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Journal of Power Sources, Vol.342 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 8 Three-dimensional structures of graphene/polyaniline hybrid films constructed by steamed water for high-performance supercapacitors
Zhang LL, Huang D, Hu NT, Yang C, Li M, Wei H, Yang Z, Su YJ, Zhang YF
9 - 16 An aprotic lithium/polyiodide semi-liquid battery with an ionic shield
Ren YX, Liu M, Zhao TS, Zeng L, Wu MC
17 - 23 Lithium plating in lithium-ion batteries investigated by voltage relaxation and in situ neutron diffraction
von Luders C, Zinth V, Erhard SV, Osswald PJ, Hofmann M, Gilles R, Jossen A
24 - 30 Study on the reversible capacity loss of layered oxide cathode during low-temperature operation
Li YY, Qian K, He YB, Kaneti YV, Liu DQ, Luo D, Li H, Li BH, Kang FY
31 - 37 Electrochemical modification of a pyrolytic graphite sheet for improved negative electrode performance in the vanadium redox flow battery
Kabir H, Gyan IO, Cheng IF
38 - 47 Polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis: Restraining degradation in the presence of fluctuating power
Rakousky C, Reimer U, Wippermann K, Kuhri S, Carmo M, Lueke W, Stolten D
48 - 55 Evaluating biomass-derived hierarchically porous carbon as the positive electrode material for hybrid Na-ion capacitors
Chen JZ, Zhou XY, Mei CT, Xu JL, Zhou S, Wong CP
56 - 63 Investigation of electronic and local structural changes during lithium uptake and release of nano-crystalline NiFe2O4 by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Zhou D, Permien S, Rana J, Krengel M, Sun F, Schumacher G, Bensch W, Banhart J
64 - 69 Understanding the anchoring behavior of titanium carbide-based MXenes depending on the functional group in Li-S batteries: A density functional theory study
Sim ES, Yi GS, Je MY, Lee YB, Chung YC
70 - 78 Fast charging self-powered electric double layer capacitor
Parida K, Bhavanasi V, Kumar V, Wang JX, Lee PS
79 - 87 High-temperature electrolysis of synthetic seawater using solid oxide electrolyzer cells
Lim CK, Liu Q, Zhou J, Sun Q, Chan SH
88 - 97 Influence of temperature on the aging behavior of 18650-type lithium ion cells: A comprehensive approach combining electrochemical characterization and post-mortem analysis
Friesen A, Monnighoff X, Borner M, Haetge J, Schappacher FM, Winter M
98 - 104 Enhancement of anodic biofilm formation and current output in microbial fuel cells by composite modification of stainless steel electrodes
Liang YX, Feng HJ, Shen DS, Li N, Guo K, Zhou YY, Xu J, Chen W, Jia YF, Huang B
105 - 115 General formation of three-dimensional (3D) interconnected MxSy (M = Ni, Zn, and Fe)-graphene nanosheets-carbon nanotubes aerogels for lithium-ion batteries with excellent rate capability and cycling stability
Wang XJ, Liu XJ, Wang G, Zhou YX, Wang H
116 - 124 Carbon felt and carbon fiber - A techno-economic assessment of felt electrodes for redox flow battery applications
Minke C, Kunz U, Turek T
125 - 134 Acid-doped polymer nanofiber framework: Three-dimensional proton conductive network for high-performance fuel cells
Tanaka M, Takeda Y, Wakiya T, Wakamoto Y, Harigaya K, Ito T, Tarao T, Kawakami H
135 - 147 Spatial proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance under bromomethane poisoning
Reshetenko TV, Artyushkova K, St-Pierre J
148 - 156 Solvent-assisted microstructural evolution and enhanced performance of porous ZnO films for plastic dye-sensitized solar cells
Ohashi H, Hagiwara M, Fujihara S
157 - 164 Nitrogen-doped graphene by all-solid-state ball-milling graphite with urea as a high-power lithium ion battery anode
