Journal of Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources, Vol.86, No.1-2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Proceedings of the Sixth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium Fuel Cells -The Competitive Option for Sustainable Energy Supply - 13-16 September, 1999, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK
Lovering DG
2 - 8 Challenges of implementing new technologies for sustainable energy opening address at the Sixth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, London, 13-16 September 1999
Koch HJ
9 - 15 Grove Medal acceptance address
Baker BS
16 - 22 Applying fuel cell experience to sustainable power products
King JM, O'Day MJ
23 - 27 Sustainable energy conversion: fuel cells - the competitive option?
Hart D
28 - 33 Financial considerations of exploiting fuel cell technology
MacKerron G
34 - 39 Challenges for fuel cells as stationary power resource in the evolving energy enterprise
Rastler D
40 - 51 Challenges for fuel cells in transport applications
Chalk SG, Miller JF, Wagner FW
52 - 56 The European Union approach to fuel cell development
Borthwick WKD
57 - 60 The California fuel cell partnership: an avenue to clean air
Lloyd AC
61 - 67 Fuel cells going on-board
Sattler G
68 - 73 Planar solid oxide fuel cells: the Australian experience and outlook
Godfrey B, Foger K, Gillespie R, Bolden R, Badwal SPS
74 - 83 The role of fuel cells in energy storage
Smith W
84 - 89 Liberalisation - challenges and opportunities for fuel cells
Baentsch F
90 - 97 Innovative concepts for the coproduction of electricity and syngas with solid oxide fuel cells
Vollmar HE, Maier CU, Nolscher C, Merklein T, Poppinger M
98 - 110 Small-scale fuel cells for residential applications
Sammes NM, Boersma R
111 - 116 Recent advances in direct methanol fuel cells at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ren XM, Zelenay P, Thomas S, Davey J, Gottesfeld S
117 - 121 An analysis of endurance issues for MCFC
Huijsmans JPP, Kraaij GJ, Makkus RC, Rietveld G, Sitters EF, Reijers HTJ
122 - 129 SOFC technology development at Rolls-Royce
Gardner FJ, Day MJ, Brandon NP, Pashley MN, Cassidy M
130 - 133 Fuel cell drives for road vehicles
Charnah RM
134 - 139 Status of tubular SOFC field unit demonstrations
George RA
140 - 144 The first demonstration of the 250-kW polymer electrolyte fuel cell for stationary application (Berlin)
Pokojski M
145 - 150 Start-up, testing and operation of 1000 kW class MCFC power plant
Ishikawa T, Yasue H
151 - 157 The prospects - fuel cell motorcycle in Taiwan
Wang JH, Chiang WL, Shu JPH
158 - 161 The TES project - A joint initiative for an additional fuel infrastructure
Heuer W
162 - 165 Alkaline fuel cells applications
Kordesch K, Hacker V, Gsellmann J, Cifrain M, Faleschini G, Enzinger P, Fankhauser R, Ortner M, Muhr M, Aronson RR
166 - 172 Portable PEFC generator with propane as fuel
Ledjeff-Hey K, Kalk T, Mahlendorf F, Niemzig O, Trautmann A, Roes J
173 - 180 Development and application of a generalised steady-state electrochemical model for a PEM fuel cell
Mann RF, Amphlett JC, Hooper MAI, Jensen HM, Peppley BA, Roberge PR
181 - 196 Modelling of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells with variable degrees of water flooding
Baschuk JJ, Li XH
197 - 201 Water transport in polymer membranes for PEMFC
Choi KH, Peck DH, Kim CS, Shin DR, Lee TH
202 - 213 Conceptual design and modeling of a fuel cell scooter for urban Asia
Lin B
214 - 222 A compact CO selective oxidation reactor for solid polymer fuel cell powered vehicle application
Dudfield CD, Chen R, Adcock PL
223 - 227 Purifier-integrated methanol reformer for fuel cell vehicles
Jan H, Kim IS, Choi HS
228 - 236 Fuel cell drive system with hydrogen generation in test
Emonts B, Hansen JB, Schmidt H, Grube T, Hohlein B, Peters R, Tschauder A
237 - 242 Stainless steel as a bipolar plate material for solid polymer fuel cells
Davies DP, Adcock PL, Turpin M, Rowen SJ
243 - 249 Critical assessment of power trains with fuel-cell systems and different fuels
Hohlein B, von Andrian S, Grube T, Menzer R
250 - 254 Diffusion layer parameters influencing optimal fuel cell performance
Jordan LR, Shukla AK, Behrsing T, Avery NR, Muddle BC, Forsyth M
255 - 260 Market prospects, design features, anal performance of a fuel cell-powered scooter
Colella WG
261 - 268 The impinging jet flow cell - a novel method for the study of PEM fuel cell material
Koponen U, Peltonen T, Bergelin M, Mennola T, Valkiainen M, Kaskimies J, Wasberg M
269 - 273 Development of a high-performance PEFC module operated by reformed gas
Isono T, Suzuki S, Kaneko M, Akiyama Y, Miyake Y, Yonezu I
