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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.127, No.2 Entire volume, number list
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476 - 477 Mapping long-range interactions in alpha-synuclein using spin-label NMR and ensemble molecular dynamics simulations
Dedmon MM, Lindorff-Larsen K, Christodoulou J, Vendruscolo M, Dobson CM
478 - 479 Controlling both ground- and excited-state thermal barriers to Bergman cyclization with alkyne termini substitution
Nath M, Pink M, Zaleski JM
480 - 481 Scaling of folding times with protein size
Naganathan AN, Munoz V
482 - 483 alpha,beta,gamma-Trifluoroalkanes: A stereoselective synthesis placing three vicinal fluorines along a hydrocarbon chain
Nicoletti M, O'Hagan D, Slawin AMZ
484 - 485 A supramolecular triarm star polymer from a homotritopic tris(crown ether) host and a complementary monotopic paraquat-terminated polystyrene guest by a supramolecular coupling method
Huang F, Nagvekar DS, Slebodnick C, Gibson HW
486 - 487 Transnitrosation of nitrosothiols: Characterization of an elusive intermediate
Perissinotti LL, Turjanski AG, Estrin DA, Doctorovich F
488 - 489 New rhenium-tin cluster adds palladium phosphine groups across Re-Sn bonds
Adams RD, Captain B, Johansson M, Smith JL
490 - 491 Reversible photoelectronic signal conversion based on photoisomerization-controlled coordination change of azobenzene-bipyridine ligands to copper
Kume S, Murata M, Ozeki T, Nishihara H
492 - 493 Evidence against the hopping mechanism as an important electron transfer pathway for conformationally constrained oligopeptides
Polo F, Antonello S, Formaggio F, Toniolo C, Maran F
494 - 495 Direct observation of growth defects in zeolite beta
Wright PA, Zhou WZ, Perez-Pariente J, Arranz M
496 - 497 Bioaffinity sensing using biologically functionalized conducting-polymer nanowire
Ramanathan K, Bangar MA, Yun M, Chen W, Myung NV, Mulchandani A
498 - 499 Single-crystalline vanadium dioxide nanowires with rectangular cross sections
Guiton BS, Gu Q, Prieto AL, Gudiksen MS, Park H
500 - 501 Cleavage of hydrazine and 1,1-dimethylhydrazine by dinuclear tantalum hydrides: Formation of imides, nitrides, and N,N-dimethylamine
Shaver MP, Fryzuk MD
502 - 503 O-17 ESEEM evidence for exchange of the axial oxo ligand in the molybdenum center of the high pH form of sulfite oxidase
Astashkin AV, Feng CJ, Raitsimring AM, Enemark JH
504 - 505 Dendrimeric gadolinium chelate with fast water exchange and high relaxivity at high magnetic field strength
Pierre VC, Botta M, Raymond KN
506 - 507 Glyco- and peptidomimetics from three-component Joullie-Ugi coupling show selective antiviral activity
Chapman TM, Davies IG, Gu B, Block TM, Scopes DIC, Hay PA, Courtney SM, McNeill LA, Schofield CJ, Davis BG
508 - 509 Efficient synthesis of 1,2,4-dithiazolidine-3,5-diones [dithiasuccinoyl-amines] from bis(chlorocarbonyl)disulfane plus bis(trimethylsilyl)amines
Barany MJ, Hammer RP, Merrifield RB, Barany G
510 - 511 Stille cross-couplings of unactivated secondary alkyl halides using monoorganotin reagents
Powell DA, Maki T, Fu GC
512 - 513 Direct evidence for highly organized networks of circular surface micelles of surfactant at the air-water interface
Fontaine P, Goldmann M, Muller P, Faure MC, Konovalov O, Krafft MP
514 - 515 Catalytic enantioselective conjugate addition of cyanide to alpha,beta-unsaturated N-acylpyrroles
Mita T, Sasaki K, Kanai M, Shibasaki M
516 - 517 Enantioselective tandem Michael addition/H-2-hydrogenation catalyzed by ruthenium hydride borohydride complexes containing beta-aminophosphine ligands
Guo RW, Morris RH, Song D
518 - 519 Site-selective RNA cleavage by DNA bearing a base pair-mimic nucleoside
Nakano S, Uotani Y, Uenishi K, Fujii M, Sugimoto N
