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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.128, No.31 Entire volume, number list
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9984 - 9985 Photoinduced charge transfer between CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots and Ru-polypyridine complexes
Sykora M, Petruska MA, Alstrum-Acevedo J, Bezel I, Meyer TJ, Klimov VI
9986 - 9987 Hybrid molecular probe for nucleic acid analysis in biological samples
Yang CYJ, Martinez K, Lin H, Tan WH
9988 - 9989 Tuning the sensitivity of a foldamer-based mercury sensor by its folding energy
Zhao Y, Zhong ZQ
9990 - 9991 Covalent attachment of acetylene and methylacetylene functionality to Si(111) surfaces: Scaffolds for organic surface functionalization while retaining Si-C passivation of Si(111) surface sites
Hurley PT, Nemanick EJ, Brunschwig BS, Lewis NS
9992 - 9993 Constant-time through-bond C-13 correlation spectroscopy for assigning protein resonances with solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Chen LL, Olsen RA, Elliott DW, Boettcher JM, Zhou DHH, Rienstra CM, Mueller LJ
9994 - 9995 Redox ionic liquid phases: Ferrocenated imidazoliums
Balasubramanian R, Wang W, Murray RW
9996 - 9997 Efficient non-corrosive electron-transfer mediator mixtures for dye-sensitized solar cells
Cazzanti S, Caramori S, Argazzi R, Elliott CM, Bignozzi CA
9998 - 9999 Highly efficient alkylation to ketones and aldimines with Grignard reagents catalyzed by zinc(II) chloride
Hatano M, Suzuki S, Ishihara K
10000 - 10001 Detection and structural characterization of clusters with ultrashort-lived electronically excited states: IR absorption detected by femtosecond multiphoton ionization
Nosenko Y, Kunitski M, Thummel RP, Kyrychenko A, Herbich J, Waluk J, Riehn C, Brutschy B
10002 - 10003 Synthesis of homoallylic amines via the palladium-catalyzed decarboxylative coupling of amino acid derivatives
Burger EC, Tunge JA
10004 - 10005 Inter-helix distances in lysophospholipid micelle-bound alpha-synuclein from pulsed ESR measurements
Borbat P, Ramlall TF, Freed JH, Eliezer D
10006 - 10007 Directed self-assembly of gold-tipped CdSe nanorods
Salant A, Amitay-Sadovsky E, Banin U
10008 - 10009 Distinct dynamic behaviors of water molecules in hydrated pores
Febles M, Perez-Hernandez N, Perez C, Rodriguez ML, Foces-Foces C, Roux MV, Morales EQ, Buntkowsky G, Limbach HH, Martin JD
10010 - 10011 Pseudo-CSA restraints for NMR refinement of nucleic acid structure
Grishaev A, Ying JF, Bax A
10012 - 10013 Iron-based layered superconductor: LaOFeP
Kamihara Y, Hiramatsu H, Hirano M, Kawamura R, Yanagi H, Kamiya T, Hosono H
10014 - 10015 Molecular architecture via coordination: Self-assembly of nanoscale hexagonal metallodendrimers with designed building blocks
Yang HB, Das N, Huang FH, Hawkridge AM, Muddiman DC, Stang PJ
10016 - 10017 Two pressure-induced superconducting anion radical salts exhibiting different spin states at ambient pressure
Kato R, Tajima A, Nakao A, Tamura M
10018 - 10019 Nanoparticle-based sensing of glycan-lectin interactions
Dai Z, Kawde AN, Xiang Y, La Belle JT, Gerlach J, Bhavanandan VP, Joshi L, Wang J
10020 - 10021 Thermal reactions of 7-d- and 8-d-bicyclo[4.2.0]oct-2-enes
Baldwin JE, Leber PA, Powers DC
10022 - 10023 Sensitive and selective detection of nitric oxide using an H-NOX domain
Boon EM, Marletta MA
10024 - 10025 Nanoscale spherical architectures fabricated by metal coordination of multiple dipyrrin moieties
Maeda H, Hasegawa M, Hashimoto T, Kakimoto T, Nishio S, Nakanishi T
10026 - 10027 Carbons with extremely large volume of uniform mesopores synthesized by carbonization of phenolic resin film formed on colloidal silica template
Gierszal KP, Jaroniec M
