Journal of Power Sources

Journal of Power Sources, Vol.300 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Correlation between theoretical descriptor and catalytic oxygen reduction activity of graphene supported palladium and palladium alloy electrocatalysts
Seo MH, Choi SM, Lee DU, Kim WB, Chen ZW
10 - 23 Modeling of thermal stresses in a microtubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack
Pianko-Oprych P, Zinko T, Jaworski Z
24 - 28 All solid state lithium batteries based on lamellar garnet-type ceramic electrolytes
Du FM, Zhao N, Li YQ, Chen C, Liu ZW, Guo XX
29 - 40 Materials insights into low-temperature performances of lithium-ion batteries
Zhu GL, Wen KC, Lv WQ, Zhou XZ, Liang YC, Yang F, Chen ZL, Zou MD, Li JC, Zhang YQ, He WD
41 - 48 Platinum-palladium bimetallic nanoparticles on graphitic carbon nitride modified carbon black: A highly electroactive and durable catalyst for electrooxidation of alcohols
Qian HY, Chen SW, Fu YS, Wang X
49 - 49 On the synthesis of nickel oxide nanoparticles by sol-gel technique and its electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose (vol 293, pg 101, 2015)
Danial AS, Saleh MM, Salih SA, Awad MI
50 - 56 Theoretical evidence of the difference in kinetics of water sorption and desorption in Nafion (R) membrane and experimental validation
Didierjean S, Perrin JC, Xu F, Maranzana G, Klein M, Mainka J, Lottin O
57 - 68 Solid oxide fuel cell anode image segmentation based on a novel quantum-inspired fuzzy clustering
Fu XW, Xiang YH, Chen L, Xu X, Li X
69 - 76 Thermal contact resistance in solid oxide fuel cell stacks
Dillig M, Biedermann T, Karl J
77 - 86 Electrochemical performance and capacity degradation mechanism of single-phase La-Mg-Ni-based hydrogen storage alloys
Liu JJ, Li Y, Han D, Yang SQ, Chen XC, Zhang L, Han SM
87 - 94 Optimizing anti-coking abilities of zeolites by ethylene diamine tetraacetie acid modification on catalytic fast pyrolysis of corn stalk
Zhang B, Zhong ZP, Song ZW, Ding K, Chen P, Ruan R
95 - 103 Guanidinium based blend anion exchange membranes for direct methanol alkaline fuel cells (DMAFCs)
Sajjad SD, Liu D, Wei Z, Sakri S, Shen Y, Hong Y, Liu FQ
104 - 111 Facile synthesis of alpha-Fe2O3 nanoparticles on porous human hair-derived carbon as improved anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Dong H, Zhang H, Xu YL, Zhao CJ
112 - 122 Modeling mechanical degradation in lithium ion batteries during cycling: Solid electrolyte interphase fracture
Laresgoiti I, Kabitz S, Ecker M, Sauer DU
123 - 131 Heat transfer enhancement in a lithium-ion cell through improved material-level thermal transport
Vishwakarma V, Waghela C, Wei Z, Prasher R, Nagpure SC, Li JL, Liu FQ, Daniel C, Jain A
132 - 138 Coaxial three-dimensional CoMoO4 nanowire arrays with conductive coating on carbon cloth for high-performance lithium ion battery anode
Chen YP, Liu BR, Jiang W, Liu Q, Liu JY, Wang J, Zhang HS, Jing XY
139 - 146 Reaction mechanism and influence of the experimental variables for solvothermal synthesized LiMnPO4 nanoplates
Zhu KL, Zhang WX, Du JY, Liu XY, Tian JH, Ma HM, Liu SZ, Shan ZQ
147 - 156 Three-dimensional carbon- and binder-free nickel nanowire arrays as a high-performance and low-cost anode for direct hydrogen peroxide fuel cell
Ye K, Guo F, Gao YY, Zhang DM, Cheng K, Zhang WP, Wang GL, Cao DX
157 - 163 Nitrogen-doped porous hollow carbon sphere-decorated separators for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhang Z, Wang GC, Lai YQ, Li J, Zhang ZY, Chen W
164 - 174 Autocorrelation standard deviation and root mean square frequency analysis of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell to monitor for hydrogen and air undersupply
Kim JG, Mukherjee S, Bates A, Zickel B, Park S, Son BR, Choi JS, Kwon O, Lee DH, Chung HY