520 - 521 Changing selectivity of DNA oxidation from deoxyribose to guanine by ligand design and a new binuclear copper complex
Li L, Karlin KD, Rokita SE
522 - 523 Consecutive elongation of alanine oligopeptides at the second time range under hydrothermal conditions using a microflow reactor system
Kawamura K, Nishi T, Sakiyama T
524 - 525 Dramatic increases in the lifetime of the Er3+ ion in a molecular complex using a perfluorinated imidodiphosphinate sensitizing ligand
Mancino G, Ferguson AJ, Beeby A, Long NJ, Jones TS
526 - 527 Mirror "base-off" conformation of coenzyme B-12 in human adenosyltransferase and its downstream target, methylmalonyl-CoA mutase
Yamanishi M, Labunska T, Banerjee R
528 - 529 Rational synthesis of contra-thermodynamic spiroacetals by reductive cyclizations
Takaoka LR, Buckmelter AJ, LaCruz TE, Rychnovsky SD
530 - 531 Peroxotungstate immobilized on ionic liquid-modified silica as a heterogeneous epoxidation catalyst with hydrogen peroxide
Yamaguchi K, Yoshida C, Uchida S, Mizuno N
532 - 533 Biosynthesis of iso-fatty acids in myxobacteria: Iso-even fatty acids are derived by alpha-oxidation from iso-odd fatty acids
Bode HB, Dickschat JS, Kroppenstedt RM, Schulz S, Muller R
534 - 535 Helicity induction and two-photon absorbance enhancement in zinc(II) meso-meso linked porphyrin oligomers via intermolecular hydrogen bonding interactions
Ikeda C, Yoon ZS, Park M, Inoue H, Kim D, Osuka A
536 - 537 A crystallographic investigation of phosphoantigen binding to isopentenyl pyrophosphate/dimethylallyl pyrophosphate isomerase
Wouters J, Yin FL, Song YC, Zhang YH, Oudjama Y, Stalon V, Droogmans L, Morita CT, Oldfield E
538 - 539 A dimerization "switch" in the internalization mechanism of a cell-penetrating peptide
Moss JA, Lillo A, Kim YS, Gao CS, Ditzel H, Janda KD
540 - 541 Ca2+- and Ba2+-selective receptors based on site-selective transmetalation of multinuclear polyoxime-zinc(II) complexes
Akine S, Taniguchi T, Saiki T, Nabeshima T
542 - 543 Symmetry-based Si-29 dipolar recoupling magic angle spinning NMR spectroscopy: A new method for investigating three-dimensional structures of zeolite frameworks
Brouwer DH, Kristiansen PE, Fyfe CA, Levitt MH
544 - 546 Synthesis and characterization of Co/CdSe core/shell nanocomposites: Bifunctional magnetic-optical nanocrystals
Kim H, Achermann M, Balet LP, Hollingsworth JA, Klimov VI
547 - 553 Chain-length-dependent helical motifs and self-association of beta-peptides with constrained side chains
Hetenyi A, Mandity IM, Martinek TA, Toth GK, Fulop F
554 - 558 Synthesis of postulated molecular probes: Stereoselective free-radical-mediated C-glycosylation in tandem with hydrogen transfer
Guindon Y, Bencheqroun M, Bouzide A
559 - 566 Synthesis and characterization of dimaleimide fluorogens designed for specific labeling of proteins
Girouard S, Houle MH, Grandbois A, Keillor JW, Michnick SW
567 - 575 Interaction between the type-3 copper protein tyrosinase and the substrate analogue p-nitrophenol studied by NMR
Tepper AWJW, Bubacco L, Canters GW
576 - 592 Structural and oxidation-state changes at its nonstandard Ni-Fe site during activation of the NAD-reducing hydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha detected by X-ray absorption, EPR, and FTIR spectroscopy
Burgdorf T, Loscher S, Liebisch P, Van der Linden E, Galander M, Lendzian F, Meyer-Klaucke W, Albracht SPJ, Friedrich B, Dau H, Haumann M
593 - 604 Structure and properties of high stability geminal dicationic ionic liquids
Anderson JL, Ding RF, Ellern A, Armstrong DW
605 - 613 Cp*RuCl-catalyzed [2+2+2] cycloadditions of alpha,omega-diynes with electron-deficient carbon-heteroatom multiple bonds leading to heterocycles
Yamamoto Y, Kinpara K, Saigoku F, Takagishi H, Okuda S, Nishiyama H, Itoh K
614 - 618 Indolo[3,2-b]carbazole-based thin-film transistors with high mobility and stability