10028 - 10029 Palladium-catalyzed coupling of ammonia and lithium amide with aryl halides
Shen QL, Hartwig JF
10030 - 10031 Hydration and dynamic behavior of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)s in aqueous solution: A sharp phase transition at the lower critical solution temperature
Ono Y, Shikata T
10032 - 10033 Dodecamethoxy- and hexaoxotricyclobutabenzene: Synthesis and characterization
Hamura T, Ibusuki Y, Uekusa H, Matsumoto T, Siegel JS, Baldridge KK, Suzuki K
10034 - 10042 Revealing two-state protein-protein interactions of calmodulin by single-molecule spectroscopy
Liu RC, Hu DH, Tan X, Lu HP
10043 - 10053 Chemical control of electronic structure and superconductivity in layered borides and borocarbides: Understanding the absence of superconductivity in LixBC
Fogg AM, Meldrum J, Darling GR, Claridge JB, Rosseinsky MJ
10054 - 10059 Structural characterization of ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide (USPIO) particles in aqueous suspension by energy dispersive X-ray diffraction (EDXD)
Di Marco M, Port M, Couvreur P, Dubernet C, Ballirano P, Sadun C
10060 - 10072 Zero-point corrections and temperature dependence of HD spin-spin coupling constants of heavy metal hydride and dihydrogen complexes calculated by vibrational averaging
Mort BC, Autschbach J
10073 - 10078 Layering at an ionic liquid-vapor interface: A molecular dynamics simulation study of [bmim][PF6]
Bhargava BL, Balasubramanian S
10079 - 10084 Facile interstrand migration of the hydrocarbon moiety of a dibenzo[a,l]pyrene 11,12-diol 13,14-epoxide adduct at N-2 of deoxyguanosine in a duplex oligonucleotide
Wang B, Sayer JM, Yagi H, Frank H, Seidel A, Jerina DM
10085 - 10095 Base-displaced intercalated structure of the food mutagen 2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline in the recognition sequence of the Narl restriction enzyme, a hotspot for-2 bp deletions
Wang F, DeMuro NE, Elmquist CE, Stover JS, Rizzo CJ, Stone MP
10096 - 10102 A comparative QM/MM simulation study of the reaction mechanisms of human and Plasmodium falciparum HG(X) PRTases
Thomas A, Field MJ
10103 - 10110 Wheel-shaped polyoxotungstate [Cu20Cl(OH)(24)(H2O)(12)(P8W48O184)](25-) macroanions form supramolecular "blackberry" structure in aqueous solution
Liu G, Liu TB, Mal SS, Kortz U
10111 - 10117 Self-assembly of peptide scaffolds in biosilica formation: Computer simulations of a coarse-grained model
Lenoci L, Camp PJ
10118 - 10124 Two-phase synthesis of shape-controlled colloidal zirconia nanocrystals and their characterization
Zhao NN, Pan DC, Nie W, Ji XL
10125 - 10133 The mechanism of epoxide carbonylation by [Lewis acid](+)[Co(CO)(4)](-) catalysts
Church TL, Getzler YDYL, Coates GW
10134 - 10144 Exploration of ground and excited electronic states of aromatic and quinoid S,S-dioxide terthiophenes. Complementary systems for enhanced electronic organic materials
Casado J, Zgierski MZ, Ewbank PC, Burand MW, Janzen DE, Mann KR, Pappenfus TM, Berlin A, Perez-Inestrosa E, Ortiz RP, Navarrete JTL
10145 - 10154 How an enzyme tames reactive intermediates: Positioning of the active-site components of lysine 2,3-aminomutase during enzymatic turnover as determined by ENDOR spectroscopy
Lees NS, Chen DW, Walsby CJ, Behshad E, Frey PA, Hoffman BM
10155 - 10162 Europium(III) macrocyclic complexes with alcohol pendant groups as chemical exchange saturation transfer agents
Woods M, Woessner DE, Zhao PY, Pasha A, Yang MY, Huang CH, Vasalitiy O, Morrow JR, Sherry AD
10163 - 10170 Electrochemistry, spectroscopy, and electrogenerated chemiluminescence of silole-based chromophores
Sartin MM, Boydston AJ, Pagenkopf BL, Bard AJ
10171 - 10180 Manipulation of aqueous growth of CdTe nanocrystals to fabricate colloidally stable one-dimensional nanostructures
