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5025 - 5034 Chemistry and Photochemistry Attending the Inactivation of Escherichia-Coli Beta-Hydroxydecanoyl Thiol Ester Dehydrase by an Acetylenic Diazoketone
Henderson BS, Larsen BS, Schwab JM
5035 - 5044 Dynamic Structure and Potential-Energy Surface of a 3-Helix Bundle Protein
Lieberman M, Tabet M, Sasaki T
5045 - 5049 Transition-State Structures for Phosphoryl-Transfer Reactions of P-Nitrophenyl Phosphate
Hengge AC, Edens WA, Elsing H
5050 - 5056 3-Hydroxyleukotriene B-4(3-Oh-Ltb(4)) - Total Synthesis and Stereochemical Assignment
Bhatt RK, Chauhan K, Wheelan P, Murphy RC, Falck JR
5057 - 5062 Lack of Effect of the Length of Oligoglycine-Derived and Oligo(Ethylene-Glycol)-Derived Para-Substituents on the Affinity of Benzenesulfonamides for Carbonic-Anhydrase-II in Solution
Jain A, Huang SG, Whitesides GM
5063 - 5068 Mapping Protein-Peptide Affinity - Binding of Peptidylsulfonamide Inhibitors to Human Carbonic-Anhydrase-II
Bunn AM, Alexander RS, Christianson DW
5069 - 5076 From Peptide to Nonpeptide .1. The Elucidation of a Bioactive Conformation of the Arginine-Glycine-Aspartic Acid Recognition Sequence
Mcdowell RS, Gadek TR, Barker PL, Burdick DJ, Chan KS, Quan CL, Skelton N, Struble M, Thorsett ED, Tischler M, Tom JY, Webb TR, Burnier JP
5077 - 5083 From Peptide to Nonpeptide .2. The de-Novo Design of Potent, Non-Peptidal Inhibitors of Platelet-Aggregation Based on a Benzodiazepinedione Scaffold
Mcdowell RS, Blackburn BK, Gadek TR, Mcgee LR, Rawson T, Reynolds ME, Robarge KD, Somers TC, Thorsett ED, Tischler M, Webb RR, Venuti MC
5084 - 5088 Stereochemical Dichotomy in the Stevens Rearrangement of Axially Twisted Dihydroazepinium and Dihydrothiepinium Salts - A Novel Enantioselective Synthesis of Pentahelicene
Stara IG, Stary I, Tichy M, Zavada J, Hanus V
5089 - 5098 Enantioselective and Diastereoselective Molecular Recognition of Cyclic Dipeptides by a C-2 Macrolactam Host
Cristofaro MF, Chamberlin AR
5099 - 5107 Microbial Oxidation of Aromatics in Enantiocontrolled Synthesis .2. Rational Design of Aza Sugars (Endo-Nitrogenous) - Total Synthesis of (+)-Kifunensine, Mannojirimycin, and Other Glycosidase Inhibitors
Hudlicky T, Rouden J, Luna H, Allen S
5108 - 5115 Microbial Oxidation of Aromatics in Enantiocontrolled Synthesis .3. Design of Amino Cyclitols (Exo-Nitrogenous) and Total Synthesis of (+)-Lycoricidine via Acylnitrosyl Cycloaddition to Polarized 1-Halo-1,3-Cyclohexadienes
Hudlicky T, Olivo HF, Mckibben B
5116 - 5121 Pummerer-Type Cyclization of Arnstein Tripeptide Analogs Induced by O-Silylated Ketene Acetals - Studies of Penicillin Biosynthesis
Kita Y, Shibata N, Kawano N, Tohjo T, Fujimori C, Ohishi H
5122 - 5128 Crystalline Beta-Cyclodextrin Hydrate at Various Humidities - Fast, Continuous, and Reversible Dehydration Studied by X-Ray-Diffraction
Steiner T, Koellner G
5129 - 5133 Synthesis of Optically Pure 3-((1)N-Pi(Asterisk))-(1S,6R)-Bicyclo(4.4.0)Decane-3,8-Dione, a Molecule Which Is Chiral in the Excited-State Only
Miesen FW, Wollersheim AP, Meskers SC, Dekkers HP, Meijer EW
