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1 - 9 Activated carbon derived from chitosan as air cathode catalyst for high performance in microbial fuel cells
Liu Y, Zhao Y, Li KX, Wang Z, Tian P, Liu D, Yang TT, Wang JJ
10 - 18 Validating and improving a zero-dimensional stack voltage model of the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
Konig S, Suriyah MR, Leibfried T
19 - 30 Application of a mixed culture of adapted acidophilic bacteria in two-step bioleaching of spent lithium-ion laptop batteries
Heydarian A, Mousavi SM, Vakilchap F, Baniasadi M
31 - 39 Design and fabrication of highly open nickel cobalt sulfide nanosheets on Ni foam for asymmetric supercapacitors with high energy density and long cycle-life
Zha DS, Fu YS, Zhang LL, Zhu JW, Wang X
40 - 47 Developing porous carbon with dihydrogen phosphate groups as sulfur host for high performance lithium sulfur batteries
Cui YH, Zhang Q, Wu JW, Liang X, Baker AP, Qu DY, Zhang H, Zhang HY, Zhang XH
48 - 52 Microwave-assisted reactive sintering and lithium ion conductivity of Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)(3) solid electrolyte
Hallopeau L, Bregiroux D, Rousse G, Portehault D, Stevens P, Toussaint G, Laberty-Robert C
53 - 65 The effects of gas diffusion layers structure on water transportation using X-ray computed tomography based Lattice Boltzmann method
Jinuntuya F, Whiteley M, Chen R, Fly A
66 - 72 Commercial expanded graphite as a low cost, long-cycling life anode for potassium-ion batteries with conventional carbonate electrolyte
An YL, Fei HF, Zeng GF, Ci LJ, Xi BJ, Xiong SL, Feng JK
73 - 80 Biomass derived Ni(OH)(2)@porous carbon/sulfur composites synthesized by a novel sulfur impregnation strategy based on supercritical CO2 technology for advanced Li-S batteries
Xia Y, Zhong HY, Fang RY, Liang C, Xiao Z, Huang H, Gan YP, Zhang J, Tao XY, Zhang WK
81 - 89 In-situ sulfuration synthesis of sandwiched spherical tin sulfide/sulfur-doped graphene composite with ultra-low sulfur content
Zhao B, Yang YQ, Wang ZX, Huang SS, Wang YY, Wang SS, Chen ZW, Jiang Y
90 - 97 High-performance carbon-coated ZnMn2O4 nanocrystallite supercapacitors with tailored microstructures enabled by a novel solution combustion method
Abdollahifar M, Huang SS, Lin YH, Lin YC, Shih BY, Sheu HS, Liao YF, Wu NL
98 - 104 Development of organic-inorganic double hole-transporting material for high performance perovskite solar cells
Jo JW, Seo MS, Jung JW, Park JS, Sohn BH, Ko MJ, Son HJ
105 - 111 A confined "microreactor" synthesis strategy to three dimensional nitrogen doped graphene for high-performance sodium ion battery anodes
Li JJ, Zhang YM, Gao TL, Han JC, Wang XJ, Hultman B, Xu P, Zhang ZH, Wu G, Song B
112 - 118 [4,4 '-bi(1,3,2-dioxathiolane)] 2,2 '-dioxide: A novel cathode additive for high-voltage performance in lithium ion batteries
Lee SH, Yoon S, Hwang EH, Kwon YG, Lee YG, Cho KY
119 - 124 Pectin assisted one-pot synthesis of three dimensional porous NiO/graphene composite for enhanced bioelectrocatalysis in microbial fuel cells
Wu XS, Shi ZZ, Zou L, Li CM, Qiao Y
125 - 133 CuMn1.8O4 protective coatings on metallic interconnects for prevention of Cr-poisoning in solid oxide fuel cells
Sun ZH, Wang RF, Nikiforov AY, Gopalan S, Pal UB, Basu SN
134 - 138 Promoting the ambient-condition stability of Zr-doped barium cerate: Toward robust solid oxide fuel cells and hydrogen separation in syngas
Yang Y, Zeng YM, Amirkhiz BS, Luo JL, Yan N
