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Journal of Power Sources, Vol.306 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Performance of electrocatalytic gold coating on bipolar plates for SO2 depolarized electrolyser
Santasalo-Aarnio A, Lokkiluoto A, Virtanen J, Gasik MM
8 - 16 Preparation of three-dimensional nanoporous Si using dealloying by metallic melt and application as a lithium-ion rechargeable battery negative electrode
Wada T, Yamada J, Kato H
17 - 23 Enhancement of electrochemical behavior of nanostructured LiFePO4/Carbon cathode material with excess Li
Bazzi K, Nazri M, Naik VM, Garg VK, Oliveira AC, Vaishnava PP, Nazri GA, Naik R
24 - 31 Performance of a low cost interdigitated flow design on a 1 kW class all vanadium mixed acid redox flow battery
Reed D, Thomsen E, Li B, Wang W, Nie ZM, Koeppel B, Sprenkle V
32 - 41 High capacitance of coarse-grained carbide derived carbon electrodes
Dyatkin B, Gogotsi O, Malinovskiy B, Zozulya Y, Simon P, Gogotsi Y
42 - 48 Si@SiOx/graphene hydrogel composite anode for lithium-ion battery
Bai XJ, Yu YY, Kung HH, Wang B, Jiang JM
49 - 61 A combined in-situ and post-mortem investigation on local permanent degradation in a direct methanol fuel cell
Bresciani F, Rabissi C, Zago M, Gazdzicki P, Schulze M, Guetaz L, Escribano S, Bonde JL, Marchesi R, Casalegno A
62 - 69 State-of-health estimation of LiFePO4/graphite batteries based on a model using differential capacity
Torai S, Nakagomi M, Yoshitake S, Yamaguchi S, Oyama N
70 - 77 An investigation of functionalized electrolyte using succinonitrile additive for high voltage lithium-ion batteries
Chen RJ, Liu F, Chen Y, Ye YS, Huang YX, Wu F, Li L
78 - 84 Hierarchical MoO2/N-doped carbon heteronanowires with high rate and improved long-term performance for lithium-ion batteries
Yang LC, Sun W, Zhong ZW, Liu JW, Gao QS, Hu RZ, Zhu M
85 - 91 Catalytic activities enhanced by abundant structural defects and balanced N distribution of N-doped graphene in oxygen reduction reaction
Bai XG, Shi YT, Guo JH, Gao LG, Wang K, Du Y, Ma TL
92 - 99 Impregnated LaCo0.3Fe0.67Pd0.03O3-delta as a promising electrocatalyst for "symmetrical" intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Shen J, Chen YB, Yang GM, Zhou W, Tade MO, Shao ZP
100 - 106 One-step synthesis of NiCo2S4 ultrathin nanosheets on conductive substrates as advanced electrodes for high-efficient energy storage
Wang JG, Jin DD, Zhou R, Shen C, Xie KY, Wei BQ
107 - 123 Optimal design of solid oxide fuel cell, ammonia-water single effect absorption cycle and Rankine steam cycle hybrid system
Mehrpooya M, Dehghani H, Moosavian SMA
124 - 134 Performance and economic assessments of a solid oxide fuel cell system with a two-step ethanol-steam-reforming process using CaO sorbent
Tippawan P, Arpornwichanop A
135 - 147 Effect of pristine nanostructure on first cycle electrochemical characteristics of lithium-rich lithium-nickel-cobalt-manganese-oxide cathode ceramics for lithium ion batteries
Riekehr L, Liu JL, Schwarz B, Sigel F, Kerkamm I, Xia YY, Ehrenberg H
148 - 151 Micro-tubular flame-assisted fuel cells for micro-combined heat and power systems
Milcarek RJ, Wang K, Falkenstein-Smith RL, Ahn J
152 - 161 Toward ambient temperature operation with all-solid-state lithium metal batteries with a sp(3) boron-based solid single ion conducting polymer electrolyte
Zhang YF, Cai WW, Rohan R, Pan MZ, Liu Y, Liu XP, Li CC, Sun YB, Cheng HS
162 - 170 Structure and surface chemistry of Al2O3 coated LiMn2O4 nanostructured electrodes with improved lifetime
Waller GH, Brooke PD, Rainwater BH, Lai SY, Hu R, Ding Y, Alamgir FM, Sandhage KH, Liu ML
171 - 177 Efficient bifacial perovskite solar cell based on a highly transparent poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) as the p-type hole-transporting material
