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1 - 8 Reinstating lead for high-loaded efficient negative electrode for rechargeable sodium-ion battery
Darwiche A, Dugas R, Fraisse B, Monconduit L
9 - 14 Improvement of thermal stability and safety of lithium ion battery using SiO anode material
Liu YH, Okano M, Mukai T, Inoue K, Yanagida M, Sakai T
15 - 23 Fabrication of densely packed LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode material with excellent long-term cycleability for high-voltage lithium ion batteries
Fang JC, Xu YF, Xu GL, Shen SY, Li JT, Huang L, Sun SG
24 - 32 Influence of laser pulse duration on the electrochemical performance of laser structured LiFePO4 composite electrodes
Mangang M, Seifert HJ, Pfleging W
33 - 41 Robust recursive impedance estimation for automotive lithium-ion batteries
Fridholm B, Wik T, Nilsson M
42 - 50 Metal organic frameworks derived porous lithium iron phosphate with continuous nitrogen-doped carbon networks for lithium ion batteries
Liu YY, Gu JJ, Zhang JL, Yu F, Dong LT, Nie N, Li W
51 - 59 In situ Li-7 and Cs-133 nuclear magnetic resonance investigations on the role of Cs+ additive in lithium-metal deposition process
Hu JZ, Zhao ZC, Hu MY, Feng J, Deng XC, Chen XL, Xu W, Liu J, Zhang JG
60 - 63 Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Li2/3Ni1/3Mn2/3O2 as a novel 5 V class positive electrode material for lithium -ion batteries
Chiba K, Shikano M, Sakaebe H
64 - 73 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell degradation: A parametric analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ozden E, Tari I
74 - 80 Manganese-tuned chemical etching of a platinum-copper nanocatalyst with platinum-rich surfaces
Huang YY, Zhao TS, Zhao G, Yan XH, Xu K
81 - 101 The developments of SnO2/graphene nanocomposites as anode materials for high performance lithium ion batteries: A review
Deng YF, Fang CC, Chen GH
102 - 110 Capacitance properties and structure of electroconducting hydrogels based on copoly(aniline - p-phenylenediamine) and polyacrylamide
Smirnov MA, Sokolova MP, Bobrova NV, Kasatkin IA, Lahderanta E, Elyashevich GK
111 - 118 Extraordinarily high-rate capability of polyaniline nanorod arrays on graphene nanomesh
Gao SY, Zang PY, Dang LQ, Xu H, Shi F, Liu ZH, Lei ZB
119 - 127 Highly stable TiO2 coated Li2MnO3 cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Kim SJ, Kim MC, Kwak DH, Kim DM, Lee GH, Choe HS, Park KW
128 - 135 A novel leady oxide combined with porous carbon skeleton synthesized from lead citrate precursor recovered from spent lead-acid battery paste
Hu YC, Yang JK, Zhang W, Xie YL, Wang JX, Yuan XQ, Kumar RV, Liang S, Hu JP, Wu X
136 - 145 Highly conductive quasi-coaxial electrospun quaternized polyvinyl alcohol nanofibers and composite as high-performance solid electrolytes
Liao GM, Li PC, Lin JS, Ma WT, Yu BC, Li HY, Liu YL, Yang CC, Shih CM, Lue SJ
146 - 154 MoO2 nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide/polyimide-carbon nanotube film as efficient hydrogen evolution electrocatalyst
Li X, Jiang YM, Jia LP, Wang CM
155 - 163 Investigation of the flow field inside the manifold of a real operated fuel cell stack using optical measurements and Computational Fluid Mechanics
Schmieder F, Kinaci ME, Wartmann J, Konig J, Buttner L, Czarske J, Burgmann S, Heinzel A
164 - 169 Measurements of stress and fracture in germanium electrodes of lithium-ion batteries during electrochemical lithiation and delithiation
Pharr M, Choi YS, Lee D, Oh KH, Vlassak JJ
170 - 180 Voltage relaxation and impedance spectroscopy as in-operando methods for the detection of lithium plating on graphitic anodes in commercial lithium-ion cells
Schindler S, Bauer M, Petzl M, Danzer MA
181 - 188 Controlled solvothermal synthesis and electrochemical performance of LiCoPO4 submicron single crystals as a cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Wu BR, Xu HL, Mu DB, Shi LL, Jiang B, Gai L, Wang L, Liu Q, Ben LB, Wu F
