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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.128, No.11 Entire volume, number list
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3472 - 3473 Tumor targeting by surface-modified protein microspheres
Toublan FJJ, Boppart S, Suslick KS
3474 - 3475 Interfacial thermocapillary vortical flow for microfluidic mixing
Muruganathan R, Zhang Y, Fischer TM
3476 - 3477 Place exchange reactions of alkyl thiols on gold nanoparticles
Kassam A, Bremner G, Clark B, Ulibarri G, Lennox RB
3478 - 3479 Deuteration effects on the structure and infrared spectrum of CH5+
Huang XC, Johnson LM, Bowman JM, McCoy AB
3480 - 3481 Nanostructure dependence of field-effect mobility in regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) thin film field effect transistors
Zhang R, Li B, Iovu MC, Jeffries-EL M, Sauve G, Cooper J, Jia SJ, Tristram-Nagle S, Smilgies DM, Lambeth DN, McCullough RD, Kowalewski T
3482 - 3483 Three-dimensional chiral imaging by sum-frequency generation
Ji N, Zhang K, Yang H, Shen YR
3484 - 3485 Tubular organization with coiled ribbon from amphiphilic rigid-flexible macrocycle
Yang WY, Lee E, Lee M
3486 - 3487 Intermolecular hydrogen bonding between neutral transition metal hydrides (eta(5)-C5H5)M(CO)(3)H (M = Mo, W) and bases
Belkova NV, Gutsul EI, Filippov OA, Levina VA, Valyaev DA, Epstein LM, Lledos A, Shubina ES
3488 - 3489 Electrochemically triggered open and closed Pacman bis-metalloporphyrins
Pognon G, Boudon C, Schenk KJ, Bonin M, Bach B, Weiss J
3490 - 3491 Cell-permeable and biocompatible polymeric nanoparticles for apoptosis imaging
Kim K, Lee M, Park H, Kim JH, Kim S, Chung H, Choi K, Kim IS, Seong BL, Kwon IC
3492 - 3493 Surface-enhanced hyper-Raman spectra and enhancement factors for three SERS chromophores. SEHRS spectra on Ag films at pulse energies below 2 pJ
Leng WN, Kelley AM
3494 - 3495 Exceptional H-2 saturation uptake in microporous metal-organic frameworks
Wong-Foy AG, Matzger AJ, Yaghi OM
3496 - 3497 An alpha-helical peptidomimetic inhibitor of the HIV-1 Rev-RRE interaction
Mills NL, Daugherty MD, Frankel AD, Guy RK
3498 - 3499 Exploiting phosphonate chemistry in metal-mediated dearomatization: Stereoselective construction of functionalized spirolactams from arene ruthenium complexes
Pigge FC, Coniglio JJ, Dalvi R
3500 - 3501 Dynamics of solvated electron transfer in thin ice film leading to a large enhancement in photodissociation of CFCl3
Ryu S, Chang J, Kwon H, Kim SK
3502 - 3503 Molecular geometry directed Kagome and honeycomb networks: Toward two-dimensional crystal engineering
Furukawa S, Uji-i H, Tahara K, Ichikawa T, Sonoda M, De Schryver FC, Tobe Y, De Feyter S
3504 - 3505 High performance PtRulr catalysts supported on carbon nanotubes for the anodic oxidation of methanol
Liao SJ, Holmes KA, Tsaprailis H, Birss VI
3506 - 3507 Observation of enhanced energy transfer in individual quantum dot-oligophenylene vinylene nanostructures
Odoi MY, Hammer NI, Sill K, Emrick T, Barnes MD
3508 - 3509 Highly active water-soluble olefin metathesis catalyst
Hong SH, Grubbs RH
3510 - 3511 Pd complex-promoted cyclopolymerization of functionalized alpha,omega-dienes and copolymerization with ethylene to afford polymers with cyclic repeating units
Park S, Takeuchi D, Osakada K
3512 - 3513 Formation and cleavage of C-H, C-C, and C-O bonds of ortho-methyl-substituted anisoles by late transition metals
Lara P, Paneque M, Poveda ML, Salazar V, Santos LL, Carmona E
3514 - 3515 Ruthenium-catalyzed isomerization of oxa/azabicyclic alkenes: an expedient route for the synthesis of 1,2-naphthalene oxides and imines
Villeneuve K, Tam W
3516 - 3517 Colloidal HgTe nanocrystals with widely tunable narrow band gap energies: From telecommunications to molecular vibrations
Kovalenko MV, Kaufmann E, Pachinger D, Roither J, Huber M, Stangl J, Hesser G, Schaffler F, Heiss W
3518 - 3519 DNA functionalization of carbon nanotubes for ultrathin atomic layer deposition of high kappa dielectrics for nanotube transistors with 60 mV/decade switching
