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1 - 5 Amorphous polymeric anode materials from poly(acrylic acid) and tin(II) oxide for lithium ion batteries
Yamaguchi H, Nakanishi S, Iba H, Itoh T
6 - 13 Fast lithium intercalation chemistry of the hierarchically porous Li2FeP2O7/C composite prepared by an iron-reduction method
Tan L, Zhang S, Deng C
14 - 21 An experimental approach to investigate the transport of ammonia as a fuel contaminant in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Jung RM, Cho HS, Park S, Van Zee JW
22 - 25 Sulfur/three-dimensional graphene composite for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Xu CM, Wu YS, Zhao XY, Wang XL, Du GH, Zhang J, Tu JP
26 - 31 Recycled diesel carbon nanoparticles for nanostructured battery anodes
Chen YM, Liu C, Sun XX, Ye H, Cheung CS, Zhou LM
32 - 37 Carbon-free and two-dimensional cathode structure based on silicene for lithium oxygen batteries: A first-principles calculation
Hwang Y, Yun KH, Chung YC
38 - 44 Combustion-derived nanocrystalline LiMn2O4 as a promising cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Gao XF, Sha YJ, Lin Q, Cai R, Tade MO, Shao ZP
45 - 49 A promising cathode material of sodium-iron nickel hexacyanoferrate for sodium ion batteries
Yu SL, Li Y, Lu YH, Xu B, Wang QT, Yan M, Jiang YZ
50 - 54 Charge discharge characteristics of natural graphite electrode in N, N-diethyl-N-methyl-N-(2-methoxyethyl)ammonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amide containing lithium ion for lithium-ion secondary batteries
Towada J, Karouji T, Sato H, Kadoma Y, Shimada K, Ui K
55 - 63 Electrochemical studies on electrolytic preparation of battery grade nickel hydroxide - Effect of (OH)(-) to Ni2+ ratio
Ash B, Mishra KG, Subbaiah T, Paramguru RK, Mishra BK
64 - 72 Facile synthesis of spherical xLi(2)MnO(3)center dot(1-x)Li(Mn0.33Co0.33Ni0.33)O-2 as cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries with improved electrochemical performance
Li B, Yu YY, Zhao JB
73 - 79 New approach of nitrogen and sulfur-doped graphene synthesis using dipyrrolemethane and their electrocatalytic activity for oxygen reduction in alkaline media
You JM, Ahmed MS, Han HS, Choe JE, Ustundag Z, Jeon S
80 - 89 Investigation of electrodeposited cobalt sulphide counter electrodes and their application in next-generation dye sensitized solar cells featuring organic dyes and cobalt-based redox electrolytes
Swami SK, Chaturvedi N, Kumar A, Kapoor R, Dutta V, Frey J, Moehl T, Gratzel M, Mathew S, Nazeeruddin MK
90 - 98 Novel eco-friendly synthesis of graphene directly from graphite using 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine 1-oxyl and study of its electrochemical properties
Subramanya B, Bhat DK
99 - 105 Observation of anisotropic microstructural changes during cycling in LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 cathode material
Kuriyama H, Saruwatari H, Satake H, Shima A, Uesugi F, Tanaka H, Ushirogouchi T
106 - 110 Improving electrochemical properties of porous iron substituted lithium manganese phosphate in additive addition electrolyte
Kim JK, Vijaya R, Zhu LK, Kim Y
111 - 125 Feasibility study of solid oxide fuel cell engines integrated with sprinter gas turbines: Modeling, design and control
Jia ZZ, Sun J, Dobbs H, King J
126 - 135 One-step solution combustion synthesis of cobalt-nickel oxides/C/Ni/CNTs nanocomposites as electrochemical capacitors electrode materials
