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1 - 5 Estimation of energy density of Li-S batteries with liquid and solid electrolytes
Li CM, Zhang H, Otaegui L, Singh G, Armand M, Rodriguez-Martinez LM
6 - 13 Highly effective Co3S4/electrospun-carbon-nanofibers composite counter electrode synthesized with electrospun technique for cobalt redox electrolyte based on dye-sensitized solar cells
Li L, Xiao JY, Sui HD, Yang XC, Zhang WM, Li XW, Hagfeldt A, Wu MX
14 - 22 Controllable synthesis of high-rate and long cycle-life Na3V2(PO4)(3) for sodium-ion batteries
Li H, Wu C, Bai Y, Wu F, Wang MZ
23 - 34 Large faceted Pd nanocrystals supported small Pt nanoparticles as highly durable electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction
Zhang G, Lu WT, Cao LS, Qin XP, Ding F, Tang S, Shao ZG, Yi BL
35 - 42 Niobium doped lanthanum calcium ferrite perovskite as a novel electrode material for symmetrical solid oxide fuel cells
Kong XW, Zhou XL, Tian Y, Wu XY, Zhang J, Zuo W
43 - 49 PGM-free Fe-N-C catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction: Catalyst layer design
Stariha S, Artyushkova K, Workman MJ, Serov A, Mckinney S, Halevi B, Atanassov P
50 - 59 Self-assembly of cobalt-centered metal organic framework and multiwalled carbon nanotubes hybrids as a highly active and corrosion-resistant bifunctional oxygen catalyst
Fang YY, Li XZ, Li F, Lin XQ, Tian M, Long XF, An XC, Fu Y, Jin J, Ma JT
60 - 69 Synergistic catalytic properties of bifunctional nanoalloy catalysts in rechargeable lithium-oxygen battery
Kang N, Ng MS, Shan SY, Wu JF, Zhao W, Yin J, Fang WQ, Luo J, Petkov V, Zhong CJ
70 - 77 Leaching effect in gadolinia-doped ceria aqueous suspensions for ceramic processes
Caldarelli A, Mercadelli E, Presto S, Viviani M, Sanson A
78 - 83 Facile synthesis of ultrafine SnO2 nanoparticles embedded in carbon networks as a high-performance anode for lithium-ion batteries
Wang F, Jiao HX, He EK, Yang SA, Chen YM, Zhao MS, Song XP
84 - 92 Platinum nanoparticles decorated robust binary transition metal nitride-carbon nanotubes hybrid as an efficient electrocatalyst for the methanol oxidation reaction
Zhan GH, Fu ZG, Sun DL, Pan ZC, Xiao CM, Wu SK, Chen C, Hu GH, Wei ZG
93 - 103 In operando neutron diffraction study of a commercial graphite/(Ni, Mn, Co) oxide-based multi-component lithium ion battery
Nazer NS, Yartys VA, Azib T, Latroche M, Cuevas F, Forseth S, Vie PJS, Denys RV, Sorby MH, Hauback BC, Arnberg L, Henry PF
104 - 111 Microwave sintering and in-situ transmission electron microscopy heating study of Li-1.2(Mn0.53Co0.27)O-2 with improved electrochemical performance
Wu JJ, Liu XL, Bi H, Song YZ, Wang C, Cao Q, Liu ZW, Wang M, Che RC
112 - 119 Inductive phenomena at low frequencies in impedance spectra of proton exchange membrane fuel cells - A review
Pivac I, Barbir F
120 - 128 An analysis of degradation phenomena in polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis
Rakousky C, Reimer U, Wippermann K, Carmo M, Lueke W, Stolten D
129 - 136 Molecular engineering of D-D-pi A type organic dyes incorporating indoloquinoxaline and phenothiazine for highly efficient dye sensitized solar cells
Qian X, Wang XY, Shao L, Li HM, Yan RC, Hou LX
137 - 145 Study of the long-term operation of a vanadium/oxygen fuel cell
Noack J, Cognard G, Oral M, Kuttinger M, Roznyatovskaya N, Pinkwart K, Tubke J
146 - 155 Relationship between H-2 sorption properties and aqueous corrosion mechanisms in A(2)Ni(7) hydride forming alloys (A = Y, Gd or Sm)
Charbonnier V, Monnier J, Zhang JX, Paul-Boncour V, Joiret S, Puga B, Goubault L, Bernard P, Latroche M
156 - 161 Simultaneous fluorination of active material and conductive agent for improving the electrochemical performance of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 electrode for lithium-ion batteries
Song MS, Kim DS, Park E, Choi JM, Kim H
162 - 169 A 4 Farad high energy electrochemical double layer capacitor prototype operating at 3.2 V (IES prototype)
