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Journal of Power Sources, Vol.413 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Synthesis of 3-dimensional interconnected porous Na3V2(PO4)(3)@C composite as a high-performance dual electrode for Na-ion batteries
Didwal PN, Verma R, Min CW, Park CJ
11 - 19 Highly efficient Ru/B4C multifunctional oxygen electrode for rechargeable Li-O-2 batteries
Song SD, Yu LM, Ruan YL, Sun J, Chen BT, Xu W, Zhang JG
20 - 28 Systematic electrochemical characterizations of Si and SiO anodes for high-capacity Li-Ion batteries
Pan K, Zou F, Canova M, Zhu Y, Kim JH
29 - 33 Quantitative cross-sectional mapping of nanomechanical properties of composite films for lithium ion batteries using bimodal mode atomic force microscopy
Sakai H, Taniguchi Y, Uosaki K, Masuda T
34 - 41 Tunnel structured hollandite K0.06TiO2 microrods as the negative electrode for 2.4 V flexible all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors with high performance
Li DR, Guo WF, Li YS, Tang YF, Yan JT, Meng XJ, Xia MR, Gao FM
42 - 49 Complementary stabilization by core/sheath carbon nanofibers/spongy carbon on submicron tin oxide particles as anode for lithium-ion batteries
Ji HM, Ma C, Ding JJ, Yang J, Yang G, Chao YM, Yang Y
50 - 58 Fabrication of two-dimensional metal-organic frameworks on electrospun nanofibers and their derived metal doped carbon nanofibers for an advanced asymmetric supercapacitor with a high energy density
Tian D, Lu XF, Zhu Y, Li MX, Wang C
59 - 67 Micro-scale graded electrodes for improved dynamic and cycling performance of Li-ion batteries
Cheng C, Drummond R, Duncan SR, Grant PS
68 - 76 CuSe/CuxS as a composite counter electrode based on P-N heterojunction for quantum dot sensitized solar cells
Chen YF, Qiu QQ, Wang DJ, Lin YH, Zou XX, Xie TF
77 - 85 Bi-functional water-born polyurethane-potassium poly(acrylate) designed for carbon-based electrodes of quasi solid-state supercapacitors: Establishing ionic tunnels and acting as a binder
Wang JA, Lin SC, Wang YS, Ma CCM, Hu CC
86 - 97 Effect of contaminant mixtures in air on proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance
Qi J, Zhai YF, St-Pierre J
98 - 106 Influence of Pd1Ptx alloy NPs on graphene aerogel/nickel foam as binder-free anodic electrode for electrocatalytic ethanol oxidation reaction
Tsang CHA, Hui KN, Hui KS
107 - 116 Template electrodeposition and characterization of nanostructured Pb as a negative electrode for lead-acid battery
Insinga MG, Oliveri RL, Sunseri C, Inguanta R
117 - 124 Probing C3N/Graphene heterostructures as anode materials for Li-ion batteries
Wang YR, Jiao ZY, Ma SH, Guo YL
125 - 133 All-silicon thermoelectric micro/nanogenerator including a heat exchanger for harvesting applications
Noyan ID, Dolcet M, Salleras M, Stranz A, Calaza C, Gadea G, Pacios M, Morata A, Tarancon A, Fonseca L
134 - 138 Al3+ ion intercalation in MoO3 for aqueous aluminum-ion battery
Lahan H, Das SK
139 - 147 Capturing low-pressure hydrogen using V-Ti-Cr catalyzed magnesium hydride
Zhou CS, Fang ZGZ, Sun P, Xu L, Liu Y
148 - 157 Enhanced oxygen reduction reaction through Ca and Co Co-doped YFeO3 as cathode for protonic ceramic fuel cells
Cui JJ, Wang JK, Zhang XW, Li GJ, Wu K, Cheng YH, Zhou J
158 - 166 Ether-free polymeric anion exchange materials with extremely low vanadium ion permeability and outstanding cell performance for vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) application