Kang LT, Deng JC, Liu TJ, Cui MW, Zhang XY, Li PY, Li Y, Liu XG, Liang W
136 - 143 Beyond theoretical capacity in Cu-based integrated anode: Insight into the structural evolution of CuO
Chen KF, Xue DF, Komarneni S
144 - 150 Ultra-thin LiPON films - Fundamental properties and application in solid state thin film model batteries
Nowak S, Berkemeier F, Schmitz G
151 - 158 Effects of strontium doping on the structure, oxygen nonstoichiometry and electrochemical performance of Pr2-xSrxNi0.6Cu0.4O4+delta (0.1 <= x <= 0.5) cathode materials
Li MM, Cheng JG, Gan Y, Li SS, He BB, Sun WZ
159 - 166 Effects of surface oxygen on charge storage in high surface area transition-metal carbides and nitrides
Djire A, Ajenifujah OT, Sleightholme AES, Rasmussen P, Thompson LT
167 - 174 Bi doped Pr6O11 as fluorite oxide cathode for all-fluorite solid oxide fuel cells
Ishihara T, Xie J, Shin TH, Ju YW, Ida S, Kilner JA
175 - 180 Titanium dioxide/calcium fluoride nanocrystallite for efficient dyesensitized solar cell. A strategy of enhancing light harvest
Wang ZB, Tang QW, He BL, Chen XX, Chen HY, Yu LM
181 - 188 Recent improvements in PbO2 nanowire electrodes for lead-acid battery
Moncada A, Piazza S, Sunseri C, Inguanta R
189 - 199 Palladium and palladium-tin supported on multi wall carbon nanotubes or carbon for alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell
Geraldes AN, da Silva DF, da Silva JCM, de Sa OA, Spinace EV, Neto AO, dos Santos MC
200 - 206 Uncovering a facile large-scale synthesis of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 nanoflowers for high power lithium-ion batteries
Hua WB, Guo XD, Zheng Z, Wang YJ, Zhong BH, Fang B, Wang JZ, Chou SL, Liu H
207 - 216 Planar amine-based dye features the rigidified O-bridged dithiophene pi-spacer: A potential high-efficiency sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells application
Li W, Bai FQ, Chen J, Wang J, Zhang HX
217 - 226 Fracture toughness and strength distribution at room temperature of zirconia tapes used for electrolyte supported solid oxide fuel cells
Fleischhauer F, Terner M, Bermejo R, Danzer R, Mai A, Graule T, Kuebler J
227 - 233 Nanostructured tin-carbon/ LiNi0.5Mn0.5O4 lithium-ion battery operating at low temperature
Elia GA, Nobili F, Tossici R, Marassi R, Savoini A, Panero S, Hassoun J
234 - 242 Prospects for reducing the processing cost of lithium ion batteries
Wood DL, Li JL, Daniel C
243 - 260 Behavior of metal ions in bioelectrochemical systems: A review
Lu ZH, Chang DM, Ma JX, Huang GT, Cai LK, Zhang LH
261 - 273 Characterization of penetration induced thermal runaway propagation process within a large format lithium ion battery module
Feng XN, Sun J, Ouyang MG, Wang F, He XM, Lu LG, Peng HE
274 - 278 Highly stable inverted organic photovoltaics using aluminum-doped zinc oxide as electron transport layers
Chen MH, Kuo YC, Lin HH, Chao YP, Wong MS
279 - 283 A cobalt phosphide on carbon decorated Pt catalyst with excellent electrocatalytic performance for direct methanol oxidation
Zhu JL, He GQ, Shen PK
284 - 287 All-solid-state sodium batteries using amorphous TiS3 electrode with high capacity
Tanibata N, Matsuyama T, Hayashi A, Tatsumisago M
288 - 293 Cost-effective bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells with transparent iron selenide counter electrodes. An avenue of enhancing rear-side electricity generation capability
Liu J, Tang QW, He BL, Yu LM
