Journal of Supercritical Fluids

Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Vol.140 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0896-8446 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Subcritical carbon dioxide foaming of polycaprolactone for bone tissue regeneration
Duarte RM, Correia-Pinto J, Reis RL, Duarte ARC
11 - 20 Utilization of supercritical carbon dioxide in fabrication of cellulose acetate films with anti-biofilm effects against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus
Zizovic I, Senerovic L, Moric I, Adamovic T, Jovanovic M, Krusic MK, Misic D, Stojanovic D, Milovanovic S
21 - 31 Microcellular foaming of polysulfones in supercritical CO2 and the effect of co-blowing agent
Hu DD, Gu Y, Liu T, Zhao L
32 - 40 Catalytic supercritical water destructive oxidation of tributyl phosphate: Study on the effect of operational parameters
Golmohammadi M, Ahmadi SJ, Towfighi J
41 - 52 Thermal-hydraulic analysis of a novel design super critical water reactor with Al2O3 nanofluid as a coolant
Bahrevar MH, Jahanfarnia G, Pazirandeh A, Shayesteh M
53 - 61 Hydrothermal liquefaction of Syrian mesquite (Prosopis farcta): Effects of operating parameters on product yields and characterization by different analysis methods
Colak U, Durak H, Genel S
62 - 71 Supercritical CO2 extraction of cinnamaldehyde and eugenol from cinnamon bark: Optimization of operating conditions via response surface methodology
Masghati S, Ghoreishi SM
72 - 84 Preparation of Aprepitant nanoparticles (efficient drug for coping with the effects of cancer treatment) by rapid expansion of supercritical solution with solid cosolvent (RESS-SC)
Sodeifian G, Sajadian SA, Daneshyan S
85 - 90 Transformation of residual starch from brewer's spent grain into fermentable sugars using supercritical technology
Luft L, Confortin TC, Todero I, Ugalde G, Zabot GL, Mazutti MA
91 - 100 Study of the effects of methanol, ethanol and propanol alcohols as Co-solvents on the interaction of methimazole, propranolol and phenazopyridine with carbon dioxide in supercritical conditions by molecular dynamics
Hosseini SZ, Bozorgmehr MR, Masrurnia M, Beyramabadi SA
101 - 115 Process simulation of organic liquid products fractionation in countercurrent multistage columns using CO2 as solvent with Aspen-Hysys
Costa EC, Ferreira CC, dos Santos ALB, Vargens HD, Menezes EGO, Cunha VMB, da Silva MP, Mancio AA, Machado NT, Araujo ME
116 - 128 Tailored morphologies and properties of high-performance microcellular poly(phenylene sulfide)/poly(ether ether ketone) (PPS/PEEK) blends
Ma ZL, Zhang GC, Yang Q, Shi XT, Li JT, Zhang HM, Qin JB
129 - 136 Impregnation of mesoporous silica with mangiferin using supercritical CO2
Garcia-Casas I, Montes A, Valor D, Pereyra C, de la Ossa EJM
137 - 146 Extraction of Arctium Lappa leaves using supercritical CO2 + ethanol: Kinetics, chemical composition, and bioactivity assessments
de Souza ARC, Guedes AR, Rodriguez JMF, Bombardelli MCM, Corazza ML
147 - 158 Global phase behaviour in carbon dioxide plus n-alkanes binary mixtures
Quinteros-Lama H, Llovell F
159 - 164 Effect of wavelength in laser-assisted synthesis of silver nanoparticles by supercritical deposition technique
Arakcheev V, Bagratashvili V, Bekin A, Khmelenin D, Minaev N, Morozov V, Rybaltovsky A
165 - 181 Side jet effects in high-pressure turbulent flows: Direct Numerical Simulation of nitrogen injected into carbon dioxide
Gnanaskandan A, Bellan J
182 - 187 Subcritical extraction of oil from black and white chia seeds with n-propane and comparison with conventional techniques
Hrncic MK, Cor D, Knez Z
188 - 195 Kinetic behavior and economic evaluation of supercritical fluid extraction of oil from pequi (Caryocar brasiliense) for various grinding times and solvent flow rates
Johner JCF, Hatami T, Zabot GL, Meireles MAA
196 - 206 Characterization of olive leaf extract polyphenols loaded by supercritical solvent impregnation into PET/PP food packaging films
Bastante CC, Cardoso LC, Ponce MTF, Serrano CM, de la Ossa-Fernandez EJM
207 - 217 Experimental extraction of L-Carnitine from oyster mushroom with supercritical carbon dioxide and methanol as co-solvent: Modeling and optimization
Radfar S, Ghoreishi SM