5134 - 5144 Palladium-Mediated Intramolecular C-N Bond Formation Between Tertiary-Amines and Alkenes
Vanderschaaf PA, Sutter JP, Grellier M, Vanmier GP, Spek AL, Vankoten G, Pfeffer M
5145 - 5149 Convergent Functional-Groups .15. Studies of Large and Rigid Molecular Clefts
Shimizu KD, Dewey TM, Rebek J
5150 - 5154 Generation and Characterization of Alkyl-Substituted M-Xylylenes in Fluid Solution at Room-Temperature
Gajewski JJ, Paul GC, Chang MJ, Gortva AM
5155 - 5161 Disaccharide Solution Stereochemistry from Vibrational Raman Optical-Activity
Bell AF, Hecht L, Barron LD
5162 - 5166 Solvent Pressure Effects in Free-Radical Reactions .2. Reconciliation of the Gas and Condensed-Phase Chlorination of Cyclopropane
Tanko JM, Suleman NK
5167 - 5171 Conformational Dynamics of the Bent 1,5,2,4,6,8-Dithiatetrazocines
Pascal RA, Lesperance RP
5172 - 5179 Synthesis and Chemistry of Perfluoro Macrocycles
Lin TY, Lin WH, Clark WD, Lagow RJ, Larson SB, Simonsen SH, Lynch VM, Brodbelt JS, Maleknia SD, Liou CC
5180 - 5189 Scope of the C-S Insertion Reaction of Thiazolium Salts with Platinum(0) Diphosphine Complexes
Smith VC, Aplin RT, Brown JM, Hursthouse MB, Karalulov AI, Malik KM, Cooley NA
5190 - 5195 Sulfur-Coordinated Thiophene and Benzothiophene in CP(No)(Pph(3))Re(Thiophene)(+) - Conversion to Thienyl and Thienylcarbene Complexes
Robertson MJ, White CJ, Angelici RJ
5196 - 5205 Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of (Mu-Oxo)bis(Mu-Carboxylato)Diiron(III) Complexes of a Dinucleating Dicarboxylate Ligand, Stable Models for Nonheme Diiron Protein Cores
Watton SP, Masschelein A, Rebek J, Lippard SJ
5206 - 5210 Photoinitiated Electron Collection in a Mixed-Metal Trimetallic Complex of the Form (((bpy)(2)Ru(Dpb))(2)Ircl2)(PF6)(5) (Bpy=2,2’-Bipyridine and Dpb=2,3-bis(2-Pyridyl)Benzoquinoxaline)
Molnar SM, Nallas G, Bridgewater JS, Brewer KJ
5211 - 5217 Supramolecular Photochemistry and Photophysics - A (3)-Catenand and Its Mononuclear and Homodinuclear and Heterodinuclear (3)-Catenates
Armaroli N, Balzani V, Barigelletti F, Decola L, Flamigni L, Sauvage JP, Hemmert C
5218 - 5224 Site-Specific Hydrolytic Cleavage of Cytochrome-C and of Its Heme Undecapeptide, Promoted by Coordination-Complexes of Palladium(II)
Zhu LG, Qin L, Parac TN, Kostic NM
5225 - 5232 Quantitative-Determination of the Singlet-Triplet Energy-Gap in Pseudo-Octahedral Complexes of W(IV) - Measurement of the Relative Pi-Acidities of N-Heterocyclic Ligands
Kriley CE, Fanwick PE, Rothwell IP
5233 - 5238 Analysis of a Metastable Electronic Excited-State of Sodium-Nitroprusside by X-Ray Crystallography
Pressprich MR, White MA, Vekhter Y, Coppens P
5239 - 5249 Comparison of the Manganese Oxygen-Evolving Complex in Photosystem-II of Spinach and Synechococcus Sp with Multinuclear Manganese Model Compounds by X-Ray-Absorption Spectroscopy
Derose VJ, Mukerji I, Latimer MJ, Yachandra VK, Sauer K, Klein MP
5250 - 5256 Electrospray Mass-Spectrometry of Iron Bleomycin - Demonstration That Activated Bleomycin Is a Ferric Peroxide Complex
Sam JW, Tang XJ, Peisach J