Varzi A, Schutter C, Krummacher J, Raccichini R, Wolff C, Kim GT, Rosler S, Blumenroder B, Schubert T, Passerini S, Balducci A
170 - 175 The reasons for the high power density of fuel cells fabricated with directly deposited membranes
Vierrath S, Breitwieser M, Klingele M, Britton B, Holdcroft S, Zengerle R, Thiele S
176 - 181 Systematic evaluation of cobalt-free Ln(0.5)Sr(0.5)Fe(0.8)Cu(0.2)O(3-delta) (Ln = La, Pr, and Nd) as cathode materials for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Pang SL, Wang WZ, Chen T, Shen XQ, Wang YG, Xu KJ, Xi XM
182 - 192 Impact of heat and water management on proton exchange membrane fuel cells degradation in automotive application
Nandjou E, Poirot-Crouvezier JP, Chandesris M, Blachot JF, Bonnaud C, Bultel Y
193 - 202 First principles study of thieno[2,3-b]indole-based organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Screen novel pi-linkers and explore the interface between photosensitizers and TiO2
Wen YP, Wu WP, Li YY, Zhang WY, Zeng ZY, Wang L, Zhang JL
203 - 210 Phase-change enabled 2D Li3V2(PO4)(3)/C submicron sheets for advanced lithium-ion batteries
Cheng Y, Ni X, Feng K, Zhang HZ, Li XF, Zhang HM
211 - 219 Pulse electro-deposition of copper on molybdenum for Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 and Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cell applications
Bi JL, Yao LY, Ao JP, Gao SS, Sun GZ, He Q, Zhou ZG, Sun Y, Zhang Y
220 - 225 Crystal and electronic structure changes during the charge-discharge process of Na4Co3(PO4)(2)P2O7
Moriwake H, Kuwabara A, Fisher CA, Nose M, Nakayama H, Nakanishi S, Iba H, Ikuhara Y
226 - 226 Active model-based balancing strategy for self-reconfigurable batteries (vol 322, pg 129, 2016)
Bouchhima N, Schnierle M, Schulte S, Birke KP
227 - 234 Folic acid bio-inspired route for facile synthesis of AuPt nanodendrites as enhanced electrocatalysts for methanol and ethanol oxidation reactions
Wang AJ, Ju KJ, Zhang QL, Song P, Wei J, Feng JJ
235 - 241 Silicon/soft-carbon nanohybrid material with low expansion for high capacity and long cycle life lithium-ion battery
Kobayashi N, Inden Y, Endo M
242 - 251 Computational multiobjective topology optimization of silicon anode structures for lithium-ion batteries
Mitchell SL, Ortiz M
252 - 263 Fabrication of cubic spinel MnCo2O4 nanoparticles embedded in graphene sheets with their improved lithium-ion and sodium-ion storage properties
Chen C, Liu BR, Ru Q, Ma SM, An BN, Hou XH, Hu SJ
264 - 269 On-line and real-time diagnosis method for proton membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) stack by the superposition principle
Lee YH, Kim J, Yoo S
270 - 278 Enhanced lithium ion storage in TiO2 nanoparticles, induced by sulphur and carbon co-doping
Ivanov S, Barylyak A, Besaha K, Dimitrova A, Krischok S, Bund A, Bobitski J
279 - 284 Hierarchical LiNixCoyO2 mesostructures as high-performance cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
Shang LM, Li H, Lai HW, Li DQ, Wu Q, Yang LJ, Wang XZ, Hu Z
285 - 295 Role of PF6- in the radiolytical and electrochemical degradation of propylene carbonate solutions
Ortiz D, Gordon IJ, Legand S, Dauvois V, Baltaze JP, Marignier JL, Martin JF, Belloni J, Mostafavi M, Le Caer S
296 - 302 Carbon treated commercial aluminium alloys as anodes for aluminium-air batteries in sodium chloride electrolyte
Pino M, Herranz D, Chacon J, Fatas E, Ocon P
303 - 312 Carbon electrode with NiO and RuO2 nanoparticles improves the cycling life of non-aqueous lithium-oxygen batteries
Tan P, Shyy W, Wu MC, Huang YY, Zhao TS
313 - 321 Co-modification of nitrogen-doped graphene and carbon on Li3V2(PO4)(3) particles with excellent long-term and high-rate performance for lithium storage
Ren MM, Yang MZ, Liu WL, Li M, Su LW, Wu XB, Wang YH
322 - 330 Enhanced electrochemical performance and storage property of LiNi0.815Co0.15Al0.035O2 via Al gradient doping
Duan JG, Hu GR, Cao YB, Tan CP, Wu C, Du K, Peng ZD
331 - 340 Chromium poisoning in (La,Sr)MnO3 cathode: Three-dimensional simulation of a solid oxide fuel cell
