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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.126, No.24 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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7414 - 7415 Decomposition of a key intermediate in ruthenium-catalyzed olefin metathesis reactions
Hong SH, Day MW, Grubbs RH
7416 - 7417 Oligoacenes: Theoretical prediction of open-shell singlet diradical ground states
Bendikov M, Duong HM, Starkey K, Houk KN, Carter EA, Wudl F
7418 - 7419 Proper and improper hydrogen bonds in metalloorganic crystal architecture: Experimental evidence in [COCp2](+) and [FeCp2](+) salts
Diana E, Stanghellini PL
7420 - 7421 Extreme stability of an unsolvated alpha-helix
Kohtani M, Jones TC, Schneider JE, Jarrold MF
7422 - 7423 New poly(D-glucaramidoamine)s induce DNA nanoparticle formation and efficient gene delivery into mammalian cells
Liu YM, Wenning L, Lynch M, Reineke TM
7424 - 7425 A functionalized, deep cavitand catalyzes the aminolysis of a choline derivative
Gissot A, Rebek J
7426 - 7427 Expeditious assembly of mesoscopic metallocycles
Jiang H, Lin WB
7428 - 7429 Density functional theory calculation of indirect nuclear magnetic resonance spin-spin coupling constants in C-70
Peralta JE, Barone V, Scuseria GE, Contreras RH
7430 - 7431 Catalytic beacons for the detection of DNA and telomerase activity
Xiao Y, Pavlov V, Niazov T, Dishon A, Kotler M, Willner I
7432 - 7433 Stepwise photocleavage of two C-O bonds of 1,8-bis[(4-benzoylphenoxy)-methyl]naphthalene with three-step excitation using three-color, three-laser flash photolysis
Cai XC, Sakamoto M, Hara M, Tojo S, Ouchi A, Kawai K, Endo M, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
7434 - 7435 Electrochemical control of CO/NO ligand exchange in a triruthenium cluster monolayer assembled on a gold electrode surface
Ye S, Zhou W, Abe M, Nishida T, Cui LF, Uosaki K, Osawa M, Sasaki Y
7436 - 7437 Precursor-directed biosynthesis of epothilone in Escherichia coli
Boddy CN, Hotta K, Tse ML, Watts RE, Khosla C
7438 - 7439 Inclusion-water-cluster in a three-dimensional superlattice of gold nanoparticles
Wang SH, Yao H, Sato S, Kimura K
7440 - 7441 Unusual mesoporous SBA-15 with parallel channels running along the short axis
Zhang H, Sun JM, Ma D, Bao XH, Klein-Hoffmann A, Weinberg G, Su DS, Schlogl R
7442 - 7443 Silver-catalyzed [2+2] cycloadditions of siloxy alkynes
Sweis RF, Schramm MP, Kozmin SA
7444 - 7445 Ketone deprotonation mediated by mono- and heterobimetallic alkali and alkaline earth metal amide bases: Structural characterization of potassium, calcium, and mixed potassium-calcium enolates
He XY, Noll BC, Beatty A, Mulvey RE, Henderson KW
7446 - 7447 Effect of chemical oxidation on the self-assembly of organometallic block copolymers
Eitouni HB, Balsara NP
7448 - 7449 Conversion of Aquifex aeolicus 3-Deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate 8-phosphate synthase, a metalloenzyme, into a nonmetalloenzyme
Li JJ, Wu J, Fleischhacker AS, Woodard RW
7450 - 7451 Direct coupling of indoles with carbonyl compounds: Short, enantioselective, gram-scale synthetic entry into the hapalindole and fischerindole alkaloid families
Baran PS, Richter JM
7452 - 7453 Functional mimicry of the active site of carboxypeptidase A by a molecular imprinting strategy: Cooperativity of an amidinium and a copper ion in a transition-state imprinted cavity giving rise to high catalytic activity
Liu JQ, Wulff G
7454 - 7455 Fiber recruiting peptides: Noncovalent decoration of an engineered protein scaffold
Ryadnov MG, Woolfson DN
7456 - 7457 Synthesis of square gadolinium-oxide nanoplates
Cao YC
7458 - 7459 AuBr3-catalyzed [4+2] benzannulation between an enynal unit and enol
Asao N, Aikawa H, Yamamoto Y
7460 - 7461 Pd-catalyzed alkyl to aryl migration and cyclization: An efficient synthesis of fused polycycles via multiple C-H activation
Huang QH, Fazio A, Dai GX, Campo MA, Larock RC
7462 - 7463 Dissecting ramoplanin: Mechanistic analysis of synthetic ramoplanin analogues as a guide to the design of improved antibiotics
Chen L, Yuan YQ, Helm JS, Hu YN, Rew Y, Shin DW, Boger DL, Walker S
7464 - 7475 Alanine racemase free energy profiles from global analyses of progress curves
Spies MA, Woodward JJ, Watnik MR, Toney MD
7476 - 7485 Homo-N-oligonucleotides (N1/N9-C1' methylene bridge oligonucleotides): Nucleic acids with left-handed helicity
Ishiyama K, Smyth GE, Ueda T, Masutomi Y, Ohgi T, Yano J
7486 - 7495 Single crystal X- and Q-band EPR spectroscopy of a binuclear Mn2(III,IV) complex relevant to the oxygen-evolving complex of photosystem II
Yano J, Sauer K, Girerd JJ, Yachandra VK
7496 - 7503 Partitioning of dual-lipidated peptides into membrane microdomains: Lipid sorting vs peptide aggregation
