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14682 - 14683 Catalytic signal amplification using a heck reaction. An example in the fluorescence sensing off Cu(II)
Wu QY, Anslyn EV
14684 - 14685 Complete thermal-unfolding profiles of oxidized and reduced cytochromes c
Uchiyama S, Ohshima A, Nakamura S, Hasegawa J, Terui N, Takayama SIJ, Yamamoto Y, Sambongi Y, Kobayashi Y
14686 - 14687 Two-state folding observed in individual protein molecules
Rhoades E, Cohen M, Schuler B, Haran G
14688 - 14689 Dinitrogen activation by titanium sandwich complexes
Hanna TE, Lobkovsky E, Chirik PJ
14690 - 14691 Stretched poly(dimethylsiloxane) gels as NMR alignment media for apolar and weakly polar organic solvents: An ideal tool for measuring RDCs at low molecular concentrations
Freudenberger JC, Spiteller P, Bauer R, Kessler H, Luy T
14692 - 14693 Bistability and the phase transition in 1,3,2-dithiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazin-2-yl
Brusso JL, Clements OP, Haddon RC, Itkis ME, Leitch AA, Oakley RT, Reed RW, Richardson JF
14694 - 14695 Not ions alone: Barriers to ion permeation in nanopores and channels
Beckstein O, Tai K, Sansom MSP
14696 - 14697 In situ duel-beam coincidence second harmonic generation as a probe of spatially resolved dynamics at electrochemical interfaces
Pozniak B, Scherson DA
14698 - 14699 OMP decarboxylase: An experimental test of electrostatic destabilization of the enzyme-substrate complex
Callahan BP, Wolfenden R
14700 - 14701 Formation of benzynes from 2,6-dihaloaryllithiums: Mechanistic basis of the regioselectivity
Ramirez A, Candler J, Bashore CG, Wirtz MC, Coe JW, Collum DB
14702 - 14703 Cation pool-initiated controlled/living polymerization using microsystems
Nagaki A, Kawamura K, Suga S, Ando T, Sawamoto M, Yoshida J
14704 - 14705 Nickel(II)-catalyzed highly enantioselective hydrophosphination of methacrylonitrile
Sadow AD, Haller I, Fadini L, Togni A
14706 - 14707 Molecule-bridged mixed-velent intermediates involving the Ru-1 oxidation state
Sarkar B, Kaim W, Fiedler J, Duboc C
14708 - 14709 Ordered mesoporous ceramics stable up to 1500 degrees C from diblock copolymer mesophases
Kamperman M, Garcia CBW, Du P, Ow HS, Wiesner U
14710 - 14711 Acidity of secondary hydroxyls in ATP and adenosine analogues and the question of a 2',3'-hydrogen bond in ribonucleosides
Astrom H, Limen E, Stromberg R
14712 - 14713 Ethylene tetramerization: A new route to produce 1-octene in exceptionally high selectivities
Bollmann A, Blann K, Dixon JT, Hess FM, Killian E, Maumela H, McGuinness DS, Morgan DH, Neveling A, Otto S, Overett M, Slawin AMZ, Wasserscheid P, Kuhlmann S
14714 - 14715 Structural models of the bimetallic subunit at the A-cluster of acetyl coenzyme A synthase/CO dehydrogenase: Binuclear sulfur-bridged Ni-Cu and Ni-Ni complexes and their reactions with CO
Harrop TC, Olmstead MM, Mascharak PK
14716 - 14717 Design of catalytic carbonylative polymerizations of heterocycles. Synthesis of polyesters and amphiphilic poly(amide-block-ester)s
Liu GS, Jia L
14718 - 14719 Bromoporphyrins as versatile synthons for modular construction of chiral porphyrins: Cobalt-catalyzed highly enantioselective and diastereoselective cyclopropanation
Chen Y, Fields KB, Zhang XP
14720 - 14721 Total synthesis off kendomycin: A macro- C-glycosidation approach
Yuan Y, Men HB, Lee CB
14722 - 14723 A trimeric HIV-1 fusion peptide construct which does not self-associate in aqueous solution end which Has 15-fold higher membrane fusion rate