175 - 181 Homogeneous coating of ionomer on electrocatalyst assisted by polybenzimidazole as an adhesive layer and its effect on fuel cell performance
Yang ZH, Fujigaya T, Nakashima N
182 - 189 High-performance characteristics of silicon inverse opal synthesized by the simple magnesium reduction as anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Jeong JH, Kim KH, Jung DW, Kim K, Lee SM, Oh ES
190 - 198 Isolating the effect of pore size distribution on electrochemical double-layer capacitance using activated fluid coke
Zuliani JE, Tong ST, Kirk DW, Jia CQ
199 - 215 A review of nanofibrous structures in lithium ion batteries
Pampal ES, Stojanovska E, Simon B, Kilic A
216 - 222 Enabling high areal capacitance in electrochemical double layer capacitors by means of the environmentally friendly starch binder
Varzi A, Passerini S
223 - 228 Accelerated testing of solid oxide fuel cell stacks for micro combined heat and power application
Hagen A, Hogh JVT, Barfod R
229 - 237 Polybenzimidazole-multiwall carbon nanotubes composite membranes for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Moreno NG, Gervasio D, Garcia AG, Robles JFP
238 - 244 Constructing bulk heterojunction with componential gradient for enhancing the efficiency of polymer solar cells
Lu SD, Liu K, Chi D, Yue SZ, Li YP, Kou YL, Lin XC, Wang ZJ, Qu SC, Wang ZG
245 - 253 Boron-doped graphene as promising support for platinum catalyst with superior activity towards the methanol electrooxidation reaction
Sun YR, Du CY, An MC, Du L, Tan Q, Liu CT, Gao YZ, Yin GP
254 - 260 Dual-template synthesis of N-doped macro/mesoporous carbon with an open-pore structure as a metal-free catalyst for dye-sensitized solar cells
Li LJ, Wang CL, Liao JY, Manthiram A
261 - 271 The effect of dopants on the redox performance, microstructure and phase formation of ceria
Bonk A, Maier AC, Schlupp MVF, Burnat D, Remhof A, Delmelle R, Steinfeld A, Vogt UF
272 - 278 Solid-state synthesis of Ti2Nb10O29/reduced graphene oxide composites with enhanced lithium storage capability
Wang WL, Oh BY, Park JY, Ki H, Jang J, Lee GY, Gu HB, Ham MH
279 - 284 Structure-activity relationship in high-performance iron-based electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Song P, Wang Y, Pan J, Xu WL, Zhuang L
285 - 293 Ultrasonication-assisted ultrafast preparation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes/Au/Co3O4 tubular hybrids as superior anode materials for oxygen evolution reaction
Fang YY, Li XZ, Hu YP, Li F, Lin XQ, Tian M, An XC, Fu Y, Jin J, Ma JT
294 - 300 Highly efficient Ni@Ni-Pt/La2O3 catalyst for hydrogen generation from hydrous hydrazine decomposition: Effect of Ni-Pt surface alloying
Zhong YJ, Dai HB, Jiang YY, Chen DM, Zhu M, Sun LX, Wang P
301 - 308 Designed synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes@Cu@MoS2 hybrid as advanced electrocatalyst for highly efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Li F, Li J, Lin XQ, Li XZ, Fang YY, Jiao LX, An XC, Fu Y, Jin J, Li R
309 - 317 Fabrication of manganese dioxide nanoplates anchoring on biomass-derived cross-linked carbon nanosheets for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Li YJ, Yu N, Yan P, Li YG, Zhou XM, Chen SL, Wang GL, Wei T, Fan ZJ
318 - 324 Design of a dual-layer ceramic interconnect based on perovskite oxides for segmented-in-series solid oxide fuel cells
Park BK, Kim DW, Song RH, Lee SB, Lim TH, Park SJ, Park CO, Lee JW
325 - 335 Evaluation of a pilot-scale sewage biogas powered 2.8 kW(e) Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: Assessment of heat-to-power ratio and influence of oxygen content
de Arespacochaga N, Valderrama C, Peregrina C, Mesa C, Bouchy L, Cortina JL
