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1 - 9 Biomass-derived robust three-dimensional porous carbon for high volumetric performance supercapacitors
Liu XG, Ma CD, Li JX, Zielinska B, Kalenczuk RJ, Chen XC, Chu PK, Tang T, Mijowska E
10 - 17 Surface pattern of Ni-Co hydroxide nanoplate arrays electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
Ye QL, Li J, Liu XY, Xu XT, Wang F, Li B
18 - 28 New design of polyvalent ammonium salts for a high-capacity electric double layer capacitor
Maruyama Y, Marukane S, Morinaga T, Honma S, Kamijo T, Shomura R, Sato T
29 - 36 A lithium argyrodite Li6PS5Cl0.5Br0.5 electrolyte with improved bulk and interfacial conductivity
Wang H, Yu C, Ganapathy S, van Eck ERH, van Eijck L, Wagemaker M
37 - 43 High performance of AuPt deposited on Ni nanoparticles in ethylene glycol oxidation
Cai N, Wu JL, Dong RL, Jin CC
44 - 54 Screening of effective electrolyte additives for zinc-based redox flow battery systems
Trudgeon DP, Qiu KP, Li XH, Mallick T, Taiwo OO, Chakrabarti B, Yufit V, Brandon NP, Crevillen-Garcia D, Shah A
55 - 62 In-situ tracking of NaFePO4 formation in aqueous electrolytes and its electrochemical performances in Na-ion/polysulfide batteries
Sevinc S, Tekin B, Ata A, Morcrette M, Perrot H, Sel O, Demir-Cakan R
63 - 70 Effects of solid-solute magnesium and stannate ion on the electrochemical characteristics of a high-performance aluminum anode/electrolyte system
Gao JX, Li Y, Yan Z, Liu QF, Gao YL, Chen CK, Ma B, Song YJ, Wang ED
71 - 77 Palladium decorated porous nickel having enhanced electrocatalytic performance for hydrazine oxidation
Wu LS, Wen XP, Wen H, Dai HB, Wang P
78 - 85 Poly(ethylene oxide) reinforced Li6PS5Cl composite solid electrolyte for all-solid-state lithium battery: Enhanced electrochemical performance, mechanical property and interfacial stability
Zhang J, Zheng C, Lou JT, Xia Y, Liang C, Huang H, Gan YP, Tao XY, Zhang WK
86 - 92 Fast expansion of graphite into superior three-dimensional anode for microbial fuel cells
Chen LY, Li YZ, Yao JN, Wu GM, Yang B, Lei LC, Hou Y, Li ZJ
93 - 104 Silicon/carbon lithium-ion battery anode with 3D hierarchical macro-/mesoporous silicon network: Self-templating synthesis via magnesiothermic reduction of silica/carbon composite
Zuo XX, Wang XY, Xia YG, Yin SS, Ji Q, Yang ZH, Wang MM, Zheng XF, Qiu B, Liu ZP, Zhu J, Muller-Buschbaum P, Cheng YJ
105 - 117 Three-dimensional agglomerate model of an anion exchange membrane fuel cell using air at the cathode - A parametric study
Machado BS, Mamlouk M, Chakraborty N
118 - 124 A comparative study of planar and mesoporous perovskite solar cells with printable carbon electrodes
Chen W, Yin XT, Que MD, Xie HX, Liu J, Yang CH, Guo YX, Wu YT, Que WX
125 - 133 In-situ fabrication of nitrogen-doped carbon nanosheets containing highly dispersed single iron atoms for oxygen reduction reaction
Liu YC, Huang BB, Zhang XF, Huang X, Xie ZL
134 - 141 Sulfuric acid-adjuvant sulfonated graphene as efficient polysulfides tamer for high-energy-density Li-S batteries
Zhong ME, Sun JC, Guan JD, Liang C, Yu S, Xiao ZB, Zhou N, Gong DX
142 - 152 Ternary CoAuPd and binary AuPd electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation and oxygen reduction reaction: Enhanced catalytic performance by surface reconstruction
Luo LM, Zhan W, Zhang RH, Chen D, Hu QY, Guo YF, Zhou XW