139 - 145 Strain distribution and failure mode of polymer separators for Li-ion batteries under biaxial loading
Kalnaus S, Kumar A, Wang YL, Li JL, Simunovic S, Turner JA, Gorney P
146 - 152 Energy extraction and water treatment in one system: The idea of using a desalination battery in a cooling tower
Shapira B, Cohen I, Penki TR, Avraham E, Aurbach D
153 - 168 A review of safety-focused mechanical modeling of commercial lithium-ion batteries
Zhu J, Wierzbicki T, Li W
169 - 175 Power generation in microbial fuel cells using platinum group metal-free cathode catalyst: Effect of the catalyst loading on performance and costs
Santoro C, Kodali M, Herrera S, Serov A, Ieropoulos I, Atanassov P
176 - 183 Ether modified poly(ether ether ketone) nonwoven membrane with excellent wettability and stability as a lithium ion battery separator
Li Z, Wang WQ, Han Y, Zhang L, Li SS, Tang B, Xu SM, Xu ZH
184 - 189 Reversible operation of microtubular solid oxide cells using La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta-Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-delta oxygen electrodes
Lopez-Robledo MJ, Laguna-Bercero MA, Larrea A, Orera VM
190 - 197 In-situ synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in a novel Zn-CNTs-O-2 system
Gong XB, Yang Z, Peng L, Zhou AL, Liu YL, Liu Y
198 - 208 Effect of operating temperature on local structure during first discharge of 0.4Li(2)MnO(3)-0.6LiMn(1/3)Ni(1/3)Co(1/3)O(2) electrodes
Idemoto Y, Hiranuma T, Ishida N, Kitamura N
209 - 215 Aqueous based asymmetrical-bipolar electrochemical capacitor with a 2.4 V operating voltage
Wu HR, Lian K
216 - 224 Effects of propylene, methyl methacrylate and isopropanol poisoning on spatial performance of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Reshetenko TV, St-Pierre J
225 - 234 Mesostructured niobium-doped titanium oxide-carbon (Nb-TiO2-C) composite as an anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Hwang K, Sohn H, Yoon S
235 - 247 Electrochemical-mechanical coupled modeling and parameterization of swelling and ionic transport in lithium-ion batteries
Sauerteig D, Hanselmann N, Arzberger A, Reinshagen H, Ivanov S, Bund A
248 - 254 Hierarchical NiCo-LDH@NiOOH core-shell heterostructure on carbon fiber cloth as battery-like electrode for supercapacitor
Liang HY, Lin JH, Jia HN, Chen SL, Qi JL, Cao J, Lin TS, Fei WD, Feng JC
255 - 263 Poisoning of Ni-Based anode for proton conducting SOFC by H2S, CO2, and H2O as fuel contaminants
Sun SC, Awadallah O, Cheng Z
264 - 267 Dual overcharge protection and solid electrolyte interphase-improving action in Li-ion cells containing a bis-annulated dialkoxyarene electrolyte additive
Zhang JJ, Shkrob IA, Assary RS, Zhang S, Hu B, Liao C, Zhang ZC, Zhang L
268 - 300 Advancement of technology towards developing Na-ion batteries
Jamesh MI, Prakash AS
301 - 310 Competing forces in liquid metal electrodes and batteries
Ashour RF, Kelley DH, Salas A, Starace M, Weber N, Weier T
311 - 321 New battery model considering thermal transport and partial charge stationary effects in photovoltaic off-grid applications
Sanz-Gorrachategui I, Bernal C, Oyarbide E, Garayalde E, Aizpuru I, Canales JM, Bono-Nuez A
322 - 330 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Na-rich Prussian blue analogues containing Mn, Fe, Co, and Fe for Na-ion batteries
Bie XF, Kubota K, Hosaka T, Chihara K, Komaba S
331 - 337 High capacity hard carbon derived from lotus stem as anode for sodium ion batteries
