidarah E, Harriman A, Ziessel R
6104 - 6107 Boron-Capped Tris(glyoximato) Cobalt Clathrochelate as a Precursor for the Electrodeposition of Nanoparticles Catalyzing H-2 Evolution in Water
Anxolabehere-Mallart E, Costentin C, Fournier M, Nowak S, Robert M, Saveant JM
6108 - 6111 High-Precision Tracking with Non-blinking Quantum Dots Resolves Nanoscale Vertical Displacement
Marchuk K, Guo YJ, Sun W, Vela J, Fang N
6112 - 6115 Magnetic Click Colloidal Assembly
Sacanna S, Rossi L, Pine DJ
6116 - 6119 Alkyne and Reversible Nitrile Activation: N,N'-Diamidocarbene-Facilitated Synthesis of Cyclopropenes, Cyclopropenones, and Azirines
Moerdyk JP, Bielawski CW
6120 - 6123 Site-Selective Bromination of Vancomycin
Pathak TP, Miller SJ
6124 - 6127 Palladium-Catalyzed Cycloaddition of Alkynyl Aryl Ethers with Internal Alkynes via Selective Ortho C-H Activation
Minami Y, Shiraishi Y, Yamada K, Hiyama T
6128 - 6131 Up to 4 Orders of Magnitude Enhancement of Crown Ether Complexation in an Aqueous Phase Coexistent with Ice
Tasaki Y, Okada T
6132 - 6135 Controlled Synthesis of Topological Insulator Nanoplate Arrays on Mica
Li H, Cao J, Zheng WS, Chen YL, Wu D, Dang WH, Wang K, Peng HL, Liu ZF
6136 - 6139 On Ni Catalysts for Catalytic, Asymmetric Ni/Cr-Mediated Coupling Reactions
Liu X, Li XY, Chen Y, Hu YM, Kishi Y
6140 - 6142 Formal Synthesis of (+/-)-Methyl Rocaglate Using an Unprecedented Acetyl Bromide Mediated Nazarov Reaction
Magnus P, Freund WA, Moorhead EJ, Rainey T
6143 - 6145 Isolable Analogues of the Breslow Intermediate Derived from Chiral Triazolylidene Carbenes
DiRocco DA, Oberg KM, Rovis T
6146 - 6159 Replacing Conventional Carbon Nucleophiles with Electrophiles: Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive Alkylation of Aryl Bromides and Chlorides
Everson DA, Jones BA, Weix DJ
6160 - 6168 Carbon-Carbon Reductive Elimination from Homoleptic Uranium(IV) Alkyls Induced by Redox-Active Ligands
Kraft SJ, Fanwick PE, Bart SC
6169 - 6176 Structural Insights into the Ferroxidase Site of Ferritins from Higher Eukaryotes
Bertini I, Lalli D, Mangani S, Pozzi C, Rosa C, Theil EC, Turano P
6177 - 6190 Three-Dimensional Packing Structure and Electronic Properties of Biaxially Oriented Poly(2,5-bis(3-alkylthiophene-2-yl)thieno-[3,2-b]thiophene) Films
Cho E, Risko C, Kim D, Gysel R, Miller NC, Breiby DW, McGehee MD, Toney MF, Kline RJ, Bredas JL
6191 - 6203 Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of Multisite Cadmium(II) Exchange in Designed Three-Stranded Coiled-Coil Peptides
Chakraborty S, Iranzo O, Zuiderweg ERP, Pecoraro VL
6204 - 6209 Transition Metal Surface Passivation Induced Graphene Edge Reconstruction
Gao JF, Zhao JJ, Ding F
6210 - 6217 Anticancer beta-Hairpin Peptides: Membrane-Induced Folding Triggers Activity
Sinthuvanich C, Veiga AS, Gupta K, Gaspar D, Blumenthal R, Schneider JP
6218 - 6223 Interaction of Nucleic Acids with the Glycocalyx
Palte MJ, Raines RT
6224 - 6236 Quantification of the Surface Diffusion of Tripodal Binding Motifs on Graphene Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
Rodriguez-Lopez J, Ritzert NL, Mann JA, Tan C, Dichtel WR, Abruna HD
6237 - 6243 Observing a Model Ion Channel Gating Action in Model Cell Membranes in Real Time in Situ: Membrane Potential Change Induced Alamethicin Orientation Change
Ye SJ, Li HC, Wei F, Jasensky J, Boughton AP, Yang P, Chen Z
6244 - 6256 Chemistry of Aqueous Silica Nanoparticle Surfaces and the Mechanism of Selective Peptide Adsorption
Patwardhan SV, Emami FS, Berry RJ, Jones SE, Naik RR, Deschaume O, Heinz H, Perry CC
6257 - 6272 Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of Fe Complexes Containing Cyclic Diazadiphosphine Ligands: The Role of the Pendant Base in Heterolytic Cleavage of H-2
Liu TB, Chen ST, O'Hagan MJ, DuBois MR, Bullock RM, DuBois DL
6273 - 6279 Peptide Chain Dynamics in Light and Heavy Water: Zooming in on Internal Friction
Schulz JCF, Schmidt L, Best RB, Dzubiella J, Netz RR
6280 - 6285 Branchpoint Expansion in a Fully Complementary Three-Way DNA Junction
Sabir T, Toulmin A, Ma L, Jones AC, McGlynn P, Schroder GF, Magennis SW
6286 - 6295 Stereoselectivities of Histidine-Catalyzed Asymmetric Aldol Additions and Contrasts with Proline Catalysis: A Quantum Mechanical Analysis
Lam YH, Houk KN, Scheffler U, Mahrwald R
