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Journal of Power Sources, Vol.414 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 7 Efficacy of microbial fuel cells for sensing of cocaine metabolites in urine-based wastewater
Catal T, Kul A, Atalay VE, Bermek H, Ozilhan S, Tarhan N
8 - 12 Morphology correction technique for tomographic in-situ and operando studies in energy research
Markotter H, Manke I, Boll J, Alrwashdeh S, Hilger A, Klages M, Haussmann J, Scholta J
13 - 23 Robust hierarchically interconnected porous carbons derived from discarded Rhus typhina fruits for ultrahigh capacitive performance supercapacitors
Wei XJ, Wei JS, Li YB, Zou HL
24 - 30 Performance and stability of SrCo0.9Nb0.1O3-delta-(La0.60Sr0.40)(0.95)(Co0.20Fe0.80)O3-delta bilayer cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Wang J, Yang TR, Wen YT, Zhang Y, Sun CW, Huang K
31 - 40 Polymeric polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane ionic liquids based solid polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries
Lu Q, Fu JF, Chen LY, Shang DP, Li MM, Xu YF, Jia RR, Yuan S, Shi LY
41 - 47 Modeling of lithium plating and lithium stripping in lithium-ion batteries
von Luders C, Keil J, Webersberger M, Jossen A
48 - 67 Pure silicon thin-film anodes for lithium-ion batteries: A review
Salah M, Murphy P, Hall C, Francis C, Kerr R, Fabretto M
68 - 75 Porous carbons with tailored heteroatom doping and well-defined porosity as high-performance electrodes for robust Na-ion capacitors
Liu MY, Niu J, Zhang ZP, Dou ML, Li ZL, Wang F
76 - 85 Boosting the volumetric energy of supercapacitors using polytetrafluoroethylene pyrolysis gas
Huang L, Key J, Shen PK
86 - 95 Graphene oxide synthesis using microwave-assisted vs. modified Hummer's methods: Efficient fillers for improved ionic conductivity and suppressed methanol permeability in alkaline methanol fuel cell electrolytes
Chang WT, Chao YH, Li CW, Lin KL, Wang JJ, Kumar SR, Lue SJ
96 - 102 All carbon based high energy lithium-ion capacitors from biomass: The role of crystallinity
Sennu P, Arun N, Madhavi S, Aravindan V, Lee YS
103 - 114 Evaluation of the novel Pd-CeO2-NR electrocatalyst supported on N-doped graphene for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction and its use in a Microbial Fuel Cell
Carrillo-Rodriguez JC, Garcia-Mayagoitia S, Perez-Hernandez R, Ochoa-Lara MT, Espinosa-Magana F, Fernandez-Luqueno F, Bartolo-Perez P, Alonso-Lemus IL, Rodriguez-Varela FJ
115 - 128 Assessment of the intricate nickel-based anodic reactions mechanism within a methanol fed solid oxide fuel cell based on a co-ionic conducting composite electrolyte
Mejdoub F, Elleuch A, Halouani K
129 - 129 On the complex ageing characteristics of high-power LiFePO4/graphite battery cells cycled with high charge and discharge currents (vol 286, pg 475, 2015)
Groot J, Swierczynski M, Stan AI, Kaer SK
130 - 140 Inside the electrode: Looking at cycling products in Li/O-2 batteries
Augustin M, Vullum PE, Vullum-Bruer F, Svensson AM
141 - 149 Fabrication and characterization of a coplanar nickel-metal hydride microbattery equipped with a gel electrolyte
Khazaeli A, Barz DPJ
150 - 157 Performance comparison of different configurations of Glucose/O-2 microfluidic biofuel cell stack
Escalona-Villalpando RA, Hasan K, Milton RD, Moreno-Zuria A, Arriaga LG, Minteer SD, Ledesma-Garcia J
158 - 166 Particle filter-based state-of-charge estimation and remaining-dischargeable-time prediction method for lithium-ion batteries
Chen ZH, Sun H, Dong GZ, Wei JW, Wu J
167 - 173 Cr2N coated martensitic stainless steels by pack cementation process as materials for bipolar plates of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Hu YQ, Chen F, Xiang ZD
174 - 182 Effects of the combinative Ca, Sm and La additions on the electrochemical behaviors and discharge performance of the as-extruded AZ91 anodes for Mg-air batteries
Liu X, Xue JL, Zhang PJ, Wang ZJ