153 - 159 A facile method to intimately contacted nanocomposites as thermoelectric materials: Noncovalent heterojunctions
Liu FR, Zhou XY, Pan CJ, Wang L
160 - 169 Co-sputtered nanocomposite nickel cermet anode for high-performance low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Lim Y, Lee H, Hong S, Kim YB
170 - 179 Multi-walled carbon nanotube interlayers with controllable thicknesses for high-capacity and long-life lithium metal anodes
Deng Y, Lu HM, Cao Y, Xu BB, Hong QS, Cai W, Yang WW
180 - 188 Lithium fluoride/iron difluoride composite prepared by a fluorolytic sol-gel method: Its electrochemical behavior and charge-discharge mechanism as a cathode material for lithium secondary batteries
Tawa S, Sato Y, Orikasa Y, Matsumoto K, Hagiwara R
189 - 196 Low-temperature synthesis of cubic phase Li7La3Zr2O12 via sol-gel and ball milling induced phase transition
Li JH, Liu ZQ, Ma W, Dong HY, Zhang KF, Wang RG
197 - 203 Metal-air desalination battery: Concurrent energy generation and water desalination
Ghahari M, Rashid-Nadimi S, Bemana H
204 - 223 Modeling and simulation of inhomogeneities in a 18650 nickel-rich, silicon-graphite lithium-ion cell during fast charging
Sturm J, Rheinfeld A, Zilberman I, Spingler FB, Kosch S, Frie F, Jossen A
224 - 237 Tracking the evolution of mechanical degradation in fuel cell membranes using 4D in situ visualization
Singh Y, White RT, Najm M, Haddow T, Pan V, Orfino FP, Dutta M, Kjeang E
238 - 245 Highly durable polybenzimidazole composite membranes with phosphonated graphene oxide for high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Abouzari-Lotf E, Zakeri M, Nasef MM, Miyake M, Mozarmnia P, Bazilah NA, Emelin NF, Ahmad A
246 - 254 An effective etching-induced coating strategy to shield LiNi0.80Co0.1Mn0.1O2 electrode materials by LiAlO2
Tang WJ, Chen ZX, Xiong F, Chen F, Huang C, Gao Q, Wang TZ, Yang ZH, Zhang WX
255 - 264 Dynamic behavior and control strategy study of CO2/H2O co-electrolysis in solid oxide electrolysis cells
Wang YQ, Banerjee A, Deutschmann O
265 - 271 Hierarchical NiCo2O4 nanowire array supported on Ni foam for efficient urea electrooxidation in alkaline medium
Sha LN, Ye K, Wang G, Shao JQ, Zhu K, Cheng K, Yan J, Wang GL, Cao DX
272 - 281 Mechanical behavior and Weibull statistics based failure analysis of vanadium flow battery stacks
Xiong J, Wang SL, Li XR, Yang ZG, Zhang JG, Yan CW, Tang A
282 - 286 Unraveling the composition-activity relationship of Pt-Ru binary alloy for hydrogen oxidation reaction in alkaline media
Wang GW, Li WZ, Wu N, Huang B, Xiao L, Lu JT, Zhuang L
287 - 293 Mechanical failure of garnet electrolytes during Li electrodeposition observed by in-operando microscopy
Manalastas W, Rikarte J, Chater RJ, Brugge R, Aguadero A, Buannic L, Llordes A, Aguesse F, Kilner J
294 - 300 Impact of flow recirculation and anode dimensions on performance of a large scale microbial fuel cell
Rossi R, Evans PJ, Logan BE
301 - 310 Anomalous power enhancement of biophotovoltaic cell
Kim MJ, Bai SJ, Youn JR, Song YS
311 - 320 Hybrid powertrain, energy management system and techno-economic assessment of rubber tyre gantry crane powered by diesel-electric generator and supercapacitor energy storage system
Corral-Vega PJ, Fernandez-Ramirez LM, Garcia-Trivino P
321 - 330 Brownian-snowball-mechanism-induced hierarchical cobalt sulfide for supercapacitors
