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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.124, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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3482 - 3483 Hydrogen-bond-mediated tuning of the redox potential of the non-heme Fe site of superoxide dismutase
Yikilmaz E, Xie J, Brunold TC, Miller AF
3484 - 3485 A fast and easy computational method to calculate the C-13 NMR chemical shift of organic species adsorbed on the zeolite surface
Correa RJ, Mota CJA
3486 - 3487 Heterosuperbenzenes: A new family of nitrogen-functionalized, graphitic molecules
Draper SM, Gregg DJ, Madathil R
3488 - 3489 Low-activation solid-state syntheses by reducing transport lengths to atomic scales as demonstrated by case studies on AgNO3 and AgO
Fischer D, Jansen M
3490 - 3491 The role of configurational entropy in biochemical cooperativity
Jusuf S, Loll PJ, Axelsen PH
3492 - 3493 Total synthesis and proof of structure of mycothiol bimane
Nicholas GM, Kovac P, Bewley CA
3494 - 3495 Crystallographic characterization and structural analysis of the first organic functionalization product of the endohedral fullerene SC3N@C-80
Lee HM, Olmstead MM, Iezzi E, Duchamp JC, Dorn HC, Balch AL
3496 - 3497 Epoxyquinol A, a highly functionalized pentaketide dimer with antiangiogenic activity isolated from fungal metabolites
Kakeya H, Onose R, Koshino H, Yoshida A, Kobayashi K, Kageyama S, Osada H
3498 - 3499 Enzymatic synthesis of chiral organophosphothioates from prochiral precursors
Li WS, Li YC, Hill CM, Lum KT, Raushel FM
3500 - 3501 Nickel-BINAP catalyzed enantioselective alpha-arylation of alpha-substituted gamma-butyrolactones
Spielvogel DJ, Buchwald SL
3502 - 3503 Stereoselective cyclopropanation by cyclocopolymerization of butadiene
Pragliola S, Milano G, Guerra G, Longo P
3504 - 3505 Photoinduced supramolecular chirality in amorphous azobenzene polymer films
Kim MJ, Shin BG, Kim JJ, Kim DY
3506 - 3507 Ruthenium-mediated cycloaromatization of acyclic enediynes and dienynes at ambient temperature
O'Connor JM, Friese SJ, Tichenor M
3508 - 3509 Selective binding of mannose-encapsulated gold nanoparticles to type 1 pili in Escherichia coli
Lin CC, Yeh YC, Yang CY, Chen CL, Chen GF, Chen CC, Wu YC
3510 - 3511 A modular assembly strategy for improving the substrate specificity of small catalytic peptides
Tanaka F, Barbas CF
3512 - 3513 Tetracyanide-bridged divanadium complexes: Redox switching between strong antiferromagnetic and strong ferromagnetic coupling
Shores MP, Long JR
3514 - 3515 Magnetic resonance imaging detects a specific peptide-protein binding event
De Leon-Rodriguez LM, Ortiz A, Weiner AL, Zhang SR, Kovacs Z, Kodadek T, Sherry AD
3516 - 3517 Negative differential resistance in phenylene ethynylene oligomers
Cornil J, Karzazi Y, Bredas JL
3518 - 3519 Selective syntheses of metalated pyridines from two different unsymmetrical acetylenes, a nitrile, and a titanium(II) alkoxide
Suzuki D, Tanaka R, Urabe H, Sato F
3520 - 3521 Crystals of crystals: Fabrication of encapsulated and ordered two-dimensional arrays of microcrystals
Thalladi VR, Whitesides GM
3522 - 3524 Structural chemistry of a green fluorescent protein Zn biosensor
Barondeau DP, Kassmann CJ, Tainer JA, Getzoff ED
3525 - 3532 Sequestering of Eu(III) by a GAAA RNA tetraloop
Mundoma C, Greenbaum NL
3533 - 3539 Kinetics of disassembly of a DNA-bound porphyrin supramolecular array
Pasternack RF, Gibbs EJ, Bruzewicz D, Stewart D, Engstrom KS
3540 - 3545 Internally mismatched RNA: pH and solvent dependence of the thermal unfolding of tRNA(Ala) acceptor stem microhairpins
Biala E, Strazewski P
3546 - 3554 Thermodynamic correlation analysis: Hydration and perturbation sensitivity of RNA secondary structures
Strazewski P
3555 - 3561 Deoxyribozyme-based logic gates
Stojanovic MN, Mitchell TE, Stefanovic D
3562 - 3566 Convergent synthesis of polycyclic ethers via the intramolecular allylation of alpha-acetoxy ethers and subsequent ring-closing metathesis
Kadota I, Ohno A, Matsuda K, Yamamoto Y
3567 - 3577 Reactions of N-methyl-N-(4-biphenylyl)nitrenium ion with electron-rich arenes: Laser flash photolysis and product studies
Chiapperino D, McIlroy S, Falvey DE
3578 - 3585 Catalytic regioselective sulfonylation of alpha-chelatable alcohols: Scope and mechanistic insight
Martinelli MJ, Vaidyanathan R, Pawlak JM, Nayyar NK, Dhokte UP, Doecke CW, Zollars LMH, Moher ED, Van Khau V, Kosmrlj B
