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Journal of Power Sources, Vol.276 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 6 High performance of intermediate temperature solid oxide electrolysis cells using Nd2NiO4+delta impregnated scandia stabilized zirconia oxygen electrode
Chen T, Liu MQ, Yuan C, Zhou YC, Ye XF, Zhan ZL, Xia CR, Wang SR
7 - 18 Rechargeability and economic aspects of alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide cells for electrical storage and load leveling
Ingale ND, Gallaway JW, Nyce M, Couzis A, Banerjee S
19 - 25 Hierarchical NiCo2O4@nickel-sulfide nanoplate arrays for high performance supercapacitors
Chu QX, Wang W, Wang XF, Yang B, Liu XY, Chen JH
26 - 31 Carbon deposition on patterned nickel/yttria stabilized zirconia electrodes for solid oxide fuel cell/solid oxide electrolysis cell modes
Li WY, Shi YX, Luo Y, Wang YQ, Cai NS
32 - 38 Water soluble graphene as electrolyte additive in magnesium-air battery system
Dinesh MM, Saminathan K, Selvam M, Srither SR, Rajendran V, Kaler KVIS
39 - 45 Synthesis of nickel doped anatase titanate as high performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Zhang W, Gong YX, Mellott NP, Liu DW, Li JG
46 - 53 Influence of conductivity on the capacity retention of NiO anodes in Li-ion batteries
Spinner NS, Palmieri A, Beauregard N, Zhang LC, Campanella J, Mustain WE
54 - 61 Improving La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta infiltrated solid oxide fuel cell cathode performance through precursor solution desiccation
Burye TE, Nicholas JD
62 - 72 Fabrication BaZrO3/PBI-based nanocomposite as a new proton conducting membrane for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Hooshyari K, Javanbakht M, Shabanikia A, Enhessari M
73 - 79 Anomalous capacity increase at high-rates in lithium-ion battery anodes based on silicon-coated vertically aligned carbon nanofibers
Klankowski SA, Pandey GP, Cruden BA, Liu JW, Wu J, Rojeski RA, Li J
80 - 88 Vertically aligned carbon-coated titanium dioxide nanorod arrays on carbon paper with low platinum for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Jiang SF, Yi BL, Zhang CK, Liu S, Yu HM, Shao ZG
89 - 94 Direct observation of reversible charge compensation by oxygen ion in Li-rich manganese layered oxide positive electrode material, Li1.16Ni0.15Co0.19Mn0.50O2
Oishi M, Yogi C, Watanabe I, Ohta T, Orikasa Y, Uchimoto Y, Ogumi Z
95 - 101 High performance platinum nanorod assemblies based double-layered cathode for passive direct methanol fuel cells
Pu LJ, Zhang HF, Yuan T, Zou ZQ, Zou LL, Li XM, Yang H
102 - 104 Electrochemical properties of a lithium-impregnated metal foam anode for thermal batteries
Choi YS, Yu HR, Cheong HW
105 - 112 Sintering analysis of sub-micron-sized nickel powders: Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation verified by FIB-SEM reconstruction
Hara S, Ohi A, Shikazono N
113 - 119 Characterization of mixed titanium-niobium oxide Ti2Nb10O29 annealed in vacuum as anode material for lithium-ion battery
Takashima T, Tojo T, Inada R, Sakurai Y
120 - 132 Degradation analysis of anode-supported intermediate temperature-solid oxide fuel cells under various failure modes
Lee TH, Park KY, Kim JT, Seo Y, Kim KB, Song SJ, Park B, Park JY
133 - 144 Novel electrical energy storage system based on reversible solid oxide cells: System design and operating conditions
Wendel CH, Kazempoor P, Braun RJ
145 - 152 Fabrication of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films using oxides nanoparticles ink for solar cell
Chen GL, Yuan CC, Liu JW, Huang ZG, Chen SY, Liu WF, Jiang GS, Zhu CF
153 - 161 A variable temperature study of the transport properties of aqueous solutions of VOSO4 and NH4VO3 in 2 M H2SO4
Suarez S, Sahin M, Adam Y, Moussignac L, Cuffari D, Paterno D
162 - 169 The superior cycling performance of the hydrothermal synthesized carbon-coated ZnO as anode material for zinc-nickel secondary cells
Feng ZB, Yang ZH, Huang JH, Xie XE, Zhang Z
170 - 175 Mixed-phase iron oxide nanocomposites as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wang HJ, Liu S, Yang X, Yuan R, Chai YQ
176 - 180 Contribution of mesopores in MgO-templated mesoporous carbons to capacitance in non-aqueous electrolytes
Kado Y, Soneda Y, Yoshizawa N
181 - 188 Synthesis of ruthenium oxide coated ordered mesoporous carbon nanofiber arrays as a catalyst for lithium oxygen battery
Guo ZY, Zhou DD, Liu HJ, Dong XL, Yuan SY, Yu AS, Wang YG, Xia YY
189 - 194 Chitosan-phosphotungstic acid complex as membranes for low temperature H-2-O-2 fuel cell