294 - 297 Effect of a surface active agent on performance of zinc/bromine redox flow batteries: Improvement in current efficiency and system stability
Yang JH, Yang HS, Ra HW, Shim J, Jeon JD
298 - 304 High-performance asymmetric pseudocapacitor cell based on cobalt hydroxide/graphene and polypyrrole/graphene electrodes
Cai XY, Lim SH, Poh CK, Lai LF, Lin JY, Shen ZX
305 - 311 An asymmetric Zni//Ag doped polyaniline microparticle suspension flow battery with high discharge capacity
Wu S, Zhao YF, Li DG, Xia Y, Si SH
312 - 321 Structural and chemical analysis by transmission electron microscopy of Pt-Ru membrane precipitates in proton exchange membrane fuel cell aged under reformate
Henry PA, Guetaz L, Pelissier N, Jacques PA, Escribano S
322 - 335 Environmental and economic assessment of a cracked ammonia fuelled alkaline fuel cell for off-grid power applications
Cox B, Treyer K
336 - 340 Microstructure and electrochemical properties of iron oxide film fabricated by aerosol deposition method for lithium ion battery
Ahn CW, Choi JJ, Ryu J, Hahn BD, Kim JW, Yoon WH, Choi JH, Park DS
341 - 350 Direct alcohol fuel cells: Increasing platinum performance by modification with sp-group metals
Figueiredo MC, Sorsa O, Doan N, Pohjalainen E, Hildebrand H, Schmuki P, Wilson BP, Kallio T
351 - 361 Self-assembled porous MoO2/graphene microspheres towards high performance anodes for lithium ion batteries
Palanisamy K, Kim Y, Kim H, Kim JM, Yoon WS
362 - 369 Highly stable microtubular solid oxide fuel cells based on integrated electrolyte/anode hollow fibers
Meng XX, Yan W, Yang NT, Tan XY, Liu SM
370 - 376 Self-healing Li-Bi liquid metal battery for grid-scale energy storage
Ning XH, Phadke S, Chung B, Yin HY, Burke P, Sadoway DR
377 - 383 Electro-oxidation of ethanol on ternary non-alloyed Pt-Sn-Pr/C catalysts
Corradini PG, Antolini E, Perez J
384 - 391 Effects of short-side-chain perfluorosulfonic acid ionomers as binders on the performance of low Pt loading fuel cell cathodes
Park YC, Kakinuma K, Uchida H, Watanabe M, Uchida M
392 - 398 Facile synthesis of porous V2O3/C composites as lithium storage material with enhanced capacity and good rate capability
Shi Y, Zhang ZJ, Wexler D, Chou SL, Gao J, Abruna HD, Li HJ, Liu HK, Wu YP, Wang JZ
399 - 407 The ternary MnFe2O4/graphene/polyaniline hybrid composite as negative electrode for supercapacitors
Sankar KV, Selvan RK
408 - 418 Stabilization of polymer electrolyte fuel cell voltage with reduced-order Lyapunov exponent feedback and corrective pressure perturbations
Burkholder MB, Litster S
419 - 428 Phase composition and electrochemical performance of sodium lithium titanates as anode materials for lithium rechargeable batteries
Wu KQ, Shu J, Lin XT, Shao LY, Li P, Shui M, Lao MM, Long NB, Wang DJ
429 - 434 Tracking inhomogeneity in high-capacity lithium iron phosphate batteries
Paxton WA, Zhong Z, Tsakalakos T
435 - 446 Electric vehicle range prediction for constant speed trip using multi-objective optimization
Vaz W, Nandi AKR, Landers RG, Koylu UO
447 - 457 Impacts of channel wettability and flow direction on liquid water transport in the serpentine flow field of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Nishida K, Taniguchi R, Ishizaki Y, Tsushima S, Hirai S
458 - 467 Nano/micro structure ammonium cerium nitrate tetrahydrate/carbon nanotube as high performance lithium storage material
Shu J, Wu KQ, Shao LY, Lin XT, Li P, Shui M, Wang DJ, Long NB, Ren YL
468 - 475 Geographical and temporal differences in electric vehicle range due to cabin conditioning energy consumption
