Journal of Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources, Vol.341 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 10 High-performance solid-state on-chip supercapacitors based on Si nanowires coated with ruthenium oxide via atomic layer deposition
Zheng W, Cheng QM, Wang DW, Thompson CV
11 - 18 Synthesis of AgInS2 quantum dots with tunable photoluminescence for sensitized solar cells
Cai CQ, Zhai LL, Ma YH, Zou C, Zhang LJ, Yang Y, Huang SM
19 - 26 Amplification of electrolyte uptake in the absorptive glass mat (AGM) separator for valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries
Kumar V, Rao PVK, Rawal A
27 - 35 Ultrathin MnO2 nanoflakes deposited on carbon nanotube networks for symmetrical supercapacitors with enhanced performance
Sun P, Yi H, Peng TQ, Jing YT, Wang RJ, Wang HW, Wang XF
36 - 45 Membrane-less hybrid flow battery based on low-cost elements
Leung PR, Martin T, Shah AA, Mohamed MR, Anderson MA, Palma J
46 - 52 Bird's nest-like nanographene shell encapsulated Si nanoparticles Their structural and Li anode properties
Li BB, Jiang YZ, Jiang F, Cao DX, Wang HK, Niu CM
53 - 59 Confined selenium within metal-organic frameworks derived porous carbon microcubes as cathode for rechargeable lithium selenium batteries
Liu T, Jia M, Zhang Y, Han J, Li Y, Bao SJ, Liu DY, Jiang J, Xu MW
60 - 67 Efficient electron transfer kuramite Cu3SnS4 nanosheet thin film towards platinum-free cathode in dye-sensitized solar cells
Chen SL, Tao J, Shu HB, Tao HJ, Tang YX, Shen YZ, Wang T, Pan L
68 - 74 Self-assembly sandwiches of reduced graphene oxide layers with zeolitic-imidazolate-frameworks-derived mesoporous carbons as polysulfides reservoirs for lithium-sulfur batteries
Tan YB, Jia ZQ, Lou PL, Cui ZH, Guo XX
75 - 82 High-performance nickel-cobalt-boron material for an asymmetric supercapacitor with an ultrahigh energy density
Chen RN, Liu L, Zhou JS, Hou L, Gao FM
83 - 90 Advanced porous electrodes with flow channels for vanadium redox flow battery
Bhattarai A, Wai N, Schweiss R, Whitehead A, Lim TM, Hng HH
91 - 106 Model predictive control power management strategies for HEVs: A review
Huang YJ, Wang H, Khajepour A, He HW, Ji J
107 - 113 Structure and ionic conductivity of the solid electrolyte interphase layer on tin anodes in Na-ion batteries
Kuo LY, Moradabadi A, Huang HF, Hwang BJ, Kaghazchi P
114 - 121 Solid state synthesis of layered sodium manganese oxide for sodium-ion battery by in-situ high energy X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy
Ma TY, Xu GL, Zeng XQ, Li Y, Ren Y, Sun CJ, Heald SM, Jorne J, Amine K, Chen ZH
122 - 129 Enhancing the performance of high-voltage LiCoMnO4 spinel electrodes by fluorination
Windmuller A, Tsai CL, Moller S, Balski M, Sohn YJ, Uhlenbruck S, Guillon O
130 - 138 In-situ investigation of the hydrogen release mechanism in bulk Mg2NiH4
Tran XQ, McDonald SD, Gu QF, Yamamoto T, Shigematsu K, Aso K, Tanaka E, Matsumura S, Nogita K
139 - 146 The correlation between carbon structures and electrochemical properties of sulfur/carbon composites for Li-S batteries
Du ZZ, Xu J, Jin S, Shi YC, Guo CK, Kong XH, Zhu YW, Ji HX
147 - 155 Effect of Li3PO4 coating of layered lithium -rich oxide on electrochemical performance
Chen DR, Zheng F, Li L, Chen M, Zhong XX, Li WS, Lu L
156 - 164 Progressive mechanical indentation of large-format Li-ion cells