Xiao YM, Han GY, Wu JH, Lin JY
178 - 192 Safety focused modeling of lithium-ion batteries: A review
Abada S, Marlair G, Lecocq A, Petit M, Sauvant-Moynot V, Huet F
193 - 199 Ion and gas chromatography mass spectrometry investigations of organophosphates in lithium ion battery electrolytes by electrochemical aging at elevated cathode potentials
Weber W, Wagner R, Streipert B, Kraft V, Winter M, Nowak S
200 - 207 Facile synthesis of porous Li2S@C composites as cathode materials for lithium-sulfur batteries
Liang S, Liang C, Xia Y, Xu HH, Huang H, Tao XY, Gan YP, Zhang WK
208 - 212 Structure-dependent photocatalytic decomposition of formic acid on the anatase TiO2(101) surface and strategies to increase its reaction rate
Ji YF, Luo Y
213 - 218 Three-dimensional tin dioxide/carbon composite constructed by hollow nanospheres with quasi-sandwich structures as improved anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Tian QH, Tian Y, Zhang ZX, Yang L, Hirano SI
219 - 225 Comparison of iridium- and ruthenium-based, Pt-surface-enriched, nanosize catalysts for the oxygen-reduction reaction
Kaplan D, Goor M, Alon M, Tsizin S, Burstein L, Rosenberg Y, Popov I, Peled E
226 - 232 Novel solid oxide cells with SrCo0.8Fe0.1Ga0.1O3-delta oxygen electrode for flexible power generation and hydrogen production
Meng XX, Shen YC, Xie MH, Yin YM, Yang NT, Ma ZF, da Costa JCD, Liu SM
233 - 240 Variation of coulombic efficiency versus upper cutoff potential of Li-ion cells tested with aggressive protocols
Xia J, Nie MY, Ma L, Dahn JR
241 - 247 Graphene oxide-polythiophene derivative hybrid nanosheet for enhancing performance of supercapacitor
Alabadi A, Razzaque S, Dong ZH, Wang WX, Tan B
248 - 257 High energy asymmetric supercapacitor with 1D@2D structured NiCo2O4@Co3O4 and jackfruit derived high surface area porous carbon
Sennu P, Aravindan V, Lee YS
258 - 267 Thermally cured semi-interpenetrating electrolyte networks (s-IPN) for safe and aging-resistant secondary lithium polymer batteries
Nair JR, Destro M, Bella F, Appetecchi GB, Gerbaldi C
268 - 273 A comparison of battery testing protocols: Those used by the US advanced battery consortium and those used in China
Robertson DC, Christophersen JP, Bennett T, Walker LK, Wang F, Liu SQ, Fan B, Bloom I
274 - 288 Recursive Bayesian filtering framework for lithium-ion cell state estimation
Tagade P, Hariharan KS, Gambhire P, Kolake SM, Song T, Oh D, Yeo T, Doo S
289 - 299 Effect of through-plane polytetrafluoroethylene distribution in gas diffusion layers on performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Ito H, Iwamura T, Someya S, Munakata T, Nakano A, Heo Y, Ishida M, Nakajima H, Kitahara T
300 - 308 Three-dimensional investigation of cycling-induced microstructural changes in lithium-ion battery cathodes using focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy
Liu HS, Foster JM, Gully A, Krachkovskiy S, Jiang M, Wu Y, Yang XY, Protas B, Goward GR, Botton GA
309 - 316 Hydrogenation effects on the lithium ion battery performance of TiOF2
He M, Wang ZH, Yan XD, Tian LH, Liu G, Chen XB
317 - 321 Facile synthesis and electrochemical properties of Fe2SeS for lithium ion batteries
Liu JB, Yang Y, Liu XJ, Xue MZ, Liu JS, Cui YH
322 - 322 Preparation of thick-film electrode-solid electrolyte composites on Li7La3Zr2O12 and their electrochemical properties (vol 303, pg 65, 2015)
Kato T, Iwasaki S, Ishii Y, Motoyama M, West WC, Yamamoto Y, Iriyama Y
323 - 328 A simple, experiment-based model of the initial self-discharge of lithium-sulphur batteries
Al-Mahmoud SM, Dibden JW, Owen JR, Denuault G, Garcia-Araez N
329 - 336 Nitrogen-doped carbonaceous catalysts for gas-diffusion cathodes for alkaline aluminum-air batteries
