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1 - 9 The electrochemical reactions of SnO2 with Li and Na: A study using thin films and mesoporous carbons
Gorka J, Baggetto L, Keum JK, Mahurin SM, Mayes RT, Dai S, Veith GM
10 - 15 Development and characterization of silica tube-coated separator for lithium ion batteries
Zhang P, Chen LX, Shi C, Yang PT, Zhao JB
16 - 26 Study of CO2 recovery in a carbonate fuel cell tri-generation plant
Rinaldi G, McLarty D, Brouwer J, Lanzini A, Santarelli M
27 - 37 Mechanistic study of nickel based catalysts for oxygen evolution and methanol oxidation in alkaline medium
Chen DY, Minteer SD
38 - 43 Enhanced supercapacitive performance of delaminated two-dimensional titanium carbide/carbon nanotube composites in alkaline electrolyte
Yan PT, Zhang RJ, Jia J, Wu C, Zhou AG, Xu J, Zhang XS
44 - 48 Crystallization kinetics of Li2S-P2S5 solid electrolyte and its effect on electrochemical performance
Eom M, Kim J, Noh S, Shin D
49 - 55 Microstructure and electrical conductivity of apatite-type La10Si6-xWxO27+delta electrolytes
Xiang J, Ouyang JH, Liu ZG
56 - 59 Improvement of bioelectrochemical property and energy recovery by acylhomoserine lactones (AHLs) in microbial electrolysis cells (MECs)
Liu WZ, Cai WW, Ma AZ, Ren G, Li ZL, Zhuang GQ, Wang AJ
60 - 67 Expandable-graphite-derived graphene for next-generation battery chemistries
Zu CX, Li LJ, Qie L, Manthiram A
68 - 76 Pd coated MoS2 nanoflowers for highly efficient hydrogen evolution reaction under irradiation
Li BB, Qiao SZ, Zheng XR, Yang XJ, Cui ZD, Zhu SL, Li ZY, Liang YQ
77 - 85 The influence of humidification and temperature differences between inlet gases on water transport through the membrane of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Huang KJ, Hwang SJ, Lai WH
86 - 94 Intermolecular ionic cross-linked sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) membranes containing diazafluorene for direct methanol fuel cell applications
Liang Y, Gong CL, Qi ZG, Li H, Wu ZY, Zhang YK, Zhang SJ, Li YF
95 - 102 Selenium sulfide@mesoporous carbon aerogel composite for rechargeable lithium batteries with good electrochemical performance
Zhang ZA, Jiang SF, Lai YQ, Li JM, Song JX, Li J
103 - 108 A simple composite protective layer coating that enhances the cycling stability of lithium metal batteries
Lee H, Lee DJ, Kim YJ, Park JK, Kim HT
109 - 114 Lithium ion battery application of porous composite oxide microcubes prepared via metal-organic frameworks
Yang X, Tang YB, Huang X, Xue HT, Kang WP, Li WY, Ng TW, Lee CS
115 - 121 Conversion and displacement reaction types of transition metal compounds for sodium ion battery
Chen GY, Sun Q, Yue JL, Shadike Z, Yang Y, Ding F, Sang L, Fu ZW
122 - 129 Composite anodes for improved performance of a direct carbon fuel cell
Giddey S, Kulkarni A, Munnings C, Badwal SPS
130 - 137 Preparation, characterization and catalytic sodium borohydride hydrolysis of nanostructured cobalt-phosphorous catalysts
Wang Y, Qi KZ, Wu SW, Cao ZQ, Zhang K, Lu YS, Liu HX
138 - 145 Facile fabrication and supercapacitive properties of mesoporous zinc cobaltite microspheres
Wang QH, Du JL, Zhu YX, Yang JQ, Chen J, Wang C, Li L, Jiao LF
146 - 153 Nanoporous graphene materials by low-temperature vacuum-assisted thermal process for electrochemical energy storage
Yang H, Kannappan S, Pandian AS, Jang JH, Lee YS, Lu W
