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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.126, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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4748 - 4749 Segment dynamics in thin polystyrene films probed by single-molecule optics
Tomczak N, Vallee RAL, van Dijk EMHP, Kuipers L, van Hulst NF, Vancso GJ
4750 - 4751 Glycodendriproteins: A synthetic glycoprotein mimic enzyme with branched sugar-display potently inhibits bacterial aggregation
Rendle PM, Seger A, Rodrigues J, Oldham NJ, Bott RR, Jones JB, Cowan MM, Davis BG
4752 - 4753 Sensing of aqueous phosphates by polymers with dual modes of signal transduction
Aldakov D, Anzenbacher P
4754 - 4755 Estrogen receptor microarrays: Subtype-selective ligand binding
Kim SH, Tamrazi A, Carlson KE, Daniels JR, Lee IY, Katzenellenbogen JA
4756 - 4757 Probing local and long-range structure simultaneously: An in situ study of the high-temperature phase transition of alpha-AlF3
Chupas PJ, Chaudhuri S, Hanson JC, Qiu XY, Lee PL, Shastri SD, Billinge SJL, Grey CP
4758 - 4759 Cyclobutadiene dianions consisting of heavier group 14 elements: Synthesis and characterization
Lee VY, Takanashi K, Matsuno T, Ichinohe M, Sekiguchi A
4760 - 4761 C-C bond cleavage of acetonitrile by a dinuclear copper(II) cryptate
Lu TB, Zhuang XM, Li YW, Chen S
4762 - 4763 5'-Tethered stilbene derivatives as fidelity- and affinity-enhancing modulators of DNA duplex stability
Dogan Z, Paulini R, Stutz JAR, Narayanan S, Richert C
4764 - 4765 Low-power high-resolution solid-state NMR of peptides and proteins
Ernst M, Meier MA, Tuherm T, Samoson A, Meier BH
4766 - 4767 Single-molecule magnets: A Mn-25 complex with a record S=51/2 spin for a molecular species
Murugesu M, Habrych M, Wernsdorfer W, Abboud KA, Christou G
4768 - 4769 Flux growth of hexagonal bipyramidal ruby crystals
Oishi S, Teshima K, Kondot H
4770 - 4771 Enzymatic nanolithography of a self-assembled oligonucleotide monolayer on gold
Hyun J, Kim J, Craig SL, Chilkoti A
4772 - 4773 Superoxide reactivity of KatG: Insights into isoniazid resistance pathways in TB
Ghiladi RA, Cabelli DE, de Montellano PRO
4774 - 4775 Inhibition of the proteolytic activity of anthrax lethal factor by aminoglycosides
Lee LV, Bower KE, Liang FS, Shi J, Wu D, Sucheck SJ, Vogt PK, Wong CH
4776 - 4777 Molecular sieving MFI-type zeolite membranes for pervaporation separation of xylene isomers
Yuan WH, Lin YS, Yang WS
4778 - 4779 Tunneling and coupled motion in the Escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase catalysis
Sikorski RS, Wang L, Markham KA, Rajagopalan PTR, Benkovic SJ, Kohen A
4780 - 4781 Reactions of nitric oxide with a low-spin Fe(III) center ligated to a tetradentate dicarboxamide N-4 ligand: Parallels between heme and non-heme systems
Patra AK, Rose MJ, Olmstead MM, Mascharak PK
4782 - 4783 Efficient degradation of toxic organic pollutants with Ni2O3/TiO2-xBx under visible irradiation
Zhao W, Ma WH, Chen CC, Zhao JC, Shuai ZG
4784 - 4785 [((Pr3P)-Pr-i)(6)Rh6H12](2+): A high-hydride content octahedron that bridges the gap between late and early transition metal clusters
Ingleson MJ, Mahon MF, Raithby PR, Weller AS
4786 - 4787 Determination of protein-ligand association thermochemistry using variable-temperature nanoelectrospray mass spectrometry
Daneshfar R, Kitova EN, Klassen JS
4788 - 4789 Characterization of the pH-dependent resonance Raman transitions of archaeal and bacterial Rieske [2Fe-2S] proteins
Iwasaki T, Kounosu A, Kolling DRJ, Crofts AR, Dikanov SA, Jin A, Imai T, Urushiyama A
4790 - 4791 Direct organocatalytic asymmetric alpha-chlorination of aldehydes
Halland N, Braunton A, Bachmann S, Marigo M, Jorgensen KA
4792 - 4793 Facile oxidative addition of N-C and N-H bonds to monovalent rhodium and iridium
Ozerov OV, Guo CY, Papkov VA, Foxman BM
4794 - 4795 Symbioimine exhibiting inhibitory effect of osteoclast differentiation, from the symbiotic marine dinoflagellate Symbiodinium sp.
