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1 - 5 Enhanced performance of gas diffusion electrode for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to formate by adding polytetrafluoroethylene into catalyst layer
Wang QN, Dong H, Yu H, Yu HB
6 - 12 Safer lithium ion batteries based on nonflammable electrolyte
Zeng ZQ, Wu BB, Xiao LF, Jiang XY, Chen Y, Ai XP, Yang HX, Cao YL
13 - 20 Three-dimensional silicon/carbon core-shell electrode as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Kim JS, Pfleging W, Kohler R, Seifert HJ, Kim TY, Byun D, Jung HG, Choi WC, Lee JK
21 - 27 Bacterial cellulose nanofibrous membrane as thermal stable separator for lithium-ion batteries
Jiang FJ, Yin L, Yu QC, Zhong CY, Zhang JL
28 - 35 Nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline medium
Yang M, Yan DG, Chen HB, Gao Y, Li HM
36 - 47 The position effect of electron-deficient quinoxaline moiety in porphyrin based sensitizers
Fan SH, Lv K, Sun H, Zhou G, Wang ZS
48 - 54 Correlating electronic structure and chemical durability of sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone)s
Lawrence J, Yamashita K, Yamaguchi T
55 - 63 Simulation of ionomer membrane fatigue under mechanical and hygrothermal loading conditions
Khorasany RMH, Kjeang E, Wang GG, Rajapakse RKND
64 - 71 The effect of cell shape on the warpage in solid oxide fuel cells
Azari K, Vaghasloo YA, Mohandesi JA, Ghobadzadeh AH
72 - 79 Facile control of intra- and inter-particle porosity in template-free synthesis of size-controlled nanoporous titanium dioxides beads for efficient organic-inorganic heterojunction solar cells
Veerappan G, Yu S, Wang DH, Lee WI, Park JH
80 - 87 Electrical properties of BaCeO3-based composite protonic conductors
Lacz A, Grzesik K, Pasierb P
88 - 93 Selenium/carbon-rich core-shell composites as cathode materials for rechargeable lithium-selenium batteries
Zhang ZA, Yang X, Guo ZP, Qu YH, Li J, Lai YQ
94 - 99 Control and enhancement of the oxygen storage capacity of ceria films by variation of the deposition gas atmosphere during pulsed DC magnetron sputtering
Eltayeb A, Vijayaraghavan RK, McCoy A, Venkatanarayanan A, Yaremchenko AA, Surendran R, McGlynn E, Daniels S
100 - 106 Performance and durability of carbon black-supported Pd catalyst covered with silica layers in membrane-electrode assemblies of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Fujii K, Ito M, Sato Y, Takenaka S, Kishida M
107 - 113 Electrochemical-driven hydrogen evolution from acetic acid and water catalyzed by a mixed-valent Co-II-Co-I complex with high turnover frequency
Cao JP, Fu LZ, Zhou LL, Zhan SZ
114 - 122 Electrochemical properties of electrospun poly(5-cyanoindole) submicron-fibrous electrode for zinc/polymer secondary battery
Cai ZJ, Guo J, Yang HZ, Xu Y
123 - 132 Multi-stress factor model for cycle lifetime prediction of lithium ion batteries with shallow-depth discharge
Cui YZ, Du CY, Yin GP, Gao YZ, Zhang LL, Guan T, Yang LJ, Wang FP
133 - 137 Common inconsistencies in modeling gas transport in porous electrodes: The dusty-gas model and the Fick law
Bertei A, Nicolella C
138 - 145 Hydrothermal deposition of manganese dioxide nanosheets on electrodeposited graphene covered nickel foam as a high-performance electrode for supercapacitors
Li YJ, Cao DX, Wang Y, Yang SA, Zhang DM, Ye K, Cheng K, Yin JL, Wang GL, Xu Y
146 - 150 Effect of a mineral additive on the electrical performances of the positive plate of lead acid battery
Foudia M, Matrakova M, Zerroual L
151 - 156 Catalyst-free hydrogen evolution of Si photocathode by thermovoltage-driven solar water splitting
Shin SM, Jung JY, Park MJ, Song JW, Lee JH
157 - 164 A facile and novel organic coprecipitation strategy to prepare layered cathode material Li[Li0.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13]O-2 with high capacity and excellent cycling stability
Yuan XL, Xu QJ, Wang C, Liu XN, Liu HM, Xia YY
165 - 171 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathode contamination - Acetylene
Zhai Y, St-Pierre J
172 - 179 The effects of Al substitution on the phase abundance, structure and electrochemical performance of La0.7Mg0.3Ni2.8Co0.5-xAlx (x=0, 0.1, 0.2) alloys
Young K, Ouchi T, Wang L, Wong DF
