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1 - 10 Insight of an easy topochemical oxidative reaction in obtaining high performance electrochemical capacitor based on (CoCoIII)-Co-II monometallic cobalt Layered Double Hydroxide
Vialat P, Rabu P, Mousty C, Leroux F
11 - 16 Integrated study of first principles calculations and experimental measurements for Li-ionic conductivity in Al-doped solid-state LiGe2(PO4)(3) electrolyte
Kang J, Chung H, Doh C, Kang B, Han B
17 - 22 Self-assembly synthesis of precious-metal-free 3D ZnO nano/micro spheres with excellent photocatalytic hydrogen production from solar water splitting
Guo SY, Zhao TJ, Jin ZQ, Wan XM, Wang PG, Shang J, Han S
23 - 32 Facile and low-cost combustion-synthesized amorphous mesoporous NiO/carbon as high mass-loading pseudocapacitor materials
Tao KY, Li PY, Kang LT, Li XR, Zhou QF, Dong L, Liang W
33 - 41 Improved lithium storage performance of lithium sodium titanate anode by titanium site substitution with aluminum
Wang PF, Li P, Yi TF, Lin XT, Zhu YR, Shao LY, Shui M, Long NB, Shu J
42 - 50 Capacitance of Fe3O4/rGO nanocomposites in an aqueous hybrid electrochemical storage device
Wasinski K, Walkowiak M, Polrolniczak P, Lota G
51 - 56 Lowering the platinum loading of high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells with acid doped polybenzimidazole membranes
Martin S, Li Q, Jensen JO
57 - 64 The influence of anomalous diffusion on the impedance response of LiCoO2 vertical bar C batteries
Erol S, Orazem ME
65 - 70 High power, solvent-free electrochemical double layer capacitors based on pyrrolidinium dicyanamide ionic liquids
Wolff C, Jeong S, Paillard E, Balducci A, Passerini S
71 - 77 A novel electrolyte additive for improving the interfacial stability of high voltage lithium nickel manganese oxide cathode
Huang WN, Xing LD, Zhang RQ, Wang XS, Li WS
78 - 88 Synthesis and characterization of a new family of aryl-trifluoromethanesulfonylimide Li-Salts for Li-ion batteries and beyond
Ladouceur S, Paillet S, Vijh A, Guerfi A, Dontigny M, Zaghib K
89 - 94 Polyaniline modification and performance enhancement of lithium-rich cathode material based on layered-spinel hybrid structure
Wang D, Wang XY, Yang XK, Yu RZ, Ge L, Shu HB
95 - 100 Fabrication and characterization of oriented Nd2NiO4 bulk and cathode for low-temperature operating solid oxide fuel cell
Murata A, Uchikoshi T, Matsuda M
101 - 108 On the synthesis of nickel oxide nanoparticles by sol-gel technique and its electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose
Danial AS, Saleh MM, Salih SA, Awad MI
109 - 118 Investigations of the structural stability of metal hydride composites by in-situ neutron imaging
Herbrig K, Pohlmann C, Gondek L, Figiel H, Kardjilov N, Hilger A, Manke I, Banhart J, Kieback B, Rontzsch L
119 - 126 Polyurethane-derived N-doped porous carbon with interconnected sheet-like structure as polysulfide reservoir for lithium sulfur batteries
Xiao S, Liu SH, Zhang JQ, Wang Y
127 - 136 Sodium nickel chloride battery technology for large-scale stationary storage in the high voltage network
Benato R, Cosciani N, Crugnola G, Sessa SD, Lodi G, Parmeggiani C, Todeschini M
137 - 142 Synthesis of spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 with secondary plate morphology as cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Risthaus T, Wang J, Friesen A, Wilken A, Berghus D, Winter M, Li J
143 - 150 Graphene frameworks synthetized with Na2CO3 as a renewable water-soluble substrate and their high rate capability for supercapacitors
Cui HJ, Zheng JF, Zhu YY, Wang ZJ, Jia SP, Zhu ZP
151 - 161 Fractional-order modeling and parameter identification for lithium-ion batteries
Wang BJ, Li SE, Peng HE, Liu ZY