Lu YR, Bangsaruntip S, Wang XR, Zhang L, Nishi Y, Dai HJ
3520 - 3521 Mimicking [2,2]paracyclophane topology: Molecular clips for the coordination-driven cofacial assembly of T-conjugated systems
Nohra B, Graule S, Lescop C, Reau R
3522 - 3523 Stoichiometric inhibition of amyloid beta-protein aggregation with peptides containing alternating alpha,alpha-disubstituted amino acids
Etienne MA, Aucoin JP, Fu YW, McCarley RL, Hammer RP
3524 - 3525 Enthalpy versus entropy-driven binding of bisphosphonates to farnesyl diphosphate synthase
Yin FL, Cao R, Goddard A, Zhang YH, Oldfield E
3526 - 3527 Pd-Fe nanoparticles as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction
Shao MH, Sasaki K, Adzic RR
3528 - 3529 Interaction of nitric oxide with tetrathiolato iron(II) complexes: Relevance to the reaction pathways of iron nitrosyls in sulfur-rich biological coordination environments
Harrop TC, Song DT, Lippard SJ
3530 - 3531 Face-driven corner-linked octahedral nanocages: M6L8 cages formed by C-3-symmetric triangular facial ligands linked via C-4-symmetric square tetratopic Pd-II ions at truncated octahedron corners
Moon D, Kang S, Park J, Lee K, John RP, Won H, Seong GH, Kim YS, Kim GH, Rhee H, Lah MS
3532 - 3533 Structure and bonding in Yb4MgGe4: Yb2+/Nb3+ mixed-valency and charge separation
Tobash PH, Bobev S
3534 - 3535 Poly-oxygenated tricyclobutabenzenes via repeated [2+2] cycloaddition of benzyne and ketene silyl acetal
Hamura T, Ibusuki Y, Uekusa H, Matsumoto T, Suzuki K
3536 - 3537 A new strategy for preparing molecular imaging and therapy agents using fluorine-rich (fluorous) soluble supports
Donovan A, Forbes J, Dorff P, Schaffer P, Babich J, Valliant JF
3538 - 3539 Enantioselective, palladium-catalyzed alpha-arylation of N-Boc-pyrrolidine
Campos KR, Klapars A, Waldman JH, Dormer PG, Chen CY
3540 - 3542 Modulating amyloid self-assembly and fibril morphology with Zn(II)
Dong JJ, Shokes JE, Scott RA, Lynn DG
3543 - 3553 Origins of stereoselectivity in Diels-Alder cycloadditions catalyzed by chiral imidazolidinones
Gordillo R, Houk KN
3554 - 3563 On the affinity regulation of the metal-ion-dependent adhesion sites in integrins
San Sebastian E, Mercero JM, Stote RH, Dejaegere A, Cossio FP, Lopez X
3564 - 3574 Potential energy landscape of the photoinduced multiple proton-transfer process in the green fluorescent protein: Classical molecular dynamics and multiconfigurational electronic structure calculations
Vendrell O, Gelabert R, Moreno M, Lluch JM
3575 - 3583 NMR analysis of a Tau phosphorylation pattern
Landrieu I, Lacosse L, Leroy A, Wieruszeski JM, Trivelli X, Sillen A, Sibille N, Schwalbe H, Saxena K, Langer T, Lippens G
3584 - 3591 Reevaluation of the mechanism of the amination of aryl halides catalyzed by BINAP-ligated palladium complexes
Shekhar S, Ryberg P, Hartwig JF, Mathew JS, Blackmond DG, Strieter ER, Buchwald SL
3592 - 3597 Mid-infrared spectroscopy of protected peptides in the gas phase: A probe of the backbone conformation
Compagnon I, Oomens J, Meijer G, von Helden G
3598 - 3607 In situ adsorption studies of a 14-amino acid leucine-lysine peptide onto hydrophobic polystyrene and hydrophilic silica surfaces using quartz crystal microbalance, atomic force microscopy, and sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy
Mermut O, Phillips DC, York RL, McCrea KR, Ward RS, Somorjai GA
3608 - 3619 G-quadruplexes can maintain their structure in the gas phase
Rueda M, Luque FJ, Orozco M
3620 - 3637 Structural characterization of self-assembled multifunctional binary nanoparticle superlattices
Shevchenko EV, Talapin DV, Murray CB, O'Brien S
3638 - 3648 Total synthesis of phosphatidylinositol mannosides of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Liu XY, Stocker BL, Seeberger PH
3649 - 3658 Magneto-optic spectroscopy of a protein tetramer binding two exciton-coupled chlorophylls
Hughes JL, Razeghifard R, Logue M, Oakley A, Wydrzynski T, Krausz E