180 - 196 Thermally coupled moving boundary model for charge-discharge of LiFePO4/C cells
Khandelwal A, Hariharan KS, Gambhire P, Kolake SM, Yeo T, Doo S
197 - 204 Polyethylene glycol-assisted synthesis of hierarchically porous layered lithium-rich oxide as cathode of lithium ion battery
Chen M, Xiang XD, Chen DR, Liao YH, Huang QM, Li WS
205 - 209 A non-aqueous all-cobalt redox flow battery using 1,10-phenanthrolinecobalt(II) hexafluorophosphate as active species
Xing XQ, Zhang DP, Li YD
210 - 217 Facile one-pot synthesis of Pt/graphene-TiO2 hybrid catalyst with enhanced methanol electrooxidation performance
Zhao L, Wang ZB, Liu J, Zhang JJ, Sui XL, Zhang LM, Gu DM
218 - 223 In-situ diagnosis and assessment of longitudinal current variation by electrode-segmentation method in anode-supported microtubular solid oxide fuel cells
Aydin O, Koshiyama T, Nakajima H, Kitahara T
224 - 230 The origin of the low efficiency of carbon removal from the Nickel/Yttrium-Stabilized Zirconia triple-phase boundary by adsorbed water
Zhang YX, Yang ZX
231 - 237 A systematic approach to high and stable discharge capacity for scaling up the lithium-sulfur battery
Kaiser MR, Wang JZ, Liang X, Liu HK, Dou SX
238 - 245 Experimental and mathematical studies on cycle life of rechargeable hybrid aqueous batteries
Han ZX, Askhatova D, Doan TNL, Hoang TKA, Chen P
246 - 251 A generalized method for high throughput in-situ experiment data analysis: An example of battery materials exploration
Aoun B, Yu C, Fan LL, Chen ZH, Amine K, Ren Y
252 - 258 Bioinspired synthesis of nitrogen/sulfur co-doped graphene as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang HH, Liu XQ, He GL, Zhang XX, Bao SJ, Hu WH
259 - 266 In-situ acoustic emission study of Si-based electrodes for Li-ion batteries
Tranchot A, Etiernble A, Thivel PX, Idrissi H, Roue L
267 - 280 Development of energy management system based on a power sharing strategy for a fuel cell-battery-supercapacitor hybrid tramway
Li Q, Chen WR, Liu ZX, Li M, Ma L
281 - 293 Lead acid battery performance and cycle life increased through addition of discrete carbon nanotubes to both electrodes
Sugumaran N, Everill P, Swogger SW, Dubey DP
294 - 305 Simulation of lead-acid battery using model order reduction
Esfahanian V, Ansari AB, Torabi F
306 - 311 A method for state-of-charge estimation of LiFePO4 batteries at dynamic currents and temperatures using particle filter
Wang YJ, Zhang CB, Chen ZH
312 - 322 Thermodynamic analysis of acetic acid steam reforming for hydrogen production
Goicoechea S, Ehrich H, Arias PL, Kockmann N
323 - 333 Polyvinylpyrrolidone/polyvinyl butyral composite as a stable binder for castable supercapacitor electrodes in aqueous electrolytes
Asian M, Weingarth D, Herbeck-Engel P, Grobelsek I, Presser V
334 - 344 Enhanced methanol electro-oxidation and oxygen reduction reaction performance of ultrafine nanoporous platinum-copper alloy: Experiment and density functional theory calculation
Sun JZ, Shi J, Xu JL, Chen XT, Zhang ZH, Peng ZQ
345 - 350 Verified reduction of dimensionality for an all-vanadium redox flow battery model
Sharma AK, Ling CY, Birgersson E, Vynnycky M, Han M
351 - 357 Modeling the crystal distribution of lead-sulfate in lead-acid batteries with 3D spatial resolution
Huck M, Badeda J, Sauer DU
358 - 364 Adjusting electrode initial potential to obtain high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor based on porous vanadium pentoxide nanotubes and activated carbon nanorods
Lin ZY, Yan XB, Lang JW, Wang RT, Kong LB
365 - 371 Colloidal pseudocapacitor: Nanoscale aggregation of Mn colloids from MnCl2 under alkaline condition
Chen KF, Xue DF, Komarneni S
372 - 383 Lithium battery with solid polymer electrolyte based on comb-like copolymers
Daigle JC, Vijh A, Hovington P, Gagnon C, Hamel-Paquet J, Verreault S, Turcotte N, Clement D, Guerfi A, Zaghib K
384 - 393 The effect of coal type and pyrolysis temperature on the electrochemical activity of coal at a solid carbon anode in molten carbonate media
Allen JA, Glenn M, Donne SW
394 - 404 Highly selective hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol over CuO-ZnO-ZrO2 catalysts prepared by a surfactant-assisted co-precipitation method
Li L, Mao DS, Yu J, Guo XM