6296 - 6308 Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Nazarov Cyclization/Wagner-Meerwein Rearrangement Sequence
Leboeuf D, Gandon V, Ciesielski J, Frontier AJ
6309 - 6315 Gold Nanoparticles Located at the Interface of Anatase/Rutile TiO2 Particles as Active Plasmonic Photocatalysts for Aerobic Oxidation
Tsukamoto D, Shiraishi Y, Sugano Y, Ichikawa S, Tanaka S, Hirai T
6316 - 6325 Enhanced Epimerization of Glycosylated Amino Acids During Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis
Zhang YL, Muthana SM, Farnsworth D, Ludek O, Adams K, Barchi JJ, Gildersleeve JC
6326 - 6336 Nucleation, Growth, and Repair of a Cobalt-Based Oxygen Evolving Catalyst
Surendranath Y, Lutterman DA, Liu Y, Nocera DG
6337 - 6343 In Operando X-ray Diffraction and Transmission X-ray Microscopy of Lithium Sulfur Batteries
Nelson J, Misra S, Yang Y, Jackson A, Liu YJ, Wang HL, Dai HJ, Andrews JC, Cui Y, Toney MF
6344 - 6353 In-Cell Fluorescence Activation and Labeling of Proteins Mediated by FRET-Quenched Split Inteins
Borra R, Dong DZ, Elnagar AY, Woldemariam GA, Camarero JA
6354 - 6364 Twisted Mannitol Crystals Establish Homologous Growth Mechanisms for High-Polymer and Small-Molecule Ring-Banded Spherulites
Shtukenberg AG, Cui XY, Freudenthal J, Gunn E, Camp E, Kahr B
6365 - 6374 Interpreting Protein Structural Dynamics from NMR Chemical Shifts
Robustelli P, Stafford KA, Palmer AG
6375 - 6387 Lipid Dynamics and Protein-Lipid Interactions in 2D Crystals Formed with the beta-Barrel Integral Membrane Protein VDAC1
Eddy MT, Ong TC, Clark L, Teijido O, van der Wel PCA, Garces R, Wagner G, Rostovtseva TK, Griffin RG
6388 - 6400 Efficient Singlet Fission Discovered in a Disordered Acene Film
Roberts ST, McAnally RE, Mastron JN, Webber DH, Whited MT, Brutchey RL, Thompson ME, Bradforth SE
6401 - 6408 Coordination and Metalation Bifunctionality of Cu with 5,10,15,20-Tetra(4-pyridyl)porphyrin: Toward a Mixed-Valence Two-Dimensional Coordination Network
Li Y, Xiao J, Shubina TE, Chen M, Shi ZL, Schmid M, Steinruck HP, Gottfried JM, Lin N
6409 - 6415 Dispersion Energy Enforced Dimerization of a Cyclic Disilylated Plumbylene
Arp H, Baumgartner J, Marschner C, Zark P, Muller T
6416 - 6424 Probing Affinity and Ubiquitin Linkage Selectivity of Ubiquitin-Binding Domains Using Mass Spectrometry
Sokratous K, Roach LV, Channing D, Strachan J, Long J, Searle MS, Layfield R, Oldham NJ
6425 - 6433 Palladium(II) Containing gamma-Keggin Silicodecatungstate That Efficiently Catalyzes Hydration of Nitriles
Hirano T, Uehara K, Kamata K, Mizuno N
6434 - 6442 Effect of the Dielectric Constant of the Surrounding Medium and the Substrate on the Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectrum and Sensitivity Factors of Highly Symmetric Systems: Silver Nanocubes
Mahmoud MA, Chamanzar M, Adibi A, El-Sayed MA
6443 - 6454 Photochemistry of Furyl- and Thienyldiazomethanes: Spectroscopic Characterization of Triplet 3-Thienylcarbene
Pharr CR, Kopff LA, Bennett B, Reid SA, McMahon RJ
6455 - 6466 Motions on the Millisecond Time Scale and Multiple Conformations of HIV-1 Capsid Protein: Implications for Structural Polymorphism of CA Assemblies
Byeon IJL, Hou GJ, Han Y, Suiter CL, Ahn J, Jung J, Byeon CH, Gronenborn AM, Polenova T
6467 - 6472 Efficient, Chemoenzymatic Process for Manufacture of the Boceprevir Bicyclic [3.1.0]Proline Intermediate Based on Amine Oxidase-Catalyzed Desymmetrization
Li T, Liang J, Ambrogelly A, Brennan T, Gloor G, Huisman G, Lalonde J, Lekhal A, Mijts B, Muley S, Newman L, Tobin M, Wong G, Zaks A, Zhang XY
6473 - 6478 Synthesis Design and Structure of a Multipore Zeolite with Interconnected 12-and 10-MR Channels
Moliner M, Willhammar T, Wan W, Gonzalez J, Rey F, Jorda JL, Zou XD, Corma A
6479 - 6490 Selenium as a Structural Surrogate of Sulfur: Template-Assisted Assembly of Five Types of Tungsten-Iron-Sulfur/Selenium Clusters and the Structural Fate of Chalcogenide Reactants
Zheng B, Chen XD, Zheng SL, Holm RH
6491 - 6497 Degradable Conjugates from Oxanorbornadiene Reagents
Kislukhin AA, Higginson CJ, Hong VP, Finn MG
6498 - 6498 Mechanistic Insights into the Brust-Schiffrin Two-Phase Synthesis of Organo-chalcogenate-Protected Metal Nanoparticles (vol 133, pg 2092, 2011)
Li Y, Zaluzhna O, Xu BL, Gao Y, Modest JM, Tong YYJ