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1863 - 1872 Hydrophobic, Non-Hydrogen-Bonding Bases and Base-Pairs in DNA
Schweitzer BA, Kool ET
1873 - 1880 Investigation of Thioformacetal Modified Nucleic-Acids by Quantum-Mechanics, Molecular Mechanics, and Molecular-Dynamics
Veal JM, Brown FK
1881 - 1887 Chemical Ligation of Cysteine-Containing Peptides - Synthesis of a 22-kDa Tethered Dimer of HIV-1 Protease
Baca M, Muir TW, Schnolzer M, Kent SB
1888 - 1899 Ruthenium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Butenolides and Pentenolides via Contra-Electronic Alpha-Alkylation of Hydroxyalkynoates
Trost BM, Muller TJ, Martinez J
1900 - 1907 Metal-Mediated (6+2)-Cycloadditions of Alkynes to Cycloheptatriene and N-Carbethoxyazepine
Chaffee K, Huo P, Sheridan JB, Barbieri A, Aistars A, Lalancette RA, Ostrander RL, Rheingold AL
1908 - 1939 Total Synthesis of the Antiparasitic Agent Avermectin B-1A
White JD, Bolton GL, Dantanarayana AP, Fox CM, Hiner RN, Jackson RW, Sakuma K, Warrier US
1940 - 1953 Application of Glycals to the Synthesis of Oligosaccharides - Convergent Total Syntheses of the Lewis-X Trisaccharide Sialyl-Lewis-X Antigenic Determinant and Higher Congeners
Danishefsky SJ, Gervay J, Peterson JM, Mcdonald FE, Koseki K, Griffith DA, Oriyama T, Marsden SP
1954 - 1964 A New Strategy to Bicyclo(5.3.0)Decenes via Anionic Intramolecular Ring-Opening of Oxabicyclo(3.2.1) Compounds
Lautens M, Kumanovic S
1965 - 1973 Imidazolate-Bridged Dicopper(II) and Copper-Zinc Complexes of a Macrobicyclic Ligand (Cryptand) - A Possible Model for the Chemistry of Cu-Zn Superoxide-Dismutase
Pierre JL, Chautemps P, Refaif S, Beguin C, Elmarzouki A, Serratrice G, Saintaman E, Rey P
1974 - 1990 Polynuclear Metal Hydrido Alkoxides - Reactions of W-4(H)(2)(O-I-Pr)(14) and W-2(H)(O-C-C5H9)(7)(Hnme(2)) with Carbon-Carbon, Carbon-Oxygen, and Carbon-Nitrogen Multiple Bonds
Barry JT, Chacon ST, Chisholm MH, Huffman JC, Streib WE
1991 - 1995 In2Zrbr6 - A Van Vleck-Type Paramagnetism by Indirect Coupling
Dronskowski R
1996 - 1999 The Infinite Chain Nitride Na5Ba3N - A One-Dimensional Void Metal
Snyder GJ, Simon A
2000 - 2007 Inverse Relationship Between the Kinetic and Thermodynamic Stabilities of the Misdirected Ligand Complexes Delta/Lambda-(Delta/Lambda-1,1’-Biisoquinoline)bis(2,2’-Bipyridine)Metal(II) (Metal=ruthenium, Osmium)
Ashby MT
2008 - 2018 Nucleation and Particle Growth-Processes Involved in the Preparation of Silica-Supported Nickel Materials by a 2-Step Procedure
Che M, Cheng ZX, Louis C
2019 - 2023 Shape of Glycine
Godfrey PD, Brown RD
2024 - 2032 Gas-Phase Identity S(N)2 Reactions of Halide Anions with Methyl Halides - A High-Level Computational Study
Glukhovtsev MN, Pross A, Radom L
2033 - 2040 Radical-Like Behavior of Manganese Oxide Cation in Its Gas-Phase Reactions with Dihydrogen and Alkanes
Ryan MF, Fiedler A, Schroder D, Schwarz H
2041 - 2048 Electric-Field Effects of Photogenerated Ion-Pairs on Nearby Molecules - A Model for the Carotenoid Band Shift in Photosynthesis