Liu C, Liu XG, Tan J, Wang QF, Wen H, Zhang CH
165 - 174 Application of electrospun CNx nanofibers as cathode in microfluidic fuel cell
Jindal A, Basu S, Chauhan N, Ukai T, Kumar DS, Samudhyatha KT
175 - 182 Li metal coated with amorphous Li3PO4 via magnetron sputtering for stable and long-cycle life lithium metal batteries
Wang LP, Wang QJ, Jia WS, Chen SL, Gao P, Li JZ
183 - 191 Lead-carbon electrode designed for renewable energy storage with superior performance in partial state of charge operation
Zhang WL, Yin J, Lin ZQ, Shi J, Wang C, Liu DB, Wang Y, Sao JP, Lin HB
192 - 201 (La1-xSrx)(0.98)MnO3 perovskite with A-site deficiencies toward oxygen reduction reaction in aluminum-air batteries
Xue YJ, Miao H, Sun SS, Wang Q, Li SH, Liu ZP
202 - 213 Sulfur enriched carbon nanotubols with a Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxypyrrole) coating as cathodes for long-lasting Li-S batteries
Mukkabla R, Meduri P, Deepa M, Shivaprasad SM, Ghosal P
214 - 223 Morphology-controlled microwave-assisted solvothermal synthesis of high-performance LiCoPO4 as a high-voltage cathode material for Li-ion batteries
Ludwig J, Marino C, Haering D, Stinner C, Gasteiger HA, Nilges T
224 - 230 Reconstruction of multidimensional carbon hosts with combined OD, 1D and 2D networks for enhanced lithium-sulfur batteries
Li SH, Xia XH, Wang YD, Wang XL, Tu JP
231 - 240 Nanoparticle shapes of LiMnPO4, Li+ diffusion orientation and diffusion coefficients for high volumetric energy Li+ ion cathodes
Kwon NH, Yin H, Vavrova T, Lim JHW, Steiner U, Grobety B, Fromm KM
241 - 251 A lithium-ion capacitor model working on a wide temperature range
Barcellona S, Piegari L
252 - 265 Evaluation of porosity and thickness on effective diffusivity in gas diffusion layer
Gao Y, Montana A, Chen FX
266 - 272 Electrochemical performance evaluations and safety investigations of pentafluoro(phenoxy)cyclotriphosphazene as a flame retardant electrolyte additive for application in lithium ion battery systems using a newly designed apparatus for improved self-extinguishing time measurements
Dagger T, Lurenbaum C, Schappacher FM, Winter M
273 - 278 Networks of connected Pt nanoparticles supported on carbon nanotubes as superior catalysts for methanol electrooxidation
Huang MH, Zhang JS, Wu CX, Guan LH
279 - 291 Enhanced representations of lithium-ion batteries in power systems models and their effect on the valuation of energy arbitrage applications
Sakti A, Gallagher KG, Sepulveda N, Uckun C, Vergara C, de Sisternes FJ, Dees DW, Botterud A
292 - 300 Plasmonic copper nanowire@TiO2 nanostructures for improving the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhang Y, Zhou N, Zhang KQ, Yan F
301 - 312 Influence of the binder nature on the performance and cycle life of activated carbon electrodes in electrolytes containing Li-salt
Tran HY, Wohlfahrt-Mehrens M, Dsoke S
313 - 319 A novel layered perovskite as symmetric electrode for direct hydrocarbon solid oxide fuel cells
Zhao L, Chen KF, Liu YX, He BB
320 - 326 Re-energizing energy supply: Electrolytically-produced hydrogen as a flexible energy storage medium and fuel for road transport
Emonts B, Schiebahn S, Gorner K, Lindenberger D, Markewitz P, Merten F, Stolten D
327 - 334 The porous membrane with tunable performance for vanadium flow battery: The effect of charge
Zhao YY, Yuan ZZ, Lu WJ, Li XF, Zhang HM
335 - 341 Decoupling effective Li+ ion conductivity from electrolyte viscosity for improved room-temperature cell performance