Yang R, Prorok M, Castellino FJ, Weliky DP
14724 - 14725 Enantioselective formal hydration of alpha,beta-unsaturated imides by Al-catalyzed conjugate addition of oxime nucleophiles
Vanderwall CD, Jacobsen EN
14726 - 14727 Gas-phase IR spectroscopy of anionic iron carbonyl clusters
Moore DT, Oomens J, Eyler JR, Meijer G, von Helden G, Ridge DP
14728 - 14729 Tuning the DNA reactivity of cis-platinum: Conjugation to a mismatch-specific metallointercalator
Petitjean A, Barton JK
14730 - 14731 Chemoselective attachment of biologically active proteins to surfaces by expressed protein ligation and its application for "protein chip" fabrication
Camarero JA, Kwon Y, Coleman MA
14732 - 14733 Photostimulated hole transport through a DNA duplex immobilized on a gold electrode
Okamoto A, Kamei T, Tanaka K, Saito I
14734 - 14735 Effects of H2O and D2O polyproline lane II helical structure
Chellgren BW, Creamer TP
14736 - 14737 Enantioselective sensing of chiral carboxylic acids
Mei XF, Wolf C
14738 - 14739 Formation of a supramolecular hyperbranched polymer from self-organization of an AB(2) monomer containing a crown ether and two paraquat moieties
Huang FH, Gibson HW
14740 - 14745 Relationship of stereochemical and skeletal diversity of small molecules to cellular measurement space
Kim YK, Arai MA, Arai T, Lamenzo JO, Dean EF, Patterson N, Clemons PA, Schreiber SL
14746 - 14751 Probing molecular interfaces using 2D magic-angle-spinning NMR on protein mixtures with different uniform labeling
Etzkorn M, Bockmann A, Lange A, Baldus M
14752 - 14757 Kinetic studies of AMP-dependent phosphorolysis of amylopectin catalyzed by phosphorylase b on a 27 MHz quartz-crystal microbalance
Nishino H, Murakawa A, Mori T, Okahata Y
14758 - 14763 HIV fusion inhibitor peptide T-1249 is able to insert or adsorb to lipidic bilayers. Putative correlation with improved efficiency
Veiga AS, Santos NC, Loura LMS, Fedorov A, Castanho MARB
14764 - 14772 Dynamics and mechanisms of the multiphoton gated photochromic reaction of diarylethene derivatives
Murakami M, Miyasaka H, Okada T, Kobatake S, Irie M
14773 - 14777 Recognition-induced transformation of microspheres into vesicles: Morphology and size control
Uzun O, Sanyal A, Nakade H, Thibault RJ, Rotello VM
14778 - 14786 Crankshaft motion in a highly congested bis(triarylmethyl)peroxide
Khuong TAV, Zepeda G, Sanrame CN, Dang H, Bartberger MD, Houk KN, Garcia-Garibay MA
14787 - 14795 Why are proton transfers at carbon slow? Self-exchange reactions
Costentin C, Saveant JM
14796 - 14803 The mechanism of aluminum-catalyzed Meerwein-Schmidt-Ponndorf-Verley reduction of carbonyls to alcohols
Cohen R, Graves CR, Nguyen SBT, Martin JML, Ratner MA
14804 - 14815 Synthesis and reactivity of the hydrido- and alkylrhenium methylidene complexes Cp*(PMe3)(2)(R)Re=CH2 (R = H, CH3)
Krumper JR, Martin RL, Hay PJ, Yung CM, Veltheer J, Bergman RG
14816 - 14821 Perfect orientation ordered in-situ one-dimensional self-assembly of Mn-doped PbSe nanocrystals
Lu WG, Gao PX, Bin Jian W, Wang ZL, Fang JY
14822 - 14831 Strong electronic coupling between dimolybdenum units linked by the N,N'-dimethyloxamidate anion in a molecule having a heteronaphthalene-like structure
Cotton FA, Liu CY, Murillo CA, Villagran D, Wang XP
14832 - 14842 "Inverse-electron-demand" ligand substitution: Experimental and computational insights into olefin exchange at palladium(0)
Popp BV, Thorman JL, Morales CM, Landis CR, Stahl SS
14843 - 14849 Digital photoswitching of fluorescence based on the photochromism of diarylethene derivatives at a single-molecule level