Kambly K, Bradley TH
476 - 482 Effects of composition on the electrochemical property and cell performance of single layer fuel cell
Hu HQ, Lin QZ, Zhu ZG, Liu XR, Afzal M, He YJ, Zhu B
483 - 488 Two dimensional MoS2/graphene composites as promising supports for Pt electrocatalysts towards methanol oxidation
Zhai CY, Zhu MS, Bin D, Ren FF, Wang CQ, Yang P, Du YK
489 - 497 Bifacial dye-sensitized solar cells from covalent-bonded polyaniline-multiwalled carbon nanotube complex counter electrodes
Zhang HH, He BL, Tang QW, Yu LM
498 - 505 Estimation of supercapacitor energy using a linear capacitance for applications in wireless sensor networks
Yang HZ, Zhang Y
506 - 515 Graphene-supported platinum catalyst prepared with ionomer as surfactant for anion exchange membrane fuel cells
Zeng L, Zhao TS, An L, Zhao G, Yan XH, Jung CY
516 - 524 Physics-based simulation of the impact of demand response on lead-acid emergency power availability in a datacenter
Mamun A, Wang D, Narayanan I, Sivasubramaniam A, Fathy HK
525 - 530 Effect of electrolyte on cycle performances of the electrodeposited Sn-O-C composite anode of lithium secondary batteries
Jeong M, Yokoshima T, Nara H, Momma T, Osaka T
531 - 538 Some challenges in the first-principles modeling of structures and processes in electrochemical energy storage and transfer
Hormann NG, Jackle M, Gossenberger F, Roman T, Forster-Tonigold K, Naderian M, Sakong S, Gross A
539 - 546 Numerical and experimental investigation into passive hydrogen recovery scheme using vacuum ejector
Hwang JJ, Cho CC, Wu W, Chiu CH, Chiu KC, Lin CH
547 - 556 Highly effective nickel sulfide counter electrode catalyst prepared by optimal hydrothermal treatment for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Gopi CVVM, Rao SS, Kim SK, Punnoose D, Kim HJ
557 - 562 Ultrasmall PtSn alloy catalyst for ethanol electro-oxidation reaction
Kwak DH, Lee YW, Han SB, Hwang ET, Park HC, Kim MC, Park KW
563 - 572 Electrochemical properties of dual phase neodymium-doped ceria alkali carbonate composite electrolytes in intermediate temperature
Kim JT, Lee TH, Park KY, Seo Y, Kim KB, Song SJ, Park B, Park JY
573 - 587 Cycle ageing analysis of a LiFePO4/graphite cell with dynamic model validations: Towards realistic lifetime predictions
Sarasketa-Zabala E, Gandiaga I, Martinez-Laserna E, Rodriguez-Martinez LM, Villarreal I
588 - 594 Ultrathin MoS2 nanosheets growing within an in-situ-formed template as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution
Liu N, Yang LC, Wang SN, Zhong ZW, He SN, Yang XY, Gao QS, Tang Y
595 - 604 A Ni-Cd battery model considering state of charge and hysteresis effects
Garcia-Plaza M, Serrano-Jimenez D, Carrasco JEG, Alonso-Martinez J
605 - 611 Mitigating irreversible capacity losses from carbon agents via surface modification
Piper DM, Son SB, Travis JJ, Lee Y, Han SS, Kim SC, Oh KH, George SM, Lee SH, Ban CM
612 - 620 Phase transition in lithium garnet oxide ionic conductors Li7La3Zr2O12: The role of Ta substitution and H2O/CO2 exposure
Wang YX, Lai W
621 - 626 Photoactive supercapacitors for solar energy harvesting and storage
Takshi A, Yaghoubi H, Tevi T, Bakhshi S
627 - 632 Application of spouted bed elutriation in the recycling of lithium ion batteries
Bertuol DA, Toniasso C, Jimenez BM, Meili L, Dotto GL, Tanabe EH, Aguiar ML
633 - 643 Simplified electrochemical multi-particle model for LiFePO4 cathodes in lithium-ion batteries
