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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.117, No.46 Entire volume, number list
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11383 - 11389 Diverting Thiamin from Catalysis to Destruction - Mechanism of Fragmentation of N(1’)-Methyl-2-(1-Hydroxybenzyl)Thiamin
Kluger R, Lam JF, Pezacki JP, Yang CM
11390 - 11396 Catalytic Antibodies Generated via Homologous and Heterologous Immunization
Tsumuraya T, Suga H, Meguro S, Tsunakawa A, Masamune S
11397 - 11406 Beta-D-Cellotetraose Hemihydrate as a Structural Model for Cellulose .2. An X-Ray-Diffraction Study
Gessler K, Krauss N, Steiner T, Betzel C, Sarko A, Saenger W
11407 - 11420 Photophysics of Poly(Paracyclophan-1-Ene) and Derivatives - Evidence for Intrachain Energy-Transfer and Chromophore Aggregation
Miao YJ, Herkstroeter WG, Sun BJ, Wongfoy AG, Bazan GC
11421 - 11425 Face Selection in Additions to the Trigonal C-2 Site in Quaternized 5-Azaadamantane Derivatives
Lau J, Gonikberg EM, Hung JT, Lenoble WJ
11426 - 11433 Supramolecular Chemistry of P-Sulfonatocalix(5) Arene - A Water-Soluble, Bowl-Shaped Host with a Large Molecular Cavity
Steed JW, Johnson CP, Barnes CL, Juneja RK, Atwood JL, Reilly S, Hollis RL, Smith PH, Clark DL
11434 - 11440 9-(Diisopropylamino)-9-Azabicyclo(3.3.1)Nonane and Tetraisopropylhydrazine - Isolable Radical Cations from Hydrazines with Nearly Perpendicular Lone Pairs
Nelsen SF, Chen LJ, Powell DR, Neugebauer FA
11441 - 11454 Rational Design of the First Nonspherical Dendrimer Which Displays Calamitic Nematic and Smectic Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Phases
Percec V, Chu PW, Ungar G, Zhou JP
11455 - 11470 Chemistry of Beta-(Phosphatoxy)Alkyl and Beta-(Acyloxy)Alkyl Radicals - Migration Reactions - Scope and Stereoselectivity of Beta-(Phosphatoxy)Alkyl Rearrangement - Mechanism of Beta-(Phosphatoxy)Alkyl and Beta-(Acyloxy)Alkyl Migration
Crich D, Yao QW, Filzen GF
11471 - 11481 Impregnation of Gamma-Alumina with Ni(II) or Co(II) Ions at Neutral pH - Hydrotalcite-Type Coprecipitate Formation and Characterization
Delacaillerie JB, Kermarec M, Clause O
11482 - 11487 Dihydrogen Versus Dihydride - Relativistic Effects on the Relative Stabilities of Nonclassical and Classical Isomers of M(PH3)(3)H-4 (M=fe,Ru,Os)
Li J, Dickson RM, Ziegler T
11488 - 11498 Nonchain Processes in Nucleophilic Substitutions Triggered by Electron-Transfer (S(RN)1) - Photochemical and Electrochemical Induction of the Substitution of 1-Iodoadamantane by Arenethiolate Ions
Ahbala M, Hapiot P, Houmam A, Jouini M, Pinson J, Saveant JM
11499 - 11506 Catalysis and Mass-Transport in Spatially Ordered Enzyme Assemblies on Electrodes
Bourdillon C, Demaille C, Moiroux J, Saveant JM
11507 - 11511 A New Highly Selective Macrocycle for K+ and Ba2+ - Effect of Formation of a Pseudo 2nd Macroring Through Complexation
Zhang XX, Bordunov AV, Bradshaw JS, Dalley NK, Kou XL, Izatt RM
11512 - 11522 Neutral Hexacoordinate Silicon Complexes - Synthesis, Structure, and Stereodynamics - Evidence for 2 Nondissociative Ligand-Exchange Mechanisms
Kost D, Kalikhman I, Raban M
11523 - 11528 Ab-Initio Study of Nuclear Magnetic Shieldings and Ultraviolet-Spectra for Hypothiocyanite and Its Isomers - The Molecular-Structure of Hypothiocyanite
Sundholm D
11529 - 11535 Electrostatic Acceleration of Electrocyclic Reactions by Metal Cation Complexation - The Cyclization of 1,3-Cis-5-Hexatriene into 1,3-Cyclohexadiene and the 1,5-Hydrogen Shift in Cyclopentadiene - The Aromaticity of the Transition Structures
Jiao HJ, Schleyer PV
11536 - 11544 Measurement of H-2 T-1 and T-1P Relaxation-Times in Uniformly C-13-Labeled and Fractionally H-2-Labeled Proteins in Solution
Muhandiram DR, Yamazaki T, Sykes BD, Kay LE
11545 - 11547 Enthalpic Control of Zinc Water Acidity in Complexes of Tris(2-Aminoethyl)Amine and Tris(2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl)Amine