154 - 161 Cobalt carbonate dumbbells for high-capacity lithium storage: A slight doping of ascorbic acid and an enhancement in electrochemical performances
Zhao SQ, Wei SS, Liu R, Wang YX, Yu Y, Shen Q
162 - 169 In situ synthesis of binary cobalt-ruthenium nanofiber alloy counter electrode for electrolyte-free cadmium sulfide quantum dot solar cells
Du N, Ren L, Sun WF, Jin X, Zhao Q, Cheng YY, Wei TH, Li QH
170 - 177 A feasible synthesis of Mn-3(PO4)(2)@BSA nanoflowers and its application as the support nanomaterial for Pt catalyst
Zhang ZH, Zhang YC, He LH, Yang YQ, Liu SL, Wang MH, Fang SM, Fu GD
178 - 185 A dye-sensitized solar cell having polyaniline species in each component with 3.1%-efficiency
Duan YY, Chen YR, Tang QW, Zhao ZY, Hou MJ, Li R, He BL, Yu LM, Yang PZ, Zhang ZM
186 - 193 Nitrogen-doped carbon-TiO2 composite as support of Pd electrocatalyst for formic acid oxidation
Qin YH, Li YF, Lam T, Xing YC
194 - 205 Superior preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide in hydrogen-rich stream under visible light irradiation over gold loaded hedgehog-shaped titanium dioxide nanospheres: Identification of copper oxide decoration as an efficient promoter
Yang K, Huang K, Lin LL, Chen X, Dai WX, Fu XZ
206 - 211 Li3PO4-doped Li7P3S11 glass-ceramic electrolytes with enhanced lithium ion conductivities and application in all-solid-state batteries
Huang BX, Yao XY, Huang Z, Guan YB, Jin Y, Xu XX
212 - 221 Impact of membrane characteristics on the performance and cycling of the Br-2-H-2 redox flow cell
Tucker MC, Cho KT, Spingler FB, Weber AZ, Lin GY
222 - 226 Ether-based nonflammable electrolyte for room temperature sodium battery
Feng JK, Zhang Z, Li LF, Yang J, Xiong SL, Qian YT
227 - 235 Antimony nanoparticles anchored on interconnected carbon nanofibers networks as advanced anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Hou HS, Jing MJ, Yang YC, Zhang Y, Song WX, Yang XM, Chen J, Chen QY, Ji XB
236 - 244 Electrophoretic lithium iron phosphate/reduced graphene oxide composite for lithium ion battery cathode application
Huang Y, Liu H, Lu YC, Hou YL, Li Q
245 - 251 Electrochemical ammonia synthesis from steam and nitrogen using proton conducting yttrium doped barium zirconate electrolyte with silver, platinum, and lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite electrocatalyst
Yun DS, Joo JH, Yu JH, Yoon HC, Kim JN, Yoo CY
252 - 257 Binder-free carbon black/stainless steel mesh composite electrode for high-performance anode in microbial fuel cells
Zheng SQ, Yang FF, Chen SL, Liu L, Xiong Q, Yu T, Zhao F, Schroder U, Hou HQ
258 - 263 KOH etched graphite for fast chargeable lithium-ion batteries
Cheng Q, Yuge R, Nakahara K, Tamura N, Miyamoto S
264 - 271 Electron beam deposition of amorphous manganese oxide thin film electrodes and their predominant electrochemical properties
Sarkar A, Satpati AK, Rao P, Kumar S
272 - 278 Strontium-doped samarium manganite as cathode materials for oxygen reduction reaction in solid oxide fuel cells
Li W, Xiong CY, Jia LC, Pu J, Chi B, Chen X, Schwank JW, Li J
279 - 286 Synthesis of three dimensional Co9S8 nanorod@Ni(OH)(2) nanosheet core-shell structure for high performance supercapacitor application
Wen J, Li SZ, Li BR, Song ZC, Wang HN, Xiong R, Fang GJ
287 - 295 Electrochemical properties of tin oxide anodes for sodium-ion batteries