Zhao YC, Shi Z, Lin TQ, Suo LM, Wang C, Luo J, Ruan ZS, Wang CA, Li J
331 - 335 Studying mass transport dynamics in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells using concentration-alternating frequency response analysis
Sorrentino A, Vidakovic-Koch T, Sundmacher K
336 - 343 Correlation between long range and local structural changes in Ni-rich layered materials during charge and discharge process
Zheng SY, Hong CY, Guan XY, Xiang YX, Liu XS, Xu GL, Liu R, Zhong GM, Zheng F, Li YX, Zhang XY, Ren Y, Chen ZH, Amine K, Yang Y
344 - 349 Catalytic CeO2 washcoat over microchanneled supporting cathodes of solid oxide electrolysis cells for efficient and stable CO2 reduction
Wang JJ, Wang TP, Yu LB, Wei T, Hu X, Ye ZM, Wang Z, Buckley CE, Yao JF, Marnellos GE, Dong DH
350 - 358 Rational design and synthesis of advanced Na3.32Fe2.34(P2O7)(2) cathode with multiple-dimensional N-doped carbon matrix
Liu YM, Wang EH, Rajagopalan R, Hua WB, Zhong BH, Zhong YJ, Wu ZG, Guo XD, Dou SX, Li JT
359 - 365 Humidity-insensitive fabrication of efficient perovskite solar cells in ambient air
Wang F, Ye ZB, Sarvari H, Park SM, Abtahi A, Graham K, Zhao YT, Wang YF, Chen ZD, Li SB
366 - 373 A new breakthrough for graphene/carbon nanotubes as counter electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells with up to a 10.69% power conversion efficiency
Yu F, Shi Y, Yao WH, Han S, Ma J
374 - 383 Compact and low loss electrochemical capacitors using a graphite / carbon nanotube hybrid material for miniaturized systems
Li Q, Sun SX, Smith AD, Lundgren P, Fu YF, Su P, Xu T, Ye LL, Sun LT, Liu J, Enoksson P
384 - 390 Nonaqueous vanadium disproportionation flow batteries with porous separators cycle stably and tolerate high current density
Saraidaridis JD, Monroe CW
391 - 397 Error of Darcy's law for serpentine flow fields: Dimensional analysis
Zhang XY, Zhang X, Taira H, Liu HT
398 - 407 Room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL)-based electrolyte cocktails for safe, high working potential Li-based polymer batteries
Nair JR, Colo F, Kazzazi A, Moreno M, Bresser D, Lin RY, Bella F, Meligrana G, Fantini S, Simonetti E, Appetecchi GB, Passerini S, Gerbaldi C
408 - 415 Graphene oxide-carbon nanotubes aerogels with high sulfur loadings suitable as binder-free cathodes for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Gomez-Urbano JL, Gomez-Camer JL, Botas C, Rojo T, Carriazo D
416 - 424 Increased power generation in supercapacitive microbial fuel cell stack using Fe-N-C cathode catalyst
Santoro C, Kodali M, Shamoon N, Serov A, Soavi F, Merino-Jimenez I, Gajda I, Greenman J, Ieropoulos I, Atanassov P
425 - 432 A solution-processed cobalt-doped nickel oxide for high efficiency inverted type perovskite solar cells
Lee JH, Noh YW, Jin IS, Park SH, Jung JW
433 - 441 Biomass-derived 3D hierarchical N-doped porous carbon anchoring cobalt-iron phosphide nanodots as bifunctional electrocatalysts for Li-O-2 batteries
Sun KL, Li J, Huang LL, Ji S, Kannan P, Li D, Liu LN, Liao SJ
442 - 450 A data-driven remaining capacity estimation approach for lithium-ion batteries based on charging health feature extraction
Guo PY, Cheng Z, Yang L
451 - 464 Modeling of oxygen reduction reaction in porous carbon materials in alkaline medium. Effect of microporosity
Gabe A, Ruiz-Rosas R, Gonzalez-Gaitan C, Morallon E, Cazorla-Amoros D
