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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.130, No.8 Entire volume, number list
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2374 - 2375 Protein sequence- and pH-dependent hydration probed by terahertz spectroscopy
Ebbinghaus S, Kim SJ, Heyden M, Yu X, Gruebele M, Leitner DM, Havenith M
2376 - 2377 Stimuli-free auto-modulated material release from mesoporous nanocompartment films
Ji Q, Miyahara M, Hill JP, Acharya S, Vinu A, Yoon SB, Yu JS, Sakamoto K, Ariga K
2378 - 2379 Origins of differences in reactivities of alkenes, alkynes, and allenes in [Rh(CO)(2)CI](2)-catalyzed (5+2) cycloaddition reactions with vinylcyclopropanes
Yu ZX, Cheong PHY, Liu P, Legault CY, Wender PA, Houk KN
2380 - 2381 Aptamer-based optical probes with separated molecular recognition and signal transduction modules
Li N, Ho CM
2382 - 2383 Enzyme-responsive snap-top covered silica nanocontainers
Patel K, Angelos S, Dichtel WR, Coskun A, Yang YW, Zink JI, Stoddart JF
2384 - 2385 Monodisperse oligo(phenylene vinylene) ligands on CdSe quantum dots: Synthesis and polarization anisotropy measurements
Sudeep PK, Early KT, McCarthy KD, Odoi MY, Barnes MD, Emrick T
2386 - 2387 Spiro-aziridine and bislactam formation from bisketene-imine cycloadditions
Allen AD, Godoy J, Fu N, Nagy M, Spaclaro S, Tidwell TT, Vukovic S
2388 - 2389 Catalytic inactivation of human carbonic anhydrase I by a metallopeptide-sulfonamide conjugate is mediated by oxidation of active site residues
Gokhale NH, Bradford S, Cowan JA
2390 - 2391 Dramatic enhancement of hyperpolarized xenon-129 2D-NMR exchange cross-peak signals in nanotubes by interruption of the gas flow
Cheng CY, Pfeilsticker J, Bowers CR
2392 - 2393 Surface patterning with fluorescent molecules using click chemistry directed by scanning electrochemical microscopy
Ku SY, Wong KT, Bard AJ
2394 - 2395 A rational approach to fluorescence "turn-on" sensing of alpha-amino-carboxylates
Ryu D, Park E, Kim DS, Yan S, Lee JY, Chang BY, Ahn KH
2396 - 2397 How does an S(N)2 reaction take place in solution? Full ab initio MD simulations for the hydrolysis of the methyl diazonium ion
Sato M, Yamataka H, Komeiji Y, Mochizuki Y, Ishikawa T, Nakano T
2398 - 2399 Real-time fluorescence detection of protein transduction into live cells
Lee YJ, Datta S, Pellois JP
2400 - 2401 Asymmetric methyl group labeling as a probe of membrane protein homo-oligomers by NMR spectroscopy
Traaseth NJ, Verardi R, Veglia G
2402 - 2403 Electron-electron double resonance-detected NMR to measure metal hyperfine interactions: Ni-61 in the Ni-B state of the [NiFe] hydrogenase of Desulfovibrio vulgaris Miyazaki F
Flores M, Agrawal AG, van Gastel M, Gartner W, Lubitz W
2404 - 2405 Cryptand-like porphyrinoid assembled with three dipyrrylpyridine chains: Synthesis, structure, and homotropic positive allosteric binding of carboxylic acids
Setsune JI, Watanabe K
2406 - 2407 Unraveling the biosynthesis of the sporolide cyclohexenone building block
McGlinchey RP, Nett M, Moore BS
2408 - 2409 A lanthanide phosphinidene complex: Synthesis, structure, and phospha-Wittig reactivity
Masuda JD, Jantunen KC, Ozerov OV, Noonan KJT, Gates DP, Scott BL, Kiplinger JL
2410 - 2411 An electroactive dynamically polydisperse supramolecular dendrimer
Fernandez G, Perez EM, Sanchez L, Martin N
2412 - 2413 A high-resolution Ca-43 solid-state NMR study of the calcium sites of hydroxyapatite
Laurencin D, Wong A, Hanna JV, Dupree R, Smith ME
2414 - 2415 A ferrous center as reaction site for hydration of a nitrile group into a carboxamide in mild conditions
Thallaj NK, Przybilla J, Welter R, Mandon D
2416 - 2417 Highly diastereo- and enantioselective additions of homoenolates to nitrones catalyzed by N-heterocyclic carbenes
Phillips EM, Reynolds TE, Scheidt KA
2418 - 2419 C-H bond activation by air-stable [(dimine)M-II(mu(2)-OH)(2)(2+) dimers (M = Pd, Pt)
Williams TJ, Caffyn AJM, Hazari N, Oblad PF, Labinger JA, Bercaw JE