Zhang N, Liu Q, Chen WL, Wan M, Li XC, Wang LL, Xue LH, Zhang WX
338 - 344 Crosslinked anion exchange membranes prepared from poly(phenylene oxide) (PPO) for non-aqueous redox flow batteries
Li Y, Sniekers J, Malaquias JC, Van Goethem C, Binnemans K, Fransaer J, Vankelecom IFJ
345 - 352 Enhanced electrochemical properties of F-doped Li2MnSiO4/C for lithium ion batteries
Wang C, Xu YL, Sun XF, Zhang BF, Chen YJ, He SN
353 - 361 Elimination of active species crossover in a room temperature, neutral pH, aqueous flow battery using a ceramic NaSICON membrane
Allcorn E, Nagasubramanian G, Pratt HD, Spoerke E, Ingersoll D
362 - 368 A new binder-free and conductive-additive-free TiO2/WO3-W integrative anode material produced by laser ablation
Su YB, Zhang HJ, Liang P, Liu K, Cai MY, Huang ZY, Wang CA, Zhong ML
369 - 374 High-temperature electrolysis of CO2-enriched mixtures by using fuel-electrode supported La0.6Sr0.4CoO3/YSZ/Ni-YSZ solid oxide cells
Kim SW, Bae Y, Yoon KJ, Lee JH, Lee JH, Hong J
375 - 382 First-principles study of mixed eldfellite compounds Na-x(Fe1/2M1/2)(SO4)(2) (x=0-2, M = Mn, Co, Ni): A new family of high electrode potential cathodes for the sodium-ion battery
Ri GC, Choe SH, Yu CJ
383 - 403 Electric vehicles batteries thermal management systems employing phase change materials
Ianniciello L, Biwole PH, Achard P
404 - 411 Morphologically well-defined Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95 embedded Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta nanofiber with an enhanced triple phase boundary as cathode for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Kim C, Park H, Jang I, Kim S, Kim K, Yoon H, Paik U
412 - 417 One-dimensional CuIn alloy nanowires as a robust and efficient electrocatalyst for selective CO2-to-CO conversion
Jang YJ, Lee J, Kim JH, Lee BJ, Lee JS
418 - 422 A multi-electron redox mediator for redox-targeting lithium-sulfur flow batteries
Li GC, Yang LQ, Jiang X, Zhang TR, Lin HB, Yao QF, Lee JY
423 - 432 Preventing structural degradation from Na3V2(PO4)(3) to V-2(PO4)(3): F-doped Na3V2(PO4)(3)/C cathode composite with stable lifetime for sodium ion batteries
Chen YJ, Xu YL, Sun XF, Zhang BF, He SN, Li L, Wang C
433 - 442 Nb and Pd co-doped La0.57Sr0.38Co0.19Fe0.665Nb0.095Pd0.05O3-delta as a stable, high performance electrode for barrier-layer-free Y2O3-ZrO2 electrolyte of solid oxide fuel cells
Chen KF, He S, Li N, Cheng Y, Ai N, Chen ML, Rickard WDA, Zhang T, Jiang SP
443 - 450 The origin of current blocking in interfacial conduction in Sr-doped lanthanum gallates
Park HJ
451 - 459 Improvement in the mechanical properties, proton conductivity, and methanol resistance of highly branched sulfonated poly(arylene ether)/graphene oxide grafted with flexible alkylsulfonated side chains nanocomposite membranes
Liu D, Peng JH, Li ZY, Liu B, Wang L
460 - 467 Enhanced capacity of chemically bonded phosphorus/carbon composite as an anode material for potassium-ion batteries
Wu X, Zhao W, Wang H, Qi XJ, Xing Z, Zhuang QC, Ju ZC
468 - 474 Analysis of cerium-composite polymer-electrolyte membranes during and after accelerated oxidative-stability test
Shin D, Han M, Shul YG, Lee H, Bae B
475 - 482 Cobalt selenide hollow nanorods array with exceptionally high electrocatalytic activity for high-efficiency quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Jin ZT, Zhang MR, Wang M, Feng CQ, Wang ZS