405 - 412 Effect of alumina on triethylene glycol diacetate-2-propenoic acid butyl ester composite polymer electrolytes for flexible lithium ion batteries
Wang QJ, Song WL, Fan LZ, Shi Q
413 - 418 Stable lithium electrodeposition in salt-reinforced electrolytes
Lu YY, Tu ZY, Shu J, Archer LA
419 - 427 Symmetric electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells based on Zr-doped SrFeO3-delta
dos Santos-Gomez L, Compana JM, Bruque S, Losilla ER, Marrero-Lopez D
428 - 438 In situ detection of lithium metal plating on graphite in experimental cells
Uhlmann C, Illig J, Ender M, Schuster R, Ivers-Tiffee E
439 - 449 State of charge estimation for LiMn2O4 power battery based on strong tracking sigma point Kalman filter
Li D, Ouyang J, Li HQ, Wan JF
450 - 459 A high selectivity quaternized polysulfone membrane for alkaline direct methanol fuel cells
Abuin GC, Franceschini EA, Nonjola P, Mathe MK, Modibedi M, Corti HR
460 - 471 Solid oxide fuel cell anode degradation by the effect of siloxanes
Madi H, Lanzini A, Diethelm S, Papurello D, Van Herle J, Lualdi M, Larsen JG, Santarelli M
472 - 480 All-solid state supercapacitors operating at 3.5 V by using ionic liquid based polymer electrolytes
Tiruye GA, Munoz-Torrero D, Palma J, Anderson M, Marcilla R
481 - 486 Comparative study of carbon free and carbon containing Li4Ti5O12 electrodes
Pohjalainen E, Kallioinen J, Kallio T
487 - 494 Fuel cell and lithium iron phosphate battery hybrid powertrain with an ultracapacitor bank using direct parallel structure
Xie CJ, Xu XY, Bujlo P, Shen D, Zhao HB, Quan SH
495 - 501 Carbon nanotube film anodes for flexible lithium ion batteries
Yoon S, Lee S, Kim S, Park KW, Cho D, Jeong Y
502 - 509 Synthesis, structure and electrochemical properties of novel Li-Co-Mn-O epitaxial thin-film electrode using layer-by-layer deposition process
Lim J, Lee S, Suzuki K, Kim K, Kim S, Taminato S, Hirayama M, Oshima Y, Takayanagi K, Kanno R
510 - 516 Mn source effects on electrochemical properties of Fe -and Ni-substituted Li2MnO3 positive electrode material
Tabuchi M, Kitta M, Kageyama H, Shibuya H, Imaizumi J
517 - 521 Methyl phosphate formation as a major degradation mode of direct methanol fuel cells with phosphoric acid based electrolytes
Aili D, Vassiliev A, Jensen JO, Schmidt TJ, Li QF
522 - 527 In situ transmission electron microscopy observations of lithiation of spherical silicon nanopowder produced by induced plasma atomization
Leblanc D, Wang CM, He Y, Belanger D, Zaghib K
528 - 532 Fabrication of mesoporous titanium dioxide/tin dioxide/carbon hollow microspheres as high performance anode for lithium-ion batteries
Tian QH, Zhang ZX, Yang L, Hirano S
533 - 539 Proposal and examination of method of water removal from gas diffusion layer by applying slanted microgrooves inside gas channel in separator to improve polymer electrolyte fuel cell performance
Utaka Y, Okabe A, Omori Y
540 - 548 Contribution of properties of composite cathode and cathode/electrolyte interface to cell performance in a planar solid oxide fuel cell stack
Wu W, Guan WB, Wang WG
549 - 554 SnSb-TiC-C nanocomposite alloy anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Leibowitz J, Allcorn E, Manthiram A
555 - 562 Chemical etching of stainless steel 301 for improving performance of electrochemical capacitors in aqueous electrolyte
Jezowski P, Nowicki M, Grzeszkowiak M, Czajka R, Beguin F
563 - 566 Looking beyond single electron extraction in cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
Sankhe AS, Saxena S, Shrivastava P, Shukla S
567 - 580 Residence time of water film and slug flow features in fuel cell gas channels and their effect on instantaneous area coverage ratio
Lorenzini-Gutierrez D, Kandlikar SG, Hernandez-Guerrero A, Elizalde-Blancas F
581 - 592 Hierarchical self-assembled structures based on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as advanced negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries and 3D microbatteries
Sharifi T, Valvo M, Gracia-Espino E, Sandstrom R, Edstrom K, Wagberg T
593 - 609 Chemical hydrogen storage material property guidelines for automotive applications
Semelsberger TA, Brooks KP
610 - 619 Electrolyte supported solid oxide fuel cells with the super large size and thin ytterbia stabilized zirconia substrate
Xue YJ, Miao H, He CR, Wang JX, Liu M, Sun SS, Wang Q, Wang WG
