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Journal of Power Sources, Vol.270 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0378-7753 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Sulfur nanocrystals anchored graphene composite with highly improved electrochemical performance for lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhang J, Dong ZM, Wang XL, Zhao XY, Tu JP, Su QM, Du GH
9 - 13 The use of nanometer tetrabasic lead sulfate as positive active material additive for valve regulated lead-acid battery
Lang XS, Wang DL, Hu CY, Tang SZ, Zhu JS, Guo CF
14 - 20 An alkali-free barium borosilicate viscous sealing glass for solid oxide fuel cells
Hsu JH, Kim CW, Brow RK, Szabo J, Crouch R, Baird R
21 - 27 The microstructures and electrochemical performances of La0.6Gd0.2Mg0.2Ni3.0Co0.5-xAlx (x=0-0.5) hydrogen storage alloys as negative electrodes for nickel/metal hydride secondary batteries
Li RF, Xu PZ, Zhao YM, Wan J, Liu XF, Yu RH
28 - 33 High-performance tin oxide-nitrogen doped graphene aerogel hybrids as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Tan CH, Cao J, Khattak AM, Cai FP, Jiang B, Yang G, Hu SQ
34 - 41 Gram-level synthesis of core-shell structured catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Luo MC, Wei LL, Wang FH, Han KF, Zhu H
42 - 52 Synthesis of hierarchical TiO2 flower-rod and application in CdSe/CdS co-sensitized solar cell
Yu LB, Li Z, Liu YB, Cheng F, Sun SQ
53 - 58 A composite membrane based on a biocompatible cellulose as a host of gel polymer electrolyte for lithium ion batteries
Xiao SY, Yang YQ, Li MX, Wang FX, Chang Z, Wu YP, Liu X
59 - 67 The through-plane thermal conductivity and the contact resistance of the components of the membrane electrode assembly and gas diffusion layer in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Alhazmi N, Ingham DB, Ismail MS, Hughes K, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
68 - 78 A high precision study of the electrolyte additives vinylene carbonate, vinyl ethylene carbonate and lithium bis(oxalate)borate in LiCoO2/graphite pouch cells
Wang DY, Sinha NN, Burns JC, Petibon R, Dahn JR
79 - 91 Effect of redox treatments on Ce0.50Zr0.50O2 based solid oxide fuel cell anodes
Boaro M, Pappacena A, Abate C, Ferluga M, Llorca J, Trovarelli A
92 - 100 Influence of overcharge and over-discharge on the impedance response of LiCoO2 vertical bar C batteries
Erol S, Orazem ME, Muller RP
101 - 105 Sulfur/lithium-insertion compound composite cathodes for Li-S batteries
Su YS, Manthiram A
106 - 112 High energy density supercapacitors from lignin derived submicron activated carbon fibers in aqueous electrolytes
Hu SX, Zhang SL, Pan N, Hsieh YL
113 - 120 Application of physical electric circuit modeling to characterize Li-ion battery electrochemical processes
Greenleaf M, Li H, Zheng JP
121 - 130 Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical performance of high-density aluminum substituted alpha-nickel hydroxide cathode material for nickel-based rechargeable batteries
Li J, Shangguan EB, Guo D, Tian M, Wang YB, Li QM, Chang ZR, Yuan XZ, Wang HJ
131 - 141 Analysis of aging of commercial composite metal oxide - Li4Ti5O12 battery cells
Svens P, Eriksson R, Hansson J, Behm M, Gustafsson T, Lindbergh G
142 - 150 Enhanced cathode performance of nano-sized lithium iron phosphate composite using polytetrafluoroethylene as carbon precursor
Avci E
151 - 157 A method for state of energy estimation of lithium-ion batteries at dynamic currents and temperatures
Liu XT, Wu J, Zhang CB, Chen ZH
158 - 165 Recycling of cobalt from spent Li-ion batteries as beta-Co(OH)(2) and the application of Co3O4 as a pseudocapacitor
Barbieri EMS, Lima EPC, Lelis MFF, Freitas MBJG
166 - 182 Effectiveness of heat-integrated methanol steam reformer and polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack systems for portable applications
Lotric A, Sekavcnik M, Hocevar S
183 - 192 Current short circuit implementation for performance improvement and lifetime extension of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Zhan YD, Guo YG, Zhu JG, Li L
193 - 200 Thermal analysis and two-directional air flow thermal management for lithium-ion battery pack
Yu KH, Yang X, Cheng YZ, Li CH
201 - 207 Highly active carbon-supported Pt nanoparticles modified and dealloyed with Co for the oxygen reduction reaction
Li B, Yan ZY, Xiao QF, Dai J, Yang DJ, Zhang CM, Cai M, Ma JX
208 - 212 Determining the platinum loading and distribution of industrial scale polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell electrodes using low energy X-ray imaging