Wu YL, Li YN, Gardner S, Ong BS
619 - 625 Discotic liquid crystalline poly(propylene imine) dendrimers based on triphenylene
McKenna MD, Barbera J, Marcos M, Serrano JL
626 - 635 Kinetics of acid-induced spectral changes in the GFPmut2 chromophore
Abbruzzetti S, Grandi E, Viappiani C, Bologna S, Campanini B, Raboni S, Bettati S, Mozzarelli A
636 - 642 Dynamic assessment of bilayer thickness by varying phospholipid and hydraphile synthetic channel chain lengths
Weber ME, Schlesinger PH, Gokel GW
643 - 656 Synthesis and characterization of scandium silyl complexes of the type CP*2ScSiHRR'. sigma-Bond metathesis reactions and catalytic dehydrogenative silation of hydrocarbons
Sadow AD, Tilley TD
657 - 666 Supramolecular aggregates constructed from gold nanoparticles and L-Try-CD polypseudorotaxanes as captors for fullerenes
Liu Y, Wang H, Chen Y, Ke CF, Liu M
667 - 674 Metal and ligand K-Edge XAS of organotitanium complexes: Metal 4p and 3d contributions to pre-edge intensity and their contributions to bonding
George SD, Brant P, Solomon EI
675 - 681 Effect of explicit cationic size and valence constraints on the phase stability of 1 : 2 B-Site-ordered perovskite ruthenates
Rijssenbeek JT, Saito T, Malo S, Masaki AT, Takano M, Poeppellmeier KR
682 - 689 Molecular spectroscopy of uranium(IV) bis(ketimido) complexes. Rare observation of resonance-enhanced Raman scattering from organoactinide complexes and evidence for broken-symmetry excited states
Da Re RE, Jantunen KC, Golden JT, Kiplinger JL, Morris DE
690 - 698 Trimer based polarization as a multibody molecular model. Application to hydrogen fluoride
Wierzchowski SJ, Kofke DA
699 - 706 Valence and dipole-bound anions of the most stable tautomers of guanine
Haranczyk M, Gutowski M
707 - 712 Intrinsic folding of small peptide chains: Spectroscopic evidence for the formation of beta-turns in the gas phase
Chin W, Dognon JP, Piuzzi F, Tardivel B, Dimicoli I, Mons M
713 - 721 Off-resonance R1(p) NMR studies of exchange dynamics in proteins with low spin-lock fields: An application to a fyn SH3 domain
Korzhnev DM, Orekhov VY, Kay LE
722 - 731 Mechanism of aerobic decomposition of Angeli's salt (sodium trioxodinitrate) at physiological pH
Miranda KM, Dutton AS, Ridnour LA, Foreman CA, Ford E, Paolocci N, Katori T, Tocchetti CG, Mancardi D, Thomas DD, Espey MG, Houk KN, Fukuto JM, Wink DA
732 - 741 Relationship between charge-transfer interactions, redox potentials, and catalysis for different forms of the flavoprotein component of p-cresol methylhydroxylase
Efimov I, McIntire WS
742 - 750 Extending the language of DNA molecular recognition by polyamides: Unexpected influence of imidazole and pyrrole arrangment on binding affinity and specificity
Buchmueller KL, Staples AM, Howard CM, Horick SM, Uthe PB, Le NM, Cox KK, Nguyen B, Pacheco KAO, Wilson WD, Lee M
751 - 760 Ionic liquid-promoted, highly regioselective heck arylation of electron-rich olefins by aryl halides
Mo J, Xu LJ, Xiao JL
761 - 766 Catalytic [4+1] cycloaddition of alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl compounds with isocyanides
Oshita M, Yamashita K, Tobisu M, Chatani N
767 - 776 Catalytic hydroxylation of polypropylenes
Bae C, Hartwig JF, Harris NKB, Long RO, Anderson KS, Hillmyer MA
777 - 789 Probing the molecular orbitals and charge redistribution in organometallic (PP)Pd(XX) complexes. A PdK-Edge XANES study
Tromp M, van Bokhoven JA, van Strijdonck GPF, van Leeuwen PWNM, Koningsberger DC, Ramaker DE
790 - 798 Bifunctional hybrid mesoporous organoaluminosilicates with molecularly ordered ethylene groups
Xia YD, Wang WX, Mokaya R
799 - 805 Water-soluble gadofullerenes: Toward high-relaxivity, pH-responsive MRI contrast agents
Toth E, Bolskar RD, Borel A, Gonzalez G, Helm L, Merbach AE, Sitharaman B, Wilson LJ