Giffin GA, Moretti A, Jeong S, Passerini S
342 - 350 A Bayesian nonlinear random effects model for identification of defective batteries from lot samples
Cripps E, Pecht M
351 - 362 Continuous piecewise-linear, reduced-order electrochemical model for lithium-ion batteries in real-time applications
Farag M, Fleckenstein M, Habibi S
363 - 370 Scalable synthesis of hierarchical macropore-rich activated carbon microspheres assembled by carbon nanoparticles for high rate performance supercapacitors
Zhang DD, Zhao JH, Feng C, Zhao RJ, Sun YH, Guan TT, Han BX, Tang N, Wang JL, Li KX, Qiao JL, Zhang JJ
371 - 381 Influence of solvents on species crossover and capacity decay in non-aqueous vanadium redox flow batteries: Characterization of acetonitrile and 1, 3 dioxolane solvent mixture
Bamgbopa MO, Almheiri S
382 - 392 Correlation of aging and thermal stability of commercial 18650-type lithium ion batteries
Borner M, Friesen A, Gruetzke M, Stenzel YP, Brunklaus G, Haetge J, Nowak S, Schappacher FM, Winter M
393 - 404 Application of a self-supporting microporous layer to gas diffusion layers of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Ito H, Heo Y, Ishida M, Nakano A, Someya S, Munakata T
405 - 413 Ultrathin single-crystalline TiO2 nanosheets anchored on graphene to be hybrid network for high-rate and long cycle-life sodium battery electrode application
Shoaib A, Huang YX, Liu J, Liu JJ, Xu M, Wang ZH, Chen RJ, Zhang JT, Wu F
414 - 418 High performance Prussian Blue cathode for nonaqueous Ca-ion intercalation battery
Kuperman N, Padigi P, Goncher G, Evans D, Thiebes J, Solanki R
419 - 426 A new composite cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells with zirconia-based electrolytes
Zhang C, Huang K
427 - 434 Morphology control of lithium peroxide using Pd3Co as an additive in aprotic Li -O-2 batteries
Cho SM, Yom JH, Hwang SW, Seong IW, Kim J, Cho SH, Yoon WY
435 - 441 A novel rechargeable zinc-air battery with molten salt electrolyte
Liu SZ, Han W, Cui BC, Liu XJ, Zhao FL, Stuart J, Licht S
442 - 451 Single-use paper-based hydrogen fuel cells for point-of-care diagnostic applications
Esquivel JP, Buser JR, Lim CW, Dominguez C, Rojas S, Yager P, Sabate N
452 - 459 Coupling thermoelectricity and electrocatalysis for hydrogen production via PbTe-PbS/TiO2 heterojunction
Liu ZQ, Cao XH, Wang B, Xia M, Lin S, Guo ZH, Zhang XM, Gao SY
460 - 466 Si microwire array photoelectrochemical cells: Stabilized and improved performances with surface modification of Pt nanoparticles and TiO2 ultrathin film
Yan JM, Wu SL, Zhai XF, Gao X, Li XF
467 - 475 Hollow core-shell structured silicon@carbon nanoparticles embed in carbon nanofibers as binder-free anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Chen YL, Hu Y, Shen Z, Chen RZ, He X, Zhang XW, Li YQ, Wu KS
476 - 488 Numerical and experimental evaluation of the relationship between porous electrode structure and effective conductivity of ions and electrons in lithium-ion batteries
Inoue G, Kawase M
489 - 494 W-doped TiO2 mesoporous electron transport layer for efficient hole transport material free perovskite solar cells employing carbon counter electrodes
Xiao YQ, Cheng N, Kondamareddy KK, Wang CL, Liu P, Guo SS, Zhao XZ
495 - 503 A short process for the efficient utilization of transition-metal chlorides in lithium-ion batteries: A case of Ni0.8Co0.1Mn0.1 and LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2
Li T, Li XH, Wang ZX, Guo HJ
504 - 514 Dynamic model of a micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cell stack including an integrated cooling system