5257 - 5264 Proton Affinities and Photoelectron-Spectra of Phenylalanine and N-Methylphenylalanine and N,N-Dimethylphenylalanine - Correlation of Lone-Pair Ionization Energies with Proton Affinities and Implications for N-Methylation as a Method to Effect Site-Specific Protonation of Peptides
Campbell S, Marzluff EM, Rodgers MT, Beauchamp JL, Rempe ME, Schwinck KF, Lichtenberger DL
5265 - 5270 Electronic-Spectra of Crystalline Guanosine - Transition-Moment Directions of the Guanine Chromophore
Clark LB
5271 - 5278 Observation of the Noncovalent Quaternary Associations of Proteins by Electrospray-Ionization Mass-Spectrometry
Lightwahl KJ, Schwartz BL, Smith RD
5279 - 5284 Conformational-Analysis .16. Ethylenediamine - An Electron-Diffraction and Ab-Initio Investigation of the Molecular-Structure, Conformational Composition, Anti-Gauche Energy and Entropy Differences, and Implications for Internal Hydrogen-Bonding
Kazerouni MR, Hedberg L, Hedberg K
5285 - 5294 Microwave-Spectrum, Structure, and Internal Motions of the Ketene Ethylene Complex
Lovas FJ, Suenram RD, Gillies CW, Gillies JZ, Fowler PW, Kisiel Z
5295 - 5297 Binary Metal Metallocarbohedrenes of Titanium and Group Iiia, VA, and via Metals
Cartier SF, May BD, Castleman AW
5298 - 5306 Iglo Study of Benzene and Some of Its Isomers and Related Molecules - Search for Evidence of the Ring Current Model
Fleischer U, Kutzelnigg W, Lazzeretti P, Muhlenkamp V
5307 - 5314 Ab-Initio Study of the Effects of Torsion Angles on C-13 Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Chemical Shielding in N-Formyl-L-Alanine Amide, N-Formyl-L-Valine Amide, and Some Simple-Model Compounds - Applications to Protein NMR-Spectroscopy
Dedios AC, Oldfield E
5315 - 5323 A Combined Structural Study Using NMR Chemical-Shielding-Tensor Correlation and Neutron-Diffraction in Polycrystalline Methanol
Robyr P, Meier BH, Fischer P, Ernst RR
5324 - 5327 Spin Polarization Conservation During Intramolecular Triplet-Triplet Energy-Transfer Studied by Time-Resolved EPR Spectroscopy
Akiyama K, Terokubota S, Ikoma T, Ikegami Y
5328 - 5333 Why Is a Simple N-Alkyl Bridge More Efficient Than a Polynorbornyl Bridge at Mediating Through-Bond Coupling
Shephard MJ, Paddonrow MN, Jordan KD
5334 - 5342 Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Photooxidation of 2-Propanol to Acetone with Amorphous Manganese Oxide Catalysts
Cao H, Suib SL
5343 - 5351 Excited-State Dynamics of Ru(bpy)(3)(2+) on Porous Vycor Glass - Intervention of a Ligand Localized Triplet-State
Fan JW, Tysoe S, Strekas TC, Gafney HD, Serpone N, Lawless D
5352 - 5361 Ionoelectronics - Cation-Induced Nonlinear Complexation - Crown-Ether-Substituted and Poly(Ethylene-Oxide)-Substituted Lutetium Bisphthalocyanines
Toupance T, Ahsen V, Simon J
5362 - 5372 Double-Exchange and Vibronic Coupling in Mixed-Valence Systems - Electronic-Structure of (Fe4S4)(3+) Clusters in High-Potential Iron Protein and Related Models
Bominaar EL, Borshch SA, Girerd JJ
5373 - 5378 Aspects of Electrophilic Bromination of Alkenes in Solution - Theoretical Calculation of Atomic Charges in Bromonium Ions
Cossi M, Persico M, Tomasi J