483 - 490 Interface engineering of perovskite solar cells with multifunctional polymer interlayer toward improved performance and stability
Huang LB, Su PY, Liu JM, Huang JF, Chen YF, Qin S, Guo J, Xu YW, Su CY
491 - 498 Uric acid -derived Fe3C-containing mesoporous Fe/N/C composite with high activity for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline medium
Ma J, Xiao DJ, Chen CL, Luo QM, Yu Y, Zhou JH, Guo CD, Li K, Ma J, Zheng LR, Zuo X
499 - 510 Pomelo peels-derived porous activated carbon microsheets dual-doped with nitrogen and phosphorus for high performance electrochemical capacitors
Wang Z, Tan YT, Yang YL, Zhao XN, Liu Y, Niu LY, Tichnell B, Kong LB, Kang L, Liu Z, Ran F
511 - 515 Novel flame synthesis of nanostructured alpha-Fe2O3 electrode as high-performance anode for lithium ion batteries
Wang Y, Roller J, Maric R
516 - 521 Layered oxides-LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 as anode electrode for symmetric rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Wang YS, Feng ZM, Yang SZ, Gagnon C, Gariepy V, Laul D, Zhu W, Veillette R, Trudeau ML, Guerfi A, Zaghib K
522 - 526 New insights into pre-lithiation kinetics of graphite anodes via nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Holtstiege F, Schmuch R, Winter M, Brunklaus G, Placke T
527 - 536 Probing the heat sources during thermal runaway process by thermal analysis of different battery chemistries
Zheng SQ, Wang L, Feng XN, He XM
537 - 545 Nano-TiO2 decorated carbon coating on the separator to physiclly and chemically suppress the shuttle effect for lithium-sulfur battery
Shao HY, Wang WK, Zhang H, Wang AB, Chen XN, Huang YQ
546 - 554 An aqueous all-organic redox-flow battery employing a (2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-1-yl)oxyl-containing polymer as catholyte and dimethyl viologen dichloride as anolyte
Hagemann T, Winsberg J, Grube M, Nischang I, Janoschka T, Martin N, Hager MD, Schubert US
555 - 561 Electrochemical reduction of CO2 to CO over Zn in propylene carbonate/tetrabutylammonium perchlorate
Shen FX, Shi J, Chen TY, Shi F, Li QY, Zhen JZ, Li YF, Dai YN, Yang B, Qu T
562 - 570 In-situ preparation and unique electrochemical behavior of pore-embedding CoO/Co3O4 intermixed composite for Li+ rechargeable battery electrodes
Kim JK, Ju JY, Choi SK, Unithrattil S, Lee SS, Kang Y, Kim Y, Im WB, Choi S
571 - 578 Effect of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta air electrode electrolyte interface on the short-term stability under high-current electrolysis in solid oxide electrolyzer cells
Pan ZH, Liu QL, Lyu RZ, Li P, Chan SH
579 - 588 Hierarchically porous nitrogen-doped carbon derived from the activation of agriculture waste by potassium hydroxide and urea for high-performance supercapacitors
Zou KX, Deng YF, Chen JP, Qian YQ, Yang YW, Li YW, Chen GH
589 - 596 Near ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron - and impedance spectroscopy study of NiO - Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-delta anode reduction using a novel dual-chamber spectroelectrochemical cell
Nurk G, Kooser K, Urpelainen S, Kaambre T, Joost U, Kodu M, Kivi I, Kanarbik R, Kukk E, Lust E
597 - 602 Preparation of a Ni-MgO-Al2O3 catalyst with high activity and resistance to potassium poisoning during direct internal reforming of methane in molten carbonate fuel cells
Jang WJ, Jung YS, Shim JO, Roh HS, Yoon WL