183 - 191 Electrochemical capacitor with water-based electrolyte operating at wide temperature range
Menzel J, Frackowiak E, Fic K
192 - 200 Photo-responsive Azobenzene-MXene hybrid and its optical modulated electrochemical effects
Chen S, Xiang YF, Peng C, Jiang JH, Xu WJ, Wu RX
201 - 209 Flexible and low temperature resistant double network alkaline gel polymer electrolyte with dual-role KOH for supercapacitor
Hu XY, Fan LD, Qin G, Shen ZS, Chen J, Wang MX, Yang J, Chen Q
210 - 217 Urea-assistant ball-milled CFx as electrode material for primary lithium battery with improved energy density and power density
Zhou PF, Weng JY, Liu XL, Li YY, Wang L, Wu XZ, Zhou T, Zhou J, Zhuo SP
218 - 224 Nanobead-reinforced outmost shell of solid-electrolyte interphase layers for suppressing dendritic growth of lithium metal
Kim M, Jeon Y, Cho YG, Song HK
225 - 232 A quasi-solid composite separator with high ductility for safe and high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Shi XY, Sun QW, Boateng B, Niu YH, Han YD, Lv WQ, He WD
233 - 241 High-rate-induced capacity evolution of mesoporous C@SnO2@C hollow nanospheres for ultra-long cycle lithium-ion batteries
Cao BK, Liu ZQ, Xu CY, Huang JT, Fang HT, Chen Y
242 - 249 Improving photo-oxidation activity of water by introducing Ti3+ in self-ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays treated with Ar/NH3
Xu Y, Ahmed R, Klein D, Cap S, Freedy K, McDonnell S, Zangari G
250 - 261 Thermal degradation analyses of carbonate solvents used in Li-ion batteries
Fernandes Y, Bry A, de Persis S
262 - 262 Degradation diagnosis of lithium-ion batteries with a LiNi0.5CO0.2Mn0.3O2 and LiMn2O4 blended cathode using dV/dQ curve analysis" (vol 390, pg 278, 2018)
Ando K, Matsuda T, Imamura D
263 - 271 Molecular dynamics study of oxygen transport resistance through ionomer thin film on Pt surface
Kurihara Y, Mabuchi T, Tokumasu T
272 - 277 Investigation of water generation and accumulation in polymer electrolyte fuel cells using hydro-electrochemical impedance imaging
Wu Y, Meyer Q, Liu F, Rasha L, Cho JIS, Neviile TP, Millichamp J, Ziesche R, Kardjilov N, Boillat P, Markotter H, Manke I, Cochet M, Shearin P, Brett DJL
278 - 282 Innovative paper-based Al-air batteries as a low-cost and green energy technology for the miniwatt market
Wang YF, Kwoka H, Pan WD, Zhang HM, Leung DYC
283 - 292 UV-curable boron nitride nanosheet/ionic liquid-based crosslinked composite polymer electrolyte in lithium metal batteries
Xia Q, Wu JY, Shi QX, Xiang X, Li XW, Pei HJ, Zeng HX, Xie XL, Ye YS
293 - 301 A 29.3 Wh kg(-1) and 6 kW kg(-1) pouch-type lithium-ion capacitor based on SiOx/graphite composite anode
Li C, Zhang X, Wang K, Sun XZ, Ma YW
302 - 307 A novel calcium-ion solid polymer electrolyte based on crosslinked poly (ethylene glycol) diacrylate
Genier FS, Burdin CV, Biria S, Hosein ID
308 - 316 Potassium gluconate-derived N/S Co-doped carbon nanosheets as superior electrode materials for supercapacitors and sodium-ion batteries
Li DP, Chen L, Chen LN, Sun Q, Zhu M, Zhang YM, Liu Y, Liang Z, Si PC, Lou J, Feng JK, Ci LJ
317 - 317 Brownian-snowball-mechanism-induced hierarchical cobalt sulfide for supercapacitors (vol 412, pg 321, 2019)
Zhao YC, Shi Z, Lin TQ, Suo LM, Wang C, Luo J, Ruan ZS, Wang CA, Li J
318 - 326 Dependency analysis and degradation process-dependent modeling of lithium-ion battery packs
Wang XH, Wang Z, Wang LZ, Wang ZQ, Guo HZ
327 - 332 Cerium triflate as superoxide radical scavenger to improve cycle life of Li-O-2 battery
Wang ZQ, Tian SK, Shao BW, Li SD, Li L, Yang J
333 - 344 Cobalt oxide doped with titanium dioxide and embedded with carbon nanotubes and graphene-like nanosheets for efficient trifunctional electrocatalyst of hydrogen evolution, oxygen reduction, and oxygen evolution reaction
He LH, Liu JM, Hu B, Liu YK, Cui BB, Peng DL, Zhang ZH, Wu SD, Liu BZ
345 - 353 Temperature gradient control of a solid oxide fuel cell stack
Wu XJ, Yang DN, Wang JH, Li X
