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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.123, No.44 Entire volume, number list
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10789 - 10798 Effects of pH on protein association: Modification of the proton-linkage model and experimental verification of the modified model in the case of cytochrome c and plastocyanin
Crnogorac MM, Ullmann GM, Kostic NM
10799 - 10804 Folding of the thrombin aptamer into a G-quadruplex with Sr2+: Stability, heat, and hydration
Kankia BI, Marky LA
10805 - 10813 Effect of secondary structure on the thermodynamics and kinetics of PNA hybridization to DNA hairpins
Kushon SA, Jordan JP, Seifert JL, Nielsen H, Nielsen PE, Armitage BA
10814 - 10820 Three-dimensional structure of a purple lipoxygenase
Skrzypczak-Jankun E, Bross RA, Carroll RT, Dunham WR, Funk MO
10821 - 10829 CO2 fixation by Rubisco: Computational dissection of the key steps of carboxylation, hydration, and C-C bond cleavage
Mauser H, King WA, Gready JE, Andrews TJ
10830 - 10839 Selective nucleation and discovery of organic polymorphs through epitaxy with single crystal substrates
Mitchell CA, Yu L, Ward MD
10840 - 10852 The exceptional chelating ability of dimethylaluminum chloride and methylaluminum dichloride. The merged stereochemical impact of alpha- and beta-stereocenters in chelate-controlled carbonyl addition reactions with enolsilane and hydride nucleophiles
Evans DA, Allison BD, Yang MG, Masse CE
10853 - 10859 Asymmetric catalysis on sequentially-linked columns
Hafez AM, Taggi AE, Dudding T, Lectka T
10860 - 10869 Multiplicity control in the polygeminal diazeniumdiolation of active hydrogen bearing carbons: Chemistry of a new type of trianionic molecular propeller
Arulsamy N, Bohle DS
10870 - 10876 Halipeptins A and B: Two novel potent anti-inflammatory cyclic depsipeptides from the vanuatu marine sponge Haliclona species
Randazzo A, Bifulco G, Giannini C, Bucci M, Debitus C, Cirino G, Gomez-Paloma L
10877 - 10883 Is the tert-butyl chloride solvolysis the most misunderstood reaction in organic chemistry? Evidence against nucleophilic solvent participation in the tert-butyl chloride transition state and for increased hydrogen bond donation to the 1-adamantyl chloride solvolysis transition state
Gajewski JJ
10884 - 10888 Invisible but common motion in organic crystals: A pedal motion in stilbenes and azobenzenes
Harada J, Ogawa K
10889 - 10898 A kinetic isotope effect study on the hydrolysis reactions of methyl xylopyranosides and methyl 5-thioxylopyranosides: Oxygen versus sulfur stabilization of carbenium ions
Indurugalla D, Bennet AJ
10899 - 10902 Lewis acid catalyzed stereoselective carbosilylation. Intramolecular trans-vinylsilylation and trans-arylsilylation of unactivated alkynes
Asao N, Shimada T, Shimada T, Yamamoto Y
10903 - 10908 Concise asymmetric syntheses of radicicol and monocillin I
Garbaccio RM, Stachel SJ, Baeschlin DK, Danishefsky SJ
10909 - 10918 Microbial glycosyltransferases for carbohydrate synthesis: alpha-2,3-sialyltransferase from Neisseria gonorrheae
Izumi M, Shen GJ, Wacowich-Sgarbi S, Nakatani T, Plettenburg O, Wong CH
10919 - 10926 Synthesis of an extremely crowded naphthalene via a stable norbornadienone
Zhang JJ, Ho DM, Pascal RA
10927 - 10934 Benzene-free synthesis of hydroquinone
Ran NQ, Knop DR, Draths KM, Frost JW