2420 - 2421 The chemical vapor deposition of nickel phosphide or selenide thin films from a single precursor
Panneerselvam A, Malik MA, Afzaal M, O'Brien P, Helliwellt M
2422 - 2423 Enantioselective Diels-Alder reaction of simple alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones with a cinchona alkaloid catalyst
Singh RP, Bartelson K, Wang Y, Su H, Lu X, Deng L
2424 - 2425 Oxygen and base-free oxidative heck reactions of arylboronic acids with olefins
Ruan JW, Li XM, Saidi O, Xiao JL
2426 - 2427 Separation of racemate from excess enantiomer of chiral nonracemic compounds via density gradient ultracentrifugation
Mastai Y, Volkel A, Colfen H
2428 - 2429 NMR detection of bifurcated hydrogen bonds in large proteins
Liu AZ, Lu ZW, Wang JF, Yao LS, Li Y, Yan HG
2430 - 2431 Strontium-catalyzed highly enantioselective Michael additions of malonates to enones
Agostinho M, Kobayashi S
2432 - 2433 Accurately probing slow motions on millisecond timescales with a robust NMR relaxation experiment
Long D, Liu ML, Yang DW
2434 - 2435 Bronsted acid-catalyzed insertion of aryldiazoacetates to sp(2) Carbon-CHO bond: Facile construction of chiral all-carbon quaternary center
Hashimoto T, Naganawa Y, Maruoka K
2436 - 2437 Intramolecular acid-base catalysis of a phosphate diester: Modeling the ribonuclease mechanism
Orth ES, Brandao TAS, Milagre HMS, Eberlin MN, Nome F
2438 - 2439 Asymmetric Friedel-Crafts alkylation of pyrroles with nitroalkenes using a dinuclear zinc catalyst
Trost BM, Muller C
2440 - 2441 Polyfunctional binding of thymidine 5'-triphosphate with a synthetic polyammonium receptor containing aromatic groups. Crystal structure of the nucleotide-receptor adduct
Bazzicalupi C, Bencini A, Bianchi A, Faggi E, Giorgi C, Santarelli S, Valtancoli B
2442 - 2443 DNA linker-mediated crystallization of nanocolloids
Xiong HM, van der Lelie D, Gang O
2444 - 2445 High-field EPR reveals the strongly temperature-dependent exchange interaction in "Breathing" crystals Cu(hfac)(2)L-R
Veber SL, Fedin MV, Potapov AI, Maryunina KY, Romanenko GV, Sagdeev RZ, Ovcharenko VI, Goldfarb D, Bagryanskaya EG
2446 - 2447 Probing transient copper Chaperone-Wilson disease protein interactions at the single-molecule level with nanovesicle trapping
Benitez JJ, Keller AM, Ochieng P, Yatsunyk LA, Huffman DL, Rosenzweig AC, Chen P
2448 - 2449 A strategy for C-H activation of pyridines: Direct C-2 selective alkenylation of pyridines by Nickel/Lewis acid catalysis
Nakao Y, Kanyiva KS, Hiyama T
2450 - 2451 Influence of remote asymmetric centers in reversible encapsulation complexes
Schramm MP, Restorp P, Zelder F, Rebek J
2452 - 2453 The stereoselective formation of bicyclic enamines with bridgehead unsaturation via tandem C-H bond activation/alkenylation/electrocyclization
Yotphan S, Bergman RG, Ellman JA
2454 - 2455 Organoactinides promote the Tishchenko reaction: The myth of inactive actinide-alkoxo complexes
Andrea T, Barnea E, Eisen MS
2456 - 2457 Organocatalytic enantioselective Mannich-type reaction of phosphorus ylides: Synthesis of chiral N-Boc-beta-amino-alpha-methylene carboxylic esters
Zhang Y, Liu YK, Kang TR, Hu ZK, Chen YC
2458 - 2459 A functional hydrogenase model: Reversible interconversion of H-2 and H2O by a hydroxo/sulfido-bridged dinuclear ruthenium-germanium complex
Matsumoto T, Nakaya Y, Itakura N, Tatsumi K
2460 - 2462 High-temperature dehydrogenation of Bronsted acid sites in zeolites
Nash MJ, Shough AM, Fickel DW, Doren DJ, Lobo RF
2463 - 2465 Metallocene-catalyzed polymerization of methacrylates to highly syndiotactic polymers at high temperatures
Ning Y, Chen EYX
2466 - 2472 The facile generation of a tetramethyleneethane type radical cation and biradical utilizing a 3,4-di(alpha-styryl)furan and a photoinduced ET and back ET sequence
Ikeda T, Ikeda H, Takahashi Y, Yamada M, Mizuno K, Tero-Kubota S, Yamauchi S
2473 - 2484 A three-state model for the photophysics of guanine
Serrano-Andres L, Merchan M, Borin AC
2485 - 2492 Efficient exciton transport in layers of self-assembled porphyrin derivatives
