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1398 - 1399 Directed DNA metallization
Burley GA, Gierlich J, Mofid MR, Nir H, Tal S, Eichen Y, Carell T
1400 - 1401 Analysis of lanthanide-induced NMR shifts of the Ce@C-82 anion
Yamada M, Wakahara T, Lian YF, Tsuchiya T, Akasaka T, Waelchli M, Mizorogi N, Nagase S, Kadish KM
1402 - 1403 Synthesis and structural characterization of endohedral pyrrolidinodimetallofullerene: La-2@C-80(CH2)(2)NTrt
Yamada M, Wakahara T, Nakahodo T, Tsuchiya T, Maeda Y, Akasaka T, Yoza K, Horn E, Mizorogi N, Nagase S
1404 - 1405 PNA-based reagents for the direct and site-specific synthesis of thymine dimer lesions in genomic DNA
Pieck JC, Kuch D, Grolle F, Linne U, Haas C, Carell T
1406 - 1407 Palladium(0)-catalyzed alkylative cyclization of alkynals and alkynones: Remarkable trans-addition of organoboronic reagents
Tsukamoto H, Ueno T, Kondo Y
1408 - 1409 Free energies of molecular crystal surfaces by computer simulation: Application to tetrathiophene
Marcon V, Raos G
1410 - 1411 Non-SELEX selection of aptamers
Berezovski M, Musheev M, Drabovich A, Krylov SN
1412 - 1413 Multifunctional chemical vapor sensors of aligned carbon nanotube and polymer composites
Wei C, Dai LM, Roy A, Tolle TB
1414 - 1415 Self-adhesion among phospholipid vesicles
Menger FM, Zhang HL
1416 - 1417 Further study of the reaction of Fe2+ with CN-: Synthesis and characterization of cis and trans [Fe-II,Fe-III(CN)(4)L-2](n-) complexes
Chiarella GM, Melgarejo DY, Koch SA
1418 - 1419 One-dimensional metallic conducting pathway of cyclohexyl-substituted spiro-biphenalenyl neutral radical molecular crystal
Huang JS, Kertesz M
1420 - 1421 The dehydratase activity of lacticin 481 synthetase is highly processive
Miller LM, Chatterjee C, van der Donk WA, Kelleher NL
1422 - 1423 Thionitroxides, RSNHO center dot: The structure of the SNO moiety in "S-nitrosohemoglobin", a possible NO reservoir and transporter
Zhao YL, Houk KN
1424 - 1425 Highly enantioselective synthesis of tetrahydro-beta-carbolines and tetrahydro-gamma-carbolines via Pd-catalyzed intramolecular allylic alkylation
Bandini M, Melloni A, Piccinelli F, Sinisi R, Tommasi S, Umani-Ronchi A
1426 - 1427 A new approach to promoting sluggish Diels-Alder reactions: Dihapto-coordination of the diene
Liu WJ, You F, Mocella CJ, Harman WD
1428 - 1429 Priming type II polyketide synthases via a type II nonribosomal peptide synthetase mechanism
Izumikawa W, Cheng Q, Moore BS
1430 - 1431 Ion pair driven self-assembly of a flexible bis-zwitterion in polar solution: Formation of discrete nanometer-sized cyclic dimers
Schmuck C, Rehm T, Grohn F, Klein K, Reinhold F
1432 - 1433 A two-stage one-pot enzymatic synthesis of TDP-L-mycarose from thymidine and glucose-1-phosphate
Takahashi H, Liu YN, Liu HW
1434 - 1435 Low-valent niobium-mediated double activation of C-F/C-H bonds: Fluorene synthesis from o-arylated alpha,alpha,alpha-trifluorotoluene derivatives
Fuchibe K, Akiyama T
1436 - 1437 Highly porous fibers by electrospinning into a cryogenic liquid
McCann JT, Marquez M, Xia YN
1438 - 1439 The role of methyl groups in the formation of hydrogen bond in DMSO-methanol mixtures
Li QZ, Wu GS, Yu ZW
1440 - 1441 Oximate-bridged trinuclear Dy-Cu-Dy complex behaving as a single-molecule magnet and its mechanistic investigation
Mori F, Nyui T, Ishida T, Nogami T, Choi KY, Nojiri H
1442 - 1443 Efficient synthesis of cyclopentenones from enynyl acetates via tandem Au(I)-catalyzed 3,3-rearrangement and the Nazarov reaction
Zhang LM, Wang SZ
1444 - 1445 Dynamics of nitric oxide rebinding and escape in horseradish peroxidase
Ye X, Yu AC, Champion PM
1446 - 1447 Anti-Markovnikov N-H and O-H additions to electron-deficient olefins catalyzed by well-defined Cu(I) anilido, ethoxide, and phenoxide systems
Munro-Leighton C, Blue ED, Gunnoe TB
1448 - 1449 Total synthesis of (+/-)-welwitindolinone A isonitrile
Reisman SE, Ready JM, Hasuoka A, Smith CJ, Wood JL
1450 - 1451 Ti coordination in titanium silicalite-1
Parker WO, Millini R
1452 - 1453 Iterative, aqueous synthesis of beta(3)-oligopeptides without coupling reagents
Carrillo N, Davalos EA, Russak JA, Bode JW