10935 - 10941 Ru-3(CO)(12)-catalyzed coupling reaction of sp(3) C-H bonds adjacent to a nitrogen atom in alkylamines with alkenes
Chatani N, Asaumi T, Yorimitsu S, Ikeda T, Kakiuchi F, Murai S
10942 - 10953 Total synthesis of (+)-phorboxazole A exploiting the Petasis-Ferrier rearrangement
Smith AB, Minbiole KP, Verhoest PR, Schelhaas M
10954 - 10965 Synthesis, structure, and reactions of (acylimino)triaryl-lambda(5)-bismuthanes: First comparative study of the (acylimino)pnictorane series
Matano Y, Nomura H, Suzuki H, Shiro M, Nakano H
10966 - 10972 Polymer-assisted formation of giant polyoxomolybdate structures
Liu TB, Wan Q, Xie Y, Burger C, Liu LZ, Chu B
10973 - 10979 Aliphatic and aromatic carbon-fluorine bond activation with CP*2ZrH2: Mechanisms of hydrodefluorination
Kraft BM, Lachicotte RJ, Jones WA
10980 - 10987 Synthesis of silicon-based infrared semiconductors in the Ge-Sn system using molecular chemistry methods
Taraci J, Zollner S, McCartney MR, Menendez J, Santana-Aranda MA, Smith DJ, Haaland A, Tutukin AV, Gundersen G, Wolf G, Kouvetakis J
10988 - 10996 Silicon surfaces as electron acceptors: Dative bonding of amines with Si(001) and Si(111) surfaces
Cao XP, Hamers RJ
10997 - 11003 Molecular dynamics simulations of pressure effects on hydrophobic interactions
Ghosh T, Garcia AE, Garde S
11004 - 11009 Understanding the relative acyl-transfer reactivity of oxoesters and thioesters: Computational analysis of transition state delocalization effects
Yang W, Drueckhammer DG
11010 - 11019 Sonochemistry of surfactants in aqueous solutions: An EPR spin-trapping study
Sostaric JZ, Riesz P
11020 - 11028 Solution structure investigation of Ru(II) complex ion pairs: Quantitative NOE measurements and determination of average interionic distances
Zuccaccia C, Bellachioma G, Cardaci G, Macchioni A
11029 - 11036 Triplet excitation transfer through the walls of hemicarcerands: Dependence of the electronic coupling on the size of the molecular cage
Romanova ZS, Deshayes K, Piotrowiak P
11037 - 11041 Effect of solvation on induce-fit molecular recognition in supercritical fluid to organic crystals immobilized on a quartz crystal microbalance
Naito M, Sasaki Y, Dewa T, Aoyama Y, Okahata Y
11042 - 11046 The effect of axial Mg ligation on the geometry and spin density distribution of chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll cation free radical models: A density functional study
O'Malley PJ, Collins SJ
11047 - 11056 Dielectric relaxation in an enzyme active site: Molecular dynamics simulations interpreted with a macroscopic continuum model
Archontis G, Simonson T
11057 - 11064 Commensurate and incommensurate hydrogen bonds. An exercise in crystal engineering
Nguyen TL, Fowler FW, Lauher JW
11065 - 11066 Carbonyl CSA restraints from solution NMR for protein structure refinement
Lipsitz RS, Tjandra N
11067 - 11068 Three-point versus two-point attachment of (R)- and (S)-amino acid methyl esters to a cobalt(III) chiroporphyrin: Implications for the analysis of amino acid enantiomers by H-1 NMR spectroscopy
Claeys-Bruno M, Toronto D, Pecaut J, Bardet M, Marchon JC
11069 - 11070 Fluorine-containing donor-acceptor complex: Infinite chain formed by oxygen center dot center dot center dot iodine interaction
Chu QL, Wang ZM, Huang QC, Yan CH, Zhu SZ
11071 - 11072 Meta-activated nucleophilic aromatic substitution reaction: Poly(biphenylene oxide)s with trifluoromethyl pendent groups via nitro displacement
