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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.131, No.20 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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6888 - 6888 Evidence for Ligand-Induced Paramagnetism in CdSe Quantum Dots
Meulenberg RW, Lee JRI, McCall SK, Hanif KM, Haskel D, Lang JC, Terminello LJ, van Buuren T
6890 - 6890 Mechanical Motion of Azobenzene Crystals upon Photoirradiation
Koshima H, Ojima N, Uchimoto H
6892 - 6892 Destruction of the Hydration Shell around Tetraalkylammonium Ions at the Electrochemical Interface
Yamakata A, Osawa M
6894 - 6894 A Multifunctional 3D Ferroelectric and NLO-Active Porous Metal-Organic Framework
Guo ZG, Cao R, Wang X, Li HF, Yuan WB, Wang GJ, Wu HH, Li J
6896 - 6896 A Double Charge Density Wave in the Single Tellurium Square Net in Cu0.63EuTe2?
Malliakas CD, Kanatzidis MG
6898 - 6898 Ruthenium-Catalyzed Carbonylation at Ortho C-H Bonds in Aromatic Amides Leading to Phthalimides: C-H Bond Activation Utilizing a Bidentate System
Inoue S, Shiota H, Fukumoto Y, Chatani N
6900 - 6900 Bifunctional Acyltransferase/Decarboxylase LnmK as the Missing Link for beta-Alkylation in Polyketide Biosynthesis
Liu T, Huang Y, Shen B
6902 - 6902 On Catalysis by Ionic Liquids
Chakraborti AK, Roy SR
6904 - 6904 Amino-Indanol Catalyzed Enantioselective Reactions of 3-Hydroxy-2-Pyridones
Soh JYT, Tan CH
6906 - 6906 Highly Diastereoselective Formal Nucleophilic Substitution of Bromocyclopropanes
Alnasleh BK, Sherrill WM, Rubina M, Banning J, Rubin M
6908 - 6908 Enantiomerization Dynamics and a Catalytic Dynamic Resolution of N-Trimethylallyl-2-lithiopyrrolidine
Beng TK, Yousaf TI, Coldham I, Gawley RE
6910 - 6910 High Performance Zeolite LTA Pervaporation Membranes on Ceramic Hollow Fibers by Dipcoating-Wiping Seed Deposition
Wang ZB, Ge QQ, Shao J, Yan YS
6912 - 6912 Room-Temperature Reaction of Carbon Monoxide with a Stable Diarylgermylene
Wang XP, Zhu ZL, Peng Y, Lei H, Fettinger JC, Power PP
6914 - 6914 Universal (Switchable) RAFT Agents
Benaglia M, Chiefari J, Chong YK, Moad G, Rizzardo E, Thang SH
6916 - 6916 Enantioselective Carbonyl Reverse Prenylation from the Alcohol or Aldehyde Oxidation Level Employing 1,1-Dimethylallene as the Prenyl Donor
Han SB, Kim IS, Han H, Krische MJ
6918 - 6918 A Chiral 60-Metal Sodalite Cage Featuring 24 Vertex-Sharing [Er-4(mu(3)-OH)(4)] Cubanes
Kong XJ, Wu YL, Long LS, Zheng LS, Zheng ZP
6920 - 6920 Self-Organizing Functional Materials via Ionic Self Assembly: Porphyrins H- and J-Aggregates on Synthetic Chrysotile Nanotubes
De Luca G, Romeo A, Villari V, Micali N, Foltran I, Foresti E, Lesci IG, Roveri N, Zuccheri T, Scolaro LM
6922 - 6922 Carbon Nanotube Growth from Diamond
Takagi D, Kobayashi Y, Hommam Y
6924 - 6924 PtMo Alloy and MoOx@Pt Core-Shell Nanoparticles as Highly CO-Tolerant Electrocatalysts
Liu Z, Hu JE, Wang Q, Gaskell K, Frenkel AI, Jackson GS, Eichhorn B
6926 - 6926 Different Reaction Mechanisms for Mesophilic and Thermophilic Dihydrofolate Reductases
Loveridge EJ, Behiry EM, Swanwick RS, Allemann RK
6928 - 6928 A Cysteine-Based Tripodal Chelator with a High Affinity and Selectivity for Copper(I)
Pujol AM, Gateau C, Lebrun C, Delangle P
6930 - 6930 Facile Synthesis of Pd-Cd Nanostructures with High Capacity for Hydrogen Storage
Adams BD, Wu GS, Nigrio S, Chen AC
6932 - 6932 Rh-Catalyzed Intramolecular Olefin Hydroacylation: Enantioselective Synthesis of Seven- and Eight-Membered Heterocycles
Coulter MM, Dornan PK, Dong VM
