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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.119, No.31 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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7173 - 7180 Aminothiotyrosine Disulfide, an Optical Trigger for Initiation of Protein-Folding
Lu HS, Volk M, Kholodenko Y, Gooding E, Hochstrasser RM, Degrado WF
7181 - 7189 Infrared Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of the (NiFe) Hydrogenase of Desulfovibrio-Gigas
Delacey AL, Hatchikian EC, Volbeda A, Frey M, Fontecillacamps JC, Fernandez VM
7190 - 7196 Theoretical-Studies of Ethylene Polymerization Reactions Catalyzed by Zirconium and Titanium Chelating Alkoxide Complexes
Froese RD, Musaev DG, Matsubara T, Morokuma K
7197 - 7201 Template-Directed Synthesis Using the Heterogeneous Templates Produced by Montmorillonite Catalysis - A Possible Bridge Between the Prebiotic and RNA Worlds
Ertem G, Ferris JP
7202 - 7210 A New Class of Polyintercalating Molecules
Lokey RS, Kwok Y, Guelev V, Pursell CJ, Hurley LH, Iverson BL
7211 - 7217 Self-Assembled Monolayers of 7-(10-Thiodecoxy)Coumarin on Gold - Synthesis, Characterization, and Photodimerization
Li WJ, Lynch V, Thompson H, Fox MA
7218 - 7229 Density-Functional Theory-Based Molecular-Dynamics Simulation of Acid-Catalyzed Chemical-Reactions in Liquid Trioxane
Curioni A, Sprik M, Andreoni W, Schiffer H, Hutter J, Parrinello M
7230 - 7240 A General Synthetic Entry to Strychnos Alkaloids of the Curan Type via a Common 3A-(2-Nitrophenyl)Hexahydroindol-4-One Intermediate - Total Syntheses of (+/-)- and (-)-Tubifolidine, (+/-)-Akuammicine, (+/-)-19,20-Dihydroakuammicine, (+/-)-Norfluorocurarine, (+/-)-Echitamidine, and (+/-)-20-Epilochneridine
Bonjoch J, Sole D, Garciarubio S, Bosch J
7241 - 7248 Chemistry of Unique Chiral Olefins .1. Synthesis, Enantioresolution, Circular-Dichroism, and Theoretical Determination of the Absolute Stereochemistry of Trans-1,1’,2,2’,3,3’,4,4’-Octahydro-4,4’-Biphenanthrylidene and Cis-1,1’,2,2’,3,3’,4,4’-Octahydro-4,4’-Biphenanthrylidene
Harada N, Saito A, Koumura N, Uda H, Delange B, Jager WF, Wynberg H, Feringa BL
7249 - 7255 Chemistry of Unique Chiral Olefins .2. Unexpected Thermal Racemization of Cis-1,1’,2,2’,3,3’,4,4’-Octahydro-4,4’-Biphenanthrylidene
Harada N, Saito A, Koumura N, Roe DC, Jager WF, Zijlstra RW, Delange B, Feringa BL
7256 - 7264 Chemistry of Unique Chiral Olefins .3. Synthesis and Absolute Stereochemistry of Trans-1,1’,2,2’,3,3’,4,4’-Octahydro-3,3’-Dimethyl-4,4’-Biphenanthrylidene and Cis-1,1’,2,2’,3,3’,4,4’-Octahydro-3,3’-Dimethyl-4,4’-Biphenanthrylidene
Harada N, Koumura N, Feringa BL
7265 - 7270 Dimesityldioxirane
Sander W, Schroeder K, Muthusamy S, Kirschfeld A, Kappert W, Boese R, Kraka E, Sosa C, Cremer D
7271 - 7280 Lifetimes of Imidinium Ions in Aqueous-Solution
Dalby KN, Jencks WP
7281 - 7290 Molecular Recognition of Ubiquinone Analogs - Specific Interaction Between Quinone and Functional Porphyrin via Multiple Hydrogen-Bonds
Hayashi T, Miyahara T, Koide N, Kato Y, Masuda H, Ogoshi H
7291 - 7302 The Albatrossenes - Large, Cleft-Containing, Polyphenyl Polycyclic Aromatic-Hydrocarbons
Tong L, Ho DM, Vogelaar NJ, Schutt CE, Pascal RA
7303 - 7307 Photocycloaddition of Cyclic 1,3-Diones to C-60
Jensen AW, Khong A, Saunders M, Wilson SR, Schuster DI
7308 - 7315 Reactivity of Singlet and Triplet Arylnitrenes - Temperature-Dependent Photodecomposition of 1-(2-Azidophenyl)-3,5-Dimethylpyrazole
Albini A, Bettinetti G, Minoli G
7316 - 7323 Demonstration of the Role of Scission of the Proximal Histidine-Iron Bond in the Activation of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase Through Metalloporphyrin Substitution Studies