Hering M, Brouwer J, Winkler W
515 - 520 Detonation nanodiamond introduced into samarium doped ceria electrolyte improving performance of solid oxide fuel cell
Pei K, Li HD, Zou GT, Yu RC, Zhao HF, Shen X, Wang LY, Song YP, Qiu DC
521 - 528 A novel strategy to prepare Ge@C/rGO hybrids as high-rate anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Wang BR, Wen ZY, Jin J, Hong XH, Zhang SP, Rui K
529 - 536 Core-shell yolk-shell Si@C@Void@C nanohybrids as advanced lithium ion battery anodes with good electronic conductivity and corrosion resistance
Xie J, Tong L, Su LW, Xu YW, Wang LB, Wang YH
537 - 545 A pre-lithiation method for sulfur cathode used for future lithium metal free full battery
Wu YW, Yokoshima T, Nara H, Momma T, Osaka T
546 - 552 Improving the performance of lactate/oxygen biofuel cells using a microfluidic design
Escalona-Villalpando RA, Reid RC, Milton RD, Arriaga LG, Minteer SD, Ledesma-Garcia J
553 - 561 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell diagnosis by spectral characterization of the electrochemical noise
Maizia R, Dib A, Thomas A, Martemianov S
562 - 569 In operando neutron diffraction study of the temperature and current rate-dependent phase evolution of LiFePO4 in a commercial battery
Sharma N, Yu DH, Zhu Y, Wu Y, Peterson VK
570 - 578 Long-term durability of HT-PEM fuel cells based on thermally cross-linked polybenzimidazole
Sondergaard T, Cleemann LN, Becker H, Aili D, Steenberg T, Hjuler HA, Seerup L, Li QF, Jensen JO
579 - 588 The performance of 3-D graphite doped anodes in microbial electrolysis cells
Yasri NG, Nakhla G
589 - 597 Failure statistics for commercial lithium ion batteries: A study of 24 pouch cells
Harris SJ, Harris DJ, Li C
598 - 604 Innovative heating of large-size automotive Li-ion cells
Yang XG, Liu T, Wang CY
605 - 615 Novel quaternary ammonium microblock poly (p-phenylene-co-aryl ether ketone)s as anion exchange membranes for alkaline fuel cells
Dong X, Xue BX, Qian HD, Zheng JF, Li SH, Zhang SB
616 - 622 CuSbS2 as a negative electrode material for sodium ion batteries
Marino C, Block T, Pottgen R, Villevieille C
623 - 628 A CO2-tolerant La2NiO4+delta-coated PrBa0.5Sr0.5Co1.5Fe0.5O5+delta cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Li J, Zhang Q, Qiu P, Jia LC, Chi B, Pu J, Li J
629 - 637 Hierarchical manganese cobalt sulfide core-shell nanostructures for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Liu S, Jun SC
638 - 643 Measurements of lithium-ion concentration equilibration processes inside graphite electrodes
Kindermann FM, Osswald PJ, Klink S, Ehlert G, Schuster J, Noel A, Erhard SV, Schuhmann W, Jossen A
644 - 651 Improved performance of a symmetrical solid oxide fuel cell by swapping the roles of doped ceria and La0.6Sr1.4MnO4+delta in the electrode
Shen J, Yang GM, Zhang ZB, Tade MO, Zhou W, Shao ZP
652 - 665 Graphene-nanosheet wrapped cobalt sulphide as a binder free hybrid electrode for asymmetric solid-state supercapacitor
Patil SJ, Kim JH, Lee DW
666 - 676 An extended polarization model to study the influence of current collector geometry of large-format lithium-ion pouch cells
Kosch S, Rheinfeld A, Erhard SV, Jossen A
677 - 684 A comparative study of Si-containing electrolyte additives for lithium ion battery: Which one is better and why is it better
Wang K, Xing LD, Zhu YM, Zheng XW, Cai DD, Li WS
685 - 689 Na-rich layered Na2Ru0.95Zr0.05O3 cathode material for Na-ion batteries
Song S, Kotobuki M, Zheng F, Li Q, Xu C, Wang Y, Li WDZ, Hu N, Lu L