6934 - 6934 Crystal-to-Crystal Transformation from Antiferromagnetic Chains into a Ferromagnetic Diamondoid Framework
Duan ZM, Zhang Y, Zhang B, Zhu DB
6936 - 6936 Cobalt-Oxo Core of a Water-Oxidizing Catalyst Film
Risch M, Khare V, Zaharieva I, Gerencser L, Chernev P, Dau H
6938 - 6938 Electrostatic Redesign of the [Myoglobin, Cytochrome b(5)] Interface To Create a Well-Defined Docked Complex with Rapid Interprotein Electron Transfer
Xiong P, Nocek JM, Griffin AKK, Wang JY, Hoffman BM
6940 - 6940 Mutations in the FMN Domain Modulate MCD Spectra of the Heme Site in the Oxygenase Domain of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase
Sempombe J, Elmore BO, Sun X, Dupont A, Ghosh DK, Guillemette JG, Kirk ML, Feng CJ
6942 - 6942 Nickel-Iron Dithiolato Hydrides Relevant to the [NiFe]-Hydrogenase Active Site
Barton BE, Whaley CM, Rauchfuss TB, Gray DL
6944 - 6944 High Specificity, Electrochemical Sandwich Assays Based on Single Aptamer Sequences and Suitable for the Direct Detection of Small-Molecule Targets in Blood and Other Complex Matrices
Zuo XL, Xiao Y, Plaxco KW
6946 - 6946 Enantioselective Synthesis of SM-130686 Based on the Development of Asymmetric Cu(I)F Catalysis To Access 2-Oxindoles Containing a Tetrasubstituted Carbon
Tomita D, Yamatsugu K, Kanai M, Shibasaki M
6949 - 6949 Sandwich Complexes of the Metalloaromatic eta(3)-Al3R3 Ligand
Mercero JM, Piris M, Matxain JM, Lopez X, Ugalde JM
6952 - 6952 Atomic-Level Mapping of Antibody Epitopes on a GPCR
Paes C, Ingalls J, Kampani K, Sulli C, Kakkar E, Murray M, Kotelnikov V, Greene TA, Rucker JB, Doranz BJ
6955 - 6955 An Electrochemical Sensor for the Detection of Protein-Small Molecule Interactions Directly in Serum and Other Complex Matrices
Cash KJ, Ricci F, Plaxco KW
6958 - 6958 Polymerization of Phenylacetylene by Rhodium Complexes within a Discrete Space of apo-Ferritin
Abe S, Hirata K, Ueno T, Morino K, Shimizu N, Yamamoto M, Takata M, Yashima E, Watanabe Y
6961 - 6961 A General Solution for Unstable Boronic Acids: Slow-Release Cross-Coupling from Air-Stable MIDA Boronates
Knapp DM, Gillis EP, Burke MD
6964 - 6964 Metastable Supramolecular Polymer Nanoparticles via Intramolecular Collapse of Single Polymer Chains
Foster EJ, Berda EB, Meijer EW
6967 - 6967 Metal-Bronsted Acid Cooperative Catalysis for Asymmetric Reductive Amination
Li CQ, Villa-Marcos B, Xiao JL
6970 - 6970 TfNH2 as Achiral Hydrogen-Bond Donor Additive to Enhance the Selectivity of a Transition Metal Catalyzed Reaction. Highly Enantio-and Diastereoselective Rhodium-Catalyzed Cyclopropanation of Alkenes Using alpha-Cyano Diazoacetamide
Marcoux D, Azzi S, Charette AB
6973 - 6973 Increased Dispersion of Supported Gold during Methanol Carbonylation Conditions
Goguet A, Hardacre C, Harvey I, Narasimharao K, Saih Y, Sa J
6976 - 6988 Polymorphs and Colors of Polydiacetylenes: A First Principles Study
Filhol JS, Deschamps J, Dutremez SG, Boury B, Barisien T, Legrand L, Schott M
6989 - 6996 Inhibition of Human Sirtuins by in Situ Generation of an Acetylated Lysine-ADP-Ribose Conjugate
Asaba T, Suzuki T, Ueda R, Tsumoto H, Nakagawa H, Miyata N
6997 - 7004 Hydrogen-Bond-Assisted Epoxidation of Homoallylic and Allylic Alcohols with Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Selenium-Containing Dinuclear Peroxotungstate
Kamata K, Hirano T, Kuzuya S, Mizuno N
7005 - 7015 Sulfur versus Oxygen Reactivity of Organic Molecules at the Ge(100)-2x1 Surface
Kachian JS, Bent SF
7016 - 7022 High Hydrogen Storage Capacity of Porous Carbons Prepared by Using Activated Carbon
Wang HL, Gao QM, Hu J
7023 - 7030 Staphylococcus aureus Peptidoglycan Tertiary Structure from Carbon-13 Spin Diffusion