162 - 169 Effect of cross-flow on PEFC liquid-water distribution: An in-situ high-resolution neutron radiography study
Santamaria AD, Becton MK, Cooper NJ, Weber AZ, Park JW
170 - 177 Enhanced efficiencies in thin and semi-transparent dye-sensitized solar cells under low photon flux conditions using TiO2 nanotube photonic crystal
Xie KY, Guo M, Liu XL, Huang HT
178 - 186 N-doped carbon@Ni-Al2O3 nanosheet array@graphene oxide composite as an electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline medium
Wang J, Qiu T, Chen X, Lu YL, Yang WS
187 - 195 Electrochemical and in-situ scanning tunneling microscopy studies of bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide and bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide based ionic liquids on graphite and gold electrodes and lithium salt influence
Hu XY, Chen CL, Yan JW, Mao BW
196 - 202 High-voltage performance of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2/graphite batteries with di(methylsulfonyl) methane as a new sulfone-based electrolyte additive
Zheng XZ, Huang T, Pan Y, Wang WG, Fang GH, Wu MX
203 - 212 Enhance the performance of co-sensitized solar cell by a series efficient pyridine-anchor co-adsorbents of N,N'-bis((pyridin-2-yl) methylene)-p-phenylenediimine and a ruthenium dye of N719
Wei LG, Yang YL, Fan RQ, Wang P, Dong YW, Zhou W, Luan TZ
213 - 220 Porous alpha-Fe2O3 nanostructures and their lithium storage properties as full cell configuration against LiFePO4
Veluri PS, Shaligram A, Mitra S
221 - 227 On the origin of anisotropic lithiation of silicon
Rohrer J, Moradabadi A, Albe K, Kaghazchi P
228 - 235 Performance evaluation of a membraneless divergent electrode-flow-through (DEFT) alkaline electrolyser based on optimisation of electrolytic flow and electrode gap
Gillespie MI, van der Merwe F, Kriel RJ
236 - 245 Reaction between LiBH4 and MgH2 induced by high-energy ball milling
Ding Z, Zhao XZ, Shaw LL
246 - 252 Pristine reduced graphene oxide as an energy-matched auxiliary electron acceptor in nanoarchitectural metal oxide/poly(3-hexylthiophene) hybrid solar cell
Cho HW, Liao WP, Lin WH, Yoshimura M, Wu JJ
253 - 263 Graphenothermal reduction synthesis of'exfoliated graphene oxide/iron (II) oxide' composite for anode application in lithium ion batteries
Petnikota S, Marka SK, Banerjee A, Reddy MV, Srikanth VVSS, Chowdari BVR
264 - 273 Is it possible to design a portable power generator based on micro-solid oxide fuel cells? A finite volume analysis
Pla D, Sanchez-Gonzalez A, Garbayo I, Salleras M, Morata A, Tarancon A
274 - 282 Effect of heat treatment on the activity and stability of PtCo/C catalyst and application of in-situ X-ray absorption near edge structure for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Lin R, Zhao TT, Shang MF, Wang JQ, Tang WC, Guterman VE, Ma JX
283 - 291 Experimental study on the influence of temperature and state-of-charge on the thermophysical properties of an LFP pouch cell
Bazinski SJ, Wang X
292 - 300 Anodic behavior of carbon supported Cu@Ag core-shell nanocatalysts in direct borohydride fuel cells
Duan DH, Liu HH, You X, Wei HK, Liu SB
301 - 305 High energy density amorphous silicon anodes for lithium ion batteries deposited by DC sputtering
Farmakis F, Elmasides C, Fanz P, Hagen M, Georgoulas N
306 - 311 Ionic liquid-assisted solvothermal synthesis of hollow Mn2O3 anode and LiMn2O4 cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
He X, Wang J, Jia HP, Kloepsch R, Liu HD, Beltrop K, Li J
312 - 328 Current status of fuel cell based combined heat and power systems for residential sector
Ellamla HR, Staffell I, Bujlo P, Pollet BG, Pasupathi S
329 - 335 A new insight on capacity fading of lithium-sulfur batteries: The effect of Li2S phase structure