218 - 232 Excess volume, isothermal compressibility, isentropic compressibility and speed of sound of carbon dioxide plus n-heptane binary mixture under pressure up to 70 MPa. I Experimental Measurements
Bazile JP, Nasri D, Hamani AWS, Galliero G, Daridon JL
233 - 237 Highly selective reduction of nitroarenes by sc-isopropanol in the presence of zirconia in a flow reactor
Anikeev VI, Sivcev VP, Valeev KR, Volcho KP, Sadykov VA, Salakhutdinov NF
238 - 247 Esters production in continuous reactor from macauba pulp oil using methyl acetate in pressurized conditions
Visioli LJ, Trentini CP, de Castilhos F, da Silva C
248 - 257 Finite element multiscale modelling of elastic behavior of cellulose acetate-Graphene oxide nanocomposites, produced using a SC-CO2 assisted technique
Naddeo F, Baldino L, Cardea S, Naddeo A, Reverchon E
258 - 269 Numerical modelling of char formation during glucose gasification in supercritical water
Yukananto R, Pozarlik A, Bramer E, Brem G
270 - 278 Microcellular polymer films based on cross-linked 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone and methyl methacrylate
Ruiz JAR, Vallejos S, Pascual BS, Ramos C, Beltran S, Garcia FC, Garcia JM
279 - 289 The effects of molecular weight and supercritical CO2 on the phase morphology of organic solvent free porous scaffolds
Ye JG, Liao X, Xiao W, Li SJ, Yang Q, Li GX
290 - 301 Hydrothermal conversion of biomass (Xanthium strumarium) to energetic materials and comparison with other thermochemical methods
Durak H, Genel Y
302 - 309 Simulating large scale SFE applied to recover bioactive compounds from papaya seeds
Hall RM, Mayer DA, Mazzutti S, Ferreira SRS
310 - 319 Development of cotton fabric impregnated with antioxidant mango polyphenols by means of supercritical fluids
Fernandez-Ponce MT, Medina-Ruiz E, Casas L, Mantell C, de la Ossa-Fernandez EJM
320 - 328 2Hydrothermal CO2 conversion using zinc as reductant: Batch reaction, modeling and parametric analysisof the process
Roman-Gonzalez D, Moro A, Burgoa F, Perez E, Nieto-Marquez A, Martin A, Bermejo MD
329 - 335 Measurement and modeling of adsorption equilibria of cobalt (III) acetylacetonate on MCM-41 mesoporous silica in the presence of supercritical carbon dioxide with methanol co-solvent
Ushiki I, Koike M, Shimizu T, Sato Y, Takishima S, Inomata H
336 - 347 Sizing and operating units for the purification and compression of CO2-based streams: The impact of thermodynamic model accuracy
Lasala S, Chiesa P, Privat R, Jaubert JN
348 - 355 Mathematical modelling of turmeric compounds extraction using high pressurized solvents mixture
Braga MEM, Quispe-Condori S, Rosa PTV, Meireles MAA
356 - 363 Influence of reaction conditions on the catalytic activity of a nickel during the supercritical water gasification of dewatered sewage sludge
Wang CY, Zhu W, Chen C, Zhang H, Lin NX, Su Y
364 - 371 Production of copaiba (Copaifera officinalis) oleoresin particles by supercritical fluid extraction of emulsions
Reategui JLP, Fernandes FP, dos Santos P, Rezende CA, Sartoratto A, Queiroga CL, Martinez J
372 - 379 Isolation of spilanthol from Acmella oleracea based on Green Chemistry and evaluation of its in vitro anti-inflammatory activity
Blanco VSD, Michalak B, Zelioli IAM, de Oliveira ADS, Rodrigues MVN, Ferreira AG, Garcia VL, Cabral FA, Kiss AK, Rodrigues RAF
380 - 386 Using Raman spectroscopy and a fused quartz tube reactor to study the oxidation of o-dichlorobenzene in hot compressed water
Wang JL, Zhang YQ, Zheng WC, Chou M, Lin CM, Wang QY, Pan ZY
387 - 393 Obtaining of highly-active catalysts of unsaturated compounds hydrogenation by using supercritical carbon dioxide
Parenago OP, Timashev PS, Karakhanov EA, Maximov AL, Lazhko AE, Zolotukhina AV, Bagratashvili VN
394 - 405 Aerogel production by supercritical drying of organogels: Experimental study and modelling investigation of drying kinetics
Lazrag M, Lemaitre C, Castel C, Hannachi A, Barth D
406 - 414 A hybrid process for increasing the shelf life of elderberry juice
Torabian G, Bahramian B, Zambon A, Spilimbergo S, Adil Q, Schindeler A, Valtchev P, Dehghani F
415 - 430 Model development for sc-drying kinetics of aerogels: Part 1. Monoliths and single particles
Selmer I, Behnecke AS, Quino J, Braeuer AS, Gurikov P, Smirnova I