Lu YC, Ma CZ, Alvarado J, Kidera T, Dimov N, Meng YS, Okada S
296 - 304 Titanium cobalt nitride supported platinum catalyst with high activity and stability for oxygen reduction reaction
Xiao YH, Zhan GH, Fu ZG, Pan ZC, Xiao CM, Wu SK, Chen C, Hu GH, Wei ZG
305 - 320 Mechanisms and effects of mechanical compression and dimensional change in polymer electrolyte fuel cells - A review
Millichamp J, Mason TJ, Neville TP, Rajalakshmi N, Jervis R, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
321 - 327 Coated stainless steel 441 as interconnect material for solid oxide fuel cells: Evolution of electrical properties
Grolig JG, Froitzheim J, Svensson JE
328 - 338 An improved theoretical electrochemical-thermal modelling of lithium-ion battery packs in electric vehicles
Amiribavandpour P, Shen WX, Mu DB, Kapoor A
339 - 348 Ethylene glycol-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of bow-tie-like lithium iron phosphate nanocrystals for lithium-ion batteries
Ghafarian-Zahmatkesh H, Javanbakht M, Ghaemi M
349 - 354 Bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells with transparent cobalt selenide alloy counter electrodes
Duan YY, Tang QW, He BL, Zhao ZY, Zhu L, Yu LM
355 - 360 Enhanced catalytic performance of carbon supported palladium nanoparticles by in-situ synthesis for formic acid electrooxidation
Yao SK, Li GQ, Liu CP, Xing W
361 - 368 Quaternized poly (styrene-co-vinylbenzyl chloride) anion exchange membranes for alkaline water electrolysers
Vengatesan S, Santhi S, Jeevanantham S, Sozhan G
369 - 376 Multifunctional graphene incorporated polyacrylamide conducting gel electrolytes for efficient quasi-solid-state quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Duan JL, Tang QW, Li R, He BL, Yu LM, Yang PZ
377 - 382 Electrochemical supercapacitor based on multiferroic BiMn2O5
Liu YS, Zhitomirsky I
383 - 391 Enhanced electrocatalytic activity of PANI and CoFe2O4/PANI composite supported on graphene for fuel cell applications
Mohanraju K, Sreejith V, Ananth R, Cindrella L
392 - 399 Enhanced electrochemical performance of template-free carbon-coated iron(II, III) oxide hollow nanofibers as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Im ME, Pham-Cong D, Kim JY, Choi HS, Kim JH, Kim JP, Kim J, Jeong SY, Cho CR
400 - 408 A facile prestrain-stick-release assembly of stretchable supercapacitors based on highly stretchable and sticky hydrogel electrolyte
Tang QQ, Chen MM, Wang GC, Bao H, Saha P
409 - 415 The effect of grain size on aluminum anodes for Al-air batteries in alkaline electrolytes
Fan L, Lu HM
416 - 427 Degradation of the solid electrolyte interphase induced by the deposition of manganese ions
Shin H, Park J, Sastry AM, Lu W
428 - 434 Bi-layer of nanorods and three-dimensional hierarchical structure of TiO2 for high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Li WX, Yang JY, Jiang QH, Luo YB, Hou YR, Zhou SQ, Zhou ZW
435 - 445 Hierarchical micro-architectures of electrodes for energy storage
Yue Y, Liang H
446 - 451 Methane on-cell reforming in nickel-iron alloy supported solid oxide fuel cells
Li K, Jia LC, Wang X, Pu J, Chi B, Jian L
452 - 458 An advanced energy management system for controlling the ultracapacitor discharge and improving the electric vehicle range
Armenta J, Nunez C, Visairo N, Lazaro I
459 - 465 An all-solid-state lithium ion battery electrolyte membrane fabricated by hot-pressing method
