Journal of Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources, Vol.423 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Mesoporous cobalt selenide/nitrogen-doped carbon hybrid as bifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions
Ding JT, Ji S, Wang H, Linkov V, Wang RF
9 - 17 Zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 (ZIF-8) as robust catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cells
Xue WD, Zhou QX, Li FX, Ondon BS
18 - 25 Three-dimensional modeling of mediator-enhanced solid-state supercapacitors
Wang YC, Zhang C, Qiao XY, Mansour AN, Zhou XY
26 - 33 Thick polyfluorene-based polyelectrolytes realized by regulation of conjugated backbone as cathode interface layers for efficient polymer solar cells
Wu FY, Jin XF, Huang B, Lei H, An YK, Han JH, Huang SR, Chen L, Chen YW
34 - 39 Density functional theory calculations for interactions between metal-free phthalocyanine and lithium polysulfides
Ri K, Yun C, Kim C, Ma J, Kim K
40 - 51 A modified reliability model for lithium-ion battery packs based on the stochastic capacity degradation and dynamic response impedance
Xia Q, Wang ZL, Ren Y, Tao LF, Lu C, Tian J, Hu DZ, Wang YT, Su YZ, Chong J, Jin HZ, Lin YS
52 - 59 Prototype rechargeable magnesium batteries using ionic liquid electrolytes
Gao XP, Mariani A, Jeong S, Liu X, Dou XW, Ding M, Moretti A, Passerini S
60 - 67 State-of-charge monitoring for redox flow batteries: A symmetric opencircuit cell approach
Stolze C, Hager MD, Schubert US
68 - 71 An asymmetric electric double-layer capacitor with a janus membrane and two different aqueous electrolytes
Liang N, Ji YS, Xu J, Zuo DY, Chen DZ, Zhang HW
72 - 79 High lithium-ion conductivity polymer film to suppress dendrites in Li metal batteries
Dong HY, Xiao XL, Jin C, Wang XR, Tang PP, Wang CB, Yin YH, Wang D, Yang ST, Wu C
80 - 89 Bi-metal organic framework nanosheets assembled on nickel wire films for volumetric-energy-dense supercapacitors
Hong M, Zhou C, Xu SS, Ye XZ, Yang Z, Zhang LY, Zhou ZH, Hu NT, Zhang YF
90 - 97 A new additive 3-Isocyanatopropyltriethoxysilane to improve electrochemical performance of Li/NCM622 half-cell at high voltage
Wang SL, Chen SM, Gao WQ, Liu LL, Zhang SJ
98 - 105 Suppressed polysulfide shuttling and improved Li+ transport in Li-S batteries enabled by NbN modified PP separator
Qiu WJ, An CH, Yan YW, Xu J, Zhang ZJ, Guo W, Wang Z, Zheng ZJ, Wang ZB, Deng QB, Li JS
106 - 114 High mass loading Ni-decorated Co9S8 with enhanced electrochemical performance for flexible quasi-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Wen YX, Liu YP, Dang S, Tian SH, Li HQ, Wang ZL, He DY, Wu ZS, Cao GZ, Peng SL
115 - 124 High-performance hybrid supercapacitors based on novel Co3O4/Co(OH)(2) hybrids synthesized with various-sized metal-organic framework templates
Lee G, Jang J
125 - 136 Coupling ammonia catalytic decomposition and electrochemical oxidation for solid oxide fuel cells: A model based on elementary reaction kinetics
Luo Y, Shi YX, Liao ST, Chen CQ, Zhan YY, Au CT, Jiang LL
137 - 143 Comparative study of fluoroethylene carbonate and succinic anhydride as electrolyte additive for hard carbon anodes of Na-ion batteries
Kim DH, Kang B, Lee H
144 - 151 Synergy of doping and coating induced heterogeneous structure and concentration gradient in Ni-rich cathode for enhanced electrochemical performance
Li YC, Xiang W, Xiao Y, Wu ZG, Xu CL, Xu W, Xu YD, Wu C, Yang ZG, Guo XD
152 - 158 High performance p-type organic thermoelectric materials based on metalloporphyrin/single-walled carbon nanotube composite films
Zhou Y, Liu YJ, Zhou XY, Gao Y, Gao CM, Wang L
159 - 165 High electrochemical performance of gamma ''-FeN thin film electrode for lithium ion batteries
Ma ZY, Li ZC, Zeng Y, Li PF, Zhang H
166 - 173 Multiple phase N-doped TiO2 nanotubes/TiN/graphene nanocomposites for high rate lithium ion batteries at low temperature
Li JJ, Li YM, Lan QY, Yang ZC, Lv XJ
174 - 182 In-situ experimental measurements of lithium concentration distribution and strain field of graphite electrodes during electrochemical process