620 - 625 Cobalt-Boride: An efficient and robust electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Gupta S, Patel N, Miotello A, Kothari DC
626 - 635 Overcharge-induced capacity fading analysis for large format lithium-ion batteries with LiyNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 + LiyMn2O4 composite cathode
Ouyang MG, Ren DS, Lu LG, Li JQ, Feng XN, Han XB, Liu GM
636 - 644 MoS2 coating on MoO3 nanobelts: A novel approach for a high specific charge electrode for rechargeable Li-ion batteries
Villevieille C, Wang XJ, Krumeich F, Nesper R, Novak P
645 - 655 Balancing autonomy and utilization of solar power and battery storage for demand based microgrids
Lawder MT, Viswanathan V, Subramanian VR
656 - 666 Modeling of a thermally integrated 10 kW(e) planar solid oxide fuel cell system with anode offgas recycling and internal reforming by discretization in flow direction
Wahl S, Segarra AG, Horstmann P, Carre M, Bessler WG, Lapicque F, Friedrich KA
667 - 677 Polyelectrolyte microcapsules as ionic liquid reservoirs within ionomer membrane to confer high anhydrous proton conductivity
Zhang HQ, Wu WJ, Li YF, Liu Y, Wang JT, Zhang B, Liu JD
678 - 685 Microstructural variations and their influence on the performance of solid oxide fuel cells based on yttrium-substituted strontium titanate ceramic anodes
Ma QL, Iwanschitz B, Dashjav E, Baumann S, Sebold D, Raj IA, Mai A, Tietz F
686 - 693 Triple phase boundary specific pathway analysis for quantitative characterization of solid oxide cell electrode microstructure
Jorgensen PS, Ebbehoj SL, Hauch A
694 - 706 From a novel classification of the battery state of charge estimators toward a conception of an ideal one
Kalawoun J, Biletska K, Suard F, Montaru M
707 - 712 Effects of cathode and electrolyte properties on lithium-air battery performance: Computational study
Sergeev AV, Chertovich AV, Itkis DM, Goodilin EA, Khokhlov AR
713 - 721 Physical and chemical analysis of lithium-ion battery cell-to-cell failure events inside custom fire chamber
Spinner NS, Field CR, Hammond MH, Williams BA, Myers KM, Lubrano AL, Rose-Pehrsson SL, Tuttle SG
722 - 730 Supercapacitors with graphene oxide separators and reduced graphite oxide electrodes
Shulga YM, Baskakov SA, Baskakova YV, Volfkovich YM, Shulga NY, Skryleva EA, Parkhomenko YN, Belay KG, Gutsev GL, Rychagov AY, Sosenkin VE, Kovalev ID
731 - 736 Influence of pressurized anode chamber on ion transports and power generation of UF membrane microbial fuel cells (UF-MFCs)
Kim KY, Chae KJ, Yang E, Lee MY, Kim IS
737 - 744 Surface-modified separators prepared with conductive polymer and aluminum fluoride for lithium-ion batteries
Shin WK, Yoo JH, Kim DW
745 - 745 Improving the performance of high voltage LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 cathode material by carbon coating (vol 271, pg 285, 2014)
Niketic S, Couillard M, MacNeil D, Abu-Lebdeh Y
746 - 758 Influence of constraints on axial growth reduction of cylindrical Li-ion battery electrode particles
Chakraborty J, Please CP, Goriely A, Chapman SJ
759 - 765 Understanding on the carbon deposition on the Nickel/Yttrium-Stabilized Zirconia anode caused by the CO containing fuels
Zhang YX, Yang ZX, Wang MY
766 - 773 Design of an electrolyte composition for stable and rapid charging discharging of a graphite negative electrode in a bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide-based ionic liquid
Matsui Y, Yamagata M, Murakami S, Saito Y, Higashizaki T, Ishiko E, Kono M, Ishikawa M
774 - 780 Effect of PEG additive on anode microstructure and cell performance of anode-supported MT-SOFCs fabricated by phase inversion method
Ren C, Liu T, Maturavongsadit P, Luckanagul JA, Chen FL
781 - 790 Can a microbial fuel cell resist the oxidation of Tomato pomace?
Fogg A, Gadhamshetty V, Franco D, Wilder J, Agapi S, Komisar S
791 - 808 A control-oriented lithium-ion battery pack model for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle cycle-life studies and system design with consideration of health management
Cordoba-Arenas A, Onori S, Rizzoni G
809 - 824 Carbon honeycomb grids for advanced lead-acid batteries. Part II: Operation of the negative plates
Kirchev A, Dumenil S, Alias M, Christin R, de Mascarel A, Perrin M