3659 - 3668 Density functional theory and DFT+U study of transition metal porphines adsorbed on Au(111) surfaces and effects of applied electric fields
Leung K, Rempe SB, Schultz PA, Sproviero EM, Batista VS, Chandross ME, Medforth CJ
3669 - 3676 Structure and multinuclear solid-state NMR of a highly birefringent lead-gold cyanide coordination polymer
Katz MJ, Aguiar PM, Batchelor RJ, Bokov AA, Ye ZG, Kroeker S, Leznoff DB
3677 - 3682 Electrodeposition of Au monolayer on Pt(111) mediated by self-assembled monolayers
Yang YC, Yau SL, Lee YL
3683 - 3695 Evidence for Cu-O-2 intermediates in superoxide oxidations by biomimetic copper(II) complexes
Smirnov VV, Roth JP
3696 - 3702 Lanthanide labeling offers fast NMR approach to 3D structure determinations of protein-protein complexes
Pintacuda G, Park AY, Keniry MA, Dixonj NE, Otting G
3703 - 3708 Polymeric self-assembly into micelles and hollow spheres with multiscale cavities driven by inclusion complexation
Wang J, Jiang M
3709 - 3715 DNA-gold nanorod conjugates for remote control of localized gene expression by near infrared irradiation
Chen CC, Lin YP, Wang CW, Tzeng HC, Wu CH, Chen YC, Chen CP, Chen LC, Wu YC
3716 - 3721 Detection of Bacillus subtilis spores using peptide-functionalized cantilever arrays
Dhayal B, Henne WA, Doorneweerd DD, Reifenberger RG, Low PS
3722 - 3727 Solution kinetics of CC-1065 A-ring opening: Substituent effects and general acid/base catalysis
LaBarbera DV, Skibo EB
3728 - 3736 Balancing solvation and intramolecular interactions: Toward a consistent generalized born force field
Chen JH, Im WP, Brooks CL
3737 - 3747 Acid-base bifunctional and dielectric outer-sphere effects in heterogeneous catalysis: A comparative investigation of model primary amine catalysts
Bass JD, Solovyov A, Pascall AJ, Katz A
3748 - 3759 3,3'-bis(trisarylsilyl)-substituted binaphtholate rare earth metal catalysts for asymmetric hydroamination
Gribkov DV, Hultzsch KC, Hampel F
3760 - 3763 Guided growth of nanoscale conducting polymer structures on surface-functionalized nanopatterns
Woodson M, Liu J
3764 - 3769 Semibiological molecular machine with an implemented "AND" logic gate for regulation of protein folding
Muramatsu S, Kinbara K, Taguchi H, Ishii N, Aida T
3770 - 3783 Two-dimensional networks based on Mn-4 complex linked by dicyanamide anion: From single-molecule magnet to classical magnet behavior
Miyasaka H, Nakata K, Lecren L, Coulon C, Nakazawa Y, Fujisaki T, Sugiura K, Yamashita M, Clerac R
3784 - 3788 Solvent-induced morphological transition in core-cross-linked block copolymer micelles
Huang HY, Hoogenboom R, Leenen MAM, Guillet P, Jonas AM, Schubert US, Gohy JF
3789 - 3799 Molecular wires comprising pi-extended ethynyl- and butadiynyl-2,5-diphenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives: Synthesis, redox, structural, and optoelectronic properties
Wang CS, Palsson LO, Batsanov AS, Bryce MR
3800 - 3807 Chain packing in the inverted hexagonal phase of phospholipids: A study by X-ray anomalous diffraction on bromine-labeled chains
Pan D, Wang WC, Liu WH, Yang L, Huang HW
3808 - 3811 Direct measurement by laser flash photolysis of intramolecular electron transfer in a two-domain construct of murine inducible nitric oxide synthase
Feng CJ, Thomas C, Holliday MA, Tollin G, Salerno JC, Ghosh DK, Enemark JH
3812 - 3817 The shape of beta-alanine
Sanz ME, Lesarri A, Pena MI, Vaquero V, Cortijo V, Lopez JC, Alonso JL
3818 - 3830 Template synthesis of 1,4,7-triphosphacyclononanes
Edwards PG, Haigh R, Li DM, Newman PD
3831 - 3837 A two-photon antenna for photochemical delivery of nitric oxide from a water-soluble, dye-derivatized iron nitrosyl complex using NIR light
Wecksler SR, Mikhailovsky A, Korystov D, Ford PC
3838 - 3847 Biosynthesis of pipecolic acid by RapL, a lysine cyclodeaminase encoded in the rapamycin gene cluster
Gatto GJ, Boyne MT, Kelleher NL, Walsh CT
3848 - 3848 Synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes through a modified Wolff-Kishner reduction process (vol 127, pg 18018, 2005)
Wang WZ