Davydova ES, Atamanyuk IN, Ilyukhin AS, Shkolnikov EI, Zhuk AZ
337 - 346 A comparative study of Li8NaV3(P2O7)(3)(PO4)(2) and Li9V3(P2O7)(3)(PO4)(2): Synthesis, structure and electrochemical properties
Kuang Q, Zhao YM, Dong YZ, Fan QH, Lin XH, Liu XD
347 - 353 Electronic and ionic co-conductive coating on the separator towards high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Wang QS, Wen ZY, Yang JH, Jin J, Huang X, Wu XW, Han JD
354 - 360 Microbial fuel cells as power supply of a low-power temperature sensor
Khaled F, Ondel O, Allard B
361 - 368 Palladium deposits spontaneously grown on nickel foam for electrocatalyzing methanol oxidation: Effect of precursors
Niu XH, Zhao HL, Lan MB
369 - 377 Layer-structured LiNi0.8Co0.2O2: A new triple (H+/O2-/e-) conducting cathode for low temperature proton conducting solid oxide fuel cells
Fan LD, Su PC
378 - 386 Improved electrochemical performances of binder-free CoMoO4 nanoplate arrays@Ni foam electrode using redox additive electrolyte
Veerasubramani GK, Krishnamoorthy K, Kim SJ
387 - 393 A SnO2-samarium doped ceria additional anode layer in a direct carbon fuel cell
Yu BL, Zhao YC, Li YD
394 - 401 "Unexpected" behaviour of the internal resistance of a vanadium redox flow battery
Rudolph S, Schroder U, Bayanov IM, Hage-Packhauser S
402 - 407 Highly ordered and ultra-long carbon nanotube arrays as air cathodes for high-energy-efficiency Li-oxygen batteries
Yu RM, Fan WG, Guo XX, Dong SM
408 - 412 Synthesis of sub-10 nm copper sulphide rods as high-performance anode for long-cycle life Li-ion batteries
Zhou MJ, Peng N, Liu Z, Xi Y, He HQ, Xia YG, Liu ZP, Okada S
413 - 423 Tandem laser ablation synthesis in solution-galvanic replacement reaction (LASiS-GRR) for the production of PtCo nanoalloys as oxygen reduction electrocatalysts
Hu S, Tian MK, Ribeiro EL, Duscher G, Mukherjee D
424 - 430 Internal configuration of prismatic lithium-ion cells at the onset of mechanically induced short circuit
Wang H, Simunovic S, Maleki H, Howard JN, Hallmark JA
431 - 436 Theoretical investigation of Chevrel phase materials for cathodes accommodating Ca2+ ions
Smeu M, Hossain MS, Wang Z, Timoshevskii V, Bevan KH, Zaghib K
437 - 447 Hydrogenation thermodynamics of melt-spun magnesium rich Mg-Ni nanocrystalline alloys with the addition of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and TiF3
Hou XJ, Hu R, Zhang TB, Kou HC, Li JS
448 - 453 Platinum nanoparticles on carbon-nanotube support prepared by room-temperature reduction with H-2 in ethylene glycol/water mixed solvent as catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Zheng YY, Dou ZJ, Fang YX, Li MW, Wu X, Zeng JH, Hou ZH, Liao SJ
454 - 458 Ultra-high power capabilities in amorphous FePO4 thin films
Gandrud KB, Nilsen O, Fjellvag H
459 - 466 Facile synthesis of SiOx@C composite nanorods as anodes for lithium ion batteries with excellent electrochemical performance
Ren YR, Li MQ
467 - 480 Experimental and model analysis of the co-oxidative behavior of syngas feed in an Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Donazzi A, Rahmanipour M, Maestri M, Groppi G, Bardini L, Pappacena A, Boaro M
481 - 488 Hierarchical MnO2 nanowire/graphene hybrid fibers with excellent electrochemical performance for flexible solid-state supercapacitors
Ma WJ, Chen SH, Yang SY, Chen WP, Cheng YH, Guo YW, Peng SJ, Ramakrishna S, Zhu MF
489 - 494 Chemical corrosion of PtRuCu6/C for highly efficient methanol oxidation
Huang MH, Wu CX, Guan LH
495 - 502 A novel carbon black graphite hybrid air-cathode for efficient hydrogen peroxide production in bioelectrochemical systems
Li N, An JK, Zhou LA, Li T, Li JH, Feng CJ, Wang X