603 - 609 Preparation of the polyelectrolyte complex hydrogel of biopolymers via a semi-dissolution acidification sol-gel transition method and its application in solid-state supercapacitors
Zhao J, Chen Y, Yao Y, Tong ZR, Li PW, Yang ZM, Jin SH
610 - 617 Electrospun-sodiumtetrafluoroborate-polyethylene oxide membranes for solvent-free sodium ion transport in solid state sodium ion batteries
Freitag KM, Walke P, Nilges T, Kirchhain H, Spranger RJ, van Wullen L
618 - 627 High capacity and stability of Nb-doped Li3VO4 as an anode material for lithium ion batteries
Zhao L, Duan H, Zhao YM, Kuang Q, Fan QH, Chen L, Dong YZ
628 - 635 Peculiar Li-storage mechanism at graphene edges in turbostratic carbon black and their application in high energy Li-ion capacitor
Anothumakkool B, Dupre N, Moreau P, Guyomard D, Brousse T, Gaubicher J
636 - 645 Improved hydrogen absorption and desorption kinetics of magnesium-based alloy via addition of yttrium
Yang T, Li Q, Liu N, Liang CY, Yin FX, Zhang YH
646 - 659 Data-driven simultaneous fault diagnosis for solid oxide fuel cell system using multi-label pattern identification
Li SH, Cao HL, Yang YP
660 - 670 Modeling and analysis of solvent removal during Li-ion battery electrode drying
Susarla N, Ahmed S, Dees DW
671 - 676 The existence of optimal molecular weight for poly(acrylic acid) binders in silicon/graphite composite anode for lithium-ion batteries
Hu B, Shkrob IA, Zhang S, Zhang LH, Zhang JJ, Li Y, Liao C, Zhang ZC, Lu WQ, Zhang L
677 - 684 Three-dimensional sandwich-structured NiMn2O4@reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for highly reversible Li-ion battery anodes
Huang JR, Wang W, Lin XR, Gu CP, Liu JY
685 - 690 Reactivating the Ni-YSZ electrode in solid oxide cells and stacks by infiltration
Skafte TL, Hjelm J, Blennow P, Graves C
691 - 698 Screening the best catalyst with group 9, 10 and 11 metals monolayer loading on NbC(001) from first-principles study
Kan DX, Zhang XL, Zhang YX, Yang ZX
699 - 706 Facile preparation of three-dimensional Co1-xS/sulfur and nitrogen-codoped graphene/carbon foam for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Liang H, Li CW, Chen T, Cui L, Han JR, Peng Z, Liu JQ
707 - 716 Ethoxy (pentafluoro) cyclotriphosphazene (PFPN) as a multi-functional flame retardant electrolyte additive for lithium-ion batteries
Li X, Li WK, Chen L, Lu Y, Su YF, Bao LY, Wang J, Chen RJ, Chen S, Wu F
717 - 731 Electrodeposition of organic-inorganic tri-halide perovskites solar cell
Charles UA, Ibrahim MA, Teridi MAM
732 - 741 Improving the corrosion resistance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell carbon supports by pentafluorophenyl surface functionalization
Forouzandeh F, Li XA, Banham DW, Feng FX, Kakanat AJ, Ye SY, Birss V
742 - 749 Performance evaluation of platinum-molybdenum carbide nanocatalysts with ultralow platinum loading on anode and cathode catalyst layers of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Saha S, Rodas JAC, Tan S, Li DM
750 - 758 Atomic-scale understanding of non-stoichiometry effects on the electrochemical performance of Ni-rich cathode materials
Kong FT, Liang CP, Longo RC, Zheng YP, Cho K
759 - 775 A novel thermal management system for improving discharge/charge performance of Li-ion battery packs under abuse
Arora S, Kapoor A, Shen WX
776 - 783 State of charge monitoring of vanadium redox flow batteries using half cell potentials and electrolyte density
Ressel S, Bill F, Holtz L, Janshen N, Chica A, Flower T, Weidlich C, Struckmann T