Journal of Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources, Vol.340 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Investigation of binder distribution in graphite anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Muller M, Pfaffmann L, Jaiser S, Baunach M, Trouillet V, Scheiba F, Scharfer P, Schabel W, Bauer W
6 - 13 Interconnected Co0.85Se nanosheets as cathode materials for asymmetric supercapacitors
Yang J, Yuan YL, Wang WC, Tang HC, Ye ZZ, Lu JG
14 - 21 The mechanism of the sodiation and desodiation in Super P carbon electrode for sodium-ion battery
Wu CM, Pan PI, Cheng YW, Liu CP, Chang CC, Avdeev M, Lin SK
22 - 31 Fabrication of 3D lawn-shaped N-doped porous carbon matrix/polyaniline nanocomposite as the electrode material for supercapacitors
Zhang XL, Ma L, Gan MY, Fu G, Jin M, Lei Y, Yang PS, Yan MF
32 - 39 Influence of aminosilane precursor concentration on physicochemical properties of composite Nafion membranes for vanadium redox flow battery applications
Kondratenko MS, Karpushkin EA, Gvozdik NA, Gallyamov MO, Stevenson KJ, Sergeyev VG
40 - 50 Well-dispersed LiFePO4 nanoparticles anchored on a three-dimensional graphene aerogel as high-performance positive electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Tian XH, Zhou YK, Tu XF, Zhang ZT, Du GD
51 - 59 Preventing thermal runaway propagation in lithium ion battery packs using a phase change composite material: An experimental study
Wilke S, Schweitzer B, Khateeb S, Al-Hallaj S
60 - 70 Reversible solid oxide fuel cell for natural gas/renewable hybrid power generation systems
Luo Y, Shi YX, Zheng Y, Cai NS
71 - 79 Energy efficiency of a concentration gradient flow battery at elevated temperatures
van Egmond WJ, Starke UK, Saakes M, Buisman CJN, Hamelers HVM
80 - 88 Floating microbial fuel cells as energy harvesters for signal transmission from natural water bodies
Schievano A, Colombo A, Grattieri M, Trasatti SP, Liberale A, Tremolada P, Pino C, Cristiani P
89 - 97 In situ characterization of charge rate dependent stress and structure changes in V2O5 cathode prepared by atomic layer deposition
Jung H, Gerasopoulos K, Talin AA, Ghodssi R
98 - 103 Nanoporous palladium anode for direct ethanol solid oxide fuel cells with nanoscale proton-conducting ceramic electrolyte
Li Y, Wong LM, Xie HL, Wang SJ, Su PC
104 - 110 Graphene intercalated in graphene-like MoS2: A promising cathode for rechargeable Mg batteries
Liu YC, Fan LZ, Jiao LF
111 - 120 Calculation of effective transport properties of partially saturated gas diffusion layers
Bednarek T, Tsotridis G
121 - 125 Electrochemical properties of lithium air batteries with Pt100-xRux (0 <= x <= 100) electrocatalysts for air electrodes
Yui Y, Sakamoto S, Nohara M, Hayashi M, Nakamura J, Komatsu T
126 - 138 Effect of "bridge" on the performance of organic-inorganic crosslinked hybrid proton exchange membranes via KH550
Han HL, Li HQ, Liu MY, Xu LS, Xu JM, Wang S, Ni HZ, Wang Z
139 - 149 Evaluation of additive formulations to inhibit precipitation of positive electrolyte in vanadium battery
Rahman F, Skyllas-Kazacos M
150 - 159 Aggravated test of Intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells fed with tar-contaminated syngas
Pumiglia D, Vaccaro S, Masi A, McPhail SJ, Falconieri M, Gagliardi S, Della Seta L, Carlini M
160 - 166 3D-hybrid material design with electron/lithium-ion dual-conductivity for high-performance Li-sulfur batteries
Zhao Y, Tan R, Yang J, Wang K, Gao RT, Liu D, Liu YD, Yang JL, Pan F
167 - 175 Coupling between creep and redox behavior in nickel - yttria stabilized zirconia observed in-situ by monochromatic neutron imaging
Makowska MG, Kuhn LT, Frandsen HL, Lauridsen EM, De Angelis S, Cleemann LN, Morgano M, Trtik P, Strobl M
176 - 182 Experimental study on the optimal purge duration of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with a dead-ended anode
Lin YF, Chen YS
183 - 191 ZnO template strategy for the synthesis of 3D interconnected graphene nanocapsules from coal tar pitch as supercapacitor electrode materials
He XJ, Li XJ, Ma H, Han JF, Zhang H, Yu C, Xiao N, Qiu JS
192 - 200 Role of ZnO photoanode nanostructures and sensitizer deposition approaches on the photovoltaic properties of CdS/CdSe and CdS1-xSex quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Sisman I, Tekir O, Karaca H
201 - 209 Modification of Nafion membrane with biofunctional SiO2 nanofiber for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Wang H, Li XJ, Zhuang XP, Cheng BW, Wang W, Kang WM, Shi L, Li HJ
210 - 216 Characterization and electrochemical activities of nanostructured transition metal nitrides as cathode materials for lithium sulfur batteries