503 - 509 Fabrication of lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite (LSCF) cathodes for high performance solid oxide fuel cells using a low price commercial inkjet printer
Han GD, Neoh KC, Bae K, Choi HJ, Park SW, Son JW, Shim JH
510 - 515 Capacitance of two-dimensional titanium carbide (MXene) and MXene/carbon nanotube composites in organic electrolytes
Dall'Agnese Y, Rozier P, Taberna PL, Gogotsi Y, Simon P
516 - 525 The effect of electrolyte additives on both LaPO4-coated Li(Ni0.4Mn0.4Co0.2)O-2 and uncoated Li(Ni0.4Mn0.4Co0.2)O-2 in Li-ion pouch cells
Xia J, Lu Z, Camardese J, Dahn JR
526 - 534 Ultrathin nanoflakes of cobalt-manganese layered double hydroxide with high reversibility for asymmetric supercapacitor
Jagadale AD, Guan GQ, Li XM, Du X, Ma XL, Hao XG, Abudula A
535 - 540 Novel As-doped, As and N-codoped carbon nanotubes as highly active and durable electrocatalysts for O-2 reduction in alkaline medium
Liu ZW, Li M, Wang F, Wang QD
541 - 551 Effect of the incorporation of sulfonated chitosan/sulfonated graphene oxide on the proton conductivity of chitosan membranes
Shirdast A, Sharif A, Abdollahi M
552 - 558 The effect of polymorphism on the lithium storage performance of Li2MnSiO4
Ramar V, Balaya P
559 - 566 Binder-free nitrogen-doped carbon paper electrodes derived from polypyrrole/cellulose composite for Li-O-2 batteries
Liu J, Wang ZH, Zhu JF
567 - 572 Improved performance of Co-doped Li2O cathodes for lithium-peroxide batteries using LiCoO2 as a dopant source
Kobayashi H, Hibino M, Ogasawara Y, Yamaguchi K, Kudo T, Okuoka S, Yonehara K, Ono H, Sumida Y, Oshima M, Mizuno N
573 - 577 Benzimidazole-derived anion for lithium-conducting electrolytes
Niedzicki L, Oledzki P, Bitner A, Bukowska M, Szczecinski P
578 - 586 Stability of CsH5(PO4)(2)-based composites at fixed temperatures and during heating-cooling cycles for solid-state intermediate temperature fuel cells
Qing G, Kikuchi R, Takagaki A, Sugawara T, Oyama ST
587 - 592 The chemical functionalized platinum nanodendrites: The effect of chemical molecular weight on electrocatalytic property
Xu GR, Han SH, Liu ZH, Chen Y
593 - 601 Design and construction of three-dimensional CuO/polyaniline/rGO ternary hierarchical architectures for high performance supercapacitors
Zhu S, Wu M, Ge MH, Zhang H, Li SK, Li CH
602 - 610 Two-step approach of fabrication of three-dimensional MnO(2-)graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid as a binder-free supercapacitor electrode
Xiong CY, Li TH, Dang AL, Zhao TK, Li H, Lv HQ
611 - 616 Silver-praseodymium oxy-sulfate cermet: A new composite cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Yang T, Shaula AL, Mikhalev SM, Ramasamy D, Fagg DP
617 - 622 Activation of micropore-confined sulfur within hierarchical porous carbon for lithium-sulfur batteries
Kim JJ, Kim HS, Ahn J, Lee KJ, Yoo WC, Sung YE
623 - 629 Synthesis and characterization of perovskite-type (Li,Sr)(Zr,Nb)O-3 quaternary solid electrolyte for all-solid-state batteries
Yu R, Du QX, Zou BK, Wen ZY, Chen CH
630 - 635 Enhanced ionic conductivity of apatite-type lanthanum silicate electrolyte for IT-SOFCs through copper doping
Ding XF, Hua GX, Ding D, Zhu WL, Wang HJ
636 - 645 A fractal time thermal model for predicting the surface temperature of air-cooled cylindrical Li-ion cells based on experimental measurements
Reyes-Marambio J, Moser F, Gana F, Severino B, Calderon-Munoz WR, Palma-Behnke R, Estevez PA, Orchard M, Cortes M
646 - 657 On-line experimental validation of a model-based diagnostic algorithm dedicated to a solid oxide fuel cell system
Polverino P, Esposito A, Pianese C, Ludwig B, Iwanschitz B, Mai A
658 - 665 Analysis of liquid water formation in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell flow fields with a dry cathode supply