Cha MS, Jo SW, Han SH, Hong SH, So S, Kim TH, Oh SG, Hong YT, Lee JY
167 - 173 The effect of Cr3+-Functionalized additive in zinc-bromine flow battery
Bae S, Lee J, Kim DS
174 - 181 Synergistically promoting microbial biofilm growth and interfacial bioelectrocatalysis by molybdenum carbide nanoparticles functionalized graphene anode for bioelectricity production
Zou L, Huang YH, Wu X, Long ZE
182 - 190 Improving the redox flow battery performance of low-cost thin polyelectrolyte membranes by layer-by-Layer Surface assembly
Sha'rani SS, Abouzari-Lotf E, Nasef MM, Ahmad A, Ting TM, Ali RR
191 - 197 Microcombustion for micro-tubular flame-assisted fuel cell power and heat cogeneration
Milcarek RJ, Nakamura H, Tezuka T, Maruta K, Ahn J
198 - 208 Investigating design parameters of a perforated metal gas diffusion layer in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Tanaka S, Malan AG
209 - 215 Synthesis of nitrogen-doped MnO/carbon network as an advanced catalyst for direct hydrazine fuel cells
Ding JT, Kannan P, Wang P, Ji S, Wang H, Liu QB, Gai HJ, Liu FS, Wang RF
216 - 221 An ascorbate fuel cell with carbon black nanoparticles as anode and cathode
Muneeb O, Chino I, Saenz A, Haan JL
222 - 232 A strong robust DC-DC converter of all-digital high-order sliding mode control for fuel cell power applications
Wu Y, Huangfu YG, Ma R, Ravey A, Chrenko D
233 - 240 Silver nanofibers with controllable microstructure and crystal facet as highly efficient and methanol-tolerant oxygen reduction electrocatalyst
Zhang LW, Guo QQ, Pitcheri R, Fu Y, Li JS, Qiu YJ
241 - 249 Comparative study of bulk and nano-structured mesoporous SnO2 electrodes on the electrochemical performances for next generation Li rechargeable batteries
Kim H, Yang DS, Um JH, Balasubramanian M, Yoo J, Kim H, Park SB, Kim JM, Yoon WS
250 - 258 Electrochemical performance and Li+ insertion/extraction mechanism of carbon-coated cerium metavanadate as a novel anode for lithium-ion batteries
Chen SY, Duan H, Zhao L, Zhao YM, Gupta A, Kuang Q, Fan QH, Zeng XX, Yu HZ, Dong YZ
259 - 283 A review on modeling of electro-chemo-mechanics in lithium-ion batteries
Zhao Y, Stein P, Bai Y, Al-Siraj M, Yang YYW, Xu BX
284 - 292 A detailed computational model for cylindrical lithium-ion batteries under mechanical loading: From cell deformation to short-circuit onset
Wang LB, Yin S, Xu J
293 - 301 g-C3N4 nanosheets functionalized silicon nanowires hybrid photocathode for efficient visible light induced photoelectrochemical water reduction
Gopalakrishnan S, Bhalerao GM, Jeganathan K
302 - 309 Tunable synthesis of LixMnO2 nanowires for aqueous Li-ion hybrid supercapacitor with high rate capability and ultra-long cycle life
Chen LN, Chen L, Zhai W, Li DP, Lin YX, Guo SR, Feng JK, Zhang L, Song L, Si PC, Ci LJ
310 - 317 Photo-driven bioelectrochemical photocathode with polydopamine-coated TiO2 nanotubes for self-sustaining MoS2 synthesis to facilitate hydrogen evolution
Zeng LB, Li XY, Fan SY, Zhang MM, Yin ZF, Tade M, Liu SM
318 - 326 Topological polymer electrolyte containing poly(pinacol vinylboronate) segments composited with ceramic nanowires towards ambient-temperature superior performance all-solid-state lithium batteries
Wang S, Li JY, Li QY, Chen J, Liu X, Wang ZN, Zeng QH, Zhao T, Liu XF, Zhang LY
327 - 333 Onion-like nanospheres organized by carbon encapsulated few-layer MoS2 nanosheets with enhanced lithium storage performance
Wang JG, Liu HY, Zhou R, Liu XR, Wei BQ