Sharif S, Singh M, Kim SJ, Schaefer J
7031 - 7039 Local Membrane Mechanics of Pore-Spanning Bilayers
Mey I, Stephan M, Schmitt EK, Muller MM, Ben Amar M, Steinem C, Janshoff A
7040 - 7054 The Emergence of Nonbulk Properties in Supported Metal Clusters: Negative Thermal Expansion and Atomic Disorder in Pt Nanoclusters Supported on gamma-Al2O3
Sanchez SI, Menard LD, Bram A, Kang JH, Small MW, Nuzzo RG, Frenkel AI
7055 - 7063 The Relationship between Nanoscale Architecture and Charge Transport in Conjugated Nanocrystals Bridged by Multichromophoric Polymers
Dabirian R, Palermo V, Liscio A, Schwartz E, Otten MBJ, Finlayson CE, Treossi E, Friend RH, Calestani G, Mullen K, Nolte RJM, Rowan AE, Samori P
7064 - 7078 Long-Distance Proton Transfer with a Break in the Bacteriorhodopsin Active Site
Phatak P, Frahmcke JS, Wanko M, Hoffmann M, Strodel P, Smith JC, Suhai S, Bondar AN, Elstner M
7079 - 7085 Association of Highly Compact Type II Diabetes Related Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Intermediate Species at Physiological Temperature Revealed by Diffusion NMR Spectroscopy
Soong R, Brender JR, Macdonald PM, Ramamoorthy A
7086 - 7093 Effect of Electronic Structures of Au Clusters Stabilized by Poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) on Aerobic Oxidation Catalysis
Tsunoyama H, Ichikuni N, Sakurai H, Tsukuda T
7094 - 7102 Theoretical Analysis of the Unusual Temperature Dependence of the Kinetic Isotope Effect in Quinol Oxidation
Ludlow MK, Soudackov AV, Hammes-Schiffer S
7103 - 7106 Role of Covalent Defects on Phonon Softening in Metallic Carbon Nanotubes
Nguyen KT, Shim M
7107 - 7111 Enhancing Protein Stability by Adsorption onto Raftlike Lipid Domains
Litt J, Padala C, Asuri P, Vutukuru S, Athmakuri K, Kumar S, Dordick J, Kane RS
7112 - 7125 Structure and Property Correlations in Heavy Atom Radical Conductors
Leitch AA, Yu XY, Winter SM, Secco RA, Dube PA, Oakley RT
7126 - 7134 Acid-Base Actuation of [c2]Daisy Chains
Fang L, Hmadeh M, Wu JS, Olson MA, Spruell JM, Trabolsi A, Yang YW, Elhabiri M, Albrecht-Gary AM, Stoddart JF
7135 - 7141 Photogelling Colloidal Dispersions Based on Light-Activated Assembly of Nanoparticles
Sun KS, Kumar R, Falvey DE, Raghavan SR
7142 - 7152 Solution and Fluorescence Properties of Symmetric Dipicolylamine-Containing Dichlorofluorescein-Based Zn2+ Sensors
Wong BA, Friedle S, Lippard SJ
7153 - 7157 Target-Directed Organocatalysis: A Direct Asymmetric Catalytic Approach to Chiral Propargylic and Allylic Fluorides
Jiang H, Falcicchio A, Jensen KL, Paixao MW, Bertelsen S, Jorgensen KA
7158 - 7168 Charge Conduction and Breakdown Mechanisms in Self-Assembled Nanodielectrics
DiBenedetto SA, Facchetti A, Ratner MA, Marks TJ
7169 - 7174 High-Pressure (up to 10.7 GPa) Crystal Structure of Single-Component Molecular Metal [Au(tmdt)(2)]
Okano Y, Zhou B, Tanaka H, Adachi T, Ohishi Y, Takata M, Aoyagi S, Nishibori E, Sakata M, Kobayashi A, Kobayashi H
7175 - 7181 Solution-Phase Synthesis of Pyrrole-Imidazole Polyamides
Chenoweth DM, Harki DA, Dervan PB
7182 - 7188 Cyclic Pyrrole-Imidazole Polyamides Targeted to the Androgen Response Element
Chenoweth DM, Harki DA, Phillips JW, Dose C, Dervan PB
7189 - 7196 Spin Trapping of Au-H Intermediate in the Alcohol Oxidation by Supported and Unsupported Gold Catalysts
Conte M, Miyamura H, Kobayashi S, Chechik V
7197 - 7203 On the Origin of the Cobalt Particle Size Effects in Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis
den Breejen JP, Radstake PB, Bezemer GL, Bitter JH, Froseth V, Holmen A, de Jong KP