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2760 - 2761 Natural product diversification using a non-natural cofactor analogue of S-adenosyl-L-methionine
Zhang CS, Weller RL, Thorson JS, Rajski SR
2762 - 2763 Insight into indole interactions from alkali metal chloride effects on a tryptophan zipper beta-hairpin peptide
Dempsey CE, Mason PE
2764 - 2765 An alkoxide-directed carbometalation of internal alkynes
Ryan J, Micalizio GC
2766 - 2767 Microarrays of synthetic heparin oligosaccharides
de Paz JL, Noti C, Seeberger PH
2768 - 2769 Transport at the air/water interface is the reason for rings in protein microarrays
Deng Y, Zhu XY, Kienlen T, Guo A
2770 - 2771 Catalytic, efficient, and syn-selective construction of deoxypolypropionates and other chiral compounds via Zr-catalyzed asymmetric carboalumination of allyl alcohol
Liang B, Novak T, Tan Z, Negishi E
2772 - 2773 Rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric synthesis of indanones: Development of a new "axially chiral" bisphosphine ligand
Shintani R, Yashio K, Nakamura T, Okamoto K, Shimada T, Hayashi T
2774 - 2775 Asymmetric synthesis of all-carbon benzylic quaternary stereocenters via Cu-catalyzed conjugate addition of dialkylzinc reagents to 5-(1-arylalkylidene) Meldrum's acids
Fillion E, Wilsily A
2776 - 2777 Size-selective shell cross-linked interior functionalized siloxane nanocages
Suh YW, Kung MC, Wang YM, Kung HH
2778 - 2779 A direct catalytic asymmetric Mannich-type reaction via a dinuclear zinc catalyst: Synthesis of either anti- or syn-alpha-hydroxy-beta-amino ketones
Trost BM, Jaratjaroonphong J, Reutrakul V
2780 - 2781 Highly enantioselective hydrovinylation of alpha-alkyl vinylarenes. An approach to the construction of all-carbon quaternary stereocenters
Shi WJ, Zhang Q, Xie JH, Zhu SF, Hou GH, Zhou QL
2782 - 2783 Rhodium-catalyzed [2+2+2] cycloaddition of alkenyl isocyanates and alkynes
Yu RT, Rovis T
2784 - 2785 Synthesis, molecular structure, and reactivity of the isolable silylenoid with a tricoordinate silicon
Molev G, Bravo-Zhivotovskii D, Karni M, Tumanskii B, Botoshansky M, Apeloig Y
2786 - 2787 Asymmetric catalytic synthesis of P-stereogenic phosphines via a nucleophilic ruthenium phosphido complex
Chan VS, Stewart IC, Bergman RG, Toste FD
2788 - 2789 Platinum-catalyzed asymmetric alkylation of secondary phosphines: Enantioselective synthesis of P-stereogenic phosphines
Scriban C, Glueck DS
2790 - 2791 Microwave synthesis of highly aligned ultra narrow semiconductor rods and wires
Panda AB, Glaspell G, El-Shall MS
2792 - 2793 Total synthesis of FR901464, an antitumor agent that regulates the transcription of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes
Albert BJ, Sivaramakrishnan A, Naka T, Koide K
2794 - 2795 Palladium(II)-catalyzed aerobic hydroalkoxylation of styrenes containing a phenol
Gligorich KM, Schultz MJ, Sigman MS
2796 - 2797 Total synthesis of dolabelide D
Park PK, O'Malley SJ, Schmidt DR, Leighton JL
2798 - 2799 Alkyne-to-vinylidene transformation on trans-(CI)Rh(phosphine)(2): Acceleration by a heterocyclic ligand and absence of bimolecular mechanism
Grotjahn DB, Zeng X, Cooksy AL
2800 - 2801 Capture of phosphorus(I) and arsenic(I) moieties by a 1,2-bis(arylimino)acenaphthene (aryl-BIAN) ligand. A case of intramolecular charge transfer
Reeske G, Hoberg CR, Hill NJ, Cowley AH
2802 - 2803 Antibody interference with N-acyl homoserine lactone-mediated bacterial quorum sensing
Kaufmann GF, Sartorio R, Lee SH, Mee JM, Altobell LJ, Kujawa DP, Jeffries E, Clapham B, Meijler MM, Janda KD