Mosavati N, Salley SO, Ng KYS
217 - 228 Obstacles toward unity efficiency of LiNi1-2xCoxMnxO2 (x=0 similar to 1/3) (NCM) cathode materials: Insights from ab initio calculations
Liang CP, Longo RC, Kong FT, Zhang CX, Nie YF, Zheng YP, Kim JS, Jeon S, Choi S, Cho K
229 - 241 An alternative low-loss stack topology for vanadium redox flow battery: Comparative assessment
Moro F, Trovo A, Bortolin S, Del Col D, Guarnieri M
242 - 246 Electrodeposition of polymer electrolyte in nanostructured electrodes for enhanced electrochemical performance of thin-film Li-ion microbatteries
Salian GD, Lebouin C, Demoulin A, Lepihin MS, Maria S, Galeyeva AK, Kurbatov AP, Djenizian T
247 - 257 Optimal control of fuel overpressure in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell with hydrogen transfer leak during load change
Ebadighajari A, DeVaal J, Golnaraghi F
258 - 262 LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4-based composite electrodes with improved properties prepared by a slurry spray deposition process
Yu R, Sun Y, Zou BK, Deng MM, Xie JY, Chen CH
263 - 272 Scalable synthesis of hierarchical hollow Li4Ti5O12 microspheres assembled by zigzag-like nanosheets for high rate lithium-ion batteries
Zhu KX, Gao HY, Hu GX, Liu MJ, Wang HC
273 - 281 Comparison between cylindrical and prismatic lithium-ion cell costs using a process based cost model
Ciez RE, Whitacre JF
282 - 293 Effect of solution concentration and composition on the electrochemical properties of ion exchange membranes for energy conversion
Fontananova E, Messana D, Tufa RA, Nicotera I, Kosma V, Curcio E, van Baak W, Drioli E, Di Profio G
294 - 301 High efficiency aqueous and hybrid lithium-air batteries enabled by Li1.5Al0.5Ge1.5(PO4)(3) ceramic anode-protecting membranes
Safanama D, Adams S
302 - 308 Enhanced rate performance of flexible and stretchable linear supercapacitors based on polyaniline@Au@carbon nanotube with ultrafast axial electron transport
Xu J, Ding JN, Zhou XS, Zhang Y, Zhu WJ, Liu ZF, Ge SH, Yuan NY, Fang SL, Baughman RH
309 - 318 International round-robin inter-comparison of dye-sensitized and crystalline silicon solar cells
Chen CY, Ahn SK, Aoki D, Kokubo J, Yoon KH, Saito H, Lee KS, Magaino S, Takagi K, Lin LC, Lee KM, Wu CG, Zhou H, Igari S
319 - 324 Intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cell employing reformed effective biogas: Power generation and inhibition of carbon deposition
Miyake M, Iwami M, Goto K, Iwamoto K, Morimoto K, Shiraishi M, Takatori K, Takeuchi M, Nishimoto S, Kameshima Y
325 - 336 Fabrication of niobium-based oxides/oxynitrides/nitrides and their applications in dye-sensitized solar cells and anaerobic digestion
Zhang TH, Yun SN, Li X, Huang XL, Hou YZ, Liu YF, Li J, Zhou X, Fang W
337 - 346 Local potential evolutions during proton exchange membrane fuel cell operation with dead-ended anode - Part I: Impact of water diffusion and nitrogen crossover
Abbou S, Dillet J, Maranzana G, Didierjean S, Lottin O
347 - 355 Comparative study of fuel cell, battery and hybrid buses for renewable energy constrained areas
Stempien JP, Chan SH
356 - 364 Surface chemical analysis of CuO nanofiber composite electrodes at different stages of lithiation/delithiation
Gangaja B, Chandrasekharan S, Vadukumpully S, Nair SV, Santhanagopalan D
365 - 372 Synthesis of Cu-doped Li2O and its cathode properties for lithium-ion batteries based on oxide/peroxide redox reactions
Kobayashi H, Hibino M, Makimoto T, Ogasawara Y, Yamaguchi K, Kudo T, Okuoka S, Ono H, Yonehara K, Sumida Y, Mizuno N
373 - 379 A robust high performance cobalt-free oxygen electrode La0.5Sr0.5Fe0.8Cu0.15Nb0.05O3-delta for reversible solid oxide electrochemical cell
Zhou N, Yin YM, Li JC, Xu L, Ma ZF
380 - 392 A successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method to fabricate a layer-by-layer (LbL) MnO2-reduced graphene oxide assembly for supercapacitor application
Jana M, Saha S, Samanta P, Murmu NC, Kim NH, Kuila T, Lee JH
393 - 400 Sb-AlC0.75-C composite anodes for high-performance sodium-ion batteries
Jung GJ, Lee Y, Mun YS, Kim H, Hur J, Kim TY, Suh KS, Kim JH, Lee D, Choi W, Kim IT
401 - 410 Newer polyanionic bio-composite anode for sodium ion batteries
Karuppiah S, Vellingiri S, Nallathamby K
411 - 418 Enhanced cycle performance of a Na/NiCl2 battery based on Ni particles encapsulated with Ni3S2 layer
Ao X, Wen ZY, Hu YY, Wu T, Wu XW, He QM
419 - 427 Local potential evolutions during proton exchange membrane fuel cell operation with dead-ended anode - Part II: Aging mitigation strategies based on water management and nitrogen crossover
Abbou S, Dillet J, Maranzana G, Didierjean S, Lottin O