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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.133, No.44 Entire volume, number list
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17521 - 17523 Photooxidation of Chloride by Oxide Minerals: Implications for Perchlorate on Mars
Schuttlefield JD, Sambur JB, Gelwicks M, Eggleston CM, Parkinson BA
17524 - 17527 Graphene Oxide as an Enzyme Inhibitor: Modulation of Activity of alpha-Chymotrypsin
De M, Chou SS, Dravid VP
17528 - 17531 A Fluorescence Displacement Assay for Antidepressant Drug Discovery Based on Ligand-Conjugated Quantum Dots
Chang JC, Tomlinson ID, Warnement MR, Iwamoto H, DeFelice LJ, Blakely RD, Rosenthal SJ
17532 - 17535 The Next Chapter in MOF Pillaring Strategies: Trigonal Heterofunctional Ligands To Access Targeted High-Connected Three Dimensional Nets, Isoreticular Platforms
Eubank JF, Wojtas L, Hight MR, Bousquet T, Kravtsov VC, Eddaoudi M
17536 - 17539 Directed Evolution of Sortase A Mutants with Altered Substrate Selectivity Profiles
Piotukh K, Geltinger B, Heinrich N, Gerth F, Beyermann M, Freund C, Schwarzer D
17540 - 17543 Bifunctional Triterpene/Sesquarterpene Cyclase: Tetraprenyl-beta-curcumene Cyclase Is Also Squalene Cyclase in Bacillus megaterium
Sato T, Hoshino H, Yoshida S, Nakajima M, Hoshino T
17544 - 17547 Haloduracin alpha Binds the Peptidoglycan Precursor Lipid II with 2:1 Stoichiometry
Oman TJ, Lupoli TJ, Wang TSA, Kahne D, Walker S, van der Donk WA
17548 - 17551 Oxygen-Aided Synthesis of Polycrystalline Graphene on Silicon Dioxide Substrates
Chen JY, Wen YG, Guo YL, Wu B, Huang LP, Xue YZ, Geng DC, Wang D, Yu G, Liu YQ
17552 - 17555 Donor-Acceptor-Stabilized Silicon Analogue of an Acid Anhydride
Ghadwal RS, Azhakar R, Roesky HW, Propper K, Dittrich B, Klein S, Frenking G
17556 - 17559 Self-Assembly of Poly(ionic liquid)s: Polymerization, Mesostructure Formation, and Directional Alignment in One Step
Yuan JY, Soll S, Drechsler M, Muller AHE, Antonietti M
17560 - 17563 Tailor-Made Dual pH-Sensitive Polymer-Doxorubicin Nanoparticles for Efficient Anticancer Drug Delivery
Du JZ, Du XJ, Mao CQ, Wang J
17564 - 17566 Three-Dimensional Paper Microfluidic Devices Assembled Using the Principles of Origami
Liu H, Crooks RM
17567 - 17569 Simultaneous Bulk- and Surface-Initiated Controlled Radical Polymerization from Planar Substrates
Turgman-Cohen S, Genzer J
17570 - 17573 A Bioorthogonal Quadricyclane Ligation
Sletten EM, Bertozzi CR
17574 - 17577 Dihydrogen Addition in a Dinuclear Rare-Earth Metal Hydride Complex Supported by a Metalated TREN Ligand
Venugopal A, Fegler W, Spaniol TP, Maron L, Okuda J
17578 - 17581 Wrinkle Engineering: A New Approach to Massive Graphene Nanoribbon Arrays
Pan ZH, Liu N, Fu L, Liu ZF
17582 - 17585 Electron-Transfer Reactions at the Plasma-Liquid Interface
Richmonds C, Witzke M, Bartling B, Lee SW, Wainright J, Liu CC, Sankaran RM
17586 - 17589 Mn-7 Species with an S=(29)/2 Ground State: High-Frequency EPR Studies of a Species at the Classical/Quantum Spin Interface
Wang ZX, van Tol J, Taguchi T, Daniels MR, Christou G, Dalal NS
17590 - 17593 Synthesis of PbSeTe Single Ternary Alloy and Core/Shell Heterostructured Nanocubes