2804 - 2805 "Oxidatively induced" reductive elimination of dioxygen from an eta(2-) peroxopalladium(II) complex promoted by electron-deficient alkenes
Popp BV, Stahl SS
2806 - 2807 Enforced face-to-face stacking of organic semiconductor building blocks within hydrogen-bonded molecular cocrystals
Sokolov AN, Friscic T, MacGillivray LR
2808 - 2809 Carbon-halide oxidative addition and carbon-carbon reductive elimination at a (PNP)Rh center
Gatard S, Celenligil-Cetin R, Guo CY, Foxman BM, Ozerov OV
2810 - 2811 Effects of solvent viscosity on ligand interconversion dynamics in the primary docking site of heme proteins
Kim S, Heo J, Lim M
2812 - 2813 HIV-1 protease flaps spontaneously close to the correct structure in simulations following manual placement of an inhibitor into the open state
Hornak V, Okur A, Rizzo RC, Simmerling C
2814 - 2815 Tuning the properties at heterobimetallic core: Mixed-ligand bismuth-rhodium paddlewheel carboxylates
Dikarev EV, Li B, Zhang HT
2816 - 2817 Electronic spectroscopy of cold, protonated tryptophan and tyrosine
Boyarkin OV, Mercier SR, Kamariotis A, Rizzo TR
2818 - 2819 Modulating the sensory response of a conjugated polymer by proteins: An agglutination assay for mercury cons in water
Kim IB, Bunz UHF
2820 - 2821 Efficient electronic communication between two identical ferrocene centers in a hydrogen-bonded dimer
Sun H, Steeb J, Kaifer AE
2822 - 2835 Identification and specificity profiling of protein prenyltransferase inhibitors using new fluorescent phosphoisoprenoids
Dursina B, Reents R, Delon C, Wu YW, Kulharia M, Thutewohl M, Veligodsky A, Kalinin A, Evstifeev V, Ciobanu D, Szedlacsek SE, Waldmann H, Goody RS, Alexandrov K
2836 - 2843 Barriers of hydrogen abstraction vs halogen exchange: An experimental manifestation of charge-shift bonding
Hiberty PC, Megret C, Song LC, Wu W, Shaik S
2844 - 2850 Effect of antifreeze proteins on the nucleaton, growth, and the memory effect during tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydrate formation
Zeng H, Wilson LD, Walker VK, Ripmeester JA
2851 - 2858 BF3-activated oxidation of alkanes by MnO4-
Lam WWY, Yiu SM, Lee JMN, Yau SKY, Kwong HK, Lau TC, Liu D, Lin ZY
2859 - 2872 Total synthesis and structural elucidation of azaspiracid-1. Final assignment and total synthesis of the correct structure of azaspiracid-1
Nicolaou KC, Koftis TV, Vyskocil S, Petrovic G, Tang WJ, Frederick MO, Chen DYK, Li YW, Ling TT, Yamada YMA
2873 - 2879 Circuit resonance energy: A key quantity that links energetic and magnetic criteria of aromaticity
Aihara J
2880 - 2884 Proton diffusion across membranes of vesicles of poly(styrene-b-acrylic acid) diblock copolymers
Wu J, Eisenberg A
2885 - 2892 Total synthesis and evaluation of [psi[CH2NH]Tpg(4)]vancomycin aglycon: Reengineering vancomycin for dual D-Ala-D-Ala and D-Ala-D-Lac binding
Crowley BM, Boger DL
2893 - 2901 Intramolecular Pd-catalyzed carboetherification and carboamination. Influence of catalyst structure on reaction mechanism and product stereochemistry
Nakhla JS, Kampf JW, Wolfe JP
2902 - 2910 Charge-localized naphthalene-bridged bis-hydrazine radical cations
Nelsen SF, Konradsson AE, Teki Y
2911 - 2919 Pyridine-Ag-20 cluster: A model system for studying surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Zhao LL, Jensen L, Schatz GC
2920 - 2930 Theoretical investigation of enolborane addition to alpha-heteroatom-substituted aldehydes. Relevance of the cornforth and polar Felkin-Anh models for asymmetric induction
Cee VJ, Cramer CJ, Evans DA
2931 - 2939 Switching-on superparamagnetism in Mn/CdSe quantum dots
Magana D, Perera SC, Harter AG, Dalal NS, Strouse GF