Zhang H, Wang DY, Yang B, Mohwald H
10181 - 10192 Mossbauer and computational study of an N-2-bridged diiron diketiminate complex: Parallel alignment of the iron spins by direct antiferromagnetic exchange with activated dinitrogen
Stoian SA, Vela J, Smith JM, Sadique AR, Holland PL, Munck E, Bominaar EL
10193 - 10201 Ferromagnetic coupling in hexanuclear gadolinium clusters
Sweet LE, Roy LE, Meng FQ, Hughbanks T
10202 - 10212 Evidence for increased exchange interactions with 5d compared to 4d metal ions. Experimental and theoretical insights into the ferromagnetic interactions of a series of trinuclear [{M(CN)(8)}(3-)/Ni-II] compounds (M = Mo-V or W-V)
Visinescu D, Desplanches C, Imaz I, Bahers V, Pradhan R, Villamena FA, Guionneau P, Sutter JP
10213 - 10222 Importance of direct spin-spin coupling and spin-flip excitations for the zero-field splittings of transition metal complexes: A case study
Neese F
10223 - 10230 MIL-96, a porous aluminum trimesate 3D structure constructed from a hexagonal network of 18-membered rings and mu(3)-oxo-centered trinuclear units
Loiseau T, Lecroq L, Volkringer C, Marrot J, Ferey G, Haouas M, Taulelle F, Bourrelly S, Llewellyn PL, Latroche M
10231 - 10239 Synthesis and photophysical properties of borondipyrromethene dyes bearing aryl substituents at the boron center
Goze C, Ulrich G, Mallon LJ, Allen BD, Harriman A, Ziessel R
10240 - 10252 Supramolecular catalysis of unimolecular rearrangements: Substrate scope and mechanistic insights
Fiedler D, van Halbeek H, Bergman RG, Raymond KN
10253 - 10257 Controlling the biological effects of spermine using a synthetic receptor
Vial L, Ludlow RF, Leclaire J, Perez-Fernandez R, Otto S
10258 - 10267 A simple gamma-backbone modification preorganizes peptide nucleic acid into a helical structure
Dragulescu-Andrasi A, Rapireddy S, Frezza BM, Gayathri C, Gil RR, Ly DH
10268 - 10275 Theoretical characterization of cyclic thiolated gold clusters
Gronbeck H, Walter M, Hakkinen H
10276 - 10280 Kinetically controlled catalytic formation of zinc oxide thin films at low temperature
Kisailus D, Schwenzer B, Gomm J, Weaver JC, Morse DE
10281 - 10287 Shape-specific detection based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer using a flexible water-soluble conjugated polymer
Lv W, Li N, Li YL, Li Y, Xia AD
10288 - 10294 Biocatalytic synthesis of a nanostructured and crystalline bimetallic perovskite-like barium oxofluorotitanate at low temperature
Brutchey RL, Yoo ES, Morse DE
10295 - 10303 Comparison of thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of oxidative addition of PhE-EPh (E = S, Se, Te) to Mo(CO)(3)(PR3)(2), W(CO)(3)(PR3)(2), and Mo(N[Bu-t]Ar)(3) complexes. The role of oxidation state and ancillary ligands in metal complex induced chalcogenyl radical generation
McDonough JE, Weir JJ, Sukcharoenphon K, Hoff CD, Kryatova OP, Rybak-Akimova EV, Scott BL, Kubas GJ, Mendiratta A, Cummins CC
10304 - 10309 Ultrastable substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: Al2O3 overlayers fabricated by atomic layer deposition yield improved anthrax biomarker detection
Zhang XY, Zhao J, Whitney AV, Elam JW, Van Duyne RP
10310 - 10319 Formation of nearly monodisperse In2O3 nanodots and oriented-attached nanoflowers: Hydrolysis and alcoholysis vs pyrolysis
Narayanaswamy A, Xu HF, Pradhan N, Kim M, Peng XG
10320 - 10325 Spectroscopy and electrochemistry of cytochrome P450BM3-surfactant film assemblies
Udit AK, Hagen KD, Goldman PJ, Star A, Gillan JM, Gray HB, Hill MG
10326 - 10336 Lithium diisopropylamide-mediated enolization: Catalysis by hemilabile ligands
Ramirez A, Sun XF, Collum DB
10337 - 10346 Size-dependent extinction coefficients of PbS quantum dots
Cademartiri L, Montanari E, Calestani G, Migliori A, Guagliardi A, Ozin GA