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Journal of Power Sources, Vol.426 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Hollow amorphous microspheres of nickel phosphate: Synthesis using adenosine 5 '-triphosphate disodium salt as a new organic phosphorus source and their application as electrode materials in supercapacitors
Li N, Xu ZJ, Liu YF, Hu ZH
11 - 15 Performance enhancement of perovskite solar cells using trimesic acid additive in the two-step solution method
Su LJ, Xiao YM, Han GY, Lu LP, Li HG, Zhu ML
16 - 22 Single-crystal cobalt selenide nanobelt as a highly efficient cathode for stable quasi-solid-state dye sensitized solar cell
Feng CQ, Zhao GY, Li YR, Cheng HL, Wang ZS
23 - 32 A fast pi-pi stacking self-assembly of cobalt terephthalate dihydrate and the twelve-electron lithiation-delithiation of anhydrous cobalt terephthalate
Jiang HR, Zhao SQ, Ma XL, Liu SJ, Shen Q
33 - 39 Facile preparation of MnO/nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanotubes composites and their application in energy storage
Mu P, Ma WY, Zhao YB, Zhang C, Ren SJ, Wang F, Yan C, Chen Y, Zeng JH, Jiang JX
40 - 46 Fluorine-doped tin oxide/ hematite/ Ni(OH)(2)/ Prussian white photoelectrode for use in a visible-light-assisted pseudocapacitor
Mohammadian M, Rashid-Nadimi S, Peimanifard Z
47 - 54 Biopolymer-based carboxylated chitosan hydrogel film crosslinked by HCl as gel polymer electrolyte for all-solid-sate supercapacitors
Yang HZ, Liu Y, Kong LB, Kang L, Ran F
55 - 60 Two-dimensional polythiophene homopolymer as promising hole transport material for high-performance perovskite solar cells
Hsieh HC, Hsiow CY, Su YA, Liu YC, Chen W, Chiu WY, Shih YC, Lin KF, Wang L
61 - 66 Efficient inverted all inorganic CsPbI3 planar solar cells via twice-coating in air condition
Saparbaev A, Gao CL, Zhu DQ, Liu ZL, Qu XF, Bao XC, Yang RQ
67 - 73 Capacity degradation in commercial Li-ion cells: The effects of charge protocol and temperature
Wang H, Frisco S, Gottlieb E, Yuan R, Whitacre JF
74 - 83 Fe2O3 nanocatalysts on N-doped carbon nanomaterial for highly efficient electrochemical hydrogen evolution in alkaline
Jiang JB, Zhu LY, Sun YX, Chen YK, Chen HT, Han S, Lin HL
84 - 92 Antimony induced crystal growth for large-grained Cu2SnS3 thin films for photovoltaics
Chalapathi U, Poornaprakash B, Park SH
93 - 96 Minimizing the Nyquist-plot semi-circle of pseudocapacitive manganese oxides through modification of the oxide-substrate interface resistance
Allison A, Andreas HA
97 - 110 The effect of non-uniform compression and flow-field arrangements on membrane electrode assemblies - X-ray computed tomography characterisation and effective parameter determination
Kulkarni N, Kok MDR, Jervis R, Iacoviello F, Meyer Q, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
111 - 115 Hollow-structure NiCo hydroxide/carbon nanotube composite for High-Performance supercapacitors
Zhou QY, Fan TW, Li YY, Chen DC, Liu SL, Li X
116 - 123 An affordable manufacturing method to boost the initial Coulombic efficiency of disproportionated SiO lithium-ion battery anodes
Zhang Y, Guo GN, Chen C, Jiao YC, Li TT, Chen X, Yang YC, Yang D, Dong AG
124 - 133 Achieving high Pt utilization and superior performance of high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell by employing low-Pt-content catalyst and microporous layer free electrode design
Yao DM, Zhang WQ, Ma Q, Xu Q, Pasupathi S, Su HN
134 - 134 An electrochemical and structural study of highly uniform tin oxide nanowires fabricated by a novel, scalable solvoplasma technique as anode material for sodium ion batteries (vol 347, pg 201, 2017)
Mukherjee S, Schuppert N, Bates A, Jasinski J, Hong JE, Choi MJ, Park S
135 - 142 Non-uniform, multi-stack solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system design for small system size and high efficiency
Pirasaci T
143 - 150 Sheet-type Li6PS5Cl-infiltrated Si anodes fabricated by solution process for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries
Kim DH, Lee HA, Song YB, Park JW, Lee SM, Jung YS
151 - 161 Investigating FeVO4 as a cathode material for aqueous aluminum-ion battery
Kumar S, Satish R, Verma V, Ren H, Kidkhunthod P, Manalastas W, Srinivasan M
162 - 168 In situ electrochemical surface modification for high-voltage LiCoO2 in lithium ion batteries
Lim J, Choi A, Kim H, Doo SW, Park Y, Lee KT
169 - 177 A stable 2D nano-columnar sandwich layered phthalocyanine negative electrode for lithium-ion batteries
Chen J, Xu Y, Cao MH, Zhu CJ, Liu XL, Li YT, Zhong SW
178 - 187 High performance perovskite solar cells based on beta-NaYF4:Yb3+ /Er3+ / Sc3+ @NaYF4 core-shell upconversion nanoparticles
Guo QY, Wu JH, Yang YQ, Liu XP, Jia JB, Dong J, Lan Z, Lin JM, Huang ML, Wei YL, Huang YF
188 - 196 Sealing the domain boundaries and defects passivation by Poly(acrylic acid) for scalable blading of efficient perovskite solar cells
Li N, Xu F, Qiu ZW, Liu JL, Wan XX, Zhu XM, Yu HQ, Li C, Liu YN, Cao BQ
197 - 204 Facile synthesis of Mn2.1V0.9O4/rGO: A novel high-rate anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang D, Xi SB, Li GS, Li BY, Fan JM, Liu XQ, Chen DD, Li LP
205 - 215 A rapid and green method for the fabrication of conductive hydrogels and their applications in stretchable supercapacitors
Shih CC, Lin YC, Gao MY, Wu M, Hsieh HC, Wu NL, Chen WC
216 - 222 Impedance characterization of lithium-ion batteries aging under high-temperature cycling: Importance of electrolyte-phase diffusion
Zhou X, Huang J, Pan ZQ, Ouyang MG
223 - 232 Charge storage characteristics of mesoporous strontium titanate perovskite aqueous as well as flexible solid-state supercapacitor cell
Tomar AK, Singh G, Sharma RK
233 - 241 Electrochemical performance and stability of SrTi0.3Fe0.6Co0.1O3-delta infiltrated La0.8Sr0.2MnO3-Zr0.92Y0.16O2-delta oxygen electrodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide electrochemical cells
Zhang SL, Wang HQ, Lu MY, Li CX, Li CJ, Barnett SA
242 - 249 An effective LiBO2 coating to ameliorate the cathode/electrolyte interfacial issues of LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 in solid-state Li batteries
Zhang XD, Shi JL, Liang JY, Wang LP, Yin YX, Jiang KC, Guo YG
250 - 258 Controlled formation of BNb3O9 nanobelts as superior host material for high performance electrochemical energy storage
Zhu HJ, Yan L, Xia MT, Cheng X, Ye WQ, Yu HX, Long NB, Shui M, Shu J
259 - 265 Efficient recycling of valuable resources from discarded lithium-ion batteries
Jo CH, Myung ST
266 - 274 0D/2D (Fe0.5Ni0.5)S-2/rGO nanocomposite with enhanced supercapacitor and lithium ion battery performance
Liu T, Li LM, Zhang LY, Cheng B, You W, Yu JG