5379 - 5391 Oxidation of Amines and Sulfides with Hydrogen-Peroxide and Alkyl Hydrogen-Peroxide - The Nature of the Oxygen-Transfer Step
Bach RD, Su MD, Schlegel HB
5392 - 5399 Inductive Versus Coulombic Effects on the Barriers to Oxygen-Atom Transfer from Alkyl Hydroperoxides - Model Studies on 4-Alpha-Flavin Hydroperoxide
Bach RD, Su MD
5400 - 5404 Ab-Initio Investigation of the Acetaldehyde-to-Acetaldehyde Enolate Proton-Transfer
Saunders WH
5405 - 5413 Is There a Transition-State Imbalance for Proton Transfers in the Gas-Phase - Ab-Initio Study of the Carbon-to-Carbon Proton-Transfer from Acetaldehyde to Its Enolate Ion
Bernasconi CF, Wenzel PJ
5414 - 5424 Hydride Exchange-Reaction in Trimetallic Clusters - An Ab-Initio Molecular-Orbital Study of M(3)(Co)(9)(Mu-H)(3)(Mu(3)-CH) (M=os, Ru)
Riehl JF, Koga N, Morokuma K
5425 - 5427 Ab-Initio Calculations of the Potential Surfaces for the Lowest Singlet and Triplet-States of 2,2-Difluorocyclopentane-1,3-Diyl - The Singlet Diradical Lies Below the Triplet
Xu JD, Hrovat DA, Borden WT
5428 - 5436 Ab-Initio Periodic Hartree-Fock Investigation of a Zeolite Acid Site
Nicholas JB, Hess AC
5437 - 5443 Electrochemical Conversion of Carbon-Dioxide to Methanol with the Assistance of Formate Dehydrogenase and Methanol Dehydrogenase as Biocatalysts
Kuwabata S, Tsuda R, Yoneyama H
5444 - 5452 Electrochemistry of Spontaneously Adsorbed Monolayers - Equilibrium Properties and Fundamental Electron-Transfer Characteristics
Forster RJ, Faulkner LR
5453 - 5461 Electrochemistry of Spontaneously Adsorbed Monolayers - Effects of Solvent, Potential, and Temperature on Electron-Transfer Dynamics
Forster RJ, Faulkner LR
5462 - 5466 Paramagnetic Interactions of Triplet Radical Pairs with Nitroxide Radicals - An Antiscavenging Effect
Step EN, Buchachenko AL, Turro NJ
5467 - 5468 Value of General Acid-Base Catalysis to Ribonuclease-A
Thompson JE, Raines RT
5469 - 5470 Zirconium-Mediated, Highly Diastereoselective Ring Contraction of Vinylmorpholine Derivatives from Alpha-Amino-Acids - An Application to the Synthesis of (-)-Macronecine
Ito H, Ikeuchi Y, Taguchi T, Hanzawa Y, Shiro M
5471 - 5472 Synthesis and X-Ray Structure of a Zirconocene Complex of 2 Alkynes
Warner BP, Davis WM, Buchwald SL
5473 - 5474 Remote Carbonylation - The Synthesis of Delta-Lactones from Saturated Alcohols and Carbon-Monoxide
Tsunoi S, Ryu I, Sonoda N
5475 - 5476 Synthetic Model of the Substrate Adduct to the Reduced Active-Site of Copper Nitrite Reductase
Halfen JA, Tolman WB
5477 - 5478 Directed Multi-Heme Self-Assembly and Electron-Transfer in a Model Membrane
Groves JT, Fate GD, Lahiri J
5479 - 5480 Bilayer Formation of Streptavidin Bridged by bis(Biotinyl) Peptide at the Air-Water-Interface
Fujita K, Kimura S, Imanishi Y, Rump E, Vanesch J, Ringsdorf H
5481 - 5482 Multistep Electron-Transfer in a Porphyrin-Ruthenium(II) bis(Terpyridyl)-Porphyrin Triad
Harriman A, Odobel F, Sauvage JP
5483 - 5484 Metal-Mediated Synthesis of Thiol Derivatives - Synthesis and Reactivity of the Thiatitanacyclopropane Complex (Cpti(Schch2Ch2S))(2)
Huang YJ, Nadasdi TT, Stephan DW
5485 - 5486 Electron-Transfer Reactions of C60F48
Zhou FM, Vanberkel GJ, Donovan BT