Dierks EA, Hu SZ, Vogel KM, Yu AE, Spiro TG, Burstyn JN
7324 - 7329 Cr-Co Photodissociation in Cr(Co)(6) - Reassessment of the Role of Ligand-Field Excited-States in the Photochemical Dissociation of Metal-Ligand Bonds
Pollak C, Rosa A, Baerends EJ
7330 - 7342 Kinetic and Theoretical Investigation of the Gas-Phase Ozonolysis of Isoprene - Carbonyl Oxides as an Important Source for Oh Radicals in the Atmosphere
Gutbrod R, Kraka E, Schindler RN, Cremer D
7343 - 7349 Reactivity Patterns of Carbon Cluster Cations with Nitrogen-Containing Molecules
Pozniak BP, Dunbar RC
7350 - 7360 A Spectroscopic and Theoretical-Study of the Reactions of Group-6 Metal Atoms with Carbon-Dioxide
Souter PF, Andrews L
7361 - 7366 Multiple-Quantum Coherence Dramatically Enhances the Sensitivity of CH and CH2 Correlations in Uniformly C-13-Labeled RNA
Marino JP, Diener JL, Moore PB, Griesinger C
7367 - 7373 Adjusting the 3rd-Order Nonlinear-Optical Properties of a Conjugated Polymer Film
Hambir SA, Wolfe D, Blanchard GJ, Baker GL
7374 - 7380 Li and Na Diffusion in TiO2 from Quantum-Chemical Theory Versus Electrochemical Experiment
Lunell S, Stashans A, Ojamae L, Lindstrom H, Hagfeldt A
7381 - 7385 Quenching of Photoluminescence from Porous Silicon by Aromatic-Molecules
Song JH, Sailor MJ
7386 - 7387 A Long-Wavelength Fluorescent Chemodosimeter Selective for Cu(II) Ion in Water
Dujols V, Ford F, Czarnik AW
7388 - 7389 Toward Bioelectronics - Specific DNA Recognition Based on an Oligonucleotide-Functionalized Polypyrrole
Korriyoussoufi H, Garnier F, Srivastava P, Godillot P, Yassar A
7390 - 7391 Computational Evidence for a Metastable Polar Isomer of Beryllium Borohydride
Saeh JC, Stanton JF
7392 - 7393 Effect of the Daunorubicin Dpsh Gene on the Choice of Starter Unit and Cyclization Pattern Reveals That Type-II Polyketide Synthases Can Be Unfaithful Yet Intriguing
Gerlitz M, Meurer G, Wendtpienkowski E, Madduri K, Hutchinson CR
7394 - 7395 Stereochemistry and Isotope Effects of the (2+2) Photocycloadditions of Arylalkenes to C-60 - A Stepwise Mechanism
Vassilikogiannakis G, Orfanopoulos M
7396 - 7397 Pyruvate Formate-Lyase Activating Enzyme Is an Iron-Sulfur Protein
Broderick JB, Duderstadt RE, Fernandez DC, Wojtuszewski K, Henshaw TF, Johnson MK
7398 - 7399 The First Eta(2)-CH2Cl2 Adduct of Ru(II)(Ruh(Eta(2)-CH2Cl2)(Co)((Pbu2Me)-Bu-T)(2))(Bar4’) (Ar’ Equals 3,5-C6H3(CF3)(2)) and Its Ruh(Co)((Pbu2Me)-Bu-T)(2)(+) Precursor
Huang DJ, Huffman JC, Bollinger JC, Eisenstein O, Caulton KG
7400 - 7401 First Observation of Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Emission from Jet-Cooled (P-Cyanophenyl)Pentamethyldisilane in an Isolated Molecular Condition
Tajima Y, Ishikawa H, Miyazawa T, Kira M, Mikami N
7402 - 7403 Highly Selective Lewis-Acid Catalyzed Diels-Alder Reactions of Acyclic (Z)-1,3-Dienes
Roush WR, Barda DA
7404 - 7405 Structural Distortion in 5-Coordinate Nitrosyl Iron Porphyrins - Axial Ligand Tilting and Its Effect on Equatorial Geometry
Ellison MK, Scheidt WR
7406 - 7407 Radical Reactions with Alkyl and Fluoroalkyl (Fluorous) Tin Hydride Reagents in Supercritical CO2
Hadida S, Super MS, Beckman EJ, Curran DP
7408 - 7409 Structure and Chemistry of Acetoxybenziodazole - Acid-Catalyzed Rearrangement of Benziodazoles to 3-Iminobenziodoxoles
Zhdankin VV, Arbit RM, Mcsherry M, Mismash B, Young VG
7410 - 7411 New Radical Allylation Reaction of Iodides
Leguyader F, Quicletsire B, Seguin S, Zard SZ
7412 - 7413 Singlet and Triplet-States Are Degenerate in 2,3-Dimethylenecyclohexane-1,4-Diyl
Matsuda K, Iwamura H
7414 - 7415 Synthesis of Oligosaccharide-Polylysine Conjugates - A Well Characterized Sialyl Lewis(A) Polymer for ELISA
Thoma G, Magnani JL, Ohrlein R, Ernst B, Schwarzenbach F, Duthaler RO