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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.129, No.40 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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12056 - 12056 A quantitative approach to hydrogen bonding at a metal surface
Pawin G, Solanki U, Kwon KY, Wong KL, Lin X, Jiao T, Bartels L
12058 - 12058 Gold(III)-catalyzed nitrene insertion into aromatic and benzylic C-H groups
Li Z, Capretto DA, Rahaman RO, He C
12060 - 12060 Thermosensitive gold nanoclusters stabilized by well-defined vinyl ether star polymers: Reusable and durable catalysts for aerobic alcohol oxidation
Kanaoka S, Yagi N, Fukuyama Y, Aoshima S, Tsunoyama H, Tsukuda T, Sakurai H
12062 - 12062 Synthesis and unusual reactivity of N-tosyl-4,5-benzoazacyclodeca-2,6-diyne, yneamino-containing enediyne
Poloukhtine A, Popik VV
12064 - 12064 Selective CO oxidation in excess H-2 over copper-ceria catalysts: Identification of active entities/species
Gamarra D, Belver C, Fernandez-Garcia M, Martinez-Arias A
12066 - 12066 Copper-catalyzed asymmetric N-H insertion reactions: Couplings of diazo compounds with carbamates to generate alpha-amino acids
Lee EC, Fu GC
12068 - 12068 Carbon-hydrogen bond activation: Two, three, or more mechanisms?
Vastine BA, Hall MB
12070 - 12070 A Au(l)-catalyzed N-acyl iminium ion cyclization cascade
Yang T, Campbell L, Dixon DJ
12072 - 12072 Elements of regiocontrol in palladium-catalyzed oxidative arene cross-coupling
Stuart DR, Villemure E, Fagnou K
12074 - 12074 Cobalt-catalyzed asymmetric cyclopropanation of electron-deficient olefins
Chen Y, Ruppel JV, Zhang XP
12076 - 12076 Chemical shift correlation NMR spectroscopy with indirect detection in fast rotating solids: Studies of organically functionalized mesoporous silicas
Wiench JW, Bronnimann CE, Lin VSY, Pruski M
12078 - 12078 Rh-catalyzed synthesis of helically chiral and ladder-type molecules via [2+2+2] and formal [2+1+2+1] cycloadditions involving C-C triple bond cleavage
Tanaka K, Kamisawa A, Suda T, Noguchi K, Hirano M
12080 - 12080 Magnetic assembly and patterning of vesicle/nanoparticle aggregates
Liem KP, Mart RJ, Webb SJ
12082 - 12082 A self-assembled nanofiber catalyst for ester hydrolysis
Guler MO, Stupp SI
12084 - 12084 Bronsted acid-catalyzed desymmetrization of meso-aziridines
Rowland EB, Rowland GB, Rivera-Otero E, Antilla JC
12086 - 12086 Asymmetric synthesis of 3,4-dihydrocoumarins by rhodium-catalyzed reaction of 3-(2-hydroxyphenyl)cyclobutanones
Matsuda T, Shigeno M, Murakami M
12088 - 12088 Directed hydrozirconation of propargylic alcohols
Zhang DH, Ready JM
12090 - 12090 Silicon quantum dots: A general photocatalyst for reduction, decomposition, and selective oxidation reactions
Kang ZH, Tsang CHA, Wong NB, Zhang ZD, Lee ST
12092 - 12092 [2]rotaxanes through palladium active-template oxidative heck cross-couplings
Crowley JD, Hanni KD, Lee AL, Leigh DA
12094 - 12094 The hydrophobic effect drives the recognition of hydrocarbons by an anionic metal-ligand cluster
Biros SM, Bergman RG, Raymond KN
12096 - 12096 Giant enhancement in UV response of ZnO nanobelts by polymer surface-functionalization
Lao CS, Park MC, Kuang Q, Deng YL, Sood AK, Polla DL, Wang ZL
12098 - 12098 Active cytotoxic reagents based on non-metallocene non-diketonato well-defined C-2-symmetrical titanium complexes of tetradentate bis(phenolato) ligands
Shavit M, Peri D, Manna CM, Alexander JS, Tshuva EY
12100 - 12100 Role of cation-pi interactions in the photodimerization of trans-4-styrylpyridines
Yamada SJ, Uematsu N, Yamashita K
12102 - 12102 Natural products from isnA-containing biosynthetic gene clusters recovered from the genomes of cultured and uncultured bacteria
Brady SF, Bauer JD, Clarke-Pearson MF, Daniels R
12104 - 12104 Do ligand binding and solvent exclusion alter the electrostatic character within the oxyanion hole of an enzymatic active site?