Gosztola D, Yamada H, Wasielewski MR
2049 - 2057 Time-Domain Electron-Paramagnetic-Resonance as a Probe of Electron-Electron Spin-Spin Interaction in Spin-Labeled Low-Spin Iron Porphyrins
Rakowsky MH, More KM, Kulikov AV, Eaton GR, Eaton SS
2058 - 2066 Multinuclear NMR-Study of Coupled Bond Motions Involving Amide Groups Attached to Iodinated Aromatic Rings
Henrichs PM, Estep K, Musza LL, Rodger CA
2067 - 2070 Predicted Chemical-Bonds Between Rare-Gases and Au+
Pyykko P
2071 - 2081 Ab-Initio Studies of Amino-Acid Conformations .1. The Conformers of Alanine, Serine, and Cysteine
Gronert S, Ohair RA
2082 - 2088 Energetic Consequences of the Multidimensional Nature of Internal-Rotation in Acetaldehyde
Goodman L, Kundu T, Leszczynski J
2089 - 2095 Theoretical-Study of the Electronic-Spectrum of Cytosine
Fulscher MP, Roos BO
2096 - 2097 Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Gaseous Vanadium Methylidyne, VCH - A Triatomic Organometallic Molecule
Barnes M, Hajigeorgiou PG, Kasrai R, Merer AJ, Metha GF
2098 - 2099 Methane Dehydrogenation by Ti+ - A Cluster-Assisted Mechanism for Sigma-Bond Activation
Vankoppen PA, Kemper PR, Bushnell JE, Bowers MT
2100 - 2101 Tandem Inter(4+2) Intra(3+2) Cycloadditions .6. The Bridged Mode
Denmark SE, Stolle A, Dixon JA, Guagnano V
2102 - 2103 Synthesis and Characterization of Trisbicyclo(2.1.1)Hexabenzene, a Highly Strained Bicycloannelated Benzene
Frank NL, Baldridge KK, Siegel JS
2104 - 2105 Molecular Mechanism of Enantiorecognition by Esterases
Derewenda ZS, Wei YY
2106 - 2107 Concerted Mechanisms for the Thermal-Dissociation of X(2)N-Nx(2) Molecules (X=nh2, SH) into Conjugated Nx(2) Pi-Radicals
Lauvergnat D, Jean Y
2108 - 2109 Catalytic Ring-Closing Metathesis of Dienes - Application to the Synthesis of 8-Membered Rings
Miller SJ, Kim SH, Chen ZR, Grubbs RH
2110 - 2111 Radical Synthesis of a Heterobinuclear Mu-Oxo Complex - Reaction of V(O)(O-I-Pr)(3) with Ti(Nrar)(3) (R=c(CD3)(2)CH3, Ar=3,5-C(6)H(3)Me(2))
Wanandi PW, Davis WM, Cummins CC, Russell MA, Wilcox DE
2112 - 2113 Reactions of Ethoxysilanes with Silica - A Solid-State NMR-Study
Blumel J
2114 - 2115 Direct Observation and Rate of Interconversion of the 1/2-Complex Between 1,4-Dimethylbicyclo(2.2.2)Octane and Alpha-Cyclodextrin by NMR
Berg U, Gustavsson M, Astrom N
2116 - 2117 Polymer-Supported Solution Synthesis of Oligosaccharides Using a Novel Versatile Linker for the Synthesis of D-Mannopentaose, a Structural Unit of D-Mannans of Pathogenic Yeasts
Douglas SP, Whitfield DM, Krepinsky JJ
2118 - 2119 Water-Mediated Proton-Transfer in Proteins - An FTIR Study of Bacteriorhodopsin
Kandori H, Yamazaki Y, Sasaki J, Needleman R, Lanyi JK, Maeda A
2120 - 2121 Reduction of di-tert-Butyl Peroxide - Evidence for Nonadiabatic Dissociative Electron-Transfer
Workentin MS, Maran F, Wayner DD
2122 - 2122 Neutral Hyperconjugation (Vol 114, Pg 10246, 1992)
Lambert JB, Singer RA