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13360 - 13360 Reaction pathway of conjugate addition of lithium organozincates to s-trans-enones
Uchiyama M, Nakamura S, Furuyama T, Nakamura E, Morokuma K
13362 - 13362 Anthracenedicarboximides as air-stable n-channel semiconductors for thin-film transistors with remarkable current on-off ratios
Wang Z, Kim C, Facchetti A, Marks TJ
13364 - 13364 Room-temperature discotic nematic liquid crystals over a wide temperature range: Alkali-metal-ion-induced phase transition from discotic nematic to columnar phases
Kohmoto S, Mori E, Kishikawa K
13366 - 13366 Total synthesis of (+/-)-phomactin B2 via an intramolecular cyclohexadienone annulation of a chromium carbene complex
Huang J, Wu C, Wulff WD
13368 - 13368 Reductive cleavage of sulfones and sulfonamides by a neutral organic super-electron-donor (SED) reagent
Schoenebeck F, Murphy JA, Zhou SZ, Uenoyama Y, Miclo Y, Tuttle T
13370 - 13370 Supramolecular control of charge transport in molecular wires
Grozema FC, Houarner-Rassin C, Prins P, Siebbeles LDA, Anderson HL
13372 - 13372 Simultaneous monitoring of discrete binding events using dual-acceptor terbium-based LRET
Kupcho KR, Stafslien DK, DeRosier T, Hallis TM, Ozers MS, Vogel KW
13374 - 13374 Controlling protein-protein interactions through metal coordination: Assembly of a 16-helix bundle protein
Salgado EN, Faraone-Mennella J, Tezcan FA
13376 - 13376 Modular access to structurally switchable 3D discrete DNA assemblies
Aldaye FA, Sleiman HF
13378 - 13378 A simple molecular machine operated by photoinduced proton transfer
Silvi S, Arduini A, Pochini A, Secchi A, Tomasulo M, Raymo FM, Baroncini M, Credi A
13380 - 13380 Gallepins. Neutral gallium analogues of the tropylium ion: Synthesis, structure, and aromaticity
Quillian B, Wang Y, Wei P, Wannere CS, Schleyer PV, Robinson GH
13382 - 13382 A methyl group controls conformational equilibrium in human mitochondrial tRNA(Lys)
Voigts-Hoffmann F, Hengesbach M, Kobitski AY, van Aerschot A, Herdewijn P, Nienhaus GU, Helm M
13384 - 13384 A unique flavin mononucleotide-linked primary alcohol oxidase for glycopeptide A40926 maturation
Li YS, Ho JY, Huang CC, Lyu SY, Lee CY, Huang YT, Wu CJ, Chan HC, Huang CJ, Hsu NS, Tsai MD, Li TL
13386 - 13386 Fullerene C-60 as an endohedral molecule within an inorganic supramolecule
Scheer M, Schindler A, Merkle R, Johnson BP, Linseis M, Winter R, Anson CE, Virovets AV
13388 - 13388 Direct fabrication of well-aligned free-standing mesoporous carbon nanofiber arrays on silicon substrates
Wang K, Zhang W, Phelan R, Morris MA, Holmes JD
13390 - 13390 Ordering of binary polymeric nanoparticles on hydrophobic surfaces assembled from low volume fraction dispersions
Mukhopadhyay R, Al-Hanbali O, Pillai S, Hemmersam AG, Meyer RL, Hunter AC, Rutt KJ, Besenbacher F, Moghimi SM, Kingshott P
13392 - 13392 Magnetic glyco-nanoparticles: A unique tool for rapid pathogen detection, decontamination, and strain differentiation
El-Boubbou K, Gruden C, Huang X
13394 - 13394 Structural characterization of the fleeting ferric peroxo species in myoglobin: Experiment and theory
Unno M, Chen H, Kusama S, Shaik S, Ikeda-Saito M
13396 - 13396 Characterization of chemical exchange using residual dipolar coupling
Lgumenova TI, Brath U, Akke M, Palmer AG
13398 - 13398 Kinetic trapping of large amount of long polymers in nanopores
Zywocinski A, Korda A, Gosk J, Wieczorek SA, Wilk A, Holyst R
13400 - 13400 Elemental tomography of cancer-cell spheroids reveals incomplete uptake of both Platinum(II) and Platinum(IV) complexes
Alderden RA, Mellor HR, Modok S, Hall MD, Sutton SR, Newville MG, Callaghan R, Hambley TW
13402 - 13402 Nickel(0)-catalyzed [2+2+2+2] cycloadditions of terminal diynes for the synthesis of substituted cyclooctatetraenes
Wender PA, Christy JP
13404 - 13404 Enantioselective pictet-spengler-type cyclizations of hydroxylactams: H-bond donor catalysis by anion binding