Sigala PA, Fafarman AT, Bogard PE, Boxer SG, Herschlag D
12106 - 12106 Heterobivalent library expansion by "living radical" processes: Thiocarbonyl addition/elimination, and nitroxide-based reactions with fluorous deconvolution
Crich D, Grant D, Bowers AA
12108 - 12108 Probing the thermodynamics of aminofluorene-induced translesion DNA synthesis by differential scanning calorimetry
Liang FT, Cho BS
12110 - 12110 NO-induced reversible switching of the electronic interaction between a porphyrin-coordinated cobalt ion and a silver surface
Flechtner K, Kretschmann A, Steinruck HP, Gottfried JM
12112 - 12112 Phenomenon of optical self-purification of chiral non-racemic compounds
Soloshonok VA, Ueki H, Yasumoto M, Mekala S, Hirschi JS, Singleton DA
12114 - 12114 Crystal engineering of a permanently porous network sustained exclusively by charge-assisted hydrogen bonds
Dalrymple SA, Shimizu GKH
12117 - 12122 Fluorescence amplification by electrochemically deposited silver nanowires with fractal architecture
Goldys EM, Drozdowicz-Tomsia K, Xie F, Shtoyko T, Matveeva E, Gryczynski I, Gryczynski Z
12123 - 12130 Stereospecific synthesis and characterization of oligodeoxyribonucleotides containing an N-2-(1-carboxyethyl)-2'-deoxyguanosine
Cao HC, Jiang Y, Wang YS
12131 - 12140 Functionalization of zeolitic cavities: Grafting NH2 groups in framework T sites of B-SSZ-13 - A way to obtain basic solids catalysts?
Regli L, Bordiga S, Busco C, Prestipino C, Ugliengo P, Zecchina A, Lamberti C
12141 - 12147 Synthetic antimicrobial, oligomers induce a composition-dependent topological transition in membranes
Yang LH, Gordon VD, Mishra A, Sorn A, Purdy KR, Davis MA, Tew GN, Wong GCL
12148 - 12158 On the mechanism of intramolecular sensitization of photocleavage of the 2-(2-nitrophenyl)propoxycarbonyl (NPPOC) protecting group
Woll D, Laimgruber S, Galetskaya M, Smirnova J, Pfleiderer W, Heinz B, Gilch P, Steiner UE
12159 - 12171 A redox-driven multicomponent molecular shuttle
Saha S, Flood AH, Stoddart JF, Impellizzeri S, Silvi S, Venturi M, Credi A
12172 - 12180 Role of surface dimer dynamics in creating ordered organic-semiconductor interfaces
Hayes RL, Tuckerman ME
12181 - 12196 Synthesis and reactivity of the methoxozirconium pentatungstate ((Bu4N)-Bu-n)(6)[{(mu-MeO)ZrW5O18}(2)]: Insights into proton-transfer reactions, solution dynamics, and assembly of {ZrW5O18}(2-) building blocks
Errington RJ, Petkar SS, Middleton PS, McFarlane W
12197 - 12199 Proton-bound homodimers: How are the binding energies related to proton affinities?
Chan B, Del Bene JE, Radom L
12200 - 12210 Surface-assisted assembly of an ionic-complementary peptide: Controllable growth of nanofibers
Yang H, Fung SY, Pritzker M, Chen P
12211 - 12221 Arylamine-substituted oligo(ladder-type pentaphenylene)s: Electronic communication between bridged redox centers
Zhou G, Baumgarten M, Mullen K
12222 - 12231 Simultaneous arming and structure/activity studies of natural products employing O-H insertions: An expedient and versatile strategy for natural products-based chemical genetics
Peddibhotla S, Dang YJ, Liu JO, Romo D
12232 - 12243 Effects of cation charge-site identity and position on electron-transfer dissociation of polypeptide cations
Xia Y, Gunawardena HP, Erickson DE, McLuckey SA
12244 - 12253 Polyoxometalates with internal cavities: Redox activity, basicity, and cation encapsulation in [Xn+P5W30O110]((15-n)) Preyssler complexes, with X = Na+, Ca2+, Y3+, La3+, Ce3+, and Th4+
Fernandez JA, Lopez X, Bo C, de Graaft C, Baerends EJ, Poblet JM
12254 - 12262 Solution-based growth and structural characterization of homo- and heterobranched semiconductor nanowires
Dong A, Tang R, Buhro WE
12263 - 12271 Borate binding to siderophores: Structure and stability
Harris WR, Amin SA, Kupper FC, Green DH, Carrano CJ
12272 - 12279 Specific ion effects on interfacial water structure near macromolecules
Chen X, Yang T, Kataoka S, Cremer PS
12280 - 12286 H-ras protein in a bilayer: Interaction and structure perturbation
Gorfe AA, Babakhani A, McCammon JA
12287 - 12295 Insertion of a bulky rhodium complex into a DNA cytosine-cytosine mismatch: An NMR solution study
Cordier C, Pierre VC, Barton JK
12296 - 12303 Monolayer-based selective optical recognition and quantification of FeCl3 via electron transfer
Gupta T, Van der Boom ME
12304 - 12309 Selective chain reaction of acetone leading to the successive growth of mutually perpendicular molecular lines on the Si(100)-(2x1)-H surface
Hossain MZ, Kato HS, Kawai M
12310 - 12319 Quantitative microarray profiling of DNA-binding molecules
Puckett JW, Muzikar KA, Tietjen J, Warren CL, Ansari AZ, Dervan PB
12320 - 12327 An expedient formal total synthesis of (-)-diazonamide A via a powerful, stereoselective O-aryl to C-aryl migration to form the C10 quaternary center
Cheung CM, Goldberg FW, Magnus P, Russell CJ, Turnbull R, Lynch V
12328 - 12340 Synthesis, characterization, and electronic structures of a series of two-dimensional trimetallic cluster complexes, Ru-3(CO)(9)(mu-SnPh2)(3)[Pt(PBu3t)](x), x=0-3
Adams RD, Captain B, Hall MB, Trufan E, Yang X