1454 - 1455 Axially chiral guanidine as enantioselective base catalyst for 1,4-addition reaction of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds with conjugated nitroalkenes
Terada M, Ube H, Yaguchi Y
1456 - 1457 Checkerboard-type charge-ordered state of a pressure-induced superconductor, beta-(meso-DMBEDT-TTF)(2)PF6
Kimura S, Suzuki H, Maejima T, Mori H, Yamaura J, Kakiuchi T, Sawa H, Moriyama H
1458 - 1459 Multiple C-H bond activation in group 3 chemistry: Synthesis and structural characterization of an yttrium-aluminum-methine cluster
Dietrich HM, Grove H, Tornroos KW, Anwander R
1460 - 1461 Palladium(II)-catalyzed aerobic dialkoxylation of styrenes: A profound influence of an o-phenol
Schultz MJ, Sigman MS
1462 - 1463 Macroporous manganese oxides with regenerative mesopores
Toberer ES, Schladt TD, Seshadri R
1464 - 1465 Catalytic four-component assembly based on allenylboronate platform: New access to privileged allylic amine structures
Tonogaki K, Itami K, Yoshida J
1466 - 1467 Springs, rings, and spirals of rutile-structured tin oxide nanobelts
Yang RS, Wang ZL
1468 - 1469 Photoinduced phase separation
Vesperinas A, Eastoe J, Wyatt P, Grillo I, Heenan RK, Richards JM, Bell GA
1470 - 1471 Iron-assisted vapor-phase hydrothermal method: A low-temperature approach to synthesize blue light emissive SiOx nanowires with single-crystal structure of P2(1)2(1)2
Chen P, Xie SH, Ren N, Zhang YH, Dong AG, Chen Y, Tang Y
1472 - 1473 Umpolung of Michael acceptors catalyzed by N-heterocyclic carbenes
Fischer C, Smith SW, Powell DA, Fu GC
1474 - 1488 The "somersault" mechanism for the P-450 hydroxylation of hydrocarbons. The intervention of transient inverted metastable hydroperoxides
Bach RD, Dmitrenko O
1489 - 1499 Operating molecular elevators
Badjic JD, Ronconi CM, Stoddart JF, Balzani V, Silvi S, Credi A
1500 - 1512 Synthesis and photoelectron spectroscopic studies of N(CH2CH2NMe)(3)P=E (E = O, S, NH, CH2)
Karpati T, Veszpremi T, Thirupathi N, Liu XD, Wang ZG, Ellern A, Nyulaszi L, Verkade JG
1513 - 1522 Ruthenium molecular wires with conjugated bridging ligands: Onset of band formation in linear inorganic conjugated oligomers
Flores-Torres S, Hutchison GR, Soltzberg LJ, Abruna HD
1523 - 1530 Exploring the energy landscape of a small RNA hairpin
Ma HR, Proctor DJ, Kierzek E, Kierzek R, Bevilacqua PC, Gruebele M
1531 - 1539 Selective formation of a self-assembling homo or hetero cavitand cage via metal coordination based on thermodynamic or kinetic control
Yamanaka M, Yamada Y, Sei Y, Yamaguchi K, Kobayashi K
1540 - 1546 Probing the decay coordinate of the green fluorescent protein: Arrest of cis-trans isomerization by the protein significantly narrows the fluorescence spectra
Stavrov SS, Solntsev KM, Tolbert LM, Huppert D
1547 - 1552 Characterizing challenging microcrystalline solids with solid-state NMR shift tensor and synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction data: Structural analysis of ambuic acid
Harper JK, Grant DM, Zhang YG, Lee PL, Von Dreele R
1553 - 1561 A DFT/CDM study of metal-carboxylate interactions in metalloproteins: Factors governing the maximum number of metal-bound carboxylates
Dudev T, Lim C
1562 - 1568 pH rate profiles of FnY356-R2s (n=2, 3, 4) in Escherichia coli ribonucleotide reductase: Evidence that Y-356 is a redox-active amino acid along the radical propagation pathway
Seyedsayamdost MR, Yee CS, Reece SY, Nocera DG, Stubbe J
1569 - 1579 Mono-, di-, tri-, and tetra-substituted fluorotyrosines: New probes for enzymes that use tyrosyl radicals in catalysis
Seyedsayamdost MR, Reece SY, Nocera DG, Stubbe J
1580 - 1586 The A(-)F(x) to F-A/B step in Synechocystis 6803 photosystem I is entropy driven
Hou HJM, Mauzerall D
1587 - 1597 Aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition using nanoparticle precursors: A route to nanocomposite thin films
Palgrave RG, Parkin IP
1598 - 1604 Determination of equilibrium constants for atom transfer radical polymerization
Tang W, Tsarevsky NV, Matyjaszewski K
1605 - 1610 A comprehensive approach to the synthesis of sulfate esters
Simpson LS, Widlanski TS
1611 - 1614 Bismuth-catalyzed intermolecular hydroamination of 1,3-dienes with carbamates, sulfonamides, and carboxamides
Qin H, Yamagiwa N, Matsunaga S, Shibasaki M