3586 - 3590 Regulation of one-electron oxidation rate of guanine by base pairing with cytosine derivatives
Kawai K, Wata Y, Hara M, Tojo S, Majima T
3591 - 3599 Solid-phase synthesis of oligosaccharides and on-resin quantitative monitoring using gated decoupling C-13 NMR
Kanemitsu T, Wong CH, Kanie O
3600 - 3607 Unusual temperature dependence in the cis/trans-oxetane formation discloses competitive syn versus anti attack for the Paterno-Buchi reaction of triplet-excited ketones with cis- and trans-cyclooctenes. Conformational control of diastereoselectivity in the cyclization and cleavage of preoxetane diradicals
Adam W, Stegmann VR
3608 - 3613 Stereoselective synthesis of tetrahydrofurans via formal [3+2]-cycloaddition of aldehydes and allylsilanes. Formal total synthesis of the muscarine alkaloids (-)-allomuscarine and (+)-epimuscarine
Angle SR, El-Said NA
3614 - 3621 Mechanism of propylene insertion using bis(phenoxyimine)-based titanium catalysts: An unusual secondary insertion of propylene in a group IV catalyst system
Hustad PD, Tian J, Coates GW
3622 - 3635 Antihydrophobic cosolvent effects for alkylation reactions in water solution, particularly oxygen versus carbon alkylations of phenoxide ions
Breslow R, Groves K, Mayer MU
3636 - 3646 The boron-catalyzed polymerization of dimethylsulfoxonium methylide. A living polymethylene synthesis
Busch BB, Paz MM, Shea KJ, Staiger CL, Stoddard JM, Walker JR, Zhou XZ, Zhu HD
3647 - 3655 Enantio- and diastereoselective stepwise cyclization of polyprenoids induced by chiral and achiral LBAs. A new entry to (-)-ambrox, (+)-podocarpa-8,11,13-triene diterpenoids, and (-)-tetracyclic polyprenoid of sedimentary origin
Ishihara K, Ishibashi H, Yamamoto H
3656 - 3660 The first total synthesis of lipid II: The final monomeric intermediate in bacterial cell wall biosynthesis
VanNieuwenhze MS, Mauldin SC, Zia-Ebrahimi M, Winger BE, Hornback WJ, Saha SL, Aikins JA, Blaszczak LC
3661 - 3668 Synthesis, properties, and reactivity of cocaine benzoylthio ester possessing the cocaine absolute configuration
Isomura S, Hoffman TZ, Wirsching P, Janda KD
3669 - 3679 A general nickel-catalyzed hydroamination of 1,3-dienes by alkylamines: Catalyst selection, scope, and mechanism
Pawlas J, Nakao Y, Kawatsura M, Hartwig JF
3680 - 3691 The first complete identification of a diastereomeric catalyst-substrate (alkoxide) species in an enantioselective ketone hydrogenation. Mechanistic investigations
Daley CJA, Bergens SH
3692 - 3702 Acetylide-bridged organometallic oligomers via the photochemical metathesis of methyl-iron(II) complexes
Field LD, Turnbull AJ, Turner P
3703 - 3712 Synthesis, structure, and bonding properties of 5-carbaphosphatranes: A new class of main group atrane
Kobayashi J, Goto K, Kawashima T, Schmidt MW, Nagase S
3713 - 3724 Chemical control of phase transformation kinetics in periodic silica/surfactant composites
Gross AF, Le VH, Kirsch BL, Tolbert SH
3725 - 3736 Single-molecule magnets: A new family of Mn-12 clusters of formula [Mn12O8X4(O2CPh)(8)L-6]
Moskovic C, Brechin EK, Streib WE, Folting K, Bollinger JC, Hendrickson DN, Christou G
3737 - 3742 pi-complexation of biphenyl, naphthalene, and triphenylene to trimeric perfluoro-ortho-phenylene mercury. Formation of extended binary stacks with unusual luminescent properties
Haneline MR, Tsunoda M, Gabbai FP
3743 - 3748 Arene-mercury complexes stabilized by aluminum and gallium chloride: Catalysts for H/D exchange of aromatic compounds
Borovik AS, Barron AR
3749 - 3762 Ru(II) and Os(II) nucleosides and oligonucleotides: Synthesis and properties
Hurley DJ, Tor Y
3763 - 3768 Enzymatic GTP hydrolysis: Insights from an ab initio molecular dynamics study
Cavalii A, Carloni P
3769 - 3774 Second-sphere contributions to substrate-analogue binding in iron(III) superoxide dismutase
Xie J, Yikilmaz E, Miller AF, Brunold TC
3775 - 3782 Energetics of radical transfer in DNA photolyase
Popovic DM, Zmiric A, Zaric SD, Knapp EW
3783 - 3786 A new interpretation of the IR bands of supported Rh(I) monocarbonyl complexes
Vayssilov GN, Rosch N
3787 - 3793 Switching the inside and the outside of aggregates of water-soluble block copolymers with double thermoresponsivity
Arotcarena M, Heise B, Ishaya S, Laschewsky A
3794 - 3798 Formation and decomposition of distonic o-, m-, and p-benzyne radical cations from photolysis of Mg+(o-, m-, p-C6H4F2)
Liu HC, Wang CS, Guo W, Wu YD, Yang SH