Janosch S, Nicolini C, Ludolph B, Peters C, Volkert M, Hazlet TL, Gratton E, Waldmann H, Winter R
7504 - 7513 Hybrid QM/MM study of thio effects in transphosphorylation reactions: The role of solvation
Gregersen BA, Lopez X, York DM
7514 - 7521 Determination of the absolute configuration of [3(2)](1,4) barrelenophanedicarbonitrile using concerted time-dependent density functional theory calculations of optical rotation and electronic circular dichroism
Stephens PJ, McCann DM, Devlin FJ, Cheeseman JR, Frisch MJ
7522 - 7532 Self-assembling peptide as a potential carrier of hydrophobic compounds
Keyes-Baig C, Duhamel J, Fung SY, Bezaire J, Chen P
7533 - 7539 Supramolecular assemblies of nucleoside phosphocholine amphiphiles
Moreau L, Barthelemy P, El Maataoui M, Grinstaff MW
7540 - 7547 Synthesis of a malaria candidate glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) structure: A strategy for fully inositol acylated and phosphorylated GPIs
Lu J, Jayaprakash KN, Schlueter U, Fraser-Reid B
7548 - 7558 Elimination-addition mechanism for nucleophilic substitution reaction of cyclohexenyl iodonium salts and regioselectivity of nucleophilic addition to the cyclohexyne intermediate
Fujita M, Kim WH, Sakanishi Y, Fujiwara K, Hirayama S, Okuyama T, Ohki Y, Tatsumi K, Yoshioka Y
7559 - 7570 Catalytic asymmetric 1,4-addition reactions using alpha,beta-unsaturated N-acylpyrroles as highly reactive monodentate alpha,beta-unsaturated ester surrogates
Matsunaga S, Kinoshita T, Okada S, Harada S, Shibasaki M
7571 - 7577 Water adducts of BX3 and CX3+: Implications for structure, bonding, and reactivity
Krossing I, Raabe I
7578 - 7584 Chemistry of the t-butoxyl radical: Evidence that most hydrogen abstractions from carbon are entropy-controlled
Finn M, Friedline R, Suleman NK, Wohl CJ, Tanko JM
7585 - 7594 Scandium ion-promoted photoinduced electron transfer from electron donors to acridine and pyrene. Essential role of scandium ion in photocatalytic oxygenation of hexamethyl benzene
Fukuzumi S, Yuasa J, Satoh N, Suenobu T
7595 - 7600 Reaction of organosilicon hydrides with solid surfaces: An example of surface-catalyzed self-assembly
Helmy R, Wenslow RW, Fadeev AY
7601 - 7607 Rhodium-catalyzed cycloisomerization of 1,6-enynes with an intramolecular halogen shift: Reaction scope and mechanism
Tong XF, Li D, Zhang ZG, Zhang XM
7608 - 7618 Electrodeless determination of the trap density, decay kinetics, and charge separation efficiency of dye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2
Kroeze JE, Savenije TJ, Warman JM
7619 - 7626 Iridium luminophore complexes for unimolecular oxygen sensors
DeRosa MC, Hodgson DJ, Enright GD, Dawson B, Evans CEB, Crutchley RJ
7627 - 7638 Electronic structure control of the nucleophilicity of transition metal-thiolate complexes: An experimental and theoretical study
Fox DC, Fiedler AT, Halfen HL, Brunold TC, Halfen JA
7639 - 7651 Structural and spectroscopic studies on Pt center dot center dot center dot Pt and pi-pi interactions in luminescent multinuclear cyclometalated platinum(II) homologues tethered by oligophosphine auxiliaries
Lu W, Chan MCW, Zhu NY, Che CM, Li CN, Hui Z
7652 - 7664 Mixed quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical (QM/MM) study of the deacylation reaction in a penicillin binding protein (PBP) versus in a class C beta-lactamase
Gherman BF, Goldberg SD, Cornish VW, Friesner RA
7665 - 7675 Probe-induced native oxide decomposition and localized oxidation on 6H-SiC (0001) surface: An atomic force microscopy investigation
Xie XN, Chung HJ, Xu H, Xu X, Sow CH, Wee ATS
7676 - 7682 Electrochemical catalysis of styrene epoxidation with films of MnO2 nanoparticles and H2O2
Espinal L, Suib SL, Rusling JF
7683 - 7689 Standard free energy of releasing a localized water molecule from the binding pockets of proteins: Double-decoupling method
Hamelberg D, McCammon JA
7690 - 7697 Substituent effects in pi-pi interactions: Sandwich and T-shaped configurations
Sinnokrot MO, Sherrill CD
7698 - 7708 Adsorption and reactions of C-6 hydrocarbons at high pressures on Pt(111) single-crystal surfaces studied by sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy: Mechanisms of isomerization and dehydrocyclization of n-hexane
Yang M, Somorjai GA
7709 - 7717 Is there hydrogen scrambling in the gas phase? Energetic and structural determinants of proton mobility within protein ions
Hoerner JK, Xiao H, Dobo A, Kaltashov IA
7718 - 7727 Carbazole compounds as host materials for triplet emitters in organic light-emitting diodes: Polymer hosts for high-efficiency light-emitting diodes
van Dijken A, Bastiaansen JJAM, Kiggen NMM, Langeveld BMW, Rothe C, Monkman A, Bach I, Stossel P, Brunner K