Yang W, Xie HM, Shi BQ, Song HB, Qiu W, Zhang Q
183 - 191 Towards water based ultra-thick Li ion battery electrodes - A binder approach
Ibing L, Gallasch T, Schneider P, Niehoff P, Hintennach A, Winter M, Schappacher FM
192 - 202 Graphene and reduced graphene oxide based microporous layers for high-performance proton-exchange membrane fuel cells under varied humidity operation
Leeuwner MJ, Patra A, Wilkinson DP, Gyenge EL
203 - 210 An aqueous manganese-copper battery for large-scale energy storage applications
Wei L, Zeng L, Wu MC, Jiang HR, Zhao TS
211 - 217 Nitric oxide and oxygen: A promising binary electron acceptor for accelerating power output of microbial fuel cell
Shi XX, Liu Y, Ma WH, Liu C, Zhang JN, Dang XQ, Huang TL
218 - 226 Flowable polymer electrolytes for lithium metal batteries
Aldalur I, Martinez-Ibanez M, Krzton-Maziopa A, Piszcz M, Armand M, Zhang H
227 - 235 Improving generation ramp rates of photovoltaic systems using module-based capacitive energy storage
Zheng BW, Fletcher JE, Lennon A, Jiang Y, Burr PA
236 - 245 Fabrication of peanut-like TiO2 microarchitecture with enhanced surface light trapping and high specific surface area for high-efficiency dye sensitized solar cells
He X, Guo Y, Liu JH, Li X, Qi JY
246 - 254 Enhancing structural stability unto 4.5 V of Ni-rich cathodes by tungsten-doping for lithium storage
Shang GZ, Tang YW, Lai YQ, Wu J, Yang X, Li HX, Peng C, Zheng JF, Zhang ZA
255 - 262 Development of all-solid-state battery based on lithium ion conductive polymer nanofiber framework
Watanabe T, Inafune Y, Tanaka M, Mochizuki Y, Matsumoto F, Kawakami H
263 - 270 Evaluating the impact of transport inertia on the electrochemical response of lithium ion battery single particle models
Maiza M, Mammeri Y, Nguyen DA, Legrand N, Desprez P, Franco AA
271 - 279 Highly enhanced energy density of supercapacitors at extremely low temperatures
Lang JW, Zhang X, Liu L, Yang BJ, Yang J, Yan XB
280 - 289 Effect of channel-rib width on water transport behavior in gas diffusion layer of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Jeon DH
290 - 296 ZnO-promoted surface diffusion on NiO-Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 anode for solid oxide fuel cell
Zhi XJ, Gan T, Hou NJ, Fan LJ, Yao TT, Wang J, Zhao YC, Li YD
297 - 304 A shear thickening fluid based impact resistant electrolyte for safe Li-ion batteries
Liu KW, Cheng CF, Zhou LY, Zou F, Liang WF, Wang MY, Zhu Y
305 - 315 Improved catalytic activity under internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell over new rhodium-doped perovskite catalyst
Kim GS, Lee BY, Accardo G, Ham HC, Moon J, Yoon SP
316 - 322 A new redox-active conjugated polymer containing anthraquinone pendants as anode material for aqueous all-organic hybrid-flow battery
Cao JY, Ding FF, Chen HP, Wang HN, Wang WC, Chen ZD, Xu J
323 - 330 Mechanistic studies on reversible conversion reaction in Li2MnO3-carbon nanotube composite anode
Muhammad S, Yun S, Palanisamy K, Kim H, Yoon WS
331 - 338 High-voltage bi-redox lithium-ion capacitor enabled by energizing free water in "water-in-salt" electrolyte
Yan XJ, Zhao XL, Liu CC, Wang SP, Zhang YJ, Guo M, Wang YY, Dai LY, Yang XW
339 - 348 Bio-based carbon-enhanced tungsten-based bimetal oxides as counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhang YL, Yun SN, Wang C, Wang ZQ, Han F, Si YM
349 - 357 The synergistic effect of poly(ethylene glycol)-borate ester on the electrochemical performance of all solid state Si doped-poly(ethylene glycol) hybrid polymer electrolyte for lithium ion battery
Li DD, Ji XX, Gong XJ, Tsai FC, Zhang QC, Yao L, Jiang T, Li RKY, Shi HC, Luan SF, Shi D
358 - 366 Convex programming energy management and components sizing of a plug-in fuel cell urban logistics vehicle
Wu XH, Hu XS, Yin XF, Li L, Zeng ZW, Pickert V
367 - 379 New fast charging method of lithium-ion batteries based on a reduced order electrochemical model considering side reaction
Yin YL, Hu Y, Choe SY, Cho H, Joe WT
380 - 403 The challenges of a Li-ion starter lighting and ignition battery: A review from cradle to grave
Ferg EE, Schuldt F, Schmidt J