Majdabadi MM, Farhad S, Farkhondeh M, Fraser RA, Fowler M
644 - 649 Optimization of power of alkali metal thermo electric convertor
Lodhi MAK, Ahmad N
650 - 659 Carbon dioxide-induced homogeneous deposition of nanometer-sized cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) on graphene as high-rate and cycle-stable anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wang LY, Zhuo LH, Zhang C, Zhao FY
660 - 667 One-step argon/nitrogen binary plasma jet irradiation of Li4Ti5O12 for stable high-rate lithium ion battery anodes
Lan CK, Chuang SI, Bao Q, Liao YT, Duh JG
668 - 674 High-performance super capacitors based on activated anthracite with controlled porosity
Lee HC, Byamba-Ochir N, Shim WG, Balathanigaimani MS, Moon H
675 - 680 In-situ analyses of triiodide formation in an iodine-free electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cells using electro-diffuse-reflection spectroscopy (EDRS)
Seo SJ, Bialecka KA, Kang MS, Hinsch A, Moon SH
681 - 687 Quantum dot and quantum dot-dye co-sensitized solar cells containing organic thiolate-disulfide redox electrolyte
Meng K, Surolia PK, Byrne O, Thampi KR
688 - 693 A silver-nanoparticle-catalyzed graphite composite for electrochemical energy storage
He XL, Hubble D, Calzada R, Ashtamkar A, Bhatia D, Cartagena S, Mukherjee P, Liang H
694 - 701 Facile synthesis of potassium vanadate cathode material with superior cycling stability for lithium ion batteries
Fang GZ, Zhou J, Hu Y, Cao XX, Tang Y, Liang SQ
702 - 711 The effect of diethylenetriamine on the solvothermal reactions of polyethyleneimine-graphene oxide/lithium titanate nanocomposites for lithium battery anode
Rajagopalan B, Oh ES, Chung JS
712 - 719 Effect of back-side-coated electrodes on electrochemical performances of lithium-ion batteries
Lee Y, Son B, Choi J, Kim JH, Ryou MH, Lee YM
720 - 726 A seeding method to synthesize aggregate scattering titanium oxide by oriented attachment network titanium oxide as a seed for dye-sensitized solar cells
Kuo PL, Liao CH
727 - 733 Efficient hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride hydrolysis using silica sulfuric acid catalyst
Manna J, Roy B, Sharma P
734 - 741 Design and synthesis of palladium/graphitic carbon nitride/carbon black hybrids as high-performance catalysts for formic acid and methanol electrooxidation
Qian HY, Huang HJ, Wang X
742 - 749 Experiment and simulation of a LiFePO4 battery pack with a passive thermal management system using composite phase change material and graphite sheets
Lin CJ, Xu SC, Chang GF, Liu JL
750 - 759 Preparation of chemical bath synthesized ternary Ag-Sn-S thin films as the photoelectrodes in photoelectrochemical cell
Yeh LY, Cheng KW
760 - 768 Finite element analysis of lithium insertion-induced expansion of a silicon thin film on a rigid substrate under potentiostatic operation
Liu M
769 - 776 Self-assembled three-dimensional mesoporous ZnFe2O4-graphene composites for lithium ion batteries with significantly enhanced rate capability and cycling stability
Dong YC, Xia Y, Chui YS, Cao CW, Zapien JA
777 - 784 Degradation modeling of high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells using dual time scale simulation
Pohl E, Maximini M, Bauschulte A, vom Schloss J, Hermanns RTE
785 - 791 LiMn0.8Fe0.2PO4/C cathode material synthesized via co-precipitation method with superior high-rate and low-temperature performances for lithium-ion batteries