Chung IS, Kim SY
11073 - 11074 Quasidegeneracy of zwitterionic and canonical tautomers of arginine solvated by an excess electron
Skurski P, Rak J, Simons J, Gutowski M
11075 - 11076 Reversible Michael reaction enzymatic hydrolysis: A new variant of dynamic resolution
Pesti JA, Yin JG, Zhang LH, Anzalone L
11077 - 11078 Parallel sheet secondary structure in gamma-peptides
Woll MG, Lai JR, Guzei IA, Taylor SJC, Smith MEB, Gellman SH
11079 - 11080 Geometric dependence of (3h)J(P-31-N-15) and (2h)J(P-31-H-1) scalar couplings in protein-nucleotide complexes
Czernek J, Bruschweiler R
11081 - 11082 Coiled-coil formation governed by unnatural hydrophobic core side chains
Schnarr NA, Kennan AJ
11083 - 11084 Meta-stable enamines: Synthesis of simple enamines via catalytic isomerization of allylic amine substrates and their polymerization behavior
Novak BM, Cafmeyer JT
11085 - 11086 Similarities and differences between (C-60)(2)(2-) and (C59N)(2) conformers
Lee KH, Park SS, Suh YS, Yamabe T, Osawa E, Luthi HP, Gutta P, Lee CH
11087 - 11088 Magnetic resonance elastography: A method for the noninvasive and spatially resolved observation of phase transitions in gels
Sack I, Buntkowsky G, Bernarding J, Braun J
11089 - 11090 Biosynthesis of a highly stable coiled-coil protein containing hexafluoroleucine in an engineered bacterial host
Tang Y, Tirrell DA
11091 - 11092 Synthesis of nanoscale Ce1-xFexO2 solid solutions via a low-temperature approach
Li GS, Smith RL, Inomata H
11093 - 11094 Neomycin-induced hybrid triplex formation
Arya DP, Coffee RL, Charles I
11095 - 11096 Free-standing single crystal silicon nanoribbons
Shi WS, Peng HY, Wang N, Li CP, Xu L, Lee CS, Kalish R, Lee ST
11097 - 11098 Measurement of NH bond lengths by fast magic-angle spinning solid-state NMR spectroscopy: A new method for the quantification of hydrogen bonds
Zhao X, Sudmeier JL, Bachovchin WW, Levitt MH
11099 - 11100 Catalase-like activity of a non-heme dibenzotetraaza[14]annulene-Fe(III) complex under physiological conditions
Paschke J, Kirsch N, Korth HG, de Groot H, Sustmann R
11101 - 11102 Reactivity of (eta(6)-arene)tricarbonylchromium complexes with carbenoids: Arene activation or protection?
Merlic CA, Zechman AL, Miller MM
11103 - 11104 Sulfur transfer from IscS to IscU: The first step in iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis
Smith AD, Agar JN, Johnson KA, Frazzon J, Amster IJ, Dean DR, Johnson MK
11105 - 11106 Nonpolar polymers for metal sequestration and ligand and catalyst recovery in thermomorphic systems
Bergbreiter DE, Osburn PL, Frels JD
11107 - 11108 Can agostic interaction affect regiochemistry of carbopalladation? Reverse regioselectivity in the palladium-catalyzed dimerization of aryl acetylenes
Rubina M, Gevorgyan V
11109 - 11110 Facile synthesis of acylsilanes via aerobic oxidation of gem-disilylalkylcopper compounds
Inoue A, Kondo J, Shinokubo H, Oshima K
11111 - 11112 Ground-state versus transition-state effects on the alpha-effect as expressed by solvent effects
Um IH, Buncel E
11113 - 11114 New reaction pathways for Fischer carbene complexes: [6+3] cycloaddition of chromium alkenyl carbene complexes with fulvenes
Barluenga J, Martinez S, Suarez-Sobrino AL, Tomas M
11115 - 11116 Adsorption geometry of modifiers as key in imparting chirality to platinum catalysts
Kubota J, Zaera F