465 - 471 Collection optimization of photo-generated charge carriers for efficient organic solar cells
Sun Y, Lu SD, Xu R, Liu K, Zhou ZQ, Yue SZ, Azam M, Ren KK, Wei ZM, Wang ZJ, Qu SC, Lei Y, Wang ZG
472 - 479 Freestanding oxidized poly(acrylonitrile-co-vinylpyrrolidone)/SnCl2 nanofibers as interlayer for Lithium-Sulfur batteries
Cengiz EC, Ozturk O, Soytas SH, Demir-Cakan R
480 - 495 A survey on driving prediction techniques for predictive energy management of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Zhou Y, Ravey A, Pera MC
496 - 504 Clean energy from human sweat using an enzymatic patch
Escalona-Villalpando RA, Ortiz-Ortega E, Bocanegra-Ugalde JP, Minteer SD, Ledesma-Garcia J, Arriaga LG
505 - 513 Microfluidic water splitting cell using 3D NiFe2O4 hollow spheres
Martinez-Lazaro A, Rico-Zavala A, Espinosa-Lagunes FI, Torres-Gonzalez J, Alvarez-Contreras L, Gurrola MP, Arriaga LG, Ledesma-Garcia J, Ortiz-Ortega E
514 - 519 The construction of rod-like polypyrrole network on hard magnetic porous textile anodes for microbial fuel cells with ultra-high output power density
Li F, Wang D, Liu QZ, Wang B, Zhong WB, Li MF, Liu K, Lu ZT, Jiang HQ, Zhao QH, Xiong CX
520 - 526 Effect of nonionic surfactant as an electrolyte additive on the performance of aluminum-air battery
Deyab MA
527 - 535 Bis(trimethylsilyl) 2-fluoromalonate derivatives as electrolyte additives for high voltage lithium ion batteries
Lyu H, Li YC, Jafta CJ, Bridges CA, Meyer HM, Borisevich A, Paranthaman MP, Dai S, Sun XG
536 - 544 A modelling and simulation study of soluble lead redox flow battery: Effect of presence of free convection on the battery characteristics
Nandanwar M, Kumar S
545 - 551 Tetragonal LiMn2O4 as dual-functional pseudocapacitor-battery electrode in aqueous Li-ion electrolytes
Abdollahifar M, Huang SS, Lin YH, Sheu HS, Lee JF, Lu ML, Liao YF, Wu NL
552 - 558 Evaluation of convective heat transfer coefficient and specific heat capacity of a lithium-ion battery using infrared camera and lumped capacitance method
Zhang XX, Klein R, Subbaraman A, Chumakov S, Li XB, Christensen J, Linder C, Kim SU
559 - 567 Strong synergetic electrochemistry between transition metals of alpha phase Ni - Co - Mn hydroxide contributed superior performance for hybrid supercapacitors
Zhu YY, Huang CH, Li C, Fan MQ, Shu KY, Chen HC
568 - 574 Co-Ni-MoSx yolk-shell nanospheres as superior Pt-free electrode catalysts for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Qian X, Liu HY, Huang YX, Ren ZJ, Yu YT, Xu C, Hou LX
575 - 585 High capacity semi-liquid lithium sulfur cells with enhanced reversibility for application in new-generation energy storage systems
Di Lecce D, Marangon V, Benitez A, Caballero A, Morales J, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Hassoun J
586 - 596 Synergic effect of ionic liquid grafted titanate nanotubes on the performance of anion exchange membrane fuel cell
Elumalai V, Sangeetha D
597 - 605 Effect of compression on the water management of polymer electrolyte fuel cells: An in-operando neutron radiography study
Wu Y, Cho JIS, Lu X, Rasha L, Neville TP, Millichamp J, Ziesche R, Kardjilov N, Markotter H, Shearing P, Brett DJL
606 - 614 Enhanced electronic conductivity and sodium-ion adsorption in N/S co-doped ordered mesoporous carbon for high-performance sodium-ion battery anode
Ye JQ, Zhao HQ, Song W, Wang N, Kang MM, Li Z
