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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.125, No.21 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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6344 - 6345 Enantioselective total synthesis of (+)-dibromophakellstatin
Poullennec KG, Romo D
6346 - 6347 Helix-sense-selective polymerization of phenylacetylene having two hydroxy groups using a chiral catalytic system
Aoki T, Kaneko T, Maruyama N, Sumi A, Takahashi M, Sato T, Teraguchi M
6348 - 6349 Reversal of the apparent regiospecificity of NAD(P)H-dependent hydride transfer: The properties of the difluoromethylene group, a carbonyl mimic
Leriche C, He XM, Chang CWT, Liu HW
6350 - 6351 pH- and thermosensitive supramolecular assembling system: Rapidly responsive properties of beta-cyclodextrin-conjugated poly(epsilon-lysine)
Choi HS, Huh KM, Ooya T, Yui N
6352 - 6353 Vanadium-binding protein in a vanadium-rich ascidian Ascidia sydneiensis samea: CW and pulsed EPR studies
Fukui K, Ueki T, Ohya H, Michibata H
6354 - 6355 Metal incorporation in modified PNA duplexes
Popescu DL, Parolin TJ, Achim C
6356 - 6357 Cationic terminal borylenes by halide abstraction: Synthesis and spectroscopic and structural characterization of an Fe=B double bond
Coombs DL, Aldridge S, Jones C, Willock DJ
6358 - 6359 Palladium- and nickel-catalyzed intramolecular cyanoboration of alkynes
Suginome M, Yamamoto A, Murakami M
6360 - 6361 Complexation promoted additions to N-benzoyliminopyridinium ylides. A novel and highly regioselective approach to polysubstituted piperidines
Legault C, Charette AB
6362 - 6363 Enantioselective synthesis of alpha-substituted ketones by asymmetric addition of chiral zinc enamides to 1-alkenes
Nakamura M, Hatakeyama T, Hara K, Nakamura E
6364 - 6365 pH-triggered strand exchange in coiled-coil heterotrimers
Schnarr NA, Kennan AJ
6366 - 6367 Catalytic alcoholysis of tetramethylsilane via Pt-mediated C-H bond activation
Heyduk AF, Labinger JA, Bercaw JE
6368 - 6369 Directed self-assembly of two kinds of nanoparticles utilizing monolayer films of diblock copolymer micelles
Sohn BH, Choi JM, Yoo SI, Yun SH, Zin WC, Jung JC, Kanehara M, Hirata T, Teranishi T
6370 - 6371 Novel rhodium-catalyzed cycloisomerization of 1,6-enynes with an intramolecular halogen shift
Tong XF, Zhang ZG, Zhang XM
6372 - 6373 A hydroacylation-triggered carbon-carbon triple bond cleavage in alkynes via retro-Mannich type fragmentation
Lee DY, Hong BS, Cho EG, Lee H, Jun CH
6374 - 6375 Gold nanoparticles as spectroscopic enhancers for in vitro studies on single viruses
Dragnea B, Chen C, Kwak ES, Stein B, Kao CC
6376 - 6377 Preparation of unidirectional end-grafted alpha-helical polypeptides by solvent quenching
Wang YL, Chang YC
6378 - 6379 Superior duplex DNA strand invasion by acridine conjugated peptide nucleic acids
Bentin T, Nielsen PE
6380 - 6381 Nucleation of one polymorph by another
Yu L
6382 - 6383 Simulation of pore formation in lipid bilayers by mechanical stress and electric fields
Tieleman DP, Leontiadou H, Mark AE, Marrink SJ
6384 - 6385 Diradical mechanism for the [2+2] cycloaddition of ethylene on Si(100) surface
Lu X
6386 - 6387 Interfacial synthesis of hollow TiO2 microspheres in ionic liquids
Nakashima T, Kimizuka N
6388 - 6390 Triflimide activation of a chiral oxazaborolidine leads to a more general catalytic system for enantioselective Diels-Alder addition
Ryu DH, Corey EJ
6391 - 6393 Exploiting amyloid fibril lamination for nanotube self-assembly
Lu K, Jacob J, Thiyagarajan P, Conticello VP, Lynn DG
6394 - 6408 Spectroscopy and bonding in side-on and end-on Cu-2(S-2) cores: Comparison to peroxide analogues
Chen P, Fujisawa K, Helton ME, Karlin KD, Solomon EI
6409 - 6421 Polyunsaturated docosahexaenoic vs docosapentaenoic acid -Differences in lipid matrix properties from the loss of one double bond