Noh H, Song J, Park JK, Kim HT
336 - 342 Redox cycling performance of inert-substrate-supported tubular single cells with nickel anode current collector
Zhao K, Kim BH, Xu Q, Du YH, Ahn BG
343 - 350 Hydrogen generation from deliquescence of ammonia borane using Ni-Co/r-GO catalyst
Chou CC, Chen BH
351 - 365 Adaptive Kalman filtering based internal temperature estimation with an equivalent electrical network thermal model for hard-cased batteries
Dai HF, Zhu LT, Zhu JG, Wei XZ, Sun ZC
366 - 372 Improvement of performance in low temperature solid oxide fuel cells operated on ethanol and air mixtures using Cu-ZnO-Al2O3 catalyst layer
Morales M, Espiell F, Segarra M
373 - 379 Polyaniline-coated freestanding porous carbon nanofibers as efficient hybrid electrodes for supercapacitors
Tran C, Singhal R, Lawrence D, Kalra V
380 - 387 Thiolated graphene oxide-supported palladium cobalt alloyed nanoparticles as high performance electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Yun M, Ahmed MS, Jeon S
388 - 399 Comparative analysis for various redox flow batteries chemistries using a cost performance model
Crawford A, Viswanathan V, Stephenson D, Wang W, Thomsen E, Reed D, Li B, Balducci P, Kintner-Meyer M, Sprenkle V
400 - 408 Thermodynamic derivation of open circuit voltage in vanadium redox flow batteries
Pavelka M, Wandschneider F, Mazur P
409 - 415 Synthesis of black ultrathin BiOCl nanosheets for efficient photocatalytic H-2 production under visible light irradiation
Ye LQ, Jin XL, Leng YM, Su YR, Xie HQ, Liu C
416 - 428 On-line optimization of battery open circuit voltage for improved state-of-charge and state-of-health estimation
Tong SJ, Klein MP, Park JW
429 - 436 Hydrogen generation from the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride using chemically modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes with pyridinium based ionic liquid and decorated with highly dispersed Mn nanoparticles
Chinnappan A, Puguan JMC, Chung WJ, Kim H
437 - 446 High performance and durable nanostructured TiN supported Pt-50-Ru-50 anode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC)
Patel PP, Datta MK, Jampani PH, Hong D, Poston JA, Manivannan A, Kumta PN
447 - 457 Dynamic simulations of under-rib convection-driven flow-field configurations and comparison with experiment in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Duy VN, Lee J, Kim K, Ahn J, Park S, Kim T, Kim HM
458 - 466 Internal cooling of a lithium-ion battery using electrolyte as coolant through microchannels embedded inside the electrodes
Mohammadian SK, He YL, Zhang YW
467 - 474 A hermetic self-sustained microbial solar cell based on Chlorella vulgaris and a versatile charge transfer chain
Pan KL, Zhou PJ
475 - 483 Preparation of corrosion-resistant and conductive trivalent Cr-C coatings on 304 stainless steel for use as bipolar plates in proton exchange membrane fuel cells by electrodeposition
Wang HC, Sheu HH, Lu CE, Hou KH, Ger MD
484 - 491 Evaluation of AA5052 alloy anode in alkaline electrolyte with organic rare-earth complex additives for aluminium-air batteries
Wang DP, Li HS, Liu J, Zhang DQ, Gao LX, Tong L
492 - 497 SiC@Si core-shell nanowires on carbon paper as a hybrid anode for lithium-ion batteries
Wang W, Wang YW, Gu L, Lu R, Qian HL, Peng XS, Sha J
498 - 510 A study on effect of lithium ion battery design variables upon features of thermal-runaway using mathematical model and simulation
Lee CH, Bae SJ, Jang M
511 - 518 Enhanced activity and stability of binuclear iron (III) phthalocyanine on graphene nanosheets for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction in acid
Li TF, Peng YX, Li K, Zhang R, Zheng LR, Xia DG, Zuo X