Wang H, Kumar A, Simunovic S, Allu S, Kalnaus S, Turner JA, Helmers JC, Rules ET, Winchester CS, Gorney P
165 - 174 Sulfur impregnated N, P co-doped hierarchical porous carbon as cathode for high performance Li-S batteries
Cai JJ, Wu C, Zhu Y, Zhang KL, Shen PK
175 - 182 Improvement of electrochemical activity of LiMnPO4-based cathode by surface iron enrichment
Xu XY, Wang T, Bi YJ, Liu M, Yang WC, Peng Z, Wang DY
183 - 191 Facile synthesis of bacitracin-templated palladium nanoparticles with superior electrocatalytic activity
Li YJ, Wang Z, Li XL, Yin T, Bian KX, Gao FM, Gao DW
192 - 198 Application of a novel (Pr0.9La0.1)(2)(Ni0.74Cu0.21Nb0.05)O4+delta-infiltrated BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2O3-delta cathode flor high performance protonic ceramic fuel cells
Li G, Jin HY, Cui YX, Gui LQ, He BB, Zhao L
199 - 211 Transport phenomena in alkaline direct ethanol fuel cells for sustainable energy production
An L, Zhao TS
212 - 218 Highly enhanced electrochemical activity of Ni foam electrodes decorated with nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes for non-aqueous redox flow batteries
Lee J, Park MS, Kim KJ
219 - 229 Effects of binders on the electrochemical performance of rechargeable magnesium batteries
Wang N, NuLi YN, Su SJ, Yang J, Wang JL
230 - 239 Study of the two-phase dummy load shut-down strategy for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Zhang Q, Lin R, Cui X, Xia SX, Yang Z, Chang YT
240 - 249 New catalyst supports prepared by surface modification of graphene- and carbon nanotube structures with nitrogen containing carbon coatings
Oh EJ, Hempelmann R, Nica V, Radev I, Natter H
250 - 256 The urchin-like sphere arrays Co3O4 as a bifunctional catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction and oxygen evolution reaction
Li RC, Zhou D, Luo JX, Xu WM, Li JW, Li SS, Cheng PP, Yuan DS
257 - 263 A long life 4 V class lithium-ion polymer battery with liquid-free polymer electrolyte
Kobayashi Y, Shono K, Kobayashi T, Ohno Y, Tabuchi M, Oka Y, Nakamura T, Miyashiro H
264 - 269 Fabrication and characterization of a tubular ceramic fuel cell based on BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.1Yb0.1O3-delta proton conducting electrolyte
Hanifi AR, Sandhu NK, Etsell TH, Luo JL, Sarkar P
270 - 279 Water-activated graphite felt as a high-performance electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries
Kabtamu DM, Chen JY, Chang YC, Wang CH
280 - 284 Extremely fine structured cathode for solid oxide fuel cells using Sr-doped LaMnO3 and Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 nano-composite powder synthesized by spray pyrolysis
Shimada H, Yamaguchi T, Sumi H, Nomura K, Yamaguchi Y, Fujishiro Y
285 - 293 Graphite oxide incorporated crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol and sulfonated styrene nanocomposite membrane as separating barrier in single chambered microbial fuel cell
Rudra R, Kumar V, Pramanik N, Kundu PP
294 - 301 Different distribution of in-situ thin carbon layer in hollow cobalt sulfide nanocages and their application for supercapacitors
Jin M, Lu SY, Ma L, Gan MY, Lei Y, Zhang XL, Fu G, Yang PS, Yan MF
302 - 308 Eliminating micro-porous layer from gas diffusion electrode for use in high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Su HN, Xu Q, Chong JJ, Li HM, Sita C, Pasupathi S
309 - 317 Oxygen and nitrogen co-doped porous carbon nanosheets derived from Perilla frutescens for high volumetric performance supercapacitors