Fukaminato T, Sasaki T, Kawai T, Tamai N, Irie M
14850 - 14857 Selective dispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes in the presence of polymers: the role of molecular and colloidal length scales
Shvartzman-Cohen R, Nativ-Roth E, Baskaran E, Levi-Kalisman Y, Szleifer I, Yerushalmi-Rozen R
14858 - 14864 Marked effect of aromatic solvent on unfolding rate of helical ethynylhelicene oligomer
Sugiura H, Nigorikawa Y, Saiki Y, Nakamura K, Yamaguchi M
14865 - 14870 Foliacenes: Ab initio modeling of metallocomplexes exhibiting a unique form of 16-electron, metal-induced aromaticity
Hutchison JR, Rzepa HS
14871 - 14878 Properties of fullerene[50] and D-5h decachlorofullerene[50]: A computational study
Lu X, Chen ZF, Thiel W, Schleyer PV, Huang RB, Zheng LS
14879 - 14889 Catalytic mechanism of yeast cytosine deaminase: An ONIOM computational study
Sklenak S, Yao LS, Cukier RI, Yan HG
14890 - 14898 What makes the trifluoride anion F-3(-) so special? A breathing-orbital valence bond ab initio study
Braida B, Hiberty PC
14899 - 14909 Electrochemical potential-step investigations of the aerobic interconversions of [NiFe]-hydrogenase from Allochromatium vinosum: Insights into the puzzling difference between unready and ready oxidized inactive states
Lamle SE, Albracht SPJ, Armstrong FA
14910 - 14920 Redox inactivation of human 15-lipoxygenase by marine-derived meroditerpenes and synthetic chromanes: Archetypes for a unique class of selective and recyclable inhibitors
Cichewicz RH, Kenyon VA, Whitman S, Morales NM, Arguello JF, Holman TR, Crews P
14921 - 14929 FeCl3-activated oxidation of alkanes by [Os(N)O3](-)
Yiu SM, Wu ZB, Mak CK, Lau TC
14930 - 14934 Direct chemical synthesis of the beta-D-mannans: The beta-(1 -> 2) end beta-(1 -> 4) series
Crich D, Banerjee A, Yao QJ
14935 - 14942 Synthesis of Eu3+-doped core and core/shell nanoparticles and direct spectroscopic identification of dopant sites at the surface and in the interior of the particles
Lehmann O, Kompe K, Haase M
14943 - 14949 Highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells with a titania thin-film electrode composed of a network structure of single-crystal-like TiO2 nanowires made by the "oriented attachment" mechanism
Adachi M, Murata Y, Takao J, Jiu JT, Sakamoto M, Wang FM
14950 - 14959 Hypervalency avoided: Simple substituted BrF3 and BrF5 molecules. Structures, thermochemistry, and electron affinities of the bromine hydrogen fluorides HBrF2 and HBrF4
Li QS, Gong LF, Xie YM, Schaefer HF
14960 - 14963 Site-isolation effects in a dendritic nickel catalyst for the oligomerization of ethylene
Muller C, Ackerman LJ, Reek JNH, Kamer PCJ, van Leeuwen PWNM
14964 - 14971 Luminescence quenching of a phosphorescent conjugated polyelectrolyte
Haskins-Glusac K, Pinto MR, Tan CY, Schanze KS
14972 - 14978 Supramolecular polymer formation by metal-ligand complexation: Monte Carlo simulations and analytical modeling
Chen CC, Dormidontova EE
14979 - 14987 Kinetics of radical heterolysis reactions forming alkene radical cations
Horner JH, Bagnol L, Newcomb M
14988 - 14994 Enantioselective separation on a naturally chiral surface
Horvath JD, Koritnik A, Kamakoti P, Sholl DS, Gellman AJ
14995 - 14995 Perturbation of conjugation in allylic lithium compounds due to stereochemical control of internal lithium coordination: Crystallography, NMR, and calculational studies (vol 125, pg 3983, 2004)
Fraenkel G, Chow A, Fleischer R, Liu H
14996 - 14996 CrystalMaker 6.3.