519 - 526 Freestanding one-dimensional manganese dioxide nanoflakes-titanium cabide/carbon core/double shell arrays as ultra-high performance supercapacitor electrode
Kong SY, Cheng K, Ouyang T, Ye K, Gao YY, Wang GL, Cao DX
527 - 532 Sepiolite-sulfur as a high-capacity, high-rate performance, and low-cost cathode material for lithium sulfur batteries
Pan JN, Wu C, Cheng JJ, Pan Y, Ma ZS, Xie SH, Li JY
533 - 538 Critical parameters in TiO2/ZrO2/Carbon-based mesoscopic perovskite solar cell
Liu TF, Liu LF, Hu M, Yang Y, Zhang LJ, Mei AY, Han HW
539 - 547 Poly(arlyene ether sulfone) based semi-interpenetrating polymer network membranes containing cross-linked poly(vinyl phosphonic acid) chains for fuel cell applications at high temperature and low humidity conditions
Kim K, Heo P, Ko T, Kim KH, Kim SK, Pak C, Lee JC
548 - 561 Fault detection of the connection of lithium-ion power batteries based on entropy for electric vehicles
Yao L, Wang ZP, Ma J
562 - 569 One-pot synthesis of carbon-coated nanosized LiTi2(PO4)(3) as anode materials for aqueous lithium ion batteries
Liu ZT, Qin XS, Xu H, Chen GH
570 - 576 High performance sponge-like cobalt sulfide/reduced graphene oxide hybrid counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Huo JH, Wu JH, Zheng M, Tu YG, Lan Z
577 - 584 Effects of incorporating PbS quantum dots in perovskite solar cells based on CH3NH3PbI3
Yang Y, Wang WY
585 - 591 Construction of Co/Co3O4-C ternary core-branch arrays as enhanced anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Pan GX, Xia XH, Cao F, Chen J, Zhang YJ
592 - 598 Electrochemical performances of Al-0.5Mg-0.1Sn-0.02In alloy in different solutions for Al-air battery
Ma JL, Wen JB, Zhu HX, Li QA
599 - 612 Numerical investigation and thermodynamic analysis of the effect of electrolyte flow rate on performance of all vanadium redox flow batteries
Khazaeli A, Vatani A, Tahouni N, Panjeshahi MH
613 - 625 Carbon coating on the current collector and LiFePO4 nanoparticles -Influence of sp(2) and sp(3)-like disordered carbon on the electrochemical properties
Swain P, Viji M, Mocherla PSV, Sudakar C
626 - 634 Highly stable and ultrafast electrode reaction of graphite for sodium ion batteries
Zhu ZQ, Cheng FY, Hu Z, Niu ZQ, Chen J
635 - 641 The sulfur poisoning of the nickel/oxygen-enriched yttria-stabilized zirconia
Zhang YX, Wan ZY, Yang ZX
642 - 648 Feasibility of alternative electrode materials for high temperature CO2 reduction on solid oxide electrolysis cell
Singh V, Muroyama H, Matsui T, Hashigami S, Inagaki T, Eguchi K
649 - 656 Selective deposition of nanostructured ruthenium oxide using Tobacco mosaic virus for micro-supercapacitors in solid Nafion electrolyte
Gnerlich M, Ben-Yoav H, Culver JN, Ketchum DR, Ghodssi R
657 - 674 Materials and fabrication of electrode scaffolds for deposition of MnO2 and their true performance in supercapacitors
Cao JY, Li XH, Wang YM, Walsh FC, Ouyang JH, Jia DC, Zhou Y
675 - 683 Ceramic separators based on Li+-conducting inorganic electrolyte for high-performance lithium-ion batteries with enhanced safety
Jung YC, Kim SK, Kim MS, Lee JH, Han MS, Kim DH, Shin WC, Ue M, Kim DW
684 - 691 Effect of anode firing on the performance of lanthanum and nickel co-doped SrTiO3 (La0.2Sr0.8Ti0.9Ni0.1O3-delta) anode of solid oxide fuel cell
Park BH, Choi GM
692 - 697 Effect of grain refinement and electrochemical nitridation on corrosion resistance of the 316L stainless steel for bipolar plates in PEMFCs environment
Lv JL, Liang TX, Luo HY
698 - 705 Pyramidal texturing of silicon surface via inorganic-organic hybrid alkaline liquor for heterojunction solar cells
Wang FY, Zhang XD, Wang LG, Jiang YJ, Wei CC, Zhao Y
706 - 711 Synthesis of nanostructured Ni3S2 with different morphologies as negative electrode materials for lithium ion batteries