334 - 343 Impact of silicate substrate and cosintering on cathode performance in an inert substrate-supported solid oxide fuel cell
Matte E, Holzlechner G, Epple L, Stolten D, Lupetin P
344 - 350 Suppression of dendrites and granules in surface-patterned Li metal anodes using CsPF6
Kim S, Choi J, Lee H, Jeong YC, Lee YM, Ryou MH
351 - 359 In-operando observation of microstructural evolution in a solid oxide cell electrolyte operating at high polarization
Sierra JX, Poulsen HF, Jorgensen PS, Detlefs C, Cook P, Simons H, Jakobsen AC, Bowen JR
360 - 366 Data mining in lithium-ion battery cell production
Schnell J, Nentwich C, Endres F, Kollenda A, Distel F, Knoche T, Reinhart G
367 - 375 Iron oxide and phosphide encapsulated within N,P-doped microporous carbon nanofibers as advanced tri-functional electrocatalyst toward oxygen reduction/evolution and hydrogen evolution reactions and zinc-air batteries
Wang M, Zhang CT, Meng T, Pu ZH, Jin HH, He DP, Zhang JN, Mu SC
376 - 383 Nitrogen and fluorine hybridization state tuning in hierarchical honeycomb-like carbon nanofibers for optimized electrocatalytic ORR in alkaline and acidic electrolytes
Cao L, Zhou XH, Li ZH, Su KM, Cheng BW
384 - 390 Novel synthesis of popcorn-like TiO2 light scatterers using a facile solution method for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Chen YZ, Wu RJ, Lin LY, Chang WC
391 - 398 Highly efficient inverted ternary organic solar cells with polymer fullerene-free acceptor as a third component material
Zhang K, Liu ZY, Wang N
399 - 407 Ni anchored C2N monolayers as low-cost and efficient catalysts for hydrogen production from formic acid
Bing QM, Liu W, Yi WC, Liu JY
408 - 417 Biomolecule-derived N/S co-doped CNT-graphene hybrids exhibiting excellent electrochemical activities
Huang BB, Hu X, Liu YC, Qi W, Xie ZL
418 - 424 States of thermochemically or electrochemically synthesized NaxPy compounds analyzed by solid state Na-23 and P-31 nuclear magnetic resonance with theoretical calculation
Morita R, Gotoh K, Dahbi M, Kubota K, Komaba S, Tokiwa K, Arabnejad S, Yamashita K, Deguchi K, Ohki S, Shimizu T, Laskowski R, Ishida H
425 - 431 Crystal preferred orientation of Li2MnO3 center dot LiMO2 (M = Mn, Co, Ni) nano-particals: Relevance to electrochemical behavior for lithium battery cathode materials
Zhang Y, Song Q, Wang TL, Zhao QF, Zhang RL, Zhao JS
432 - 440 Support-free nanostructured Pt-Cu electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction prepared by alternating magnetron sputtering
Sievers GW, Bowen JR, Bruser V, Arenz M
441 - 448 A layered-spinel lithium manganite hydrate for high-capacity and ultrafast lithium storage
Jiang CH, Wang ST, Li YT, Zhang ZT, Tang ZL
449 - 458 Improved rate and cycling performance of FeF2-rGO hybrid cathode with poly (acrylic acid) binder for sodium ion batteries
Ni D, Sun W, Lu CY, Wang ZH, Qiao JS, Cai HQ, Liu CH, Sun KN
459 - 466 High-efficiency perovskite solar cells based on self-assembly n-doped fullerene derivative with excellent thermal stability
Liu XT, Li PW, Zhang YQ, Hu XT, Duan YY, Li FY, Li D, Shao GS, Song YL
467 - 475 Three-dimensional monolithic corrugated graphene/Ni foam for highly stable and efficient Li metal electrode
Kang HK, Woo SG, Kim JH, Lee SR, Lee DG, Yu JS
476 - 484 Antimony-carbon nanocomposites for potassium-ion batteries: Insight into the failure mechanism in electrodes and possible avenues to improve cyclic stability
Sultana I, Rahman MM, Liu JN, Sharma N, Ellis AV, Chen Y, Glushenkov AM