615 - 622 An evolutionary framework for lithium-ion battery state of health estimation
Cai L, Meng JH, Stroe DI, Luo GZ, Teodorescu R
623 - 630 Carbon particles co-doped with N, B and Fe from metal-organic supramolecular polymers for boosted oxygen reduction performance
Li YT, Li ZY, Wu YZ, Wu HY, Zhang H, Wu T, Yuan CH, Xu YT, Zeng BR, Dai LZ
631 - 639 Acceptor-doped La(1.9)Ma(0.1)Ce(2)O(7) (M = Nd, Sm, Dy, Y, In) proton ceramics and in-situ formed electron-blocking layer for solid oxide fuel cells applications
Zhang B, Zhong ZB, Tu TP, Wu KW, Peng KP
640 - 647 Reproducibility and robustness of microbial fuel cells technology
Mateo S, Canizares P, Rodrigo MA, Fernandez-Morales FJ
648 - 654 Ultra-high energy density thin-film capacitors with high power density using BaSn0.15Ti0.85O3/Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 heterostructure thin films
Yu SH, Zhang CM, Wu MY, Dong HL, Li LX
655 - 663 High-mass loading electrodes with exceptional areal capacitance and cycling performance through a hierarchical network of MnO2 nanoflakes and conducting polymer gel
Yang ZK, Ma J, Araby S, Shi DJ, Dong WF, Tang T, Chen MQ
664 - 669 Fabrication of high-performance proton-conducting electrolytes from microwave prepared ultrafine powders for solid oxide fuel cells
Wang B, Liu XH, Bi L, Zhao XS
670 - 676 Sulfurized - poly(acrylonitrile) wrapped carbon-sulfur composite cathode material for high performance rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries
Kuo CFJ, Weret MA, Hung HY, Tsai MC, Huang CJ, Su WN, Hwang BJ
677 - 682 In-situ and selectively laser reduced graphene oxide sheets as excellent conductive additive for high rate capability LiFePO4 lithium ion batteries
Tang J, Zhong XW, Li HQ, Li Y, Pan F, Xu BM
683 - 688 Feasibility of activated carbon derived from anaerobic digester residues for supercapacitors
Wang C, Wang J, Wu WT, Qian J, Song SM, Yue ZB
689 - 694 Unique ion diffusion properties in lead-free halide double perovskites: A first-principles study
Xu J, Liu JB, Liu BX, Huang B
695 - 700 Investigation of oxide ion flux at cathode/electrolyte interface in solid oxide fuel cell
Nagasawa T, Hanamura K
701 - 709 A highly efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction: Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous perovskite LaMnO3
Lin HQ, Liu P, Wang SF, Zhang ZB, Dai ZY, Tan SZ, Chen DJ
710 - 716 Least cost combinations of solar power, wind power, and energy storage system for powering large-scale grid
Yousif M, Ai Q, Wattoo WA, Jiang ZQ, Hao R, Gao Y
717 - 724 In-situ measurement of temperature and humidity distribution in gas channels for commercial-size proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Shao H, Qiu DK, Peng LF, Yi PY, Lai XM
725 - 735 Direct, operando observation of the bilayer solid electrolyte interphase structure: Electrolyte reduction on a non-intercalating electrode
Lee CH, Dura JA, Lebar A, DeCaluwe SC
736 - 748 Microstructural correlations for specific surface area and triple phase boundary length for composite electrodes of solid oxide cells
Moussaoui H, Sharma RK, Debayle J, Gavet Y, Delette G, Laurencin J
749 - 758 Self-healing silicon-sodium alginate-polyaniline composites originated from the enhancement hydrogen bonding for lithium-ion battery: A combined simulation and experiment study
Mi HW, Yang XD, Li F, Zhuang XQ, Chen CX, Li YL, Zhang PX