2940 - 2947 Mechanical properties of reversibly cross-linked ultrathin polyelectrolyte complexes
Jaber JA, Schlenoff JB
2948 - 2953 Triradical cation of p-phenylenediamine having two nitroxide radical groups: Spin alignment mediated by delocalized spin
Ito A, Nakano Y, Urabe M, Kato T, Tanaka K
2954 - 2962 Large dynamic stokes shift of DNA intercalation dye thiazole orange has contribution from a high-frequency mode
Karunakaran V, Lustres JLF, Zhao LJ, Ernsting NP, Seitz O
2963 - 2969 How phonons govern the Behavior of short, strong hydrogen bonds in urea-phosphoric acid
Fontaine-Vive F, Johnson MR, Kearley GJ, Howard JAK, Parker SF
2970 - 2976 The deacylation mechanism of AmpC beta-lactamase at ultrahigh resolution
Chen Y, Minasov G, Roth TA, Prati F, Shoichet BK
2977 - 2987 Formation and dissociation of intra-intermolecular hydrogen-bonded solute-solvent complexes: Chemical exchange two-dimensional infrared vibrational echo spectroscopy
Zheng JR, Kwak K, Chen X, Asbury JB, Fayer MD
2988 - 2994 NO dimer and dinitrosyl formation on Pd(111): From ultra-high-vacuum to elevated pressure conditions
Hess C, Ozensoy E, Yi CW, Goodman DW
2995 - 3001 Asymmetric hydrogenation of trisubstituted olefins with iridium-phosphine thiazole complexes: A further investigation of the ligand structure
Hedberg C, Kallstrom K, Brandt P, Hansen LK, Andersson PG
3002 - 3010 Pendant bases as proton relays in iron hydride and dihydrogen complexes
Henry RM, Shoemaker RK, DuBois DL, DuBois MR
3011 - 3018 Ultrahigh resolution crystal structures of human carbonic anhydrases I and II complexed with "two-prong" inhibitors reveal the molecular basis of high affinity
Jude KM, Banerjee AL, Haldar MK, Manokaran S, Roy B, Mallik S, Srivastava DK, Christianson DW
3019 - 3026 Potentials of mean force for acetylcholine unbinding from the alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ligand-binding domain
Zhang DQ, Gullingsrud J, McCammon JA
3027 - 3037 Hydrothermal growth of mesoporous SBA-15 silica in the presence of PVP-stabilized Pt nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic properties
Song H, Rioux RM, Hoefelmeyer JD, Komor R, Niesz K, Grass M, Yang PD, Somorjai GA
3038 - 3043 Using a kinase/phosphatase switch to regulate a supramolecular hydrogel and forming the supramoleclar hydrogel in vivo
Yang ZM, Liang GL, Wang L, Bing X
3044 - 3050 2,7-diphenyl[1]benzoselenopheno[3,2-b][1]benzoselenophene as a stable organic semiconductor for a high-performance field-effect transistor
Takimiya K, Kunugi Y, Konda Y, Ebata H, Toyoshima Y, Otsubo T
3051 - 3066 Silicon-containing polyphilic bent-core molecules: The importance of nanosegregation for the development of chirality and polar order in liquid crystalline phases formed by achiral molecules
Keith C, Reddy RA, Hauser A, Baumeister U, Tschierske C
3067 - 3074 Extender unit and acyl carrier protein specificity of ketosynthase domains of the 6-deoxyerythronolide B synthase
Chen AY, Schnarr NA, Kim CY, Cane DE, Khosla C
3075 - 3084 Binding of molecular O-2 to di- and triligated [UO2](+)
Groenewold GS, Cossel KC, Gresham GL, Gianotto AK, Appelhans AD, Olson JE, Van Stipdonk MJ, Chien W
3085 - 3097 Heparan sulfate degradation via reductive homolysis of its N-chloro derivatives
Rees MD, Davies MJ
3098 - 3101 Electrowetting of ionic liquids
Millefiorini S, Tkaczyk AH, Sedev R, Efthimiadis J, Ralston J
3102 - 3102 Site-specific phenylation of pyridine catalyzed by phosphido-bridged ruthenium dimer complexes: A prototype for C-H arylation of electron-deficient heteroarenes (vol 127, pg 3648, 2005)
Godula K, Sezen B, Sames D
3103 - 3103 Amsterdam Density Functional 2005.
Bomble YJ