Quan ZW, Luo ZP, Loc WS, Zhang J, Wang YX, Yang KK, Porter N, Lin J, Wang H, Fang JY
17594 - 17597 Plasmonic Imaging of Human Oral Cancer Cell Communities during Programmed Cell Death by Nuclear-Targeting Silver Nanoparticles
Austin LA, Kang B, Yen CW, El-Sayed MA
17598 - 17601 Spontaneous Formation of Wurzite-CdS/Zinc Blende-CdTe Heterodimers through a Partial Anion Exchange Reaction
Saruyama M, So YG, Kimoto K, Taguchi S, Kanemitsu Y, Teranishi T
17602 - 17605 Rapid C-H Bond Activation by a Monocopper(III)-Hydroxide Complex
Donoghue PJ, Tehranchi J, Cramer CJ, Sarangi R, Solomon EI, Tolman WB
17606 - 17609 DNA Directed Self-Assembly of Anisotropic Plasmonic Nanostructures
Pal S, Deng ZT, Wang HN, Zou SL, Liu Y, Yan H
17610 - 17613 Discovery of Surfactants for Metal/Semiconductor Separation of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes via High-Throughput Screening
Tanaka T, Urabe Y, Nishide D, Kataura H
17614 - 17617 Multivalent Binding Motifs for the Noncovalent Functionalization of Graphene
Mann JA, Rodriguez-Lopez J, Abruna HD, Dichtel WR
17618 - 17621 Self-Assembled Peptide Architecture with a Tooth Shape: Folding into Shape
Kwon S, Shin HS, Gong J, Eom JH, Jeon A, Yoo SH, Chung IS, Cho SJ, Lee HS
17622 - 17625 Light-Emitting Conjugated Polymers with Microporous Network Architecture: Interweaving Scaffold Promotes Electronic Conjugation, Facilitates Exciton Migration, and Improves Luminescence
Xu YH, Chen L, Guo ZQ, Nagai A, Jiang DL
17626 - 17629 Cathodic Corrosion as a Facile and Effective Method To Prepare Clean Metal Alloy Nanoparticles
Rodriguez P, Tichelaar FD, Koper MTM, Yanson AI
17630 - 17633 Synthesis of Catechols from Phenols via Pd-Catalyzed Silanol-Directed C-H Oxygenation
Huang CH, Ghavtadze N, Chattopadhyay B, Gevorgyan V
17634 - 17637 Total Synthesis of Gelsemoxonine
Shimokawa J, Harada T, Yokoshima S, Fukuyama T
17638 - 17640 Synthesis of Functionalized 1H-Indenes via Copper-Catalyzed Arylative Cyclization of Arylalkynes with Aromatic Sulfonyl Chlorides
Zeng XM, Ilies L, Nakamura E
17641 - 17651 Noncovalent DNA Binding Drives DNA Alkylation by Leinamycin: Evidence That the Z,E-5-(Thiazol-4-yl)-penta-2,4-dienone Moiety of the Natural Product Serves as an Atypical DNA Intercalator
Fekry MI, Szekely J, Dutta S, Breydo L, Zang H, Gates KS
17652 - 17661 Photogenerated Defects in Shape-Controlled TiO2 Anatase Nanocrystals: A Probe To Evaluate the Role of Crystal Facets in Photocatalytic Processes
D'Arienzo M, Carbajo J, Bahamonde A, Crippa M, Polizzi S, Scotti R, Wahba L, Morazzoni F
17662 - 17672 Defects in Doped LaGaO3 Anionic Conductors: Linking NMR Spectral Features, Local Environments, and Defect Thermodynamics
Blanc F, Middlemiss DS, Gan ZH, Grey CP
17673 - 17680 Solution Structure of a 2:1 Quindoline-c-MYC G-Quadruplex: Insights into G-Quadruplex-Interactive Small Molecule Drug Design
Dai JX, Carver M, Hurley LH, Yang DZ
17681 - 17695 Complexes of Native Ubiquitin and Dodecyl Sulfate Illustrate the Nature of Hydrophobic and Electrostatic Interactions in the Binding of Proteins and Surfactants
Shaw BF, Schneider GF, Arthanari H, Narovlyansky M, Moustakas D, Durazo A, Wagner G, Whitesides GM