336 - 343 Crystalline/amorphous Ni/NiO core/shell nanosheets as highly active electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Yan XD, Tian LH, Chen XB
344 - 350 Control of CuO nanocrystal morphology from ultrathin "willow-leaf" to "flower-shaped" for increased hydrazine oxidation activity
Ma YY, Wang H, Key J, Ji S, Lv WZ, Wang RF
351 - 357 Double locked silver-coated silicon nanoparticle/graphene core/shell fiber for high-performance lithium-ion battery anodes
Gu M, Ko S, Yoo S, Lee E, Min SH, Park S, Kim BS
358 - 364 Improved dehydrogenation performance of LiSH4 by 3D hierarchical flower-like MoS2 spheres additives
Zhao Y, Liu YC, Liu HQ, Kang HY, Cao KZ, Wang QH, Zhang CL, Wang YJ, Yuan HT, Jiao LF
365 - 375 An analytical approach for solid oxide cell electrode geometric design
Nelson GJ
376 - 385 Modulation of dendritic patterns during electrodeposition: A nonlinear phase-field model
Chen L, Zhang HW, Liang LY, Liu Z, Qi Y, Lu P, Chen J, Chen LQ
386 - 394 Durable polydopamine-coated porous sulfur core-shell cathode for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Deng YF, Xu H, Bai ZW, Huang BL, Su JY, Chen GH
395 - 401 Glassy carbon/multi walled carbon nanotube/cadmium sulphide photoanode for light energy storage in vanadium photoelectrochemical cell
Peimanifard Z, Rashid-Nadimi S
402 - 412 Nano-ceria pre-infiltration improves La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3-x infiltrated Solid Oxide Fuel Cell cathode performance
Burye TE, Nicholas JD
413 - 418 Reversible lithium intercalation in a lithium-rich layered rocksalt Li2RuO3 cathode through a Li3PO4 solid electrolyte6
Zheng YM, Hirayama M, Taminato S, Lee S, Oshima Y, Takayanagi K, Suzuki K, Kanno R
419 - 429 Effect of LiPF6 concentration in Li[Ni0.4Mn0.4Co0.2]O-2/graphite pouch cells operated at 4.5 V
Petibon R, Madec L, Abarbanel DW, Dahn JR
430 - 437 Truncated octahedral LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode material for ultralong-life lithium-ion battery: Positive (100) surfaces in high-voltage spinel system
Liu HD, Kloepsch R, Wang J, Winter M, Li J
438 - 443 A comparative study of all-vanadium and iron-chromium redox flow batteries for large-scale energy storage
Zeng YK, Zhao TS, An L, Zhou XL, Wei L
444 - 452 Behavior of LiFe1-yMnyPO4/C cathode materials upon electrochemical lithium intercalation/deintercalation
Novikova S, Yaroslavtsev S, Rusakov V, Chekannikov A, Kulova T, Skundin A, Yaroslavtsev A
453 - 459 The electrochemical performance improvement of LiMn2O4/Zn based on zinc foil as the current collector and thiourea as an electrolyte additive
Wu XW, Li YH, Li CC, He ZX, Xiang YH, Xiong LZ, Chen D, Yu Y, Sun K, He ZQ, Chen P
460 - 471 Analyzing system safety in lithium-ion grid energy storage
Rosewater D, Williams A
472 - 482 Structure, electrochemical properties and capacitance performance of polypyrrole electrodeposited onto 1-D crystals of iridium complex
Wysocka-Zolopa M, Winkler K
483 - 490 Oxygen reduction catalytic characteristics of vanadium carbide and nitrogen doped vanadium carbide
Huang TZ, Yu JM, Han JT, Zhang ZL, Xing Y, Wen CL, Wu XY, Zhang YH
491 - 495 Electricity generation of microbial fuel cell with waterproof breathable membrane cathode
Xing DF, Tang Y, Mei XX, Liu BF
496 - 506 Enhanced rate performance of multiwalled carbon nanotube encrusted olivine type composite cathode material using polyol technique
Muruganantham R, Sivakumar M, Subadevi R
507 - 524 On uncertainty quantification of lithium-ion batteries: Application to an LiC6/LiCoO2 cell
Hadigol M, Maute K, Doostan A
525 - 532 Titanium nitride films for micro-supercapacitors: Effect of surface chemistry and film morphology on the capacitance
Achour A, Porto RL, Soussou MA, Islam M, Boujtita M, Aissa KA, Le Brizoual L, Djouadi A, Brousse T