Eldho NV, Feller SE, Tristram-Nagle S, Polozov IV, Gawrisch K
6422 - 6427 Effect of 3-hydroxyproline residues on collagen stability
Jenkins CL, Bretscher LE, Guzei IA, Raines RT
6428 - 6433 Surfaces designed for charge reversal
Matthews JR, Tuncel D, Jacobs RMJ, Bain CD, Anderson HL
6434 - 6446 Metal-ligand charge-transfer-promoted photoelectronic Bergman cyclization of copper metalloenediynes: photochemical DNA cleavage via C-4' H-atom abstraction
Benites PJ, Holmberg RC, Rawat DS, Kraft BJ, Klein LJ, Peters DG, Thorp HH, Zaleski JM
6447 - 6451 Supramolecular assembly of poly(phenylene vinylene) with crown ether substituents to form nanoribbons
Luo YH, Liu HW, Xi F, Li L, Jin XG, Han CC, Chan CM
6452 - 6461 A novel family of ordered, mesoporous inorganic/organic hybrid polymers containing covalently and multiply bound microporous organic hosts
Liu CQ, Lambert JB, Fu L
6462 - 6468 New strategic reactions for organic synthesis: Catalytic asymmetric C-H activation alpha to nitrogen as a surrogate for the Mannich reaction
Davies HML, Venkataramani C, Hansen T, Hopper DW
6469 - 6477 Aminoglycoside complexation with a DNA-RNA hybrid duplex: The thermodynamics of recognition and inhibition of RNA processing enzymes
Barbieri CM, Li TK, Guo S, Wang G, Shallop AJ, Pan WD, Yang GC, Gaffney BL, Jones RA, Pilch DS
6478 - 6484 The 2-oxocyclohexanecarboxylic acid keto-enol system in aqueous solution
Chang JA, Kresge AJ, Nikolaev VA, Popik VV
6485 - 6490 A m-benzyne to o-benzyne conversion through a 1,2-shift of a phenyl group
Blake ME, Bartlett KL, Jones M
6491 - 6502 Nanoparticle-cored dendrimers: Synthesis and characterization
Gopidas KR, Whitesell JK, Fox MA
6503 - 6516 Universal iterative strategy for the divergent synthesis of dendritic macromolecules from conventional monomers by a combination of living radical polymerization and irreversible TERminator Multifunctional INItiator (TERMINI)
Percec V, Barboiu B, Grigoras C, Bera TK
6517 - 6531 Multivalent drug design. Synthesis and in vitro analysis of an array of vancomycin dimers
Griffin JH, Linsell MS, Nodwell MB, Chen QQ, Pace JL, Quast KL, Krause KM, Farrington L, Wu TX, Higgins DL, Jenkins TE, Christensen BG, Judice JK
6532 - 6546 Metallacarbenes from diazoalkanes: An experimental and computational study of the reaction mechanism
Cohen R, Rybtchinski B, Gandelman M, Rozenberg H, Martin JML, Milstein D
6547 - 6552 Spin-forbidden deprotonation of aqueous nitroxyl (HNO)
Shafirovich V, Lymar SV
6553 - 6557 Multigrarn scale synthesis and characterization of monodisperse tetragonal zirconia nanocrystals
Joo J, Yu T, Kim YW, Park HM, Wu FX, Zhang JZ, Hyeon T
6558 - 6562 Surface treatment of silicon carbide using TiO2(IV) photocatalyst
Ishikawa Y, Matsumoto Y, Nishida Y, Taniguchi S, Watanabe J
6563 - 6572 Using spin dynamics of covalently linked radical ion pairs to probe the impact of structural and energetic changes on charge recombination
Shaakov S, Galili T, Stavitski E, Levanon H, Lukas A, Wasielewski MR
6573 - 6580 Non-arrhenius behavior in the unfolding of a short, hydrophobic alpha-helix. Complementarity of molecular dynamics and lattice model simulations
Collet O, Chipot C
6581 - 6587 Infrared spectra of group 14 hydrides in solid hydrogen: Experimental observation of PbH4, Pb2H2, and Pb2H4
Wang XF, Andrews L
6588 - 6594 Characteristics of a miniature compartment-less glucose-O-2 biofuel cell and its operation in a living plant
Mano N, Mao F, Heller A
6595 - 6595 Intramolecular cycloadditions of cyclobutadiene with olefins (vol 124, pg 14748, 2002)
Limanto J, Tallarico JA, Porter JR, Khuong KS, Houk KN, Snapper ML
6595 - 6595 Layer-by-layer self-assembled chitosan/poly(thiophene-3-acetic acid) and organophosphorus hydrolase multilayers (vol 125, pg 1805, 2003)
Constantine CA, Mello SV, Dupont A, Cao XH, Santos D, Oliveira ON, Strixino FT, Pereira EC, Rastogi V, Cheng TC, DeFrank JJ, Leblanc RM