Holst T, Vassiliev A, Kerr R, Li Q, Steenberg T, Terkelsen C, Hjuler HA
213 - 220 Analysis of effects of the state of charge on the formation and growth of the deposit layer on graphite electrode of pouch type lithium ion polymer batteries
Agubra VA, Fergus JW, Fu RJ, Choe SY
221 - 237 Enhancing the estimation accuracy in low state-of-charge area: A novel onboard battery model through surface state of charge determination
Ouyang MG, Liu GM, Lu LG, Li JQ, Han XB
238 - 247 Well-aligned, ordered, nanocolumnar, Cu-Si thin film as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Polat DB, Keles O, Amine K
248 - 256 Facile synthesis and electrochemical performance of the nanoscaled FePy anode
Wang GX, Zhang RB, Jiang TC, Chernova NA, Dong ZX, Whittingham MS
257 - 261 Copper@palladium-copper core-shell nanospheres as a highly effective electrocatalyst for ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media
Cai JD, Zeng YZ, Guo YL
262 - 272 A support vector machine-based state-of-health estimation method for lithium-ion batteries under electric vehicle operation
Klass V, Behm M, Lindbergh G
273 - 280 Prediction of thermal behaviors of an air-cooled lithium-ion battery system for hybrid electric vehicles
Choi YS, Kang DM
281 - 291 A physics based reduced order aging model for lithium-ion cells with phase change
Gambhire P, Hariharan KS, Khandelwal A, Kolake SM, Yeo T, Doo S
292 - 303 Enhanced proton conductivity of the hybrid membranes by regulating the proton conducting groups anchored on the mesoporous silica
Zhao YN, Yang H, Wu H, Jiang ZY
304 - 311 Li4Ti5O12 coated graphite anodes with piperidinium-based hybrid electrolytes for lithium ion batteries
Gao K, Li SD
312 - 317 Utilization of corn cob biochar in a direct carbon fuel cell
Yu JS, Zhao YC, Li YD
318 - 325 High performance lithium-ion hybrid capacitors with pre-lithiated hard carbon anodes and bifunctional cathode electrodes
Sun XZ, Zhang X, Zhang HT, Xu NS, Wang K, Ma YW
326 - 331 Preparation of novel network nanostructured sulfur composite cathode with enhanced stable cycle performance
Zhang YG, Zhao Y, Bakenov Z, Konarov A, Chen P
332 - 341 Characterization of nano-lead-doped active carbon and its application in lead-acid battery
Hong B, Jiang LX, Xue HT, Liu FY, Jia M, Li J, Liu YX
342 - 348 Effects of hydrophobic agent content in macro-porous substrates on the fracture behavior of the gas diffusion layer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Kim S, Jeong BH, Hong BK, Kim TS
349 - 358 Experimental performances of a battery thermal management system using a phase change material
Hemery CV, Pra F, Robin JF, Marty P
359 - 366 A novel method for state of charge estimation of lithium-ion batteries using a nonlinear observer
Xia BZ, Chen CR, Tian Y, Sun W, Xu ZH, Zheng WW
367 - 378 Multi-objective optimization of lithium-ion battery model using genetic algorithm approach
Zhang LQ, Wang LX, Hinds G, Lyu C, Zheng J, Li JF
379 - 385 On the development of activated carbons with high affinity for high voltage propylene carbonate based electrolytes
Ramirez-Castro C, Schutter C, Passerini S, Balducci A
386 - 390 Ruthenium oxide modified titanium dioxide nanotube arrays as carbon and binder free lithium air battery cathode catalyst
Zhao GY, Niu YN, Zhang L, Sun KN
391 - 402 Influence of the energy management on the sizing of Electrical Energy Storage Systems in an aircraft
Devillers N, Pera MC, Bienaime D, Grojo ML
403 - 410 Simple synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon from Enteromorpha prolifera by a self-template method for supercapacitor electrodes
Gao Y, Zhang WL, Yue QY, Gao BY, Sun YY, Kong JJ, Zhao P
411 - 417 3D network mesoporous beta-manganese dioxide: Template-free synthesis and supercapacitive performance
Zhu JJ, Yu LL, Zhao JT
418 - 425 The performance of La0.6Sr1.4MnO4 layered perovskite electrode material for intermediate temperature symmetrical solid oxide fuel cells
Zhou J, Chen G, Wu K, Cheng YH
426 - 433 Engineering firecracker-like beta-manganese dioxides@spinel nickel cobaltates nanostructures for high-performance supercapacitors
Kuang M, Wen ZQ, Guo XL, Zhang SM, Zhang YX
434 - 440 Reduction kinetics of iron-based oxygen carriers using methane for chemical-looping combustion
Luo M, Wang SZ, Wang LF, Lv MM
441 - 448 Effects of Sr-site deficiency on structure and electrochemical performance in Sr2MgMoO6 for solid-oxide fuel cell
Jiang L, Liang G, Han JT, Huang YH