17696 - 17704 Surface Electronic Structure Transitions at High Temperature on Perovskite Oxides: The Case of Strained La0.8Sr0.2CoO3 Thin Films
Cai ZH, Kuru Y, Han JW, Chen Y, Yildiz B
17705 - 17712 Multiplexed Quantification of Nucleic Acids with Large Dynamic Range Using Multivolume Digital RT-PCR on a Rotational SlipChip Tested with HIV and Hepatitis C Viral Load
Shen F, Sun B, Kreutz JE, Davydova EK, Du WB, Reddy PL, Joseph LJ, Ismagilov RF
17713 - 17726 Hydrogenolysis of Palladium(II) Hydroxide, Phenoxide, and Alkoxide Complexes
Fulmer GR, Herndon AN, Kaminsky W, Kemp RA, Goldberg KI
17727 - 17737 Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of Enzyme Dynamics of Ribonuclease A through Protonation/Deprotonation of HIS48
Ji CG, Zhang JZH
17738 - 17745 Fine Tuning the Energetics of Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT): White Light Generation in A Single ESIPT System
Tang KC, Chang MJ, Lin TY, Pan HA, Fang TC, Chen KY, Hung WY, Hsu YH, Chou PT
17746 - 17752 Enantioselective Synthesis of Endohedral Metallofullerenes
Sawai K, Takano Y, Izquierdo M, Filippone S, Martin N, Slanina Z, Mizorogi N, Waelchli M, Tsuchiya T, Akasaka T, Nagase S
17753 - 17763 Ion Transport and Molecular Organization Are Coupled in Polyelectrolyte-Modified Nanopores
Tagliazucchi M, Rabin Y, Szleifer I
17764 - 17771 Nucleoside-Assisted Self-Assembly of Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene)s at Liquid/Solid Interface: Chirality and Nanostructures
Guo ZX, De Cat I, Van Averbeke B, Lin JB, Wang GJ, Xu H, Lazzaroni R, Beljonne D, Meijer EW, Schenning APHJ, De Feyter S
17772 - 17776 In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of Bone-Resorbing Osteoclasts
Kowada T, Kikuta J, Kubo A, Ishii M, Maeda H, Mizukami S, Kikuchi K
17777 - 17785 Live-Cell-Permeant Thiophene Fluorophores and Cell-Mediated Formation of Fluorescent Fibrils
Palama I, Di Maria F, Viola I, Fabiano E, Gigli G, Bettini C, Barbarella G
17786 - 17795 Electrochemical and Structural Properties of a Protein System Designed To Generate Tyrosine Pourbaix Diagrams
Martinez-Rivera MC, Berry BW, Valentine KG, Westerlund K, Hay S, Tommos C
17796 - 17806 Mechanistic Studies of O-2 Reduction Effected by Group 9 Bimetallic Hydride Complexes
Teets TS, Nocera DG
17807 - 17815 Following Radical Pair Reactions in Solution: A Step Change in Sensitivity Using Cavity Ring-Down Detection
Maeda K, Neil SRT, Henbest KB, Weber S, Schleicher E, Hore PJ, Mackenzie SR, Timmel CR
17816 - 17823 Displacement of Hexanol by the Hexanoic Acid Overoxidation Product in Alcohol Oxidation on a Model Supported Palladium Nanoparticle Catalyst
Buchbinder AM, Ray NA, Lu JL, Van Duyne RP, Stair PC, Weitz E, Geiger FM
17824 - 17831 A Proposal for Mitochondrial Processing Peptidase Catalytic Mechanism
Amata O, Marino T, Russo N, Toscano M
17832 - 17838 Metallic Few-Layered VS2 Ultrathin Nanosheets: High Two-Dimensional Conductivity for In-Plane Supercapacitors
Feng J, Sun X, Wu CZ, Peng LL, Lin CW, Hu SL, Yang JL, Xie Y
17839 - 17847 How Linker's Modification Controls Swelling Properties of Highly Flexible Iron(III) Dicarboxylates MIL-88
Horcajada P, Salles F, Wuttke S, Devic T, Heurtaux D, Maurin G, Vimont A, Daturi M, David O, Magnier E, Stock N, Filinchuk Y, Popov D, Riekel C, Ferey G, Serre C