Han PF, Zhu YW, Liu J
466 - 480 Liquid electrolyte-free cylindrical Al polymer capacitor review: Materials and characteristics
Yoo J, Kim J, Kim YS
481 - 488 Facile synthesis of multi-shell structured binary metal oxide powders with a Ni/Co mole ratio of 1:2 for Li-Ion batteries
Choi SH, Park SK, Lee JK, Kang YC
489 - 496 Modified conducting polymer films having high catalytic activity for use as counter electrodes in rigid and flexible dye-sensitized solar cells
Ke CR, Chang CC, Ting JM
497 - 503 Mesoporous graphene-like nanobowls as Pt electrocatalyst support for highly active and stable methanol oxidation
Yan ZX, He GQ, Jiang ZF, Wei W, Gao LN, Xie JM
504 - 510 Air supply using an ionic wind generator in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Kwon K, Li L, Park BH, Lee SJ, Kim D
511 - 516 Effects of the first heat up procedure on mechanical properties of solid oxide fuel cell sealing materials
Rautanen M, Pulkkinen V, Tallgren J, Himanen O, Kiviaho J
517 - 523 Synthesis and performance of novel anion exchange membranes based on imidazolium ionic liquids for alkaline fuel cell applications
Fang J, Lyu M, Wang X, Wu YB, Zhao JB
524 - 535 A molecular hybrid polyoxometalate-organometallic moieties and its relevance to supercapacitors in physiological electrolytes
Chinnathambi S, Ammam M
536 - 546 Numerical simulation and experimental characterization of the performance evolution of a liquid antimony anode fuel cell
Cao TY, Shi YX, Wang HJ, Cai NS
547 - 553 Shunt currents in vanadium flow batteries: Measurement, modelling and implications for efficiency
Fink H, Remy M
554 - 565 Rapid, ambient temperature hydrogen generation from the solid state Li-B-Fe-H system by mechano-chemical activation synthesis
Varin RA, Bidabadi AS
566 - 573 Dependence among complex random variables as a fuel cell condition indicator
Boshkoska BM, Boskoski P, Debenjak A, Juricic D
574 - 581 Synthesis of Li2FeSiO4/carbon nano-composites by impregnation method
Sun SJ, Ghimbeu CM, Vix-Guterl C, Sougrati MT, Masquelier C, Janot R
582 - 587 A novel polysulfide hydrogel electrolyte based on low molecular mass organogelator for quasi-solid-state quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Huo ZP, Tao L, Wang SM, Wei JF, Zhu J, Dong WW, Liu F, Chen SH, Zhang B, Dai SY
588 - 605 Engine-integrated solid oxide fuel cells for efficient electrical power generation on aircraft
Waters DF, Cadou CP
606 - 616 Effect of Fe additive on the hydrogenation-dehydrogenation properties of 2LiH+MgB2/2LiBH(4) + MgH2 system
Puszkiel JA, Gennari FC, Larochette PA, Ramallo-Lopez JM, Vainio U, Karimi F, Pranzas PK, Troiani H, Pistidda C, Jepsen J, Tolkiehn M, Welter E, Klassen T, von Colbe JB, Dornheim M
617 - 622 Effect of Ce0.43Zr0.43Gd0.1Y0.04O2-delta contact layer on stability of interface between GDC interlayer and YSZ electrolyte in solid oxide electrolysis cell
Kim SJ, Kim KJ, Choi GM
623 - 630 Combinatorial PtSnM (M = Fe, Ni, Ru and Pd) nanoparticle catalyst library toward ethanol electrooxidation
Almeida TS, Van Wassen AR, VanDover RB, de Andrade AR, Abruna HD
631 - 641 Structural correlations: Design levers for performance and durability of catalyst layers
Artyushkova K, Atanassov P, Dutta M, Wessel S, Colbow V
642 - 649 State of health estimation in composite electrode lithium-ion cells
Bartlett A, Marcicki J, Rhodes K, Rizzoni G