Duan WC, Yan WC, Yan X, Munakata H, Jin YC, Kanamura K
712 - 720 Dual functional reduced graphene oxide as photoanode and counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells and its exceptional efficiency enhancement
Jumeri FA, Lim HN, Zainal Z, Huang NM, Pandikumar A, Lim SP
721 - 725 All-solid-state lithium batteries with Li3PS4 glass as active material
Hakari T, Nagao M, Hayashi A, Tatsumisago M
726 - 733 Microporous La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 perovskite nanorods as efficient electrocatalysts for lithium air battery
Lu FL, Wang YR, Jin C, Li F, Yang RZ, Chen FL
734 - 734 Nanostructured cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries ( vol 283, pg 219, 2015)
Myung ST, Amine K, Sun YK
735 - 740 Structural manipulation approaches towards enhanced sodium ionic conductivity in Na-rich antiperovskites
Wang YG, Wang QF, Liu ZP, Zhou ZY, Li S, Zhu JL, Zou RQ, Wang YX, Lin JH, Zhao YS
741 - 750 Praseodymium-deficiency Pr0.94BaCo2O6-delta double perovskite: A promising high performance cathode material for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Meng FC, Xia T, Wang JP, Shi Z, Zhao H
751 - 759 Similarity recognition of online data curves based on dynamic spatial time warping for the estimation of lithium-ion battery capacity
Tao LF, Lu C, Noktehdan A
760 - 766 Metalloporphyrin-modified perovskite-type oxide for the electroreduction of oxygen
Nagai T, Yamazaki S, Asahi M, Siroma Z, Fujiwara N, Ioroi T
767 - 777 Influence of the charge double layer on solid oxide fuel cell stack behavior
Whiston MM, Bilec MM, Schaefer LA
778 - 783 A non-aqueous redox flow battery based on tris(1,10-phenanthroline) complexes of iron(II) and cobalt(II)
Xing XQ, Zhao YC, Li YD
784 - 789 Improved sodium-storage performance of stannous sulfide@reduced graphene oxide composite as high capacity anodes for sodium-ion batteries
Wu L, Lu HY, Xiao LF, Ai XP, Yang HX, Cao YL
790 - 798 Effect of Fe doping on the electrochemical capacitor behavior of MnO2 nanocrystals
Poonguzhali R, Shanmugam N, Gobi R, Senthilkumar A, Viruthagiri G, Kannadasan N
799 - 805 Nitrogen-doped 3D macroporous graphene frameworks as anode for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Liu XW, Wu Y, Yang ZZ, Pan FS, Zhong XW, Wang JQ, Gu L, Yu Y
806 - 814 Synthesis and characterization of calcium and iron co-doped lanthanum silicate oxyapatites by sol-gel process for solid oxide fuel cells
Cao XG, Jiang SP, Li YY
815 - 822 Electrocatalytic activity and operational stability of electrodeposited Pd-Co films towards ethanol oxidation in alkaline electrolytes
Tsui LK, Zafferoni C, Lavacchi A, Innocenti M, Vizza F, Zangari G
823 - 830 Binary and ternary palladium based electrocatalysts for alkaline direct glycerol fuel cell
Geraldes AN, da Silva DF, Silva LGDE, Spinace EV, Neto AO, dos Santos MC
831 - 834 TiO2-based ionogel electrolytes for lithium metal batteries
Li XW, Zhang ZX, Yang L, Tachibana K, Hirano S
835 - 845 Cell safety analysis of a molten sodium sulfur battery under failure mode from a fracture in the solid electrolyte
Min JK, Stackpool M, Shin CH, Lee CH
846 - 851 Multilayer graphene for long-term corrosion protection of stainless steel bipolar plates for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Stoot AC, Camilli L, Spiegelhauer SA, Yu F, Boggild P
852 - 858 Novel light-weight, high-performance anode-supported microtubular solid oxide fuel cells with an active anode functional layer
Liu T, Wang Y, Ren C, Fang SM, Mao YT, Chen FL
859 - 867 Interplay between alpha-relaxation and morphology transition of perfluorosulfonate ionomer membranes
Matos BR, Santiago EI, Muccillo R, Velasco-Davalos IA, Ruediger A, Tavares AC, Fonseca FC