Raheem IT, Thiara PS, Peterson EA, Jacobsen EN
13406 - 13406 Tailoring relaxation dispersion experiments for fast-associating protein complexes
Sugase K, Lansing JC, Dyson HJ, Wright PE
13408 - 13408 Spectroscopic evidence for a high-spin Br-Fe(IV)-Oxo intermediate in the alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent halogenase CytC3 from Streptomyces
Fujimori DG, Barr EW, Matthews ML, Koch GM, Yonce JR, Walsh CT, Bollinger JM, Krebs C, Riggs-Gelasco PJ
13410 - 13411 Catalytic asymmetric cyclopropanation of enones with dimethyloxosulfonium methylide promoted by a La-Li-3-(Biphenyldiolate)(3)+Nal complex
Kakei H, Sone T, Sohtome Y, Matsunaga S, Shibasaki M
13412 - 13420 On the role of water in intermolecular proton-transfer reactions
Siwick BJ, Bakker HJ
13421 - 13435 Electronic structure of the Mn4OxCa cluster in the S-0 and S-2 states of the oxygen-evolving complex of photosystem II based on pulse Mn-55-ENDOR and EPR Spectroscopy
Kulik LV, Epel B, Lubitz W, Messinger J
13436 - 13446 Versatility of the electronic structure of compound I in catalase-peroxidases
Vidossich P, Alfonso-Prieto M, Carpena X, Loewen PC, Fita I, Rovira C
13447 - 13454 Development of an iminocoumarin-based zinc sensor suitable for ratiometric fluorescence imaging of neuronal zinc
Komatsu K, Urano Y, Kojima H, Nagano T
13455 - 13463 Oxygen donor-mediated equilibration of diastereomeric alkene-Pallaidium(II) intermediates in enantioselective desymmetrizing heck cyclizations
Machotta AB, Straub BF, Oestreich M
13464 - 13473 Extraction of hydrophobic species into a water-soluble synthetic receptor
Hooley RJ, Van Anda HJ, Rebek J
13474 - 13479 Small-angle neutron and x-ray scattering from amphiphilic stimuli-responsive diamond-type bicontinuous cubic phase
Angelov B, Angelova A, Garamus VM, Lebas G, Lesieur S, Ollivon M, Funari SS, Willumeit R, Couvreur P
13480 - 13492 Small multivalent architectures mimicking homotrimers of the TNF superfamily member CD40L: Delineating the relationship between structure and effector function
Trouche N, Wieckowski S, Sun W, Chaloin O, Hoebeke J, Fournel S, Guichard G
13493 - 13501 Electron transfer between a tyrosyl radical and a cysteine residue in hemoproteins: Spin trapping analysis
Bhattacharjee S, Deterding LJ, Jiang J, Bonini MG, Tomer KB, Ramirez DC, Mason RP
13502 - 13509 Time-resolved long-lived luminescence imaging method employing luminescent lanthanide probes with a new microscopy system
Hanaoka K, Kikuchi K, Kobayashi S, Nagano T
13510 - 13519 First-principle calculation of equilibrium cesium ion-pair acidities in tetrahydrofuran
Fu Y, Shen K, Liu L, Guo QX
13520 - 13526 How does a transient amorphous precursor template crystallization
Zhang TH, Liu XY
13527 - 13536 Extended sugar-assisted glycopeptide ligations: Development, scope, and applications
Payne RJ, Ficht S, Tang S, Brik A, Yang YY, Case DA, Wong CH
13537 - 13543 Free energy perturbation (FEP) simulation on the transition states of cocaine hydrolysis catalyzed by human butyrylcholinesterase and its mutants
Pan YM, Gao DQ, Yang WC, Cho H, Zhan CG
13544 - 13553 One water molecule stabilizes the cationized arginine zwitterion
Bush MF, Prell JS, Saykally RJ, Williams ER
13554 - 13565 Photochemical grafting of n-alkenes onto carbon surfaces: the role of photoelectron ejection
Colavita PE, Sun B, Tse KY, Hamers RJ
13566 - 13574 Molecular structures and dynamics of the stepwise activation mechanism of a matrix metalloproteinase zymogen: Challenging the cysteine switch dogma
Rosenblum G, Meroueh S, Toth M, Fisher JF, Fridman R, Mobashery S, Sagi I
13575 - 13583 Boronic acid based peptidic receptors for pattern-based saccharide sensing in neutral aqueous media, an application in real-life samples
Edwards NY, Sager TW, McDevitt JT, Anslyn EV
13584 - 13591 Photochemical reaction pathways of carbon tetrabromide in solution probed by picosecond X-ray diffraction