Kita M, Kondo M, Koyama T, Yamada K, Matsumoto T, Lee KH, Woo JT, Uemura D
4796 - 4797 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surface from a supramolecular organosilane with quadruple hydrogen bonding
Han JT, Lee DH, Ryu CY, Cho KW
4798 - 4799 [Me2NN]Co(eta(6)-toluene): O = O, N = N, and O = N bond cleavage provides, beta-diketiminato cobalt mu-oxo and imido complexes
Dai XL, Kapoor P, Warren TH
4800 - 4802 Enantioselective and structure-selective Diels-Alder reactions of unsymmetrical quinones catalyzed by a chiral oxazaborolidinium cation. Predictive selection rules
Ryu DH, Zhou G, Corey EJ
4803 - 4811 Photonic switching of photoinduced electron transfer in a dihydropyrene-porphyrin-fullerene molecular triad
Liddell PA, Kodis G, Andreasson J, de la Garza L, Bandyopadhyay S, Mitchell RH, Moore TA, Moore AL, Gust D
4812 - 4819 Carbohydrate chips for studying high-throughput carbohydrate-protein interactions
Park S, Lee MR, Pyo SJ, Shin I
4820 - 4827 Pyrene-labeled base-discriminating fluorescent DNA probes for homogeneous SNP typing
Okamoto A, Kanatani K, Saito I
4828 - 4842 alpha-turn mimetics: short peptide alpha-Helices composed of cyclic metallopentapeptide modules
Kelso MJ, Beyer RL, Hoangt HN, Lakdawala AS, Snyder JP, Oliver WV, Robertson TA, Appleton TG, Fairlie DP
4843 - 4853 [CpRu((R)-Binop-F)(H2O)][SbF6], a new fluxional chiral lewis acid catalyst: Synthesis, dynamic NMR, asymmetric catalysis, and theoretical studies
Alezra V, Bernardinelli G, Corminboeuf C, Frey U, Kundig EP, Merbach AE, Saudan CM, Viton F, Weber J
4854 - 4858 Nano-architectural silica thin films with two-dimensionally connected cagelike pores synthesized from vapor phase
Tanaka S, Nishiyama N, Oku Y, Egashira Y, Ueyama K
4859 - 4864 Asymmetric synthesis of 2,3-dihydrofurans and of unsaturated bicyclic tetrahydrofurans through alpha-elimination and migratory cyclization of silyloxy alkenyl aminosulfoxonium salts. Generation and intramolecular O,Si-bond insertion of chiral disubstituted beta-silyloxy alkylidene carbenes
Gais HJ, Reddy LR, Babu GS, Raabe G
4865 - 4875 Fluoride-promoted cross-coupling reactions of alkenylsilanols. Elucidation of the mechanism through spectroscopic and kinetic analysis
Denmark SE, Sweis RF, Wehrli D
4876 - 4882 Cross-coupling reactions of alkenylsilanolates. Investigation of the mechanism and identification of key intermediates through kinetic analysis
Denmark SE, Sweis RF
4883 - 4887 Characterization of Ce@C-82 and its anion
Wakahara T, Kobayashi J, Yamada M, Maeda Y, Tsuchiya T, Okamura M, Akasaka T, Waelchli M, Kobayashi K, Nagase S, Kato T, Kako M, Yamamoto K, Kadish KM
4888 - 4896 Engineering of highly luminescent lanthanide tags suitable for protein labeling and time-resolved luminescence imaging
Weibel N, Charbonniere LJ, Guardigli M, Roda A, Ziessel R
4897 - 4906 ansa-zirconocene ester enolates: Synthesis, structure, reaction with organo-Lewis acids, and application to polymerization of methacrylates
Bolig AD, Chen EYX
4907 - 4920 Anisotropic small amplitude peptide plane dynamics in proteins from residual dipolar couplings
Bernado P, Blackledge M
4921 - 4925 Line narrowing in methyl-TROSY using zero-quantum H-1-C-13 NMR spectroscopy
Tugarinov V, Sprangers R, Kay LE
4926 - 4933 The complete V-51 MAS NMR spectrum of surface vanadia nanoparticles on anatase (TiO2): Vanadia surface structure of a DeNO(x) catalyst
Nielsen UG, Topsoe NY, Brorson M, Skibsted J, Jakobsen HJ
4934 - 4942 Electrocatalytic reductions of nitrite, nitric oxide, and nitrous oxide by thermophilic cytochrome P450CYP119 in film-modified electrodes and an analytical comparison of its catalytic activities with myoglobin
Immoos CE, Chou J, Bayachou M, Blair E, Greaves J, Farmer PJ
4943 - 4950 Catalysis with TiO2/gold nanocomposites. Effect of metal particle size on the Fermi level equilibration
Subramanian V, Wolf EE, Kamat PV
4951 - 4957 Carbon nanotube synthesis in supercritical toluene
Lee DC, Mikulec FV, Korgel BA
4958 - 4971 Light-emitting tridentate cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes containing sigma-alkynyl auxiliaries: Tuning of photo- and electrophosphorescence
Lu W, Mi BX, Chan MCW, Hui Z, Che CM, Zhu NY, Lee ST
4972 - 4978 Dirhodium tetracarboxylate scaffolds as reversible fluorescence-based nitric oxide sensors
Hilderbrand SA, Lim MH, Lippard SJ
4979 - 4990 Solid-state NMR yields structural constraints on the V3 loop from HIV-1 Gp120 bound to the 447-52D antibody Fv fragment
Sharpe S, Kessler N, Anglister JA, Yau WM, Tycko R
4991 - 5000 Oxygen activation by the noncoupled binuclear copper site in peptidylglycine alpha-hydroxylating monooxygenase. Reaction mechanism and role of the noncoupled nature of the active site
Chen P, Solomon EI
5001 - 5007 Ellipsometric approach for the real-time detection of label-free protein adsorption by second harmonic generation
Polizzi MA, Plocinik RM, Simpson GJ
5008 - 5017 Complete relative stereochemistry of multiple stereocenters using only residual dipolar couplings
Yan JL, Delaglio F, Kaerner A, Kline AD, Mo HP, Shapiro MJ, Smitka TA, Stephenson GA, Zartler ER
5018 - 5018 Jaguar 5.5
Bachrach SM