Miyoshi K, Iwai H, Kishimoto M, Saito M, Yoshida H
341 - 348 Development of a thermally self-sustaining kW(e)-class diesel reformer using hydrogen peroxide for hydrogen production in low-oxygen environments
Han G, Lee K, Ha S, Bae J
349 - 356 Solid oxide fuel cell anode degradation by the effect of hydrogen chloride in stack and single cell environments
Madi H, Lanzini A, Papurello D, Diethelm S, Ludwig C, Santarelli M, Van Herle J
357 - 364 High-performance flexible electrode based on electrodeposition of polypyrrole/MnO2 on carbon cloth for supercapacitors
Fan XY, Wang XL, Li G, Yu AP, Chen ZW
365 - 376 Investigation of the chemo-mechanical coupling in lithiation/delithiation of amorphous Si through simulations of Si thin films and Si nanospheres
Wang M, Xiao XR
377 - 388 On-board monitoring of 2-D spatially-resolved temperatures in cylindrical lithium-ion batteries: Part I. Low-order thermal modelling
Richardson RR, Zhao S, Howey DA
389 - 396 Nitrogen-doped graphene assists Fe2O3 in enhancing electrochemical performance
Meng XF, Xu YL, Sun XF, Xiong LL, Wang QW
397 - 409 Post mortem analysis of fatigue mechanisms in LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 -LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 - LiMn2O4/graphite lithium ion batteries
Lang M, Darma MSD, Kleiner K, Riekehr L, Mereacre L, Perez MA, Liebau V, Ehrenberg H
410 - 416 Paper-based enzymatic microfluidic fuel cell: From a two-stream flow device to a single-stream lateral flow strip
Gonzalez-Guerrero MJ, del Campo FJ, Esquivel JP, Giroud F, Minteer SD, Sabate N
417 - 427 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell model for aging predictions: Simulated equivalent active surface area loss and comparisons with durability tests
Robin C, Gerard M, Quinaud M, d'Arbigny J, Bultel Y
428 - 437 Conductive reduced graphene oxide/MnO2 carbonized cotton fabrics with enhanced electro -chemical, -heating, and -mechanical properties
Tian MW, Du MZ, Qu LJ, Zhang K, Li HL, Zhu SF, Liu DD
438 - 446 Novel D-A-pi-A organic dyes based on 3-dimensional triarylamine and benzothiadiazole derivatives for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cells
Huang HL, Chen HJ, Long J, Wang G, Tan ST
447 - 458 A novel phenomenological multi-physics model of Li-ion battery cells
Oh KY, Samad NA, Kim Y, Siegel JB, Stefanopoulou AG, Epureanu BI
459 - 465 An efficient electrocatalyst as cathode material for solid oxide fuel cells: BaFe0.95Sn0.05O3-delta
Dong FF, Ni M, He W, Chen YB, Yang GM, Chen DJ, Shao ZP
466 - 475 Preparations of an inorganic-framework proton exchange nanochannel membrane
Yan XH, Jiang HR, Zhao G, Zeng L, Zhao TS
476 - 481 High power Nb-doped LiFePO4 Li-ion battery cathodes; pilot-scale synthesis and electrochemical properties
Johnson ID, Blagovidova E, Dingwall PA, Brett DJL, Shearing PR, Darr JA
482 - 489 Enhancement of fuel cell performance with less-water dependent composite membranes having polyoxometalate anchored nanofibrous interlayer
Abouzari-Iotf E, Jacob MV, Ghassemi H, Ahmad A, Nasef MM, Zakeri M, Mehdipour-Ataei S
490 - 497 Study of a dry room in a battery manufacturing plant using a process model
Ahmed S, Nelson PA, Dees DW
498 - 504 Binder-free flexible LiMn2O4/carbon nanotube network as high power cathode for rechargeable hybrid aqueous battery
Zhu X, Wu XW, Doan TNL, Tian Y, Zhao HB, Chen P
505 - 513 Hierarchical hollow microflowers constructed from mesoporobs single crystalline CoMn2O4 nanosheets for high performance anode of lithium ion battery
Zhang LX, He GF, Lei SW, Qi GS, Jiu HF, Wang J
514 - 521 Exothermic behaviors of mechanically abused lithium-ion batteries with dibenzylamine
Shi Y, Noelle DJ, Wang M, Le AV, Yoon H, Zhang MH, Meng YS, Qiao Y
522 - 532 Vanadium dioxide - Reduced graphene oxide composite as cathode materials for rechargeable Li and Na batteries
Mahadi NB, Park JS, Park JH, Chung KY, Yi SY, Sun YK, Myung ST
533 - 533 Special Section: Electrochemical capacitors: Guest Editor's note