Kong QY, Wulff M, Lee JH, Bratos S, Ihee H
13592 - 13603 Cross-strand coupling of a ss-hairpin peptide stabilized with an Aib-Gly turn studied using isotope-edited IR Spectroscopy
Huang R, Setnicka V, Etienne MA, Kim J, Kubelka J, Hammer RP, Keiderling TA
13604 - 13612 Anatase-TiO2 nanomaterials: Analysis of key parameters controlling crystallization
Fernandez-Garcia M, Belver C, Hanson JC, Wang X, Rodriguez JA
13613 - 13625 Modulation of bacterial quorum sensing with synthetic ligands: Systematic evaluation of N-acylated homoserine lactones in multiple species and new insights into their mechanisms of action
Geske GD, O'Neill JC, Miller DM, Mattmann ME, Blackwell HE
13626 - 13632 Simple and effective 3D recognition of domoic acid using a molecularly imprinted
Nemoto K, Kubo T, Nomachi M, Sano T, Matsumoto T, Hosoya K, Hattori T, Kaya K
13633 - 13645 Molecular dynamics Simulations of the catalytic pathway of a cysteine protease: A combined QM/MM study of human cathepsin K
Ma S, Devi-Kesavan LS, Gao J
13646 - 13652 Solvent effects on the oxidation of Ru-IV=O to O=Ru-VI=O by MnO4-. Hydrogen-atom versus oxygen-atom transfer
Lam WWY, Man WL, Leung CF, Wong CY, Lau TC
13653 - 13660 Lanthanide-containing polymer nanoparticles for biological tagging applications: Nonspecific endocytosis and cell adhesion
Vancaeyzeele C, Ornatsky O, Baranov V, Shen L, Abdelrahman A, Winnik MA
13661 - 13674 Aryl-substituted C-3-bridged oligopyrroles as anion receptors for formation of supramolecular organogels
Maeda H, Haketa Y, Nakanishi T
13675 - 13682 Assembly of a homochiral, body-centered cubic network composed of vertex-shared Mg-12 cages: Use of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry to monitor metal carboxylate nucleation
Rood JA, Boggess WC, Noll BC, Henderson KW
13683 - 13690 Ultrafast study of 9-diazofluorene: Direct observation of the first two singlet states of fluorenylidene
Wang J, Kubicki J, Hilinski EF, Mecklenburg SL, Gustafson TL, Platz MS
13691 - 13697 Organized surface functional groups: Cooperative catalysis via thiol/sulfonic acid pairing
Margelefsky EL, Zeidan RK, Dufaud V, Davis ME
13698 - 13705 Surface recognition and fluorescence sensing of histone by dansyl-appended cyclophane-based resorcinarene trimer
Hayashida O, Ogawa N, Uchiyama M
13706 - 13712 A flexible coordination polymer crystal providing reversible structural and magnetic conversions
Kaneko W, Ohba M, Kitagawa S
13713 - 13722 Structure prediction of protein-solid surface interactions reveals a molecular recognition motif of statherin for hydroxyapatite
Makrodimitris K, Masica DL, Kim ET, Gray JJ
13723 - 13731 Petasis borono-mannich reaction and allylation of carbonyl compounds via transient allyl boronates generated by palladium-catalyzed substitution of allyl alcohols. An efficient one-pot route to stereodefined alpha-amino acids and homoallyl alcohols
Selander N, Kipke A, Sebelius S, Szabo KJ
13732 - 13743 Design of DNA minor groove binding diamidines that recognize GC base pair sequences: A dimeric-hinge interaction motif
Munde M, Ismail MA, Arafa R, Peixoto P, Collar CJ, Liu Y, Hu LX, David-Cordonnier MH, Lansiaux A, Bailly C, Boykin DW, Wilson WD
13744 - 13748 Dehydration-induced water disordering in a synthetic potassium gallosilicate natrolite
Lee YJ, Kim SJ, Bull I, Celestian AJ, Parise JB, Kao CC, Vogt T
13749 - 13757 Sequence-specific and stereospecific assignment of methyl groups using paramagnetic lanthanides
John M, Schmitz C, Park AY, Dixon NE, Huber T, Otting G
13758 - 13769 Stereospecificity of ketoreductase domains of the 6-deoxyerythronolide B synthase
Castonguay R, He WG, Chen AY, Khosla C, Cane DE
13770 - 13770 Different dynamics of chiral and racemic (L- and DL-) serine crystals: Evidenced by incoherent inelastic neutron and Raman scattering (Vol 129, Pg 10984, 2007)
Bordallo HN, Kolesov BA, Boldyreva EV, Juranyi F