274 - 282 Use of stainless steel for cost competitive bipolar plates in the SPFC
Makkus RC, Janssen AHH, de Bruijn FA, Mallant RKAM
283 - 288 Test results for fuel cell operation on anaerobic digester gas
Spiegel RJ, Preston JL
289 - 293 Effects of flow rate and starvation of reactant gases on the performance of phosphoric acid fuel cells
Song RH, Kim CS, Shin DR
294 - 297 Highly efficient heat recovery system for phosphoric acid fuel cells used for cooling telecommunication equipment
Ishizawa M, Okada S, Yamashita T
298 - 301 PAFC operating performance verified by Japanese gas utilities
Kasahara K, Morioka M, Yoshida H, Shingai H
302 - 308 Optimisation of the cell shape for industrial MCFC stacks
Arato E, Bosio B, Massa R, Parodi F
309 - 315 Analysis by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of new MCFC cathode materials
Perez FJ, Duday D, Hierro MP, Gomez C, Romero M, Casais MT, Alonso JA, Martinez MJ, Daza L
316 - 323 Assessment of commercial prospects of molten carbonate fuel cells
Dicks A, Siddle A
324 - 328 Long-term corrosion resistance of Al-Ni-plated material and Al-plated material in molten carbonate environment
Kawabata Y, Fujimoto N, Yamamoto M, Nagoya T, Nishida M
329 - 333 Modified nickel oxides as cathode materials for MCFC
Daza L, Rangel CM, Baranda J, Casais MT, Martinez MJ, Alonso JA
334 - 339 A study of carbon deposition on fuel cell power plants -morphology of deposited carbon and catalytic metal in carbon deposition reactions on stainless steel
Sone Y, Kishida H, Kobayashi M, Watanabe T
340 - 346 Properties of NiO cathode coated with lithiated Co and Ni solid solution oxide for MCFCs
Fukui T, Ohara S, Okawa H, Hotta T, Naito M
347 - 351 High-performance electrodes for reduced temperature solid oxide fuel cells with doped lanthanum gallate electrolyte II. La(Sr)CoO3 cathode
Inagaki T, Miura K, Yoshida H, Maric R, Ohara S, Zhang X, Mukai K, Fukui T
352 - 362 Dry layer preparation and characterisation of polymer electrolyte fuel cell components
Gulzow E, Schulze M, Wagner N, Kaz T, Reissner R, Steinhilber G, Schneider A
423 - 431 Evaluation and modeling of performance of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cell
Yakabe H, Hishinuma M, Uratani M, Matsuzaki Y, Yasuda I
432 - 441 Pre-reforming of natural gas in solid oxide fuel-cell systems
Peters R, Riensche E, Cremer P
442 - 448 Combined solid oxide fuel cell and gas turbine systems for efficient power and heat generation
Palsson J, Selimovic A, Sjunnesson L
449 - 454 The influence of the mass transfer on the geometric design of SOFC stacks
Winkler W
455 - 458 High performance electrodes for reduced temperature solid oxide fuel cells with doped lanthanum gallate electrolyte I. Ni-SDC cermet anode
Ohara S, Maric R, Zhang X, Mukai K, Fukui T, Yoshida H, Inagaki T, Miura K
459 - 463 SOFC system with integrated catalytic fuel processing
Finnerty C, Tompsett GA, Kendall K, Ormerod RM
464 - 468 Studies on methanol fuel cell
Verma LK
469 - 477 Process engineering of the direct methanol fuel cell
Dohle H, Divisek J, Jung R
478 - 481 Electrooxidation of methanol on Pt-Ru catalysts supported by basal plane graphite in phosphoric acid solution
Lee CH, Lee CW, Kim DI, Jung DH, Kim CS, Shin DR
482 - 494 Assessment of the environmental benefits of transport and stationary fuel cells
Bauen A, Hart D
495 - 500 An integrated SOFC plant dynamic model for power systems simulation
Padulles J, Ault GW, McDonald JR
501 - 506 A study of SOFC-PEM hybrid systems
Dicks AL, Fellows RG, Mescal CM, Seymour C
507 - 514 Investigation of a methanol reformer concept considering the particular impact of dynamics and long-term stability for use in a fuel-cell-powered passenger car
Peters R, Dusterwald HG, Hohlein B
515 - 522 Modelling the integration of a compact plate steam reformer in a fuel cell system
Cunha J, Azevedo JLT
523 - 530 Intrinsic reaction kinetics of methane steam reforming on a nickel/zirconia anode
Dicks AL, Pointon KD, Siddle A
531 - 535 Hydrogen production hy steam-iron process
Hacker V, Fankhauser R, Faleschini G, Fuchs H, Friedrich K, Muhr M, Kordesch K
536 - 541 Hydrogen generation from biogenic and fossil fuels by autothermal reforming
Rampe T, Heinzel A, Vogel B
542 - 547 Methanol infrastructure - will it affect the introduction of SPFC vehicles?
Hart D, Leach MA, Fouquet R, Pearson PJ, Bauen A
548 - 555 Hydrogen and methanol: a comparison of safety, economics, efficiencies and emissions
Adamson KA, Pearson P
556 - 561 CO2-scrubbing and methanation as purification system for PEFC
Ledjeff-Hey K, Roes J, Wolters R
562 - 567 Reduction of oxygen from electrolyte emulsions with high oxygen contents
Kronberger H, Bruckner K, Fabjan C