Yang WC, Bi YJ, Qin YP, Liu Y, Zhang XH, Yang BC, Wu Q, Wang DY, Shi SQ
792 - 798 Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of high rate capability Li3V2(PO4)(3)/C prepared by using poly(acrylic acid) and D-(+)-glucose as carbon sources
Secchiaroli M, Nobili F, Tossici R, Giuli G, Marassi R
799 - 807 Lithium plating in a commercial lithium-ion battery A low-temperature aging study
Petzl M, Kasper M, Danzer MA
808 - 814 Evaluation of La0.4Ba0.6Fe0.8Zn0.2O3-delta + Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.9 as a potential cobalt-free composite cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Bu YF, Ding D, Lai SY, Chen DC, Xiong XH, Wei T, Zhong Q
815 - 822 Dual cross-linked organic-inorganic hybrid polymer electrolyte membranes based on quaternized poly(ether ether ketone) and (3-aminopropyl)triethoxysilane
Zhang N, Wang BL, Zhao CJ, Zhang YR, Bu FZ, Cui Y, Li XF, Na H
823 - 830 Enhanced electrochemical performance of LiFe0.6Mn0.4PO4/C cathode material prepared by ferrocene-assisted calcination process
Yang XH, Mi YY, Zhang WD, Wu BR, Zhou HH
831 - 834 A low-cost, high-performance zinc-hydrogen peroxide fuel cell
An L, Zhao TS, Zhou XL, Yan XH, Jung CY
835 - 844 Novel tannin-based Si, P co-doped carbon for supercapacitor applications
Ramasahayam SK, Nasini UB, Shaikh AU, Viswanathan T
845 - 851 Size-controlled platinum nanoparticles prepared by modified-version atomic layer deposition for ethanol oxidation
Juang RS, Hsieh CT, Hsiao JQ, Hsiao HT, Tzou DY, Huq MM
852 - 859 Quantification of artifacts in scanning electron microscopy tomography: Improving the reliability of calculated transport parameters in energy applications such as fuel cell and battery electrodes
Klingele M, Zengerle R, Thiele S
860 - 865 Investigation of nanoporous platinum thin films fabricated by reactive sputtering: Application as micro-SOFC electrode
Jung W, Kim JJ, Tuller HL
866 - 876 Stress-modulated driving force for lithiation reaction in hollow nano-anodes
Jia Z, Li T
877 - 883 Control of electrochemical properties of nickel-rich layered cathode materials for lithium ion batteries by variation of the manganese to cobalt ratio
Sun HH, Choi W, Lee JK, Oh IH, Jung HG
884 - 887 Sr-2(Mg1-xGax)Ge2O7+0.5x: Melilite-type oxygen ionic conductor associated with fivefold coordinated germanium and gallium
Park HJ, Kim TG, Kwak C, Jung DW, Lee S, Lee KH
888 - 892 Electrochemical performance of LiMnBO3/C composite synthesized by a combination of impregnation and precipitation followed by annealing
Tang AP, He DH, He ZQ, Xu GR, Song HS, Peng RH
893 - 900 Microwave-assisted polyol synthesis of PtCu/carbon nanotube catalysts for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction
El-Deeb H, Bron M
901 - 911 Microstructural comparison of solid oxide electrolyser cells operated for 6100 h and 9000 h
The D, Grieshammer S, Schroeder M, Martin M, Al Daroukh M, Tietz F, Schefold J, Brisse A
912 - 921 Dendrite-separator interactions in lithium-based batteries
Jana A, Ely DR, Garcia RE
922 - 934 Two-dimensional modeling of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell with long flow channel. Part I. Model development
Bao C, Bessler WG
935 - 942 Ionic liquids in lithium battery electrolytes: Composition versus safety and physical properties
Wilken S, Xiong SZ, Scheers J, Jacobsson P, Johansson P
943 - 949 TiO2-based solar cells sensitized by chemical-bath-deposited few-layer MoS2
Du T, Wang N, Chen HJ, He HC, Lin H, Liu K