690 - 703 The synthesis of Li(Co-Mn-Ni)O-2 cathode material from spent-Li ion batteries and the proof of its functionality in aqueous lithium and sodium electrolytic solutions
Sencanski J, Bajuk-Bogdanovic D, Majstorovic D, Tchernychova E, Papan J, Vujkovic M
704 - 708 Hysteresis analysis in dye-sensitized solar cells based on external bias field effects
Wu F, Li XY, Tong YH, Zhang TS
709 - 716 Honeycomb-like poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) as an effective and transparent counter electrode in bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells
Li HG, Xiao YM, Han GY, Hou WJ
717 - 725 Nano-glass ceramic cathodes for Li+/Na+ mixed-ion batteries
He W, Zhang XD, Jin C, Wang YY, Mossin S, Yue YZ
726 - 732 Intelligent energy harvesting scheme for microbial fuel cells: Maximum power point tracking and voltage overshoot avoidance
Alaraj M, Radenkovic M, Park JD
733 - 740 Cost and energy demand of producing nickel manganese cobalt cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Ahmed S, Nelson PA, Gallagher KG, Susarla N, Dees DW
741 - 749 Development and study of aluminum-air electrochemical generator and its main components
Ilyukhina AV, Kleymenov BV, Zhuk AZ
750 - 761 Physically-based reduced-order capacity loss model for graphite anodes in Li-ion battery cells
Jin X, Vora A, Hoshing V, Saha T, Shaver G, Garcia RE, Wasynczuk O, Varigonda S
762 - 771 Flexible and internal series-connected supercapacitors with high working voltage using ultralight porous carbon nanofilms
Li XY, Zhou M, Wang J, Ge FY, Zhao YP, Komarneni S, Cai ZS
772 - 778 Poly(3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene)-poly(styrenesulfonate) glued and graphene encapsulated sulfur-carbon film for high-performance free-standing lithium-sulfur batteries
Wang ZY, Cheng JL, Ni W, Gao LZ, Yang D, Razal JM, Wang B
779 - 786 Strategy towards cost-effective low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells: A mixed-conductive membrane comprised of natural minerals and perovskite oxide
Xia C, Cai YX, Wang BY, Afzal M, Zhang W, Soltaninazarlou A, Zhu B
787 - 795 Evaluation of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95 composite cathode with three dimensional microstructure reconstruction
Kim YT, Jiao Z, Shikazono N
796 - 807 An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the electrochemical behaviour of iron molybdate thin films in lithium and sodium cells
Grissa R, Martinez H, Pele V, Cotte S, Pecquenard B, Le Cras F
808 - 815 Real-time mass spectroscopy analysis of Li-ion battery electrolyte degradation under abusive thermal conditions
Gaulupeau B, Delobel B, Cahen S, Fontana S, Herold C
816 - 824 Polyethylene separator activated by hybrid coating improving Li+ ion transference number and ionic conductivity for Li-metal battery
Mao XF, Shi LY, Zhang HJ, Wang ZY, Zhu JF, Qiu ZF, Zhao Y, Zhang MH, Yuan S
825 - 835 Role of solvents on the oxygen reduction and evolution of rechargeable Li-O(2)battery
Christy M, Arul A, Zahoor A, Moon KU, Oh MY, Stephan AM, Nahm KS
836 - 845 A novel 3D-layered electrochemical-thermal coupled model strategy for the nail-penetration process simulation
Liang GZ, Zhang YM, Han Q, Liu ZP, Jiang Z, Tian S
846 - 852 Fast formation cycling for lithium ion batteries
An SJ, Li JL, Du ZJ, Daniel C, Wood DL
853 - 860 SSH2S: Hydrogen storage in complex hydrides for an auxiliary power unit based on high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Baricco M, Bang M, Fichtner M, Hauback B, Linder M, Luetto C, Moretto P, Sgroi M
861 - 871 One-pot chemical route for morphology-controllable fabrication of Sn-Sb micro/nano-structures: Advanced anode materials for lithium and sodium storage