Gossling S, Klages M, Haussmann J, Beckhaus P, Messerschmidt M, Arlt T, Kardjilov N, Manke I, Scholta J, Heinzel A
666 - 673 Efficiently exploiting the waste heat in solid oxide fuel cell by means of thermophotovoltaic cell
Liao TJ, Cai L, Zhao YR, Chen JC
674 - 684 Microscale measurements of oxygen concentration across the thickness of diffusion media in operating polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Epting WK, Litster S
685 - 691 A hybrid microbial fuel cell stack based on single and double chamber microbial fuel cells for self-sustaining pH control
Yang W, Li J, Ye DD, Zhang L, Zhu X, Liao Q
692 - 701 Investigation of crossover processes in a unitized bidirectional vanadium/air redox flow battery
Austing JG, Kirchner CN, Komsiyska L, Wittstock G
702 - 710 Evaluating the trade-off between mechanical and electrochemical performance of separators for lithium-ion batteries: Methodology and application
Plaimer M, Breitfuss C, Sinz W, Heindl SF, Ellersdorfer C, Steffan H, Wilkening M, Hennige V, Tatschl R, Geier A, Schramm C, Freunberger SA
711 - 717 High performance hybrid supercapacitors by using para-Benzoquinone ionic liquid redox electrolyte
Navalpotro P, Palma J, Anderson M, Marcilla R
718 - 723 A novel approach to facilely synthesize mesoporous ZnFe2O4 nanorods for lithium ion batteries
Zhong XB, Yang ZZ, Wang HY, Lu L, Jin B, Zha M, Jiang QC
724 - 732 MnO2-x nanosheets on stainless steel felt as a carbon- and binder-free cathode for non-aqueous lithium-oxygen batteries
Wei ZH, Zhao TS, Zhu XB, Tan P
733 - 741 Unbalanced discharging and aging due to temperature differences among the cells in a lithium-ion battery pack with parallel combination
Yang NX, Zhang XW, Shang BB, Li GJ
742 - 752 Mesoporous composite nickel cobalt oxide/graphene oxide synthesized via a template-assistant co-precipitation route as electrode material for supercapacitors
Xu YJ, Wang LC, Cao PQ, Cai CL, Fu YB, Ma XH
753 - 757 Electrochemical properties of LiCoPO4-thin film electrodes in LiF-based electrolyte solution with anion receptors
Fukutsuka T, Nakagawa T, Miyazaki K, Abe T
758 - 763 Novel solvent-free direct coating process for battery electrodes and their electrochemical performance
Park DW, Canas NA, Wagner N, Friedrich KA
764 - 771 Copper and nitrogen doping on TiO2 photoelectrodes and their functions in dye-sensitized solar cells
Park JY, Kim CS, Okuyama K, Lee HM, Jang HD, Lee SE, Kim TO
772 - 778 Scalable plasticized polymer electrolytes reinforced with surface-modified sepiolite fillers - A feasibility study in lithium metal polymer batteries
Mejia A, Devaraj S, Guzman J, del Amo JML, Garcia N, Rojo T, Armand M, Tiemblo P
779 - 790 Ti3SiC2 modified Li3V2(PO4)(3)/C cathode materials with simultaneous improvement of electronic and ionic conductivities for lithium ion batteries
Wu C, Guo RS, Cai GL, Zhang C, Yang YX, Guo WN, Liu ZC, Wan YZ, Jiang H
791 - 800 Heterostructure composites of rGO/GeO2/PANI with enhanced performance for Li ion battery anode material
Sarkar S, Borah R, Santhosha AL, Dhanya R, Narayana C, Bhattacharyya AJ, Peter SC
801 - 811 Nickel and titanium doubly doped lanthanum strontium chromite for high temperature electrochemical devices
Gupta S, Singh P
812 - 816 In situ electrochemical-electron spin resonance investigations of multi-electron redox reaction for organic radical cathodes
Huang Q, Walter ED, Cosimbescu L, Choi D, Lemmon JP
817 - 825 Mechanical stresses and crystallization of lithium phosphorous oxynitride-coated germanium electrodes during lithiation and delithiation
Al-Obeidi A, Kramer D, Monig R, Thompson CV
826 - 831 X-ray micro tomography of three-dimensional embroidered current collectors for lithium-ion batteries
Aguilo-Aguayo N, Amann P, Espineira PP, Petrasch J, Bechtold T