1615 - 1621 Substrate specificity of an active dinuclear Zn(II) catalyst for cleavage of RNA analogues and a dinucleoside
O'Donoghue A, Pyun SY, Yang MY, Morrow JR, Richard JP
1622 - 1632 Marinomycins A-D, antitumor-antibiotics of a new structure class from a marine actinomycete of the recently discovered genus "Marinispora"
Kwon HC, Kauffman CA, Jensen PR, Fenical W
1633 - 1638 NMR structure and dynamic studies of an anion-binding, channel-forming heptapeptide
Cook GA, Pajewski R, Aburi M, Smith PE, Prakash O, Tomich JM, Gokel GW
1639 - 1647 Rotational and translational diffusion of peptide-coated CdSe/CdS/ZnS nanorods studied by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Tsay JM, Doose S, Weiss S
1648 - 1653 Double-ink dip-pen nanolithography studies elucidate molecular transport
Hampton JR, Dameron AA, Weiss PS
1654 - 1663 The chemistry of dinuclear analogues of the anticancer drug cisplatin. A DFT/CDM study
Deubel DV
1664 - 1674 Design of highly active binary catalyst systems for CO2/epoxide copolymerization: Polymer selectivity, enantioselectivity, and stereochemistry control
Lu XB, Shi L, Wang YM, Zhang R, Zhang YJ, Peng XJ, Zhang ZC, Li B
1675 - 1682 The concept of delayed nucleation in nanocrystal growth demonstrated for the case of iron oxide nanodisks
Casula MF, Jun YW, Zaziski DJ, Chan EM, Corrias A, Alivisatos AP
1683 - 1691 Effect of single-point sequence alterations on the aggregation propensity of a model protein
Bratko D, Cellmer T, Prausnitz JM, Blanch HW
1692 - 1699 Polymer crystallization-driven, periodic patterning on carbon nanotubes
Li LY, Li CY, Ni CY
1700 - 1704 Relationship between two-photon absorption and the pi-conjugation pathway in porphyrin arrays through dihedral angle control
Ahn TK, Kim KS, Kim DY, Noh SB, Aratani N, Ikeda C, Osuka A, Kim D
1705 - 1710 Toward single molecule DNA sequencing: Direct identification of ribonucleoside and deoxyribonucleoside 5'-monophosphates by using an engineered protein nanopore equipped with a molecular adapter
Astier Y, Braha O, Bayley H
1711 - 1716 Redox enzymes in tethered membranes
Jeuken LJC, Connell SD, Henderson PJF, Gennis RB, Evans SD, Bushby RJ
1717 - 1722 Utilization of the pleiotropy of a peptidic aptamer to fabricate heterogeneous nanodot-containing multilayer nanostructures
Sano K, Sasaki H, Shiba K
1723 - 1732 A comprehensive study of self-assembled monolayers of anthracenethiol on gold: Solvent effects, structure, and stability
Kafer D, Witte G, Cyganik P, Terfort A, Woll C
1733 - 1738 A threaded loop conformation adopted by a family of peptoid nonamers
Huang K, Wu CW, Sanborn TJ, Patch JA, Kirshenbaum K, Zuckermann RN, Barron AE, Radhakrishnan I
1739 - 1748 Tuning the reactivity of osmium(II) and ruthenium(II) arene complexes under physiological conditions
Peacock AFA, Habtemariam A, Fernandez R, Walland V, Fabbiani FPA, Parsons S, Aird RE, Jodrell DI, Sadler PJ
1749 - 1754 Electrochemical growth of highly oriented organic-inorganic superlattices using solid-supported multilamellar membranes as templates
Xing LL, Li DP, Hu SX, Jing HY, Fu HL, Mai ZH, Li M
1755 - 1761 Controlled clustering of superparamagnetic nanoparticles using block copolymers: Design of new contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging
Berret JF, Schonbeck N, Gazeau F, El Kharrat D, Sandre O, Vacher A, Airiau M
1762 - 1769 Aliphatic/aromatic polyimide lonomers as a proton conductive membrane for fuel cell applications
Asano N, Aoki M, Suzuki S, Miyatake K, Uchida H, Watanabe M
1770 - 1770 Structural and spectroscopic demonstration of agostic C-C interactions in electron-deficient metallacyclobutanes and related cage complexes: Possible implications for olefin polymerizations and metatheses (vol 127, pg 12426, 2005)
Harvey BG, Mayne CL, Arif AM, Tomaszewski R, Ernst RD
1770 - 1770 Tris(chloranilato)ferrate(III) anionic building block containing the (dihydroxo)oxodiiron(III) dimer cation: Synthesis and characterization of [(TPA)(OH)-(FeOFeIII)-O-III(OH)(TPA)][Fe(CA)(3)](0.5)(BF4)(0.5)center dot 1.5MeOH center dot H2O [TPA = tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine; CA = chloranilate] (vol 128, pg 40, 2006)
Min KS, Rheingold AL, Miller JS