Yi Z, Han QG, Geng D, Wu YM, Cheng Y, Wang LM
872 - 878 Ionic liquids in a poly ethylene oxide cross-linked gel polymer as an electrolyte for electrical double layer capacitor
Chaudoy V, Van FT, Deschamps M, Ghamouss F
879 - 885 Fe and Co methylene diphosphonates as conversion materials for Li-ion batteries
Schmidt S, Sallard S, Sheptyakov D, Nachtegaal M, Novak P, Villevieille C
886 - 895 The novel dopant for hole-transporting material opens a new processing route to efficiently reduce hysteresis and improve stability of planar perovskite solar cells
Luo JS, Jia CY, Wan ZQ, Han F, Zhao BW, Wang RL
896 - 903 Modeling and in situ characterization of lithiation-induced stress in electrodes during the coupled mechano-electro-chemical process
Xie HM, Zhang Q, Song HB, Shi BQ, Kang YL
904 - 912 Microstructural degradation of silicon electrodes during lithiation observed via operando X-ray tomographic imaging
Taiwo OO, Paz-Garcia JM, Hall SA, Heenan TMM, Finegan DP, Mokso R, Villanueva-Perez P, Patera A, Brett DJL, Shearing PR
913 - 920 Mechanical abuse simulation and thermal runaway risks of large-format Li-ion batteries
Wang H, Lara-Curzio E, Rule ET, Winchester CS
921 - 928 One-pot synthesis of hierarchical Bi2S3-MoS2 nanosheet array with high electrochemical performance
Ma Y, Jia YL, Wang LN, Yang M, Bi YP, Qi YX
929 - 938 Inhibiting the shuttle effect of Li-S battery with a graphene oxide coating separator: Performance improvement and mechanism study
Jiang Y, Chen F, Gao Y, Wang YY, Wang SS, Gao Q, Jiao Z, Zhao B, Chen ZW
939 - 946 Reversible and irreversible dilation of lithium-ion battery electrodes investigated by in-situ dilatometry
Sauerteig D, Ivanov S, Reinshagen H, Bund A
947 - 955 A cost-effective nanoporous ultrathin film electrode based on nanoporous gold/IrO2 composite for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis
Zeng YC, Guo XQ, Shao ZG, Yu HM, Song W, Wang ZQ, Zhang HJ, Yi BL
956 - 963 Improved electrical power production of thermally regenerative batteries using a poly(phenylene oxide) based anion exchange membrane
Rahimi M, Zhu L, Kowalski KL, Zhu XP, Gorski CA, Hickner MA, Logan BE
964 - 969 Exploring highly porous Co2P nanowire arrays for electrochemical energy storage
Chen MH, Zhou WW, Qi ML, Yin JH, Xia XH, Chen QG
970 - 979 Standardized hydrogen storage module with high utilization factor based on metal hydride-graphite composites
Burger I, Dieterich M, Pohlmann C, Rontzsch L, Linder M
980 - 989 Concurrent electropolymerization of aniline and electrochemical deposition of tungsten oxide for supercapacitor
Geng JW, Ye YJ, Guo D, Liu XX
990 - 997 Mesoporous PbI2 assisted growth of large perovskite grains for efficient perovskite solar cells based on ZnO nanorods
Li SB, Zhang P, Chen H, Wang YF, Liu DT, Wu J, Sarvari H, Chen ZD
998 - 1005 Layered P2-Na2/3Co1/2Ti1/2O2 as a high-performance cathode material for sodium-ion batteries
Sabi N, Doubaji S, Hashimoto K, Komaba S, Amine K, Solhy A, Manoun B, Bilal E, Saadoune I
1006 - 1016 Toward highly stable solid-state unconventional thin-film battery-supercapacitor hybrid devices: Interfacing vertical core-shell array electrodes with a gel polymer electrolyte
Pandey GP, Klankowski SA, Liu T, Wu J, Li J
1017 - 1031 Modeling of microfluidic microbial fuel cells using quantitative bacterial transport parameters
Mardanpour MM, Yaghmaei S, Kalantar M
1032 - 1039 Reflux-based synthesis and electrocatalytic characteristics of nickel phosphate nanoparticles
Al-Omair MA, Touny AH, Saleh MM