Santamaria M, Pecoraro CM, Di Quarto F, Bocchetta P
195 - 202 Determining the optimal discharge strategy for a lithium-ion battery using a physics-based model
Lam LL, Darling RB
203 - 207 Domain boundaries and their influence on Li migration in solid-state electrolyte (La,Li)TiO3
Moriwake H, Gao X, Kuwabara A, Fisher CAJ, Kimura T, Ikuhara YH, Kohama K, Tojigamori T, Ikuhara Y
208 - 214 Synergistic effect of titanium dioxide nanocrystal/reduced graphene oxide hybrid on enhancement of microbial electrocatalysis
Zou L, Qiao Y, Wu XS, Ma CX, Li X, Li CM
215 - 221 A bifacial quantum dot-sensitized solar cell with all-cadmium sulfide photoanode
Ma CQ, Tang QW, Liu DY, Zhao ZY, He BL, Chen HY, Yu LM
222 - 229 The mechanisms of oxygen reduction reaction on phosphorus doped graphene: A first-principles study
Zhang XL, Lu ZS, Fu ZM, Tang YA, Ma DW, Yang ZX
230 - 237 Probing the regeneration process of triphenylamine-based organic dyes in dye-sensitized solar cells
Sun ZZ, Li QS, Sun PP, Li ZS
238 - 246 LiMO2 (M = Mn, Co, Ni) hexagonal sheets with (101) facets for ultrafast charging-discharging lithium ion batteries
Luo D, Li GS, Fu CC, Zheng J, Fan JM, Li Q, Li LP
247 - 254 Highly-crystalline ultrathin Li4Ti5O12 nanosheets decorated with silver nanocrystals as a high-performance anode material for lithium ion batteries
Xu GB, Li W, Yang LW, Wei XL, Ding JW, Zhong JX, Chu PK
255 - 261 High concentration magnesium borohydride/tetraglyme electrolyte for rechargeable magnesium batteries
Tuerxun F, Abulizi Y, NuLi YN, Su SJ, Yang J, Wang JL
262 - 270 High performance supercapacitor based on graphene-silver nanoparticles-polypyrrole nanocomposite coated on glassy carbon electrode
Kalambate PK, Dar RA, Karna SP, Srivastava AK
271 - 278 Fabrication of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone)-based hybrid proton-conducting membranes containing carboxyl or amino acid-functionalized titania by in situ sol-gel process
Yin YH, Xu T, He GW, Jiang ZY, Wu H
279 - 290 Negative resistance for methanol electro-oxidation on platinum/carbon (Pt/C) catalyst investigated by an electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Cai GX, Guo JW, Wang J, Li S
291 - 298 Electrochemical performance of hematite nanoparticles derived from spherical maghemite and elongated goethite particles
Maiti D, Aravindan V, Madhavi S, Devi PS
299 - 308 How does lithium oxalyldifluoroborate enable the compatibility of ionic liquids and carbon-based capacitors?
Chen RJ, Chen Y, Xu B, Zhang R, He ZY, Wu F, Li L
309 - 319 Fabrication of low-methanol-permeability sulfonated poly(phenylene oxide) membranes with hollow glass microspheres for direct methanol fuel cells
Ahn K, Kim M, Kim K, Ju H, Oh I, Kim J
320 - 327 Poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone)-stabilized palladium-platinum nanoparticles-catalyzed hydrolysis of ammonia borane for hydrogen generation
Rakap M
328 - 339 Competition between side chain length and side chain distribution: Searching for optimal polymeric architectures for application in fuel cell membranes
Dorenbos G
340 - 346 Pt-AlOOH-SiO2/graphene hybrid nanomaterial with very high electrocatalytic performance for methanol oxidation
Vu THT, Tran TTT, Le HNT, Tran LT, Nguyen PHT, Essayem N
347 - 356 B-site Mo-doped perovskite Pr0.4Sr0.6 (Co0.2Fe0.8)(1-x)MoxO3-sigma (x=0, 0.05, 0.1 and 0.2) as electrode for symmetrical solid oxide fuel cell
Zhang P, Guan GQ, Khaerudini DS, Hao XG, Xue CF, Han MF, Kasai Y, Abudula A
357 - 364 Facile synthesis of platinum-gold alloyed string-bead nanochain networks with the assistance of allantoin and their enhanced electrocatalytic performance for oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation reactions
He LL, Zheng JN, Song P, Zhong SX, Wang AJ, Chen ZJ, Feng JJ
365 - 373 Nanoparticles of Ag with a Pt and Pd rich surface supported on carbon as a new catalyst for the oxygen electroreduction reaction (ORR) in acid electrolytes: Part 1
Pech-Pech IE, Gervasio DF, Godinez-Garcia A, Solorza-Feria O, Perez-Robles JF
374 - 381 Nanoparticles of Ag with a Pt and Pd rich surface supported on carbon as a new catalyst for the oxygen electroreduction reaction (ORR) in acid electrolytes: Part 2
Pech-Pech IE, Gervasio DF, Perez-Robles JF
382 - 387 New high-voltage step at 4.8 V in cobalt free manganese based lithium phospho olivines for lithium-ion batteries
Memm M, Koentje M, Axmann P, Wohlfahrt-Mehrens M
388 - 388 Plasma-assisted catalytic dry reforming of methane: Highly catalytic performance of nickel ferrite nanoparticles embedded in silica (vol 274C, pg 286, 2014)
Zheng XG, Tan SY, Dong LC, Li SB, Chen HM