Canary JW, Xu JQ, Castagnetto JM, Rentzeperis D, Marky LA
11548 - 11554 Influence of Multiple Hydrogen-Bonding on Reactivity - Ion/Molecule Reactions of Proton-Bound 12-Crown-4 Ether and Its Mixed Clusters with Ammonia and Methanol
Feng WY, Lifshitz C
11555 - 11562 Gas-Phase Electron-Transfer Reactions from Multiply-Charged Anions to Rare-Gas Cations
Herron WJ, Goeringer DE, Mcluckey SA
11563 - 11571 Adsorption of Sulfur-Containing Molecules on Gold - The Effect of Oxidation on Monolayer Formation and Stability Characterized by Experiments and Theory
Garrell RL, Chadwick JE, Severance DL, Mcdonald NA, Myles DC
11572 - 11579 Effects of Oxygen Coverage on the Partial Oxidation of Methylene - Reactions of Diiodomethane on Oxygen-Covered Rh(111)
Bol CW, Friend CM
11580 - 11581 Reductive Condensation of Tetracyanoethylene on a Metal Center - Synthesis and Characterization of 5-Amino-3-Imino-1,2,6,7-Tetracyano-3H-Pyrrolizine
Fares V, Flamini A, Poli N
11582 - 11583 First Direct Structural Information on a Reactive Sigma-Pi-Asterisk Excited-State - Time-Resolved UV-VIS and Ir Spectroscopic Study of Re(Benzyl)(Co)(3)(Ipr-Dab)
Rossenaar BD, George MW, Johnson FP, Stufkens DJ, Turner JJ, Vlcek AJ
11584 - 11585 Molecular Trigger for Radiationless Deactivation of Photoexcited Conjugated Hydrocarbons
Celani P, Garavelli M, Ottani S, Bernardi F, Robb MA, Olivucci M
11586 - 11587 Stereoblock Polypropylene - Ligand Effects on the Stereospecificity of 2-Arylindene Zirconocene Catalysts
Hauptman E, Waymouth RM, Ziller JW
11588 - 11589 Synthesis of a Tetranuclear Macrocyclic Siliconate Ionomer - A Novel Tetraanionic Molecular Square
Small JH, Mccord DJ, Greaves J, Shea KJ
11590 - 11591 Palladium-Mediated Macrocyclization on Solid Support and Its Applications to Combinatorial Synthesis
Hiroshige M, Hauske JR, Zhou P
11592 - 11593 Remarkably Facile Thermal Generation of Silylene from a Pentacoordinate Alkoxydisilane and Its Trapping as a Pentacoordinate 1,2-Disilacyclobut-3-Ene
Tamao K, Nagata K, Asahara M, Kawachi A, Ito Y, Shiro M
11594 - 11595 Kinetic NMR and Density-Functional Study of Benzene H/D Exchange in Zeolites, the Most Simple Aromatic-Substitution
Beck LW, Xu T, Nicholas JB, Haw JF
11596 - 11597 Poly((4-Carboxyphenyl)Acetylene) as a Probe for Chirality Assignment of Amines by Circular-Dichroism
Yashima E, Matsushima T, Okamoto Y
11598 - 11599 Transmetalation Involving Organotin Aryl, Thiolate, and Amide Compounds - An Unusual Type of Dissociative Ligand Substitution-Reaction
Louie J, Hartwig JF
11600 - 11601 Zeolite-Like Behavior of a Coordination Network
Venkataraman D, Gardner GB, Lee S, Moore JS
11602 - 11603 Upon the Chemical Origin of Exchange Couplings in D(2) Systems
Saboetienne S, Chaudret B
11604 - 11605 N-Butyl Isocyanide - A Structural and Functional Analog of Carbon-Monoxide for Carbon-Monoxide Dehydrogenase from Clostridium-Thermoaceticum
Kumar M, Ragsdale SW
11606 - 11607 Photoinduced Singlet Electron-Transfer in a Complex Formed from Zinc Myoglobin and Methyl Viologen - Artificial Recognition by a Chemically-Modified Porphyrin
Hayashi T, Takimura T, Ogoshi H
11608 - 11609 Dilithium Derivative of Tetraphenylsilole - An Eta(1)-Eta(5) Dilithium Structure
West R, Sohn H, Bankwitz U, Calabrese J, Apeloig Y, Mueller T
11610 - 11611 A Combinatorial Library Approach to Artificial Receptor Design
Goodman MS, Jubian V, Linton B, Hamilton AD
11612 - 11613 Binding-Energies of Terminal and Bridging Carbonyls in Pt-3(Co)(6)(-)
Grushow A, Ervin KM
11614 - 11615 Site-Directed Isotope Labeling and FT-Ir Spectroscopy - The Tyr-185/Pro-186 Peptide-Bond of Bacteriorhodopsin Is Perturbed During the Primary Photoreaction
Sonar S, Liu XM, Lee CP, Coleman M, He YW, Pelletier S, Herzfeld J, Rajbhandary UL, Rothschild KJ
11616 - 11616 Basic-Helix-Loop-Helix Region of Tal - Evaluation of Structure and DNA Affinity (Vol 117, Pg 8283, 1995)
Bishop P, Ghosh I, Jones C, Chmielewski J