Huijser A, Suijkerbuijk BMJM, Gebbink RJMK, Savenije TJ, Siebbeles LDA
2493 - 2500 Rh(I)-catalyzed arylation of heterocycles via C-H bond activation: expanded scope through mechanistic insight
Lewis JC, Berman AM, Bergman RG, Ellman JA
2501 - 2516 Hydride, hydrogen atom, proton, and electron transfer driving forces of various five-membered heterocyclic organic hydrides and their reaction intermediates in acetonitrile
Zhu XQ, Zhang MT, Yu A, Wang CH, Cheng JP
2517 - 2526 Metal-peptide frameworks (MPFs): "Bioinspired" metal organic frameworks
Mantion A, Massuger L, Rabu P, Palivan C, McCusker LB, Taubert A
2527 - 2534 Crystal structure and growth mechanism of unusually long fullerene (C-60) nanowires
Geng JF, Zhou WZ, Skelton P, Yue WB, Kinloch IA, Windle AH, Johnson BFG
2535 - 2545 Phosphorescent platinum acetylide organogelators
Cardolaccia T, Li YJ, Schanze KS
2546 - 2552 High relaxivity gadolinium hydroxypyridonate-viral capsid conjugates: Nanosized MRI contrast agents
Datta A, Hooker JM, Botta M, Francis MB, Aime S, Raymond KN
2553 - 2559 Molecular conductance switch-on of single ruthenium complex molecules
Seo K, Konchenko AV, Lee J, Bang GS, Lee H
2560 - 2572 Asymmetric hydrogenation catalyzed by a rhodium complex of (R)-(tert-butylmethylphosphino)(di-tert-butylphosphino)methane: Scope of enantioselectivity and mechanistic study
Gridnev ID, Imamoto T, Hoge G, Kouchi M, Takahashi H
2573 - 2579 B-2(BO)(2)(2-) - Diboronyl diborene: A linear molecule with a triple boron-boron bond
Li SD, Zhai HJ, Wang LS
2580 - 2592 Probing the planar tetra-, penta-, and hexacoordinate carbon in carbon-boron mixed clusters
Pei Y, Zeng XC
2593 - 2601 Three state redox-active molecular shuttle that switches in solution and on a surface
Fioravanti G, Haraszkiewicz N, Kay ER, Mendoza SM, Bruno C, Marcaccio M, Wiering PG, Paolucci F, Rudolf P, Brouwer AM, Leigh DA
2602 - 2609 NMR studies of the dynamics of a bifunctional rhodamine probe attached to troponin C
Julien O, Mercier P, Spyracopoulos L, Corrie JET, Sykes BD
2610 - 2616 Selective oxidation on metallic carbon nanotubes by halogen oxoanions
Yoon SM, Kim SJ, Shin HJ, Benayad A, Choi SJ, Kim KK, Kim SM, Park YJ, Kim G, Choi JY, Lee YH
2617 - 2625 Structural analysis of bikunin glycosaminoglycan
Chi LL, Wolff JJ, Laremore TN, Restaino OF, Xie J, Schiraldi C, Toida T, Amster IJ, Linhardt RJ
2626 - 2633 Stable luminescence from individual carbon nanotubes in acidic, basic, and biological environments
Duque JG, Cognet L, Parra-Vasquez ANG, Nicholas N, Schmidt HK, Pasquali M
2634 - 2638 Phenylalanine near inorganic surfaces: Conformational statistics vs specific chemistry
Ghiringhelli LM, Delle Site L
2639 - 2648 Rapid and accurate prediction of binding free energies for saquinavir-bound HIV-1 proteases
Stoica I, Sadiq SK, Coveney PV
2649 - 2655 Transition state structure of E. coli tRNA-specific adenosine deaminase
Luo M, Schramn VL
2656 - 2666 Harnessing the chemical activation inherent to carrier protein-bound thioesters for the characterization of lipopeptide fatty acid tailoring enzymes
Kopp F, Linne U, Oberthur M, Marahiel MA
2667 - 2675 Probing chemical shifts of invisible states of proteins with relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy: How well can we do?
Hansen DF, Vallurupalli P, Lundstrom P, Neudecker P, Kay LE
2676 - 2680 One-step controllable synthesis for high-quality ultrafine metal oxide semiconductor nanocrystals via a separated two-phase hydrolysis reaction
Tang KJ, Zhang JN, Yan WF, Li ZH, Wang YD, Yang WM, Xie ZK, Sun TL, Fuchs H
2681 - 2685 Temperature-induced self-pinning and nanolayering of AuSi eutectic droplets
Ferralis N, Maboudian R, Carraro C
2686 - 2691 Assessment of chemically separated carbon nanotubes for nanoelectronics
Zhang L, Zaric S, Tu XM, Wang XR, Zhao W, Dai HJ
2692 - 2703 [Re(eta(5)-C5H5)(CO)(3)](+) family of 17-electron compounds: Monomer/dimer equilibria and other reactions
Chong D, Laws DR, Nafady A, Costa PJ, Rheingold AL, Calhorda MJ, Geiger WE