Liu B, Liu YJ, Chen HB, Yang M, Li HM
318 - 326 Highly catalytic and stabilized titanium nitride nanowire array-decorated graphite felt electrodes for all vanadium redox flow batteries
Wei L, Zhao TS, Zeng L, Zeng YK, Jiang HR
327 - 339 Electrochemical modelling of Li-ion battery pack with constant voltage cycling
Ashwin TR, McGordon A, Jennings PA
340 - 347 Highly flexible InSnO electrodes on thin colourless polyimide substrate for high-performance flexible CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells
Park JI, Heo JH, Park SH, Il Hong K, Jeong HG, Im SH, Kim HK
348 - 356 Insight into the interaction between layered lithium-rich oxide and additive-containing electrolyte
Tu WQ, Xia P, Zheng XW, Ye CC, Xu MQ, Li WS
357 - 365 Salinity-gradient energy driven microbial electrosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Li XH, Angelidaki I, Zhang YF
366 - 372 Improving the electrochemical behavior of lithium-sulfur batteries through silica-coated nickel-foam cathode collector
Cho SH, Cho SM, Bae KY, Kim BH, Yoon WY
373 - 386 Degradation diagnostics for lithium ion cells
Birkl CR, Roberts MR, McTurk E, Bruce PG, Howey DA
387 - 395 Modified electrochemical parameter estimation of NCR18650BD battery using implicit finite volume method
Ashwin TR, McGordon A, Widanage WD, Jennings PA
396 - 403 High efficiency CH3NH3PbI3:CdS perovskite solar cells with CuInS2 as the hole transporting layer
Chen C, Zhai Y, Li FM, Tan FR, Yue GT, Zhang WF, Wang MT
404 - 410 Sodium-ion hybrid electrolyte battery for sustainable energy storage applications
Senthilkumar ST, Abirami M, Kim J, Go W, Hwang SM, Kim Y
411 - 418 Stable organic-inorganic hybrid multilayered photoelectrochemical cells
Park SY, Kim MG, Jung J, Heo J, Hong EM, Choi SM, Lee JY, Cho S, Hong K, Lim DC
419 - 426 The lithium storage performance of electrolytic-carbon from CO2
Tang JJ, Deng BW, Xu F, Xiao W, Wang DH
427 - 434 Dual support ensuring high-energy supercapacitors via high-performance NiCo2S4@Fe2O3 anode and working potential enlarged MnO2 cathode
Jia RY, Zhu F, Sun S, Zhai T, Xia H
435 - 442 Preparing ultrafine PbS powders from the scrap lead-acid battery by sulfurization and inert gas condensation
Xia HP, Zhan L, Xie B
443 - 447 A reliable sealing method for microbatteries
Wang YX, Cartmell S, Li QY, Xiao J, Li HD, Deng ZD, Zhang JG
448 - 456 Redox additives of Na2MoO4 and KI: Synergistic effect and the improved capacitive performances for carbon-based supercapacitors
Xu D, Hu W, Sun XN, Cui P, Chen XY
457 - 465 Increasing the durability of Li-ion batteries by means of manganese ion trapping materials with nitrogen functionalities
Banerjee A, Ziv B, Luski S, Aurbach D, Halalay IC
466 - 473 Embedded fiber-optic sensing for accurate internal monitoring of cell state in advanced battery management systems part 1: Cell embedding method and performance
Raghavan A, Kiesel P, Sommer LW, Schwartz J, Lochbaum A, Hegyi A, Schuh A, Arakaki K, Saha B, Ganguli A, Kim KH, Kim C, Hah HJ, Kim S, Hwang GO, Chung GC, Choi B, Alamgir M
474 - 482 Embedded fiber-optic sensing for accurate internal monitoring of cell state in advanced battery management systems part 2: Internal cell signals and utility for state estimation
Ganguli A, Saha B, Raghavan A, Kiesel P, Arakaki K, Schuh A, Schwartz J, Hegyi A, Sommer LW, Lochbaum A, Sahu S, Alamgir M