Balducci A
534 - 540 Electrolytes for high voltage electrochemical double layer capacitors: A perspective article
Balducci A
541 - 548 Rational design of new electrolyte materials for electrochemical double layer capacitors
Schutter C, Husch T, Viswanathan V, Passerini S, Balducci A, Korth M
549 - 559 An ether-functionalised cyclic sulfonium based ionic liquid as an electrolyte for electrochemical double layer capacitors
Neale AR, Murphy S, Goodrich P, Schutter C, Hardacre C, Passerini S, Balducci A, Jacquemin J
560 - 568 Performance of solid state supercapacitors based on polymer electrolytes containing different ionic liquids
Tiruye GA, Munoz-Torrero D, Palma J, Anderson M, Marcilla R
569 - 574 Aqueous solutions of acidic ionic liquids for enhanced stability of polyoxometalate-carbon supercapacitor electrodes
Hu CC, Zhao EB, Nitta N, Magasinski A, Berdichevsky G, Yushin G
575 - 579 Capacitance of Ti3C2Tx MXene in ionic liquid electrolyte
Lin ZF, Barbara D, Taberna PL, Van Aken KL, Anasori B, Gogotsi Y, Simon P
580 - 586 Hybrid capacitors utilizing halogen-based redox reactions at interface between carbon positive electrode and aqueous electrolytes
Yamazaki S, Ito T, Murakumo Y, Naitou M, Shimooka T, Yamagata M, Ishikawa M
587 - 594 Enhancement of the carbon electrode capacitance by brominated hydroquinones
Gastol D, Walkowiak J, Fic K, Frackowiak E
595 - 603 Electrochemical characterization of MnO2-based composite in the presence of salt-in-water and water-in-salt electrolytes as electrode for electrochemical capacitors
Gambou-Bosca A, Belanger D
604 - 612 Redox electrode materials for supercapatteries
Yu LP, Chen GZ
613 - 623 Charge storage mechanisms in electrochemical capacitors: Effects of electrode properties on performance
Dupont MF, Donne SW
624 - 634 Microporous-mesoporous carbons for energy storage synthesized by activation of carbonaceous material by zinc chloride, potassium hydroxide or mixture of them
Harmas M, Thomberg T, Kurig H, Romann T, Janes A, Lust E
635 - 640 Determining water content in activated carbon for double-layer capacitor electrodes
Egashira M, Izumi T, Yoshimoto N, Morita M
641 - 651 Asymmetric capacitors using lignin-based hierarchical porous carbons
Salinas-Torres D, Ruiz-Rosas R, Valero-Romero MJ, Rodriguez-Mirasol J, Cordero T, Morallon E, Cazorla-Amoros D
652 - 659 Sustainable AC/AC hybrid electrochemical capacitors in aqueous electrolyte approaching the performance of organic systems
Abbas Q, Babuchowska P, Frckowiak E, Beguin F
660 - 671 Anomalous or regular capacitance? The influence of pore size dispersity on double-layer formation
Jackel N, Rodner M, Schreiber A, Jeongwook J, Zeiger M, Aslan M, Weingarth D, Presser V
672 - 679 Probing the characteristics of casein as green binder for non-aqueous electrochemical double layer capacitors' electrodes
Varzi A, Raccichini R, Marinaro M, Wohlfahrt-Mehrens M, Passerini S
680 - 685 Multi-scale modelling of supercapacitors: From molecular simulations to a transmission line model
Pean C, Rotenberg B, Simon P, Salanne M
686 - 694 Lithium-ion capacitors with 2D Nb2CTx (MXene) - carbon nanotube electrodes
Byeon A, Glushenkov AM, Anasori B, Urbankowski P, Li JW, Byles BW, Blake B, Van Aken KL, Kota S, Pomerantseva E, Lee JW, Chen Y, Gogotsi Y
695 - 701 Electrochemical study of aqueous asymmetric FeWO4/MnO2 supercapacitor
Goubard-Bretesche N, Crosnier O, Buvat G, Favier F, Brousse T
702 - 710 New generation of hybrid carbon/Ni(OH)(2) electrochemical capacitor using functionalized carbon electrode
Le Comte A, Brousse T, Belanger D
711 - 716 Room temperature performance of 4 V aqueous hybrid supercapacitor using multi-layered lithium-doped carbon negative electrode
Makino S, Yamamoto R, Sugimoto S, Sugimoto W
717 - 725 Miniaturized supercapacitors: key materials and structures towards autonomous and sustainable devices and systems
Soavi F, Bettini LG, Piseri P, Milani P, Santoro C, Atanassov P, Arbizzani C
726 - 735 Engineering electrochemical capacitor applications
Miller JR