189 - 195 Understanding conversion mechanism of NiO anodic materials for Li-ion battery using in situ X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy
Jang JH, Chae BM, Oh HJ, Lee YK
196 - 206 The activity of nanocrystalline Fe-based alloys as electrode materials for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Muller CI, Sellschopp K, Tegel M, Rauscher T, Kieback B, Rontzsch L
207 - 233 Performance and degradation of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: State of the art in modeling from atomistic to system scale
Jahnke T, Futter G, Latz A, Malkow T, Papakonstantinou G, Tsotridis G, Schott P, Gerard M, Quinaud M, Quiroga M, Franco AA, Malek K, Calle-Vallejo F, de Morais RF, Kerber T, Sautet P, Loffreda D, Strahl S, Serra M, Polverino P, Pianese C, Mayur M, Bessler WG, Kompis C
234 - 243 Plasma sprayed manganese-cobalt spinel coatings: Process sensitivity on phase, electrical and protective performance
Han SJ, Pala Z, Sampath S
244 - 254 Development of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack for an underwater vehicle
Han IS, Kho BK, Cho S
255 - 265 Activity and stability studies of titanates and titanate-carbon nanotubes supported Ag anode catalysts for direct methanol fuel cell
Mohamed MM, Khairy M, Eid S
266 - 272 Flower-like nickel cobalt sulfide microspheres modified with nickel sulfide as Pt-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Huo JH, Wu JH, Zheng M, Tu YG, Lan Z
273 - 281 Compositionally-graded silicon-copper helical arrays as anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Polat DB, Keles O, Amine K
282 - 292 Cross-linked poly (vinyl alcohol)/sulfosuccinic acid polymer as an electrolyte/electrode material for H-2-O-2 proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Ebenezer D, Deshpande AP, Haridoss P
293 - 300 Concentration-gradient LiMn0.8Fe0.2PO4 cathode material for high performance lithium ion battery
Yang LT, Xia YG, Qin LF, Yuan GX, Qiu B, Shi JL, Liu ZP
301 - 310 Tailor-made pore controlled poly (arylene ether ketone) membranes as a lithium-ion battery separator
Le Mong A, Kim D
311 - 318 Facile synthesis of nickel-foam-based nano-architectural composites as binder-free anodes for high capacity Li-ion batteries
Min SD, Zhao CJ, Ju PW, Zhou TF, Gao H, Zheng Y, Wang HQ, Chen GR, Qian XZ, Guo ZP
319 - 331 Combustion synthesized copper-ion substituted FeAl2O4 (Cu0.1Fe0.9Al2O4): A superior catalyst for methanol steam reforming compared to its impregnated analogue
Maiti S, Llorca J, Dominguez M, Colussi S, Trovarelli A, Priolkar KR, Aquilanti G, Gayen A
332 - 339 Palladium/nickel bifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen oxidation reaction in alkaline membrane fuel cell
Alesker M, Page M, Shviro M, Paska Y, Gershinsky G, Dekel DR, Zitoun D
340 - 345 Antimony nanoparticles anchored in three-dimensional carbon network as promising sodium-ion battery anode
Luo W, Zhang PF, Wang XP, Li QD, Dong YF, Hua JC, Zhou L, Mai LQ
346 - 353 Solvothermal preparation of tin phosphide as a long-life anode for advanced lithium and sodium ion batteries
Liu SL, Zhang HZ, Xu LQ, Ma LB, Chen XX
354 - 359 Direct formation of LiFePO4/graphene composite via microwave-assisted polyol process
Lim J, Gim J, Song J, Nguyen DT, Kim S, Jo J, Mathew V, Kim J
360 - 372 Nitrogen and carbon doped titanium oxide as an alternative and durable electrocatalyst support in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Dhanasekaran P, Selvaganesh SV, Bhat SD
373 - 383 Effect of silicon configurations on the mechanical integrity of silicon-carbon nanotube heterostructured anode for lithium ion battery: A computational study
Damle SS, Pal S, Kumta PN, Maiti S
384 - 401 The effect of coupled mass transport and internal reforming on modeling of solid oxide fuel cells part I: Channel-level model development and steady-state comparison
Albrecht KJ, Braun RJ
402 - 408 The effect of coupled mass transport and internal reforming on modeling of solid oxide fuel cells part II: Benchmarking transient response and dynamic model fidelity assessment
Albrecht KJ, Braun RJ