17848 - 17854 Dynamics of Carbene Cycloadditions
Xu L, Doubleday CE, Houk KN
17855 - 17868 Nonenzymatic Assembly of Natural Polyubiquitin Chains of Any Linkage Composition and Isotopic Labeling Scheme
Castaneda C, Liu J, Chaturvedi A, Nowicka U, Cropp TA, Fushman D
17869 - 17877 Synthesis and Characterization of the Arylomycin Lipoglycopeptide Antibiotics and the Crystallographic Analysis of Their Complex with Signal Peptidase
Liu J, Luo CY, Smith PA, Chin JK, Page MGP, Paetzel M, Romesberg FE
17878 - 17881 Mechanism-Based Chemical Understanding of Chiral Symmetry Breaking in the Soai Reaction. A Combined Probabilistic and Deterministic Description of Chemical Reactions
Doka E, Lente G
17882 - 17888 Mechanically Induced Scission and Subsequent Thermal Remending of Perfluorocyclobutane Polymers
Klukovich HM, Kean ZS, Iacono ST, Craig SL
17889 - 17894 Preparation of RSn(I)-Sn(I)R with Two Unsymmetrically Coordinated Sn(I) Atoms and Subsequent Gentle Activation of P-4
Khan S, Michel R, Dieterich JM, Mata RA, Roesky HW, Demers JP, Lange A, Stalke D
17895 - 17900 Design of Efficient Am bipolar Host Materials for Organic Blue Electrophosphorescence: Theoretical Characterization of Hosts Based on Carbazole Derivatives
Kim D, Coropceanu V, Bredas JL
17901 - 17911 Photochemical Activation of Ruthenium(II)-Pyridylamine Complexes Having a Pyridine-N-Oxide Pendant toward Oxygenation of Organic Substrates
Kojima T, Nakayama K, Sakaguchi M, Ogura T, Ohkubo K, Fukuzumi S
17912 - 17922 Dimerization of HNO in Aqueous Solution: An Interplay of Solvation Effects, Fast Acid-Base Equilibria, and Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding?
Fehling C, Friedrichs G
17923 - 17933 Transduction of Glycan-Lectin Binding Using Near-Infrared Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Glycan Profiling
Reuel NF, Ahn JH, Kim JH, Zhang JQ, Boghossian AA, Mahal LK, Strano MS
17934 - 17941 Diastereodivergent Asymmetric Sulfa-Michael Additions of alpha-Branched Enones using a Single Chiral Organic Catalyst
Tian X, Cassani C, Liu YK, Moran A, Urakawa A, Galzerano P, Arceo E, Melchiorre P
17942 - 17949 Single-Pixel, Single-Layer Polymer Device as a Tricolor Sensor with Signals Mimicking Natural Photoreceptors
Gautam V, Bag M, Narayan KS
17950 - 17958 Helical Water Chain Mediated Proton Conductivity in Homochiral Metal-Organic Frameworks with Unprecedented Zeolitic unh-Topology
Sahoo SC, Kundu T, Banerjee R
17959 - 17965 A Practical Synthesis of Zanamivir Phosphonate Congeners with Potent Anti-influenza Activity
Shie JJ, Fang JM, Lai PT, Wen WH, Wang SY, Cheng YSE, Tsai KC, Yang AS, Wong CH
17966 - 17976 Templated Synthesis of Glycoluril Hexamer and Monofunctionalized Cucurbit[6]uril Derivatives
Lucas D, Minami T, Iannuzzi G, Cao LP, Wittenberg JB, Anzenbacher P, Isaacs L
17977 - 17992 Hierarchically Controlled Helical Graphite Films Prepared from Iodine-Doped Helical Polyacetylene Films Using Morphology-Retaining Carbonization
Matsushita S, Kyotani M, Akagi K
17993 - 18001 Cellular Consequences of Copper Complexes Used To Catalyze Bioorthogonal Click Reactions
Kennedy DC, McKay CS, Legault MCB, Danielson DC, Blake JA, Pegoraro AF, Stolow A, Mester Z, Pezacki JP