449 - 456 Real-time investigation on the influences of vanadium additives to the structural and chemical state evolutions of LiFePO4 for enhancing the electrochemical performance of lithium-ion battery
Hu CW, Chen TY, Shih KS, Wu PJ, Su HC, Chiang CY, Huang AF, Hsieh HW, Chang CC, Shew BY, Lee CH
457 - 467 Highly active La0.4Sr0.6Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta nanocatalyst for oxygen reduction in intermediate temperature-solid oxide fuel cells
Chanquia CM, Mogni L, Troiani HE, Caneiro A
468 - 474 Silver-incorporated composites of Fe2O3 carbon nanofibers as anodes for high-performance lithium batteries
Zou MZ, Li JX, Wen WW, Chen LZ, Guan LH, Lai H, Huang ZG
475 - 498 In situ microscopic studies on the structural and chemical behaviors of lithium-ion battery materials
Shao MH
499 - 505 Hierarchical nickel sulfide/carbon nanotube nanocomposite as a catalytic material toward triiodine reduction in dye-sensitized solar cells
Lu MN, Dai CS, Tai SY, Lin TW, Lin JY
506 - 515 Electrochemical studies of water insertion and proton - Ceramic interaction in substituted perovskite SrZr(0.9)Ln(0.1)O(2.95)
Lacroix O, Rahmouni K, Sirat A, Takenouti H, Deslouis C, Keddam M, Sala B
516 - 525 Rational construction of three dimensional hybrid Co(3)O4@NiMoO4 nanosheets array for energy storage application
Hong W, Wang JQ, Gong PW, Sun JF, Niu LY, Yang ZG, Wang ZF, Yang SR
526 - 535 High energy and power density asymmetric supercapacitors using electrospun cobalt oxide nanowire anode
Vidyadharan B, Abd Aziz R, Misnon II, Kumar GMA, Ismail J, Yusoff MM, Jose R
536 - 546 Pore network design: DPD-Monte Carlo study of solvent diffusion dependence on side chain location
Dorenbos G
547 - 553 Effect of a thin ceramic-coating layer on thermal and electrochemical properties of polyethylene separator for lithium-ion batteries
Shi C, Zhang P, Chen LX, Yang PT, Zhao JB
554 - 563 Hydrogen storage systems from waste Mg alloys
Pistidda C, Bergemann N, Wurr J, Rzeszutek A, Moller KT, Hansen BRS, Garroni S, Horstmann C, Milanese C, Girella A, Metz O, Taube K, Jensen TR, Thomas D, Liermann HP, Klassen T, Dornheim M
564 - 568 A novel electrochemical reconstruction in nickel oxide nanowalls on Ni foam and the fine electrochemical performance as anode for lithium ion batteries
Ni SB, Lv XH, Ma JL, Yang XL, Zhang LL
569 - 575 Variation of stress with charging rate due to strain-rate sensitivity of silicon electrodes of Li-ion batteries
Pharr M, Suo ZG, Vlassak JJ
576 - 586 Extended dynamic model for ion diffusion in all-vanadium redox flow battery including the effects of temperature and bulk electrolyte transfer
Badrinarayanan R, Zhao JY, Tseng KJ, Skyllas-Kazacos M
587 - 593 Avoiding chromium transport from stainless steel interconnects into contact layers and oxygen electrodes in intermediate temperature solid oxide electrolysis stacks
Schlupp MVF, Kim JW, Brevet A, Rado C, Couturier K, Vogt UF, Lefebvre-Joud F, Zuttel A
594 - 602 Investigation of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell catalyst layer with bidirectionally-graded composition
Cetinbas FC, Advani SG, Prasad AK
603 - 607 Preparation of Li3BO3-Li2SO4 glass-ceramic electrolytes for all-oxide lithium batteries
Tatsumisago M, Takano R, Tadanaga K, Hayashi A
608 - 618 Various supercritical carbon dioxide cycle layouts study for molten carbonate fuel cell application
Bae SJ, Ahn Y, Lee J, Lee JI
619 - 626 A modified model based state of charge estimation of power lithium-ion batteries using unscented Kalman filter
Tian Y, Xia BZ, Sun W, Xu ZH, Zheng WW
627 - 633 Phosphoric acid distribution and its impact on the performance of polybenzimidazole membranes
Mack F, Heissler S, Laukenmann R, Zeis R
634 - 645 Investigation of the electrospun carbon web as the catalyst layer for vanadium redox flow battery
Wei GJ, Fan XZ, Liu JG, Yan CW
646 - 657 Flow distribution and maximum current density studies in redox flow batteries with a single passage of the serpentine flow channel
Ke XY, Alexander JID, Prahl JM, Savinell RF
658 - 667 Electrolyte depletion control laws for lead-acid battery discharge optimisation
Tenno R, Nefedov E
668 - 674 Electrochemical evaluation of manganese reducers - Recovery of Mn from Zn-Mn and Zn-C battery waste
Sobianowska-Turek A, Szczepaniak W, Zablocka-Malicka M
675 - 683 Rational design of hierarchically porous birnessite-type manganese dioxides nanosheets on different one-dimensional titania-based nanowires for high performance supercapacitors
Zhang YX, Kuang M, Hao XD, Liu Y, Huang M, Guo XL, Yan J, Han GQ, Li J