868 - 875 The design of a high-energy Li-ion battery using germanium-based anode and LiCoO2 cathode
Li XN, Liang JW, Hou ZG, Zhang WQ, Wang Y, Zhu YC, Qian YT
876 - 882 Graphitic carbon anode temperature excursions reflect crystallographic phase transitions in lithium-ion cells
Srinivasan R, Srinivasan L
883 - 891 Microarchitectured solid oxide fuel cells with improved energy efficiency (Part II): Fabrication and characterization
Yoon C, Liu MF, Yuan DJ, Guo R, Liu ML, Das S
892 - 911 A multiscale-compatible approach in modeling ionic transport in the electrolyte of (Lithium ion) batteries
Salvadori A, Grazioli D, Geers MGD, Danilov D, Notten PHL
912 - 921 Carbon deposition behaviour in metal-infiltrated gadolinia doped ceria electrodes for simulated biogas upgrading in solid oxide electrolysis cells
Duboviks V, Lomberg M, Maher RC, Cohen LF, Brandon NP, Offer GJ
922 - 928 Off-stoichiometric Li3-3xV2+x(PO4)(3)/C as cathode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Sun PP, Qin S, Wang XZ, An RY, Xu QY, Cui X, Sun YM, Wang SB, Wang P, Fan Q
929 - 940 Study of the acetonitrile poisoning of platinum cathodes on proton exchange membrane fuel cell spatial performance using a segmented cell system
Reshetenko TV, St-Pierre J
941 - 945 Preparation of high lithium-ion conducting Li6PS5Cl solid electrolyte from ethanol solution for all-solid-state lithium batteries
Yubuchi S, Teragawa S, Aso K, Tadanaga K, Hayashi A, Tatsumisago M
946 - 975 A review of radiation-grafted polymer electrolyte membranes for alkaline polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Zhou TC, Shao R, Chen S, He XM, Qiao JL, Zhang JJ
976 - 982 Fabrication of graphene nanoplatelets-supported SiOx-disordered carbon composite and its application in lithium-ion batteries
Li MQ, Yu Y, Li J, Chen BL, Konarov A, Chen P
983 - 992 Effects of variation in chain length on ternary polymer electrolyte -Ionic liquid mixture - A molecular dynamics simulation study
Raju SG, Hariharan KS, Park DH, Kang H, Kolake SM
993 - 1005 3D simulation on the internal distributed properties of lithium-ion battery with planar tabbed configuration
Li J, Cheng Y, Ai LH, Jia M, Du SL, Yin BH, Woo S, Zhang HL
1006 - 1015 Capacity fading mechanism during long-term cycling of over-discharged LiCoO2/mesocarbon microbeads battery
Zhang LL, Ma YL, Cheng XQ, Du CY, Guan T, Cui YZ, Sun S, Zuo PJ, Gao YZ, Yin GP
1016 - 1023 Multi-wall carbon nanotubes as support of copper-cerium composite for preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide
Zeng SH, Zhang L, Jiang N, Gao MY, Zhao XZ, Yin YL, Su HQ
1024 - 1031 One-pot route to synthesize SnO2-Reduced graphene oxide composites and their enhanced electrochemical performance as anodes in lithium-ion batteries
Li W, Yoon D, Hwang J, Chang W, Kim J
1032 - 1038 Component-cost and performance based comparison of flow and static batteries
Hopkins BJ, Smith KC, Slocum AH, Chiang YM
1039 - 1052 Tin oxide as a photoanode for dye-sensitised solar cells: Current progress and future challenges
Wali Q, Fakharuddin A, Jose R
1053 - 1061 Current and temperature distributions in-situ acquired by electrode-segmentation along a microtubular solid oxide fuel cell operating with syngas
Aydin O, Nakajima H, Kitahara T
1062 - 1067 Enhanced performance of Li vertical bar LiFePO4 cells using CsPF6 as an electrolyte additive
Xiao L, Chen XL, Cao RG, Qian JF, Xiang HF, Zheng JM, Zhang JG, Xu W
1068 - 1072 V2O5 electrodes with extended cycling ability and improved rate performance using polyacrylic acid as binder
Moretti A, Maroni F, Nobili F, Passerini S
1073 - 1076 Effect of various alkaline metal ions on electrochemical behavior of lead electrode in sulfuric acid solution
Hirai N, Yamamoto Y