5487 - 5488 Hydrogen-Atom Transfer-Reactions to Trimethylenemethane Diyls - A New Reactivity Pattern Leading to Bicyclic Ring-Systems
Billera CF, Little RD
5489 - 5490 Superconducting Alkali-Metal Fullerides - Development of a Versatile Solution-Phase Route from Soluble M3C60 Precursors
Liu XH, Wan WC, Owens SM, Broderick WE
5491 - 5492 Zeolite Y-Catalyzed Versus Superacid-Catalyzed Protium-Deuterium Exchange in Alkanes
Sommer J, Hachoumy M, Garin F, Barthomeuf D
5493 - 5494 Metal Atom Synthesis and Structure of (Eta(6)-Toluene)bis(Trichlorosilyl)Iron Dihydride - An Unusual Iron(IV) Complex
Asirvatham VS, Yao Z, Klabunde KJ
5495 - 5496 Base-Free Silylene Complexes Without Pi-Donor Stabilization - Molecular-Structure of (CP-Asterisk(PMe3)(2)Ru=sime2)(B(C6F5)(4))
Grumbine SK, Tilley TD, Arnold FP, Rheingold AL
5497 - 5498 Low-Temperature Tunneling in the Spin-State Relaxation Dynamics of Iron(III) Spin-Crossover Compounds
Schenker S, Hauser A
5499 - 5500 Dearomatization of Furan - Structure of an Eta(2)-Furan Complex and a Survey of Its Reactivity
Chen HY, Hodges LM, Liu RG, Stevens WC, Sabat M, Harman WD
5501 - 5502 Transport of Adenine Mononucleoside and Dinucleoside Monophosphates Across Liquid Membranes and Extraction of Oligonucleotides with Synthetic Carriers
Andreu C, Galan A, Kobiro K, Demendoza J, Park TK, Rebek J, Salmeron A, Usman N
5503 - 5504 Addition of Organosilanes with Aromatic Carbonyl-Compounds via Photoinduced Electron-Transfer in the Presence of Magnesium Perchlorate
Fukuzumi S, Okamoto T, Otera J
5505 - 5506 Cobalt-Mediated Total Synthesis of (+)-Epoxydictymene
Jamison TF, Shambayati S, Crowe WE, Schreiber SL
5507 - 5508 Crystal-Structure of Isopropyllithium
Siemeling U, Redecker T, Neumann B, Stammler HG
5509 - 5510 Highly-Active Manganese-Containing Polyoxometalate as Catalyst for Epoxidation of Alkenes with Hydrogen-Peroxide
Neumann R, Gara M
5511 - 5512 Total Synthesis of Octalactin-A and Octalactin-B
Buszek KR, Sato N, Jeong YM
5513 - 5514 Chemical Cleavage of Recombinant Fusion Proteins to Yield Peptide Amides
Nakagawa S, Tamakashi Y, Hamana T, Kawase M, Taketomi S, Ishibashi Y, Nishimura O, Fukuda T
5515 - 5516 Vibrational Characteristics of Mutant and Wild-Type Carbon Monoxy Cytochrome-C-Oxidase - Evidence for a Linear Arrangement of Heme A, A(3), and Cu-B
Hosler JP, Kim YK, Shapleigh J, Gennis R, Alben J, Fergusonmiller S, Babcock G
5517 - 5518 Nondestructive Detection of Acetylcholine in Protic Media - Artificial-Signaling Acetylcholine-Receptors
Inouye M, Hashimoto K, Isagawa K
5519 - 5520 Recognition of Dyes by K2SO4 Crystals - Choosing Organic Guests for Simple Salts
Kelley MP, Janssens B, Kahr B, Vetter WM
5521 - 5522 Novel Radical Cyclizations of Alkyl Azides - A New Route to N-Heterocycles
Kim S, Joe GH, Do JY
5523 - 5524 Role of the CC-1065 and Duocarmycin N-2 Substituent - Validation of a Direct Relationship Between Solvolysis Chemical-Stability and in-Vitro Biological Potency
Boger DL, Yun WY
5525 - 5525 5-Endo Closure of the 2-Formylbenzoyl Radical (Vol 116, Pg 1718, 1994)
Mendenhall GD, Protasiewicz JD, Brown CE, Ingold KU, Lusztyk J