354 - 365 Effect of graphite felt properties on the long-term durability of negative electrode in vanadium redox flow battery
Mazur P, Mrlik J, Pocedic J, Vrana J, Dundalek J, Kosek J, Bystron T
366 - 376 Development and use of a mixed-reactant fuel cell
Forysinski P, Oloman C, Kazemi S, Nickchi T, Usgaocar A
377 - 382 High capacity monoclinic Nb2O5 and semiconducting NbO2 composite as high-power anode material for Li-Ion batteries
Park H, Lee D, Song T
383 - 392 Synthesis of ultrathin and hierarchically porous carbon nanosheets based on interlayer-confined inorganic/organic coordination for high performance supercapacitors
Huo S, Liu MQ, Wu LL, Liu MJ, Xu M, Ni W, Yan YM
393 - 400 Realizing high conversion efficiency of Mg3Sb2-based thermoelectric materials
Zhu Q, Song SW, Zhu HT, Ren ZF
401 - 411 A novel coral structured porous-like amorphous carbon derived from zinc-based fluorinated metal-organic framework as superior cathode material for high performance supercapacitors
Osman S, Senthil RA, Pan JQ, Sun YZ
412 - 419 A Li-Li2S4 battery with improved discharge capacity and cycle life at low electrolyte/sulfur ratios
Shen C, Xie JX, Zhang M, Andrei P, Zheng JP, Hendrickson M, Plichta EJ
420 - 434 Nanoscale origins of super-capacitance phenomena
Bueno PR
435 - 443 Subnanoscopically and homogeneously dispersed SiOx/C composite spheres for high-performance lithium ion battery anodes
Han MS, Yu J
444 - 452 Hydrothermal synthesis of Fe-Mn bimetallic nanocatalysts as high-efficiency cathode catalysts for microbial fuel cells
Guo XG, Jia JB, Dong H, Wang QY, Xu T, Fu BY, Ran R, Liang P, Huang X, Zhang XY
453 - 459 Ultrahigh sulfur loading in ZnS1-x/rGO through in situ oxidation-refilling route for high-performance Li-S batteries
Razaq R, Sun D, Wang J, Xin Y, Abbas G, Zhang JH, Li Q, Huang TZ, Zhang ZL, Huang YH
460 - 469 Synthesis of conducting polymer-intercalated vanadate nanofiber composites using a sonochemical method for high performance pseudocapacitor applications
Lee SH, Park C, Park JW, Kim SJ, Im SS, Ahn H
470 - 478 Tailored synthesis of antimony-based alloy/oxides nanosheets for high-performance sodium-ion battery anodes
Nguyen TL, Salunkhe TT, Vo TN, Choi HW, Lee YC, Choi JS, Hur J, Kim IT
479 - 485 "Water-in-salt" electrolyte enhanced high voltage aqueous supercapacitor with all-pseudocapacitive metal-oxide electrodes
Zhang M, Li YT, Shen ZR
486 - 494 Silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries produced from recovered kerf powders
Wagner NP, Tron A, Tolchard JR, Noia G, Bellmann MP
495 - 501 Onion-like graphitic carbon covering metallic nanocrystals derived from brown coal as a stable and efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Jing HY, Shi YT, Qiu WW, Wu DD, Song XD, An YL, Hao C
502 - 508 Highly accelerated oxygen reduction reaction kinetics in colloidal-processing-derived nanostructured lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite/gadolinium-doped ceria composite cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Sato K, Iwata C, Kannari N, Abe H
509 - 516 Improving the performance of a screen-printed micro-radioisotope thermoelectric generator through stacking integration
Yuan ZC, Tang XB, Liu YP, Xu ZH, Liu K, Li JQ, Zhang ZR, Wang HY
517 - 529 Multifunctional energy storage composite structures with embedded lithium-ion batteries
Ladpli P, Nardari R, Kopsaftopoulos F, Chang FK
530 - 539 FeCoNi converting coating for solid oxide fuel cell steel interconnect application
Zhao MS, Geng SJ, Chen G, Wang FH
540 - 546 2D/2D heterostructures of nickel molybdate and MXene with strong coupled synergistic effect towards enhanced supercapacitor performance
Wang YN, Sunl JW, Qian XY, Zhang Y, Yu L, Niu RC, Zhao HA, Zhu JW
547 - 556 In situ enrichment of microbial communities on polarized electrodes deployed in alkaline hot springs
Mohamed A, Ha PT, Peyton BM, Mueller R, Meagher M, Beyenal H
557 - 568 Pursuing safer batteries: Thermal abuse of LiFePO4